Volume 26, Number 35 -- August 17, 2016
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Graphical, Web & mobile query and reporting.
Make it all happen on IBM i.

NGS-IQ enables business users and analysts to write queries that output to Excel, Access, Word, PDF, CSV, TXT, and XML; develop analytical reports; build multidimensional models; and run Web reports with charts and drill down options.

Modernize your reporting without adding another server or database to your network.

Tell us your requirements, watch an on demand video, and let us earn your business. 800 824-1220.

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Optimize your IBM i applications
Improve your business processes
Deliver modernization success

At Fresche, we provide products and services to help IBM i customers better manage, enhance and evolve their applications.

Our solutions include:
GUI, Web & Mobile
Analysis & Productivity
Staffing & Application Services
Code & Database Modernization
IT Strategy Services
Reporting & Document Distribution

Ublu: A Modern Band-Aid for Legacy i Ills
by Alex Woodie

In a perfect world, companies would hire and retain technology professionals who possess the requisite skills for working on the IBM i server. However, that is clearly not the case, as an IBM i skills shortage has bubbled up as one of the platform's most pressing issues. For those jack-of-all-trades who are struggling with this thing called the IBM i, the open source tool Ublu offers a bridge to familiarity. READ MORE >

Inside Infor's Data Science Lab
by Alex Woodie

If you've noticed subtle improvements to your enterprise software lately, you're not alone. For the past two years, IBM i ERP giant Infor has been using data science techniques to optimize various business processes that are automated by its software. And the best part may be that Infor is offering its Dynamic Science Labs expertise to customers for free and that improvements get wrapped back into the product. READ MORE >

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The Right Data, At the Right Time
For the Right People

Download Free Trial
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Fast--Easy--No Programming!

Integrate Cloud and Corporate Data
with DBMoto Real-time
Data Replication and CDC

HiT Software, Inc.,
a BackOffice Associates, LLC Company

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Deploy automatically to multiple IBM i and Windows servers with a single click!!

Manages all source/object types (RPG, Java, PHP, .net, LANSA, Windows objects, . . .)
Validate deployment in seconds using the iAM4 dashboard
Unique Impact Analysis
Auditor reports
Integrates to your actual structure
Turnkey solution: Up and running in one week

Security - Stability - Automation

Change Management solutions for IBM i

Bank Says 'HA' to System i Hardware Failure
by Alex Woodie

When the New Zealand bank Westpac experienced a rare backplane failure in its System i server last year, it took a critical wholesale trading application completely offline. IBM immediately put a replacement on a plane, but the best case scenario called for three days of downtime. But thanks to its use of a high availability solution from Maxava, not a single transaction was lost. READ MORE >

TEMBO Adds Development Tool to Database Modernization Kit
by Alex Woodie

TEMBO Technology Lab is beefing up its DB2 for i modernization solution. The South African provider of DB2 for i database modernization solutions has reached an agreement with Relational Data to resell its rapid application development tool for IBM i as part of its core Adsero Optima (AO) suite. READ MORE >

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Need training on anything i?


Manta is all you need.


121 courses and competency exams on:
· IBM i operations
· System Management and Security
· IBM i Programming Tools
· Programming in RPG, COBOL, CL, Java
· Web Development
· SQL, DB2, Query


View detailed course descriptions and take sample sessions at

Cilasoft Offers No Cost Job Log Exploration Tool
by Dan Burger

The IBM i equivalent of a mountain avalanche is the job queue file. It's a mass of files with the potential to eventually bury system admins as they search for good jobs that have gone bad. When job logs are thousands of pages in length and contain many similar entries, the search for specific troublesome job logs can become tedious, aggravating, and time consuming. About this time, users start wishing for a tool that efficiently sorts job log information. READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

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New Generation Software
Fresche Legacy
HiT Software
Manta Technologies

Ublu: A Modern Band-Aid for Legacy i Ills

Inside Infor's Data Science Lab

Bank Says 'HA' to System i Hardware Failure

TEMBO Adds Development Tool to Database Modernization Kit

Cilasoft Offers No Cost Job Log Exploration Tool

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