The Four Hundred
OS/400 Edition
Volume 11, Number 6 -- February 11, 2002

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by Timothy Prickett Morgan

The name of this company is Guild Companies, and it is our aim to eventually cover the entire spectrum of midrange platforms with our newsletters. We have a pretty solid set of newsletters in the OS/400 market, and Guild Companies, the newsletter, is our first foray into the world of Windows and Linux platforms. I will be the editor of this newsletter, which will have many seasoned contributing editors as well.

Guild Companies compares and contrasts the Windows and Linux platforms. These two platforms are trying to occupy the same niche in the IT ecosystem--or, more precisely, they are competing viciously to do this. Wintel and Lintel platforms--those are abbreviations for Windows-Intel and Linux-Intel server platforms, and I will use them a lot--are the most popular servers for print, file, e-mail, and Web serving at companies of all sizes and types. They are also application servers for big companies that have enterprise Unix, OS/400, or mainframe servers running their core databases but are compelled by the economics of Wintel and Lintel platforms to run the programs that make use of those databases. And, in an increasing number of cases at small and midsize companies, Wintel and Lintel machines are nearly the entire IT infrastructure--from the front end to the back end.

Even with a 20 percent contraction in the server market last year, analysts at International Data Corp. reckon that the Linux server platform accounted for more than $2 billion in sales (down only 1 percent from a year earlier) and that the Windows server platform accounted for $14 billion in sales (down 12 percent from sales in 2000). Together, Windows and Linux are big and vibrant parts of the server business, and we are happy to start tracking them for you, with the same common sense and in-depth approach we bring to our OS/400 newsletters.

If you are interested in Windows and Linux servers, subscribe to Guild Companies. The thousands of subscribers who already signed up for this newsletter as they were signing up for our OS/400 newsletters will, of course, receive Guild Companies. If you currently subscribe to The Four Hundred, you will not automatically receive Guild Companies; you will have to go to our subscription page and update your subscription account to include this new newsletter. To do this, go to and input the e-mail address where you receive our OS/400 newsletters. Click on the box for Guild Companies to add a check. (You should see the other newsletters you are subscribed to checked; leave these alone.) After you have checked Guild Companies and any of the other newsletters you want to subscribe to, hit Update Selections. That's it.

You can read the first issue of Guild Companies at The second issue of the newsletter will come out this Wednesday.

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