OS/400 Edition
Volume 2, Number 40 -- October 29, 2002

SEPE Ventures Beyond the Cozy Confines of FaxStar

by Alex Woodie

"And now, for something completely different. . ." That famous expression from the British variety show Monty Python could be used to describe the strategic direction of SEPE, the Costa Mesa, California, company that develops, markets, and sells FaxStar, the popular fax automation software. SEPE, however, doesn't want to be known only for fax software, and at the recent COMMON conference in Denver, the company surprisingly introduced a data mining application.


SEPE's new data mining application is being sold through the company's FaxStar division, which is also located in Costa Mesa. FaxStar was, and continues to be, the company's prized offering and breadwinner. Ever since SEPE switched from developing Telex machines to fax software and hardware solutions, around 1990, more than 5,000 companies throughout the world have purchased a FaxStar system, and more than 60 percent of those customers are running the software on IBM iron, either mainframes or OS/400 servers.

Over the last couple of years, however, SEPE has strived to broaden its product offerings beyond fax software. Led by its founder and president, Michel Remion, SEPE has evaluated various categories of possible offerings that would be useful to its client base. The qualifications for a new offering are that it must share the same characteristics that SEPE endeavors to hit in FaxStar; namely, it must be stable, able to run on multiple platforms, and easy to use, said Jared Johnson, a sales and marketing representative with the company. "FaxStar is still very capable, but we would like to supplement that with other products that are useful," he said. "We want to diversify."

With those qualities in mind, SEPE decided on a multiplatform, data mining and querying application, which it calls IntelliJade.

IntelliJade gives users the capability to query data lying in various types of database systems, to create reports based on filters, to sort and group the data, and then to distribute the results in a variety of different formats. The software features a driver that provides native DB2/400 access (without installing anything on the server itself), and it uses OLE DB to access data residing in the other two major systems, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

On the query side, wizards help users build their queries and assign output options, which include XML, plain text, HTML, and Microsoft Word and Excel. There is also a regular IntelliJade Windows client interface that can generate various charts and graphs based on the query results. Users can also view the query results from a Web browser via the built-in HTTP server that comes with IntelliJade.

IntelliJade will be easy to use and will fit neatly into a user's toolbox, Johnson said. For example, the utility could be used to give a sales person insight into customer buying trends. If the user's ERP system doesn't provide easy access to information such as what orders are pending, IntelliJade could be used directly against the application's database tables to extract the required information from the system.

IntelliJade also gives customers access to certain back-office resources, Johnson said. For example, if a customer calls on the telephone and wants to know exactly what the invoices he has received are for, IntelliJade could be used to send that customer a link to a Web page that lists the orders.

Several tools are available that are similar to IntelliJade, especially in the OS/400 market, Johnson said. But what will separate IntelliJade from the pack is the IntelliJade developer's edition. This version of IntelliJade will be more powerful than the standard user version, and it will allow developers to actually create Java applications from queries, making them easier to distribute and use, Johnson said.

IntelliJade was developed by Alfitech, a software development company in Toronto, Ontario. SEPE formed an agreement with Alfitech to sell and market IntelliJade in the United States. Alfitech is also writing PowerJade, a development tool for rapidly building OS/400 Web applications using templates. Johnson said SEPE has other in-house development projects, mostly centering on extending FaxStar's functionality, and it will be rolling out new products in the near future.

IntelliJade is available from SEPE now. Pricing for the software on an OS/400 server is tier-based and ranges from $5,000 to $60,000. For more information, go to

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