Volume 25, Number 35 -- July 1, 2015
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Real-time Replication for IBM i
with Data Recovery Measured in Minutes

Excellence as Standard, unequalled performance (the truly complex rely on Maxava!);
guaranteed implementation success;
simple management in minutes per day, backed up by 24x7 expert support;
local & mobile GUI interfaces;
continuous software enhancement;
honest & transparent pricing, upgrades and license transfers - All as STANDARD!

PLUS remote monitoring & management and fully supported Cloud DR options.

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How to Effectively Manage and Monitor Your Business Applications

Do you know the top five enemies of application efficiency--and how to fix them? You should if you hope to maximize the ERP and HA investments that keep your business competitive.

Discover the benefits of automated monitoring using built-in application templates. This white paper helps you ditch downtime and combat the complexities of application management.

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What's Legacy Now: WSDLs and Stored Procedures
by Alex Woodie

Thanks to the breakneck speed that information technology is evolving, the definition of what is legacy in computing is constantly changing. For example, 10 years ago, organizations that were coding stored procedures into their databases and exposing mainframe business logic as WSDL-based Web services were following best practices in development. But some people are now lumping those objects into the legacy computing camp, along with old RPG and COBOL programs. READ MORE >

IBS Sold To Marlin
by Alex Woodie

A new chapter in the saga of International Business Systems began Friday when the Swedish company announced that the California-based private equity firm Marlin Equity Partners has signed a definitive agreement to acquire IBS. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. READ MORE >

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Botz & Associates' SSO stat! service immediately eliminates 80% or more of most organizations' password management costs for Windows + IBM i, AIX, Linux, Unix, etc.

  Risk-free implementation
  Uses technology you already own
  Typically pays for itself in 4-12 months
  No learning curve - guided & supported by
    SSO expert Patrick Botz

Learn more and get your free copy of
A Guide to Practical Single Sign-On.

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Optimize your IBM i applications
Improve your business processes
Deliver modernization success

At Fresche Legacy, we provide products and services to help IBM i customers better manage, enhance and evolve their applications.

Our solutions include:
Strategy & Discovery Services
Analysis & Productivity Tools
Modernization Solutions
Application Support Services & Staff Augmentation

looksoftware    X-Analysis

Magic Goes In-Memory With App Framework
by Alex Woodie

Magic Software recently launched a new release of its application development and runtime framework that features in-memory data grid (IMDG) technology. The IMDG--which will eventually support IBM i--will bolster the scalability, stability, and elasticity of applications developed with xpa Application Platform 3.0, the company says. READ MORE >

Vendor Patches VTLs So You Don't Have To
by Alex Woodie

IBM i shops that don't have the time to properly patch and update their virtual tape libraries (VTLs) may be interested in a new service unveiled by Dynamic Solutions International (DSI). For a small fee, the Colorado company will patch and update its Linux-based VTLs in customer accounts, leaving IBM i admins to focus on other things. READ MORE >

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Do you need area codes?
Do you need ZIP Codes?
Do you need ZIP+4?
Do you need city or county names?
Do you need a dealer locator system?

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WorksRight Software, Inc.
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cozTools Brings Subscription Pricing To Software Licensing
by Dan Burger

Cozzi Productions, maker of the SQL Query File software, is now offering a monthly software license option with a cancel anytime feature. Rather than paying the entire software license fee up front, as is traditionally done with software purchases, the subscription-based model lowers the entry point cost for software acquisition. There is no money down and the first three months are free for new customs who sign up before the end of the year--December 31, 2015. READ MORE >

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We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

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Botz & Associates, Inc.
Fresche Legacy
WorksRight Software

What's Legacy Now: WSDLs and Stored Procedures

IBS Sold To Marlin

Magic Goes In-Memory With App Framework

Vendor Patches VTLs So You Don't Have To

cozTools Brings Subscription Pricing To Software Licensing

The Four Hundred


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