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OS/400 Edition
Volume 12, Number 28 -- July 21, 2003

But Wait, There's More

  • If you are trying to keep up with PTFs on OS/400 and related systems programs, check out the OS/400 PTF Guides, put together by our partner DLB Associates.

  • IBM has been putting the revamped iSeries line through its paces on some recent benchmark tests. A 16-way iSeries Model 870 was used as an application server and a 32-way Model 890 was used as a database server on a mix of financial, distribution, and manufacturing applications that are part of the JDE 5 suite from J.D. Edwards. This network of iSeries machines was able to support 14,148 concurrent simulated end users with subsecond response time on the JDE benchmark test. This is the first time any vendor has demonstrated performance above 10,000 users on the JDE tests. (Clearly, there is no reason to believe that a big Unix box couldn't do as well as the iSeries, or maybe even better.) IBM has also demonstrated that an iSeries Model 890 running Domino and the R6 iNotes workload was able to support 28,500 concurrent users, which is three times as many users as anyone else has demonstrated so far. The Model 890 is also able to support 150,000 Domino R5 Mail and Calendar users, and holds the top spot on that benchmark, too.

  • Pete Elliot, director of marketing for iSeries business partner Key Information Systems, has been appointed to IBM's Business Partner Marketing Advisory Board. The board, as the name suggests, allows business partners to provide IBM with feedback on its own marketing programs, and gives Blue Blue a chance to learn which marketing tricks have worked, or have not worked, among its partners.

  • COMMON last week announced the recipients of its Speaker Excellence awards for the spring conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. There were some familiar names in the Gold Medal category, including Randall Munson and Robert Tipton, as well as Trevor Perry of looksoftware and Laura Knapp. Knapp, who had previously won several awards for her session on moving from Windows to Linux, also won the Best New Session award in Indy for her new session, "Installing Linux As Your Desktop." The Best New Speaker award went to Kelley Goggins, for the presentation "9 Weeks in New Jersey: Fidelity's World Trade Center Contingency Plan in Action." Silver Medal awards went to Al Barsa, Rares Pateanu, Jim Sloan, Litrik DeRoy, and Larry Youngren. Thirteen others received Bronze Medals, including Frank Soltis, Charles Massoglia, Wayne Evans, and Jon Paris. The speakers will be honored at the upcoming COMMON conference in Orlando, Florida. COMMON also announced that longtime COMMON director Rares Pateanu is the COMMON board of director's new executive vice president. The position was left open when Paula Hodge resigned in April. Security expert John Earl was appointed to fill Hodge's seat on the board, but did not inherit Hodge's title.

  • Thin-client manufacturer IGEL Technology last week announced plans to enter the Canadian market. IGEL Technology, a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, subsidiary of a German-owned firm, will enter the Canadian market with help from IT Channel Group, of Mississauga, Ontario. IT Channel Group will serve as IGEL's sales agent in Canada, and help the terminal manufacturer with its Canadian objectives, which include recruiting authorized reseller partners, building a channel infrastructure, and providing local sales and marketing support. IGEL sells a range of Linux- and Windows-based terminals, but its greatest hopes lie with its Linux-based PC replacements, which it calls "Clever Clients." IGEL provides 5250 emulation with its terminals.

  • Content management software provider Gauss has formed a software integration pact with MDY Advanced Technologies, a Fair Lawn, New Jersey, company that develops document and records management software. According to the agreement, the two companies will integrate their respective document and knowledge management products to help customers streamline their operations and comply with new government regulations. Specifically, Gauss's enterprise content management (ECM) software suite, VIP Enterprise--which runs on OS/400 and other platforms--and MDY's Windows- and Unix-based electronic and physical records management software (RMS) suite, FileSurf, will be integrated and certified under Version II of the Department of Defense's 5015.2 Standard, the companies announced. "Integrating ECM and RMS capabilities is an important initiative in many organizations, since the definition of a record is based on its content, not its data type," says MDY's CEO, Galina Datskovsky. "It could be paper, a scanned image, an electronic document, or e-mail, and helping organizations make effective use of these content types is where Gauss excels." MDY's software will help customers with regulatory compliance. The companies plan to cross-sell into each other's customer base. The integration is expected to be completed early this fall.

  • OS/400 connectivity and integration software provider Ericom Software recently entered into a marketing agreement with JBoss Group, the developers of the open-source and free J2EE-compliant Web application server. As part of the agreement, Ericom has joined JBoss's Preferred Affiliates program and will provide its PowerTerm Host Publisher to the JBoss developer community. PowerTerm Host Publisher is a suite of integration software for OS/400 servers and others hosts that allows users to repurpose host assets for use in composite applications. Ericom, which delivered 5250 terminal emulation software for Linux desktops last year, has 3.5 million seats of its software installed, the Closter, New Jersey, company says. JBoss Group says its JBoss server software is downloaded from the Internet 250,000 times every month.

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