Volume 26, Number 25 -- June 1, 2016
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Webinar: Answering Business Questions with Real-Time, Operational Reporting & Analytics
June 15, 2016. RSVP now.

Big data grabs the headlines, but chances are very good that quite a few people in your company would benefit right away if you gave them a modern, integrated, query and analytical tool set that works with your real-time, operational data.

That's why more and more IBM i customers use NGS-IQ.

Call 800 824-1220 or register online to attend:

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(Formerly United Computer Group, Inc.)

Since 1987 we've helped companies of all sizes create winning businesses utilizing customized technologies and services.

Enterprise Cloud Backup, DR, & H/A
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Enterprise Security Training
IBM POWER8 Systems
S2K Enterprise Management Software (EMS)

How much confidence do YOU have in your current data backup, DR and Cyber security programs? |

Fresche Brings the Heat(map) to Legacy Modernization
by Alex Woodie

Before embarking upon a legacy modernization project, it's important to do your homework. Not all IBM i screens are equal, but figuring out which ones are the most widely used is neither easy nor straightforward. This is the challenge that application modernization vendor Fresche Legacy hopes to resolve with the new heatmap solution that it's building for its Newlook modernization suite. READ MORE >

Profound Logic Taps Node.js and COBOL For New Directions
by Dan Burger

We're hearing a lot about Node.js as open source topics are discussed with greater frequency in the IBM i community. On the other hand, COBOL gets far less attention than it deserves considering that 80 percent of enterprise business applications run on this sturdy code. Profound Logic, one of several IBM i vendors leading the way in modernization efforts, is including both these languages in its product roadmap. Profound's CEO Alex Roytman explains why and why now. READ MORE >

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Deploy automatically to multiple IBM i and Windows servers with a single click!!

Manages all source/object types (RPG, Java, PHP, .net, LANSA, Windows objects, . . .)
Validate deployment in seconds using the iAM4 dashboard
Unique Impact Analysis
Auditor reports
Integrates to your actual structure
Turnkey solution: Up and running in one week

Security - Stability - Automation

Change Management solutions for IBM i

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Valence 5: User Experience First!


Create web and mobile apps on IBM i that deliver the best user interface possible! Using RPG and a popular HTML5 Framework, Valence empowers developers to quickly create stunning applications that run entirely on IBM i.


Just released: Valence 5!


New features include a completely redesigned web portal and updated tools that allow developers and super users alike to create highly useful apps with little or no programming. You can produce a fully functional dashboard, inquiry or file maintenance app within minutes of installing Valence!


Download Valence Free!

CNX Widens Reach with Sencha Deal, Focus on Modernization
by Alex Woodie

Look out: CNX is going global. The Chicago-based provider of IBM i development tools just signed a partnership deal with Sencha that will see the Silicon Valley firm distributing Valence around the world. CNX also just released Valence version 5, which brings a number of new features, including a stronger focus on modernizing RPG applications. READ MORE >

ARCAD 'DROPS' Deployment Management Into DevOps Pack
by Dan Burger

If you could improve your application and systems software management, what would be the overall effect on your organization be? Greater efficiency and higher productivity come to mind. And the ripple effect touches nearly every employee, customer and business partner. In organizations that depend on the IBM i running on Power Systems, the focus typically begins on the system and on technical components. For the greater good, a multi-platform approach that focuses on functions is the better choice. READ MORE >

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Need training on anything i?


Manta is all you need.


121 courses and competency exams on:
· IBM i operations
· System Management and Security
· IBM i Programming Tools
· Programming in RPG, COBOL, CL, Java
· Web Development
· SQL, DB2, Query


View detailed course descriptions and take sample sessions at

Don't Be the Eeyore of Digital Progress, OpenLegacy Says
by Alex Woodie

The Internet continues to present powerful and compelling new capabilities that many organizations are leveraging to their advantage. But all too often, the tantalizing digital future remains out of reach for IBM i and mainframe shops due to the difficulty--either real or imagined--of engineering those new capabilities to work with legacy systems. Helping organizations overcome those challenges is one of the goals that OpenLegacy has set for itself. READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

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Fresche Brings the Heat(map) to Legacy Modernization

Profound Logic Taps Node.js and COBOL For New Directions

CNX Widens Reach with Sencha Deal, Focus on Modernization

ARCAD 'DROPS' Deployment Management Into DevOps Pack

Don't Be the Eeyore of Digital Progress, OpenLegacy Says

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