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Guild Companies, Inc., through its IT Jungle web site, collects email addresses and other relevant information (including names and company affiliations) for subscribers to its online publications. While we collect this information to provide a high level of service to our subscribers, it is not necessary to provide such information to read and use the information that we provide in our free online publications.

We respect your privacy, and have taken a minimalist approach in collecting information from subscribers because we know that people are often hesitant to give out demographic information. With the exception of future subscription-only sections our Web site, which will only be available to subscribers with active email user names and passwords, any anonymous reader from the Web can read any of our information. For customers who want to have our publications delivered to their emails, we do require that companies give us an email address and some basic demographic information that we use in aggregate to characterize our readership for our advertisers. We do not currently use cookies or other invasive browser technologies, but in the future we may do so if we believe that this will improve the customization of our publications and the service to our customers.

Guild Companies' publications and its Web site have links to many other Web sites. Midrange Server is not accountable for the privacy policies or the content that these third parties have in place on their Web sites.

Guild Companies is dedicated to protecting your personal information and makes the utmost effort to secure the information that we collect as part of serving our readers. Part of this is to notify readers of our privacy policies as they change, which we will do with a notice on our Web homepage for 60 days when and if our policies do change. This privacy policy was last updated on September 19, 2004.

If you have questions about our privacy policies or need assistance in updating the information that you have provided to Guild Companies, you can send an email to

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