Volume 26, Number 22 -- May 16, 2016
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Jazzing Up IBM i In COMMON's Quarter
by Alex Woodie and Dan Burger

New Orleans has taken on a decidedly IBM i tint thanks to the start of COMMON's Annual Meeting and Expo over the weekend. An estimated 1,100 attendees are in the Big Easy for the four-day show, which began Sunday morning with remarks by COMMON president Kevin Mort, and also featured a glimpse into the future of Power Systems, courtesy of IBM Power Systems executives Steve Sibley and Stephanie Chiras. READ MORE >

Zend Touts 2X Speedup With PHP 7 And New Runtime
by Alex Woodie

The new release of Zend's PHP development language and PHP runtime will run twice as fast on Intel Xeon and IBM Power servers than previous versions, the company says. IBM i customers won't need to do anything to take advantage of the speedup except use the new runtime, which should be available in the coming weeks. READ MORE >

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Free Form RPG Scores IBM i Innovation Award
by Dan Burger

From the time free form RPG was introduced with IBM i 7.1 TR 7, expectations have been high. There's been much talk about the potential for greatness, but only scattered reports of success. Finally, free form RPG is lighting up the scoreboard. Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC) is showing the way. It's made free form RPG the cornerstone of future development, and its endeavors led to the 2016 COMMON-IBM Power Systems Innovation Award. READ MORE >

IBM Finally Gets Power8 Machines On SoftLayer Cloud
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

For a company that is so eager to prove the value of the Power processors at the heart of its Power Systems machines, IBM has sure taken its time getting Power8-based systems onto its SoftLayer public cloud. IBM talked about adding Power iron to SoftLayer's datacenters in the wake of the acquisition of the hoster and cloud provider back in June 2013, and it had bold plans to double the footprint of that cloud and to make Power iron a peer to Xeon-based systems. READ MORE >

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AURA Hopes U.S. Modernization Crowd Has Silver Lining
by Dan Burger

AURA Equipements CTO Sylvain Rubele says he knows of 4,000 IBM i shops that are integrating IBM i native applications within Web or desktop applications that run on Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems. How does he know this? Because, by his count, they are AURA customers. Eighty percent of those reside in French-speaking European countries. He wouldn't mind if that number was smaller, if the number of IBM midrange customers in the United States was larger. READ MORE >

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Jenny Thomas, Hesh Wiener
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Jazzing Up IBM i In COMMON's Quarter

Zend Touts 2X Speedup With PHP 7 And New Runtime

Free Form RPG Scores IBM i Innovation Award

IBM Finally Gets Power8 Machines On SoftLayer Cloud

AURA Hopes U.S. Modernization Crowd Has Silver Lining

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