Volume 25, Number 52 -- October 19, 2015
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A Different View Of IBM i And PASE
by Dan Burger

PASE is the AIX runtime environment that is integrated into the IBM i operating system. Most IBM i community members know of it. Comparatively few actually know it. It's not a wild guess to say most IBM midrange shops that use the TCP/IP networking stack, the Java virtual machine, the Apache Web server, or the PHP runtime are unaware that these were crafted for AIX and are running inside of PASE. There's reason to believe that PASE awareness may be on the rise. What's that mean, if anything, to you? READ MORE >

Equity Speaks: Q&A With The H.I.G. On HelpSystems
by Alex Woodie

As expected, H.I.G. Capital's plan to acquire HelpSytsems cleared all regulatory hurdles, and the deal was finalized last week. In a QA with IT Jungle, the H.I.G. partners in charge of the deal elaborate on plans for HelpSystems, as well as their view of the IBM i market and the IBM Power Systems server. READ MORE >

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ASNA Visual RPG for .NET (AVR) combines familiar RPG idioms, opcodes, and performant and secure IBM i database access with the programming power and extensibility of Microsoft .NET.

AVR empowers traditional RPG programmers to create modern IBM i fat Windows client, Web, Web services, and mobile applications with .NET using their existing RPG skills.

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Tiered Storage Upgrade Boosts BRMS
by Dan Burger

IBM Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS) found a front row seat during the IBM i Technology Refresh announcements this month because of its new tiered storage capabilities. IBM i Chief Architect Steve Will made note of it in his most recent You and i blog, which featured Will's picks for top news items among the early October IBM announcements. That tells me IBM i customers have been delivering a message or two about what BRMS needed. READ MORE >

As I See It: Biology On The Wing
by Victor Rozek

The solemn pod arcs in unison and disappears beneath blue water, leaving telltale plumes dancing in the breeze. I'm perched on weather-carved rocks on the extreme southern end of a small Canadian island called Saturna, watching a pod of killer whales sweep around the point. They pass by a mere stone's throw from shore, on their way to ancient feeding grounds. But they are not alone. A hundred yards beyond, a picket line of boats filled with grasping tourists tracks their every breach. READ MORE >

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IBM Updates PowerVM Hypervisor, PowerVC OpenStack
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

It may seem like the only thing that IBM cares about lately in the Power Systems business is boosting its Linux-based L and LC series lines. But as the latest Technology Refresh updates from October 5 demonstrate (which we have reported on extensively at IT Jungle in the past two weeks), Big Blue is keen on updating the software stack on which IBM i shops depend. And in some cases, this also includes the hypervisor and management tools, as well as Linux running next to IBM i. READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

Editors: Timothy Prickett Morgan and Alex Woodie
Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Joe Hertvik, Victor Rozek,
Jenny Thomas, Hesh Wiener
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
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A Different View Of IBM i And PASE

Equity Speaks: Q&A With The H.I.G. On HelpSystems

Tiered Storage Upgrade Boosts BRMS

As I See It: Biology On The Wing

IBM Updates PowerVM Hypervisor, PowerVC OpenStack

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