Volume 21, Number 20 -- May 21, 2012
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Infinite i™
The Infinite i™ Suite migrates RPG and COBOL apps to Linux, Unix or Windows. The Infinite toolset recompiles AS/400 apps for deployment in open systems without a rewrite. Once compiled, the Infinite Deployment Environment deploys apps on the target platform.


Features of the Infinite solution:
· AS/400 applications can be deployed on
   multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, UNIX)
· Doesn't require a rewrite of the applications
· Complete replication of the AS/400 environment
· Infinite includes the database
· The average migration takes less than 120 days


For more, visit

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Announcing the $475 IBM i Query & BI SDK from New Generation Software, Inc. Order your FREE trial by June 30, 2012 and let us show you how much you can do.


Are you a consultant or IBM i pro in a small shop? The NGS SDK may meet all your needs. Are you in a company with many BI and reporting needs, but no budget? Use the NGS SDK to help you justify your budget request for next year. Enjoy point-click development, Web & mobile access output to Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML, XML, TXT, DB2, print, email, FTP. The NGS SDK is live product - not a demo.


Call 800 824-1220. Visit
Click on "Special SDK Offer" for license terms.

IBM i And AIX Shops Pay A Hefty Premium Over PowerLinux Buyers
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

As anyone who has a past experience with multiple long-term relationships or more than one child will tell you, comparisons are odious. But when we are shopping for infrastructure or searching for a mate or figuring out which kid is going to get what when you finally shuffle off the mortal coil, you can't help but make comparisons. And even after you've made your choice, you keep looking to make sure you are getting a good deal. If you are a Power Systems shop running either IBM i or AIX, you are just not getting as good of a deal as the customers buying the new PowerLinux machines announced in April. READ MORE >

IBM i 7.1 TR4 Database Enhancements: What's Going On?
by Dan Burger

Even if you are not onboard with database modernization, IBM is moving forward and expecting that sooner or later the majority of the IBM i customer base will fathom the SQL/DDL emphasis that goes into DB2 for i. With the Technology Refresh 4 update that has just come warm out of the oven, the database enhancements that baked into TR4 include a little bit for everyone. That is, everyone who no longer hangs on to the traditional DB2/400 way of doing things. READ MORE >

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When disaster strikes, you're in control with Maxava HA Enterprise+


The latest in HA/DR software for IBM i,
Maxava HA Enterprise+ incorporates the latest
advanced features vital for IBM i users serious
about their business continuity.


Ensure you are equipped to take control when disaster strikes.


Visit for more information and to view a demo of the maxView Manager tool in action - providing you remote management of your HA environment when you're not at your desk.

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"i in the Cloud"
Abacus Solutions offers more affordable and flexible alternatives to deliver secondary workloads.


Typical workloads include: Development,
   Upgrade Testing, DR, HA & Archival
Compelling offer - $500/month with minimum
   90 day commitment
Comprehensive solution includes option of OS
   Version(s) and all associated licensing and
   support, secure VPN connectivity, and
   encrypted backups with offsite storage

Partitioned increments of 1,000CPW, 1TB
   storage, 4GB memory, & unlimited users 770.738.1101

State Of IBM i Security Remains Poor, PowerTech Says
by Alex Woodie

IBM i shops are still failing to enact basic security safeguards to prevent unauthorized access of the data in their systems, according to PowerTech, which issued its annual State of IBM i Security report this month. Even when it comes to basic security concepts, like changing default passwords, minimizing user permissions, and monitoring exit points, the average IBM i shop fails spectacularly. The upshot is that most shops are gambling with their data, with a heavy bet placed on security through obscurity. READ MORE >

As I See It: A House of Many Windows
by Victor Rozek

A friend of mine was having relationship troubles. His girlfriend complained that he seemed incapable of going deeper, meaning he was resistant to the level of commitment she craved--a lament many women will no doubt recognize. From his perspective, he didn't want heavy commitment, he wanted light companionship. He had a variety of interests, enjoyed doing a great many things, and wanted someone to share them with. Of course, one of his interests was sex, and therein, if you'll pardon the expression, lies the rub. Essentially, he wanted a woman in his life, but not in his house. And things were going swimmingly, or so he thought, right up to the time she threatened to end their relationship. READ MORE >

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Manage Documents and Data Digitally.


Solve your information management problems by digitally capturing, managing, distributing and securing all of your critical documents and data.


Go paperless, automate business process and save money.


Learn how at
or call us at 1-888-RJS-SOFT for a free 30-day demo.

Maxava Sees Big Bump In HA Sales To New Customers--Again
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

High availability software maker Maxava says that more and more IBM i shops are getting savvy about protecting their critical application and data assets, and this is boosting the company's sales as well as sales of new Power Systems iron running the IBM i operating system. This is good for the IBM i ecosystem and is a reflection of the fact that high availability cluster has always been one of the dominant drivers of server sales in the IBM midrange. READ MORE >

But Wait, There's More:

• Big Blue Boosts Trade-Ins For Power 770 Deal

• Three IBM i Advocates Elevated to Champion Status

• COMMON Adds Youthfulness To Board Of Directors

• IBM To Start Charging For Power Systems Shipping And Handling

• Double-Digit Growth For Supply Chain Management Software Sellers

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

Editor: Timothy Prickett Morgan
Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Joe Hertvik, Victor Rozek,
Jenny Thomas, Hesh Wiener, Alex Woodie
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
Advertising Sales Representative: Kim Reed
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Infinite Corporation
New Generation Software
Abacus Solutions
RJS Software Systems

IBM i And AIX Shops Pay A Hefty Premium Over PowerLinux Buyers

IBM i 7.1 TR4 Database Enhancements: What's Going On?

State Of IBM i Security Remains Poor, PowerTech Says

As I See It: A House of Many Windows

Maxava Sees Big Bump In HA Sales To New Customers--Again

But Wait, There's More:

Big Blue Boosts Trade-Ins For Power 770 Deal . . . Three IBM i Advocates Elevated to Champion Status . . . COMMON Adds Youthfulness To Board Of Directors . . . IBM To Start Charging For Power Systems Shipping And Handling . . . Double-Digit Growth For Supply Chain Management Software Sellers . . .

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