Volume 21, Number 18 -- May 7, 2012
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Apps And IBM i Evangelism
by Dan Burger

You're only as old as your apps feel. I can't get that thought out of my head. Thank you, Trevor Perry. Of all the things that were said Friday by Preacher Perry and the other ordained evangelists at the iBelieve revival meeting, those few words summed it up best for me. If the IBM i is going to escape eternal damnation in some IT closet in Hades, application developers are going to be responsible for saving its soul. Old applications, dependent on and limited by the 5250 data stream and green type on a black background must go. READ MORE >

Abacus Solutions Puffs Up An IBM i Cloud
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

You can find a million places that offer you cloudy instances of Windows or Linux operating systems on X86 servers running out there on the Internet, but finding similarly cloudy slices of Power-based machinery sporting the OS/400 or IBM i operating systems can be a challenge. Especially if you don't want to make long-term commitments and only want to buy a relatively small slice of a machine. But this week at the COMMON midrange trade show, Abacus Solutions is throwing its data center in the ring with its i in the Cloud offering. READ MORE >

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No Limits: The Power of IBM i


"We've won 35% more business since we 're:newed' our application."


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A stunning new interface for a time-tested ERP - see why customers are lining up for Xperia! Join us for this free webcast, featuring live demonstrations.


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KeyesOverlay rapidly converts standard *SCS printer files into eye catching PDF documents.


Create graphical overlays in full color (or black and white if preferred) then easily map your spooled file text with different fonts, sizes and colors! Design beautiful documents and attractive reports VERY QUICKLY! Then let KeyesOverlay create document after document at lightning speed.


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'New' Infor's Cloudy IPO Picture
by Alex Woodie

Will the new Infor go public, or will it not? There are indications both ways. The location of its new headquarters, which is currently under construction a few blocks from Wall Street, sure seems to say yes. But a recent equity investment by Summit Partners casts some doubt on an initial public offering by Infor. READ MORE >

Mad Dog 21/21: Gun-bae, Google, And Thanks For The Tuna
by Hesh Wiener

In late April, Google started selling the Galaxy Nexus mobile phone from its Play Store, the website that dispenses Android applications. The Nexus is a developers' phone. READ MORE >

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Goodbye Paper - Hello Freedom


  Reduce Costs/Eliminate Paper
  Streamline Processes
  Increase Document Security
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IntelliChief is the leading provider of Paperless Process Management solutions for the IBM i.


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Software Change Management Migrations Are Not Impossible
by Dan Burger

Tossing out enterprise grade software--even if it is inadequate or too damn expensive--is never a decision to be taken lightly. Good decision making depends on good information gathering and solid planning. In IBM i shops where application development has been a vital function for many years, change management software has been essential to the creation of quality industrial-strength code. But like any other software, software change management tools are not always a good fit or automatically conducive to a pleasant vendor/customer relationship. READ MORE >

But Wait, There's More:

• Two Ask TPM Questions: Real IBM i Clouds And Apple Buying IBM i

• Parris Named Power Systems GM, Rosamilia Moves Up

• Infinite's Migration Plan Targets IBM i ISVs

• Oracle Wants To Send SAP A $776.7 Million TomorrowNow Bill

• Get IBM i Work Management And Security Skills In Under A Week

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

Editor: Timothy Prickett Morgan
Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Joe Hertvik, Victor Rozek,
Jenny Thomas, Hesh Wiener, Alex Woodie
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
Advertising Sales Representative: Kim Reed
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Bug Busters Software Engineering
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Apps And IBM i Evangelism

Abacus Solutions Puffs Up An IBM i Cloud

'New' Infor's Cloudy IPO Picture

Mad Dog 21/21: Gun-bae, Google, And Thanks For The Tuna

Software Change Management Migrations Are Not Impossible

But Wait, There's More:

Two Ask TPM Questions: Real IBM i Clouds And Apple Buying IBM i . . . Parris Named Power Systems GM, Rosamilia Moves Up . . . Infinite's Migration Plan Targets IBM i ISVs . . . Oracle Wants To Send SAP A $776.7 Million TomorrowNow Bill . . . Get IBM i Work Management And Security Skills In Under A Week . . .

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