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OS/400 Edition
Volume 12, Number 17 -- April 28, 2003

But Wait, There's More

  • If you are trying to keep up with PTFs on OS/400 and related systems programs, check out the OS/400 PTF Guides, put together by our partner DLB Associates.

  • Just in case you've been away on vacation, we wanted to remind you that last week Microsoft finally announced the "Whistler" kicker to its Windows 2000 server operating system, which will be sold as Windows Server 2003. We previewed IBM's plans for Whistler on the iSeries several weeks ago, and we are covering the new operating system in detail in our Guild Companies, Windows and Linux Edition, newsletter if you want to learn more.

  • Edgar Codd, the father of the relational database management system, died last week at the age of 79. Codd, a mathematician who evolved into one of the most esteemed computer scientists in the world during his career at IBM, created the ideas behind a relational database while at IBM during the 1960s and 1970s. Those papers were largely ignored, to IBM's discredit, until they were picked up by Larry Ellison, founder of database maker Oracle, in 1977. IBM, under pressure from chairman Frank Carey, pushed forward a response to Oracle, with a machine that was code-named "Pacific" and eventually came to market as the System/38 in 1980. The AS/400 and the iSeries are essentially souped-up System/38s with lots of other modern extensions added to them. Codd's relational database allowed information to be extracted in ad hoc and immediate ways that were not possible with flat-file databases of the time. People in the business world owe much to Codd, who never made a fortune on his ideas, unlike Ellison, Gates, and many others.

  • Avnet Hall-Mark last week announced that one of its business partners, Keller Schroeder & Associates, has shipped the first iSeries Model 870 since IBM announced the Model 870 as part of its expanded iSeries lineup, in January. Keller Schroeder & Associates, a systems integrator in Evansville, Indiana, sold and installed the first Model 870 at Old National Bancorp, also of Evansville. Old National Bancorp is using its new eight-way Model 870 to consolidate AS/400 servers running the ICBS banking system from Fiserv, in addition to consolidating various Windows workloads, which will be managed by OS/400 via IBM's Integrated xSeries technology. Old National, which operates more than 20 banks and more than 120 affiliate offices Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, will also be using the Model 870's Linux capability to manage backups. Avnet says the Linux partition in Old National's Model 870 is used to replicate the network and is readily available in the event of a failure. Old National installed the enterprise edition of OS/400 on its Model 870, which features dormant processors that can be activated as needed.

  • LANSA last week announced the winner of its Asia Pacific LANSA Business Partner of the Year for 2002 and the location for its 2003 user conference. LANSA officials said that the commitment and determination of Link Software, of Bangalore, India, led to exceptional growth for LANSA in the Asia/Pacific region last year, despite the fact that 2002 was a poor year for IT as a whole. "When a partner commits to our e-business technology and solutions, we invest in them," said Paul Gandell, LANSA's Asia/Pacific general manager. "We want our partners to start with momentum and then keep that momentum going." As a result of the honor, Link gains full sponsorship for one staff member to attend the 2003 LANSA user conference for free. The user conference features education and training for LANSA users and an expo for LANSA and its many business partners. Delivering the keynote address at the conference will be Malcolm Haines, an IBM iSeries marketer, who will discuss the iSeries announcements made earlier this year and its role in e-business on demand, which is the theme for LANSA's conference. The conference will be held July 20 through July 23 at the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago.

  • OS/400 financial software developer Global Software is teaming up with the North Carolina Department of Commerce to help Global execute its international expansion plans. Global, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, will partake of several services that the North Carolina Department of Commerce makes available to native North Carolina companies that are planning to expand internationally, including market intelligence, product review, entry strategy, partner search, as well a fast-track program that gives Global access to foreign trade officials to sort out any government restrictions or trade regulations. Global is planning to expand to Mexico, Canada, and Germany. The North Carolina department has offices in those countries, as well as in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. Spencer Kupferman, a vice president with Global, says North Carolina understands Global's transnational aspirations. "Their services and expertise in advocating North Carolina companies to conduct commerce in foreign nations is not just great for our two organizations, it also lends an element of credibility and legitimacy to the entire business community of the state of North Carolina that we can and will compete in the international arena," Kupferman says.

  • ACOM Solutions, a provider of EDI and document management software for OS/400 servers and other platforms, has formed a partnership with Delfour, a Canadian developer of warehouse management software. Delfour will integrate ACOM's EDI/XML translation and connectivity software, called EZConnect, with its WarehouseLogic warehouse-management system, which runs on Unix and Windows servers. A Delfour official said that ACOM's EDI software was selected because of its easy EDI mapping, its flexibility in data transformation, its XML support, and its support for three different types of database mapping, including XML, flat-file, or direct-to-database. "We selected the flat-file solution for the initial implementation, but having the other capabilities available will enable Delfour to solve any electronic trading partner problem that we encounter," says Anatoly Eskin, a technical manager with Delfour, based in Markham, Ontario. EZConnect has been installed at the first Delfour customer, and the necessary client software is currently being installed with its trading partner.

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