Volume 18, Number 31 -- August 24, 2009

IBM Chops Memory Prices on Power 595s

Published: August 24, 2009

by Timothy Prickett Morgan

IBM is a-wheeling and a-dealing in the Power Systems market again. Last week, the company was offering rebates on memory activations on Power 595 machines using its Power6 processors.

Under the Power 595 Memory Rebate promotion, which is outlined in announcement letter 309-561, customers who buy a new Power 595 or upgrade to one using the Power6 processors can get a rebate back from Big Blue worth $290 per GB on the DDR2 main memory used on the machine. The amount of the rebate ranges from $74,240 with one 256 GB activation chunk to as high as just under $1.2 million for a fully loaded Power 595 with 4 TB of main memory. IBM charges $1,515 to activate 1 GB of memory on the Power 595, so this rebate amounts to 19.1 percent discount.

The Power 595 memory rebate promotion expires on September 30, which is the last business day of the third quarter. Customers can upgrade from earlier System p 570 and 590 as well as earlier System i 570 and 595 boxes to the new Power 595 to take part in this deal.


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