OS/400 Edition
Volume 11, Number 40 -- September 23, 2002

IBM Announces New Vice President of iSeries Marketing

by Alex Woodie

Buell Duncan, IBM's general manager for its MidMarket Server Division, named a new vice president of marketing during a conference call with analysts last week. Cecelia Marrese, who worked in IBM's pSeries division, has taken over for Kim Stevenson, who left IBM on September 13 to take a job at IT services giant EDS. As the top marketing executive in the iSeries division, Marrese will have considerable responsibility for the way that Big Blue positions the iSeries against its alternatives.

Little additional information about Marrese was available at press time last week. Marrese was traveling outside of the country and was not available for comment. Her first official day with her new title was last Tuesday. What is known about Marrese is that she comes to the iSeries directly from IBM's pSeries Unix division, where she has worked for years. In 1999, for example, she held the position of worldwide RS/6000 ERP segment manager. Marrese's new job will keep her in Somers, New York, although she will have to move to a new building.

Also last week, Paulo Carvao, the new vice president of iSeries sales for the Americas region, made his first public appearance since taking the new job. Carvao, who was quietly promoted to the top iSeries sales position about two months ago, was the featured guest in an iSeries Nation chat session. Before being named as the replacement for John Guido, who was quietly moved to another position in IBM months ago, which few people knew about it until last week, Carvao held several positions with IBM in Latin America; before that, he worked in IBM's AS/400 Division. "It's really a pleasure to be back," Carvao said during the iSeries Nation chat. "I'm delighted and privileged to be with you in this exciting phase of the iSeries business."

Although turnover is a fact of life in this industry, Stevenson's departure appears to have taken IBM somewhat by surprise. A notice was posted on the iSeries Nation Web site last week announcing the cancellation of last Thursday's iSeries Nation chat session, in which Stevenson was scheduled to be the featured guest, which she often was. IBM's public relations representatives could do little more than confirm that Marrese was indeed the new head of marketing, and her full biography wasn't expected to be released until this week.

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