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OS/400 Edition
Volume 12, Number 17 -- April 28, 2003

IBM Revives iSeries Rebates to Drive Sales

by Timothy Prickett Morgan

IBM this week revived several rebates related to the iSeries line that had expired late last year and were responsible for driving a certain amount of sales. These rebates, rather than straight discounts on the iSeries hardware itself, are tied to auxiliary hardware and software that many iSeries customers typically buy as part of a new iSeries acquisition or upgrade. While no single rebate has a high dollar value, together they can shave a few points off many deals.

Here are the deals:

  • Under the eServer iSeries New Workload IxS and IxA Rebate Promotion, customers buying an IxS coprocessor or an IxA card can get a $1,000 rebate on each IxS card they acquire and $2,500 on each IxA card. Under this promotion, which covers the 1.6 GHz version of the IxS coprocessor (features 2892 and 2792), the minimum configuration is 1 GB of memory on the IxS server and a single disk drive for the iSeries server associated with the IxS. For deals on the IxA card (feature 1519), customers have to acquire the IxA card and two disk drives for the iSeries machine that the externally attached xSeries server will have access to for storing its data. This deal applies to iSeries Model 270, 800, 810, 820, 825, 830, 840, 970, and 890 machines and the SB2/SB3 specialized application servers. This deal runs until September 30.
  • Under the eServer iSeries New Workload-Linux Rebate Promotion, customers buying a second-generation iSeries Model 810 or 825 server with OS/400 Standard Edition or an upgrade from Model 7XX or Model 820 machines to the Model 810 or 825 machines and a commercial Linux license for a partition on those machines can get a rebate. Customers acquiring a Model 810 server or an upgrade to one can get a $1,000 rebate, while customers acquiring a Model 820 server or upgrade can get a $2,500 rebate. Customers with Model 825s can also take part in the deal if they simply are activating the processors in the Model 825 complex, which has three base processors that can be expanded to six active processors using IBM's on-demand utility computing technology. This deal also expires on September 30.
  • The eServer iSeries New Workload-WebSphere Rebate Promotion has the same parameters as the Linux promotion outlined above, but customers buying Model 810 or Model 825 servers, or upgrading to them, while at the same time buying a license to IBM's WebSphere Application Server, can get a $1,000 rebate. This deal similarly applies to Model 820 processor activations, and it runs until September 30 as well.
  • Under the eServer iSeries New Workload-Lotus Rebate Promotion, customers with licenses to IBM's Lotus Domino, Sametime, or QuickPlace messaging applications, or those acquiring new licenses to this software, while at the same time buying a new Model 810 or Model 825 server, can get rebates. Model 810 customers get a $1,000 rebate, and Model 825 customers get much more generous rebates, equal to $1,000 for every 1,000 user seats of this Lotus software, up to a maximum of $10,000 and 10,000 seats. The rebates are applied to each Lotus package separately, and IBM rounds down to the nearest thousand. IBM cautions that the Lotus licenses that come as part of the OS/400 Enterprise Edition license on the Model 825 are not eligible for these rebates. You guessed it: This deal runs out on September 30.

These deals make it look like IBM is responding to heat from entry iSeries customers who wanted some of the same goodies the company threw into the bag for free for shoppers getting a Model 870 or Model 890 server with OS/400 Enterprise Edition under the revamped iSeries pricing and bundling announced in January. As has been the case in similar deals over the past several years, IBM is not giving discounts equal to those dollar values outlined above, but rather rebates good toward the purchase of other IBM hardware, software, or services.

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