Volume 26, Number 26 -- June 6, 2016
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Convert your IBM i spool files into full-color, professional forms!

#1 Easy Design
Graphical Designer. True type fonts. MICR font. Bar codes including PDF-417, QR Code. Images.
#2 No Programming
As soon as your form is designed, it's automatically integrated with your application.
#3 One Low Price
Output as PDF. Archive to IFS. Print to any printer. Email.
#4 Return on Investment
#5 Outstanding Customer Support

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Valence 5: User Experience First!
Create web and mobile apps on IBM i that deliver the best user interface possible! Using RPG and a popular HTML5 Framework, Valence empowers developers to quickly create stunning applications that run entirely on IBM i.


Just released: Valence 5!


New features include a completely redesigned web portal and updated tools that allow developers and super users alike to create highly useful apps with little or no programming. You can produce a fully functional dashboard, inquiry or file maintenance app within minutes of installing Valence!


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For Sale: IBM i Is A Buyer's Market
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

There is an old adage that it is 10 times as expensive to acquire a new customer as it is to keep an existing one happy. I think that whoever lived in those times and coined that phrase did not live in an economic period dominated by the cheap money that was made available--some would say necessary--to keep the global economy humming along or recovering relatively quickly when it falters. READ MORE >

HelpSystems Fills Encryption Gap With Linoma Buy
by Alex Woodie

Despite all the IBM i security vendors that HelpSystems has bought over the years--and there have been at least five of them--the company has lacked one key security capability valued by enterprises: encryption. With last week's deal to acquire Linoma Software, the Minneapolis software vendor has finally obtained that encryption capability for IBM i. READ MORE >

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New Database Track at the Summit!

Rise to the i can . . . can you? challenge at the RPG & DB2 Summit October 4-6 in Chicago.

Get the latest tips & techniques on SQL, DB2, RPG, Free Form, Web Services, ILE, RSE/RDi, web & mobile apps plus 1-on-1 advice from top experts Paul Tuohy, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, Scott Klement, Mike Cain & Ted Holt.

New DB2 track features 7.3 enhancements + step-by-step Design/Build/Secure/Tune tips.

See the sessions so far and register today to save $300!

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Do you need area codes?
Do you need ZIP Codes?
Do you need ZIP+4?
Do you need city or county names?
Do you need a dealer locator system?

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WorksRight Software, Inc.
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Modernization Prioritization Based On Observation
by Dan Burger

Amidst all the chatter in the IBM midrange community, nothing rises above the catch-all category of modernization. Just about anything that's done to the system, including brushing the dust off an old AS/400, seems to qualify as modernization. But, after separating the wheat from the chaff, there is real modernization being done and with it comes the realization that the IBM i is as modern as you allow it to be. READ MORE >

Mad Dog 21/21: Qubit's Rubes
by Hesh Weiner

In May, IBM said it would give the public a free taste of quantum computing: IBM is providing free access to a five-qubit quantum processor in the cloud, surrounded by support facilities to enable friendly experimentation. READ MORE >

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Customizable HA/DR Solutions for IBM Power Systems

- Solutions for your entire environment including legacy and virtual machines (VMs)
- Private Cloud with Baseline's engineers available to manage the IBM i/p recovery systems.
- Custom RPO and RTO's per application. (Not all providers offer this.)

We focus on Managed Disaster Recovery and DRaaS options.

Explore our solutions at

Learning From Experience
by Dan Burger

I've got good news and bad news. I'll give you the good news first. We're never too old to learn something new. The bad news? Don't ever expect to graduate. Learning is a never-ending process, or at least is should be. Taking breaks from learning is a good idea, but calling it quits is not. My mother used to tell me: What counts most is what you allow yourself to learn after you think you know enough. READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

Editors: Timothy Prickett Morgan and Alex Woodie
Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Joe Hertvik, Victor Rozek,
Jenny Thomas, Hesh Wiener
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
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T.L. Ashford
Valence Framework for IBM i
System i Developer
WorksRight Software
Baseline Data Services

For Sale: IBM i Is A Buyer's Market

HelpSystems Fills Encryption Gap With Linoma Buy

Modernization Prioritization Based On Observation

Mad Dog 21/21: Qubit's Rubes

Learning From Experience

The Four Hundred


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