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Volume 12, Number 1 -- January 6, 2003
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iSeries Ranks Tops in Tech, Low in Market Momentum, Says Gartner
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

No matter what technology you buy--a computer, a car, a cell phone--as a prospective buyer you want to be able to rank various options, and those who have already purchased a product want to reaffirm the choices they have already made and are living with day to day. That's why analysts at Gartner created a simple mathematical model that compares and contrasts the dominant server platforms. That model confirms what many OS/400 shops know all too well: the iSeries has great technology, but its market momentum is not so hot. READ MORE >

WorksRight, Generic Software Merge, Southern Style
by Dan Burger

From deep in the heart of Dixie comes word that two successful software vendors, with histories as complementary to the AS/400 as hushpuppies are to catfish, have joined forces. WorksRight Software and Generic Software have each built customer bases within the OS/400 market over the past dozen years or so, and the leaders of each firm expect this merger to primarily strengthen their ability to service customers and further develop their products. Both companies were born and grew up in suburban Jackson, Mississippi. READ MORE >

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Security is complex. . .
Managing it doesn't have to be!

Introducing StandGuard, a real-time iSeries security solution allowing you to easily and quickly set enforceable security polices across a network. By controlling access to, and functionality within, key services running on your iSeries, StandGuard protects your system data from accidental or intentional loss. StandGuard also provides real-time security monitoring of changes to critical system-wide attributes, such as those that control security settings.


HP Demos Itanium 2 Superdome Running Windows, Linux, and Unix
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Hewlett-Packard recently showed off a prototype of its high-end Superdome server using the Itanium 2 processor from Intel at the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas. The machine is not currently shipping, but one that resembles it, and uses the "Madison" version of the Itanium 2 chip (rather than the current McKinley chip), is expected to ship sometime in mid-2003, according to sources at HP. This is a serious midrange machine. READ MORE >

Admin Alert: CL Programming Techniques for Solving Backup Problems
by Joe Hertvik

Managing backups correctly is one of the most important duties a system administrator faces. With OS/400, this involves a number of detailed tasks that have been documented in earlier editions of Admin Alert. However, there are always different procedures for making OS/400 backups more flexible and easier to run. This week, let's examine three CL programming techniques that solve different backup problems. READ MORE >

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Implement Document Imaging on your iSeries-AS/400 in 30 minutes or less

Image Server/400 is a Web browser-based document image management system for the iSeries.

Documents can be quickly scanned and stored in IFS folders, and then located and retrieved for viewing via any Web browser. Integrate with other iSeries-AS/400 applications.

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For tough production and warehouse environments, Affirmative introduces
the industrial-strength YEStablet wireless thin client.

Featuring a magnesium alloy case and shock protection boot for industrial applications, the new YEStablet supports 5250 and 3270 emulation with built-in GUI and touch-screen keyboard.

The USB port supports barcode scanners and other data collection devices. Vehicle mount and wearable options are also available. Visit www.affirmative.net for more information.

As I See It: You Say You Want a Resolution
by Victor Rozek

Another year, another opportunity to get it right. We are nothing if not a nation of second chances. Just ask our beloved professional athletes regularly caught drugging or beating their unfortunate girlfriends yet seldom losing their jobs. Or, the current crop of public servants indicted and convicted by one administration and rewarded by another, granted a second chance to serve the nation whose laws they disregard. Welcome back, second chancers; our memory is short and our tolerance boundless. READ MORE >

But Wait, There's More. . .

OS/400 PTF Guide Wrap Up for 2002 . . . Red Hat Finally on Entire eServer Line . . . OS/2 Is Not Dead, It's Just Sleeping . . . SoftLanding Names Top Brass After Oasis Acquisition . . . Perle Hires Sales and Marketing Managers . . . NetIQ Finishes PentaSafe Acquisition, Buys Marshal Software . . . READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and your insights into the OS/400 market. Feel free to send a letter to the editor. We will consider your letter a candidate for the reader feedback column associated with this newsletter, but we will contact you before we make your email public. READ MORE >

Editor: Timothy Prickett Morgan

Managing Editor: Shannon Pastore

Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Joe Hertvik, Kevin Vandever,
Shannon O'Donnell, Victor Rozek, Hesh Wiener, Alex Woodie

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iSeries Ranks Tops in Tech, Low in Market Momentum, Says Gartner

WorksRight, Generic Software Merge, Southern Style

HP Demos Itanium 2 Superdome Running Windows, Linux, Unix

Admin Alert: CL Programming Techniques for Solving Backup Problems

As I See It: You Say You Want a Resolution

But Wait, There's More. . .

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