Volume 25, Number 42 -- August 31, 2015
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Transform your source code to Free Form RPG!

With Free Format, RPG has evolved into a modern business language, with a universal syntax easy to read and learn by both new and experienced RPG developers:
Easier to Understand
Easier to Code
More Natural for Today's Developers

ARCAD-Transformer RPG automatically converts legacy RPGLE source into Free Format, with near 100% accuracy.

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IBM Power8 Servers
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VAULT400 BaaS Intro

HelpSystems Acquired By Private Equity Giant H.I.G. Capital
by Alex Woodie

HelpSystems is set to be acquired by H.I.G. Capital, a Florida-based private equity and alternative assets investment firm with more than $19 billion in assets. Terms of the deal, which is not yet finalized and is subject to regulatory approval, were not disclosed. It will be the fourth sale in 10 years of HelpSystems, the Minnesota software company that has since become the biggest provider of systems management tools and utilities for the IBM i server. READ MORE >

A Hypothetical Future IBM i System
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

A few weeks ago, in the main story in this newsletter, I showed you the Power processor roadmap running out past the Power10 chip in 2020 and later and talked about the contrast between the huge amount of processing capacity that IBM is delivering in its Power Systems line and the relatively modest amount of oomph that the vast majority of IBM i shops need to do their daily work to make their daily bread. The gap, as I showed, is quite large, and it will continue to be so if current trends for usage growth and capacity growth continue. READ MORE >

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Data is the new currency

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DBMoto for easy, flexible Change Data Capture between all major on-premise and Cloud systems.

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HiT Software, Inc.,
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Upgrade Your Skills at the Summit

Rise to the i can . . . can you? challenge at the RPG & DB2 Summit October 20-22 in Chicago.

Learn the latest in practical, use-it-today tips and techniques on RPG IV, SQL, DB2 for i, RPG & the Web, RSE/RDi, Web Services, mobile apps, PHP, CL & more!

Plus get 1-on-1 advice from top experts Jon Paris, Susan Gantner, Paul Tuohy, Scott Klement, Kent Milligan, Ted Holt in a highly interactive, fun environment.

Check out the session grid and register by Sept 25 to reserve your room at the Westin for just $149/night. . . while they last!

What IBM Can Learn From Free-Form RPG
by Dan Burger

Three weeks ago, I wrote an article about free-form RPG, a runner-up in the IBM best kept secrets game and second only to magnificently camouflaged IBM i. Since then, I've collected the opinions of several more free-form observers. I've not talked with anyone who believes IBM is doing enough to encourage free-form conversion of old RPG code. But there is more to say about whether the benefits and the effort it takes to make the code conversion. READ MORE >

Mad Dog 21/21: Putting Money Where Its Malthus
by Hesh Wiener

In 1798 Robert Malthus triggered a perpetual debate about the damaging effects of demographic pressure. An Essay on the Principle of Population asserted that, unchecked by canon, custom or calamity, a nation's fecundity will outpace its ability to produce or procure food. READ MORE >

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Profound Hires Guru Editor; Begins IBM i Internship Program
by Dan Burger

Profound Logic Software, one of the leading IBM i vendors in the application modernization field, has hired Ted Holt, editor of our Four Hundred Guru newsletter. Holt is well known in the IBM midrange community for his knowledge of the platform, advocacy for IBM i education, and his contributions as a writer and speaker. His position at Profound will be senior software developer. He will continue as editor of Four Hundred Guru. READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

Editors: Timothy Prickett Morgan and Alex Woodie
Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Joe Hertvik, Victor Rozek,
Jenny Thomas, Hesh Wiener
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
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HelpSystems Acquired By Private Equity Giant H.I.G. Capital

A Hypothetical Future IBM i System

What IBM Can Learn From Free-Form RPG

Mad Dog 21/21: Putting Money Where Its Malthus

Profound Hires Guru Editor; Begins IBM i Internship Program

The Four Hundred


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