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Volume 2, Number 40 -- October 22, 2002
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Lakeview Shoots the Gap Between High Availability and Tape with dr1
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Every company would have fully redundant, highly available servers running their applications if they could. But high availability software is expensive, and weaving it into applications is a complex undertaking. That's why all but the largest OS/400 shops do not have high availability software, even though it has been available as long as the AS/400. This is a big problem, and one that Lakeview Technology thinks it has solved with its new MIMIX dr1 product for the iSeries. READ MORE >

SEAGULL's X-Calibur Replaces 5250 Data Stream with XML
by Alex Woodie

SEAGULL last week announced what is probably its most important new product in two years. From the COMMON conference in Denver last Monday, the Danish software developer unveiled X-Calibur, an invasive software technology that allows companies to recompile their RPG application to entirely replace the native 5250 data stream with XML served from batch. The two primary advantages to X-Calibur are a near elimination of dependence on OS/400 interactive processing and an easier integration of host RPG applications and data with newer systems. READ MORE >

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Fast & Efficient E-mail for the iSeries

KeyesMail is a complete automated e-mail solution for your iSeries applications, 5250 terminals, and PC mail clients. Spooled files can be sent as e-mail messages or converted into various kinds of attachments like PDF, TIF, TXT, or RTF documents with overlays. KeyesMail has direct, dial-up, or network connection capability to any mail server, including Domino or Exchange.

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Maximum Availability's *noMAX Release 7 Delivers Object Replication
by Alex Woodie

The inability to replicate OS/400 objects was one of the things preventing the New Zealand software company Maximum Availability from effectively competing against other software companies in the OS/400 high availability market. Last week at COMMON, the company took a big step toward eliminating that mark from its dossier, when it announced *noMAX Release 7, the latest version of its OS/400 high availability software, which includes the capability to replicate most types of objects, as well as data. READ MORE >

DataMirror Delivers Full Journaling Support with iCluster 2.0
by Alex Woodie

DataMirror followed through on a promise made earlier this year to bring full support for remote journaling to its OS/400 high availability software. Last week at the COMMON conference in Denver, DataMirror announced the latest release of its clustering software for AS/400 and iSeries servers, iCluster 2.0, in which it has implemented full support for remote journaling, as well as its traditional journal scrape method. READ MORE >

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Implement Document Imaging on your iSeries-AS/400 in 30 minutes or less

Image Server/400 is a Web browser-based document image management system for the iSeries.

Documents can be quickly scanned and stored in IFS folders, and then located and retrieved for viewing via any Web browser. Integrate with other iSeries-AS/400 applications.

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New e-Lab on Backup from Key

Improve your tape backup and archiving practices with Key's e-Lab.

There are useful references to current thinking on data safety. Get helpful materials for planning better backup/archiving scenarios using latest tape technologies.

Visit for a FREE ANALYSIS  of your own backup strategy from an IBM Certified Storage Specialist at Key.

You can also call 1-877-442-3249 to speak to a Specialist.

BCD Goes Cross-Platform with Java-Enabled Version of WebSmart
by Alex Woodie

Business Computer Design Int'l last week announced the immediate availability of WebSmart Java Servlet Edition, a new version of its WebSmart product line that serves Java servlets instead of CGI scripts. At the same time, BCD announced the availability of WebSmart Original Edition, the new name given to BCD's traditional CGI-based Web application server software. With these announcements, BCD enables customers to develop once and to deploy the same application using either Java or CGI. READ MORE >

News Briefs and Product Shorts

SSA Global Technologies Issues a Torrent of Product Announcements at User Conference . . . Castel Ships "Intelligent" Telephony Switch for iSeries Call Centers . . . Elite Documents Takes Spool Files to PDFs with E-mail Application . . . Original Software Supports More Languages with TestGUI 3.0 . . . New Symtrax Portal Delivers iSeries Reports . . . GO Software Supports OS/400 APIs with RiTA Server 2.0 . . . LXI's Media Management Services 4.5.3 Helps Automate Backups and Recoveries . . . READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and your insights into the OS/400 market. Feel free to send a letter to the editor. We will consider your letter a candidate for the reader feedback column associated with this newsletter, but we will contact you before we make your email public. READ MORE >

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Lakeview Shoots the Gap Between High Availability and Tape with dr1

SEAGULL's X-Calibur Replaces 5250 Data Stream with XML

Maximum Availability's *noMAX Release 7 Delivers Object Replication

DataMirror Delivers Full Journaling Support with iCluster 2.0

BCD Goes Cross-Platform with Java-Enabled Version of WebSmart

News Briefs and Product Shorts

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