Volume 25, Number 59 -- November 18, 2015
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ERP Upgrades: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?
by Alex Woodie

What is the value of an ERP system? At most companies that use them, the ERP suite is critical to daily functioning. Without a centralized place to run things like accounts payable and general ledger, the company simply couldn't operate. But that line of reasoning does not appear to hold true when it comes to ERP upgrades, which companies are increasingly choosing not to perform. READ MORE >

Townsend Security Turns Over a New LEEF
by Alex Woodie

Townsend Security's Alliance LogAgent software now speaks Log Event Extended Format (LEEF), a data format used by IBM's QRadar security information and event monitoring (SIEM) software. The two companies' integration and development work will dramatically reduce the time spent training QRadar to understand security events happening on IBM i, says Townsend Security founder and CEO Patrick Townsend. READ MORE >

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Successfully completing an audit of your compliance requirements doesn't mean your system and applications are secure.

Without proper protection on multiple levels, sensitive data can be compromised by both internal and external threats - that's right, hacks of the IBM i are on the rise.

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Cilasoft Security and Auditing Suite.

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LANSA Shows Off Responsive Design Capabilities
by Dan Burger

Designing Web pages that display on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone are no longer considered in terms of individual development efforts. That eats up too much time and often becomes an application maintenance nightmare. One development effort that results in user interfaces that correctly display regardless of the device is the new normal. Making the build process quick and the performance fast is the goal everyone is aiming for. LANSA is the latest option for making this happen. READ MORE >

IBM i Mobile Apps Made Easy
by Dan Burger

As the number of IBM midrange shops building mobile applications grows, the ideas about features and functionality expands. Rising to the top of that list for many companies is the usefulness of a bar code scanner in combination with IBM i-based applications. It's a demand that BCD Software has noticed and it led to creation of Presto Mobile, an app for accessing modernized green screens from iPhones and iPads. READ MORE >

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Vision Touts MIMIX Success Stories
by Alex Woodie

When it comes to high availability, few products have the installed base enjoyed by MIMIX. Owned by Vision Solutions, the logical replication-based HA solution is used by thousands of IBM i shops around the world. Vision recently published a handful of those successes in customer case studies. READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

Editors: Timothy Prickett Morgan and Alex Woodie
Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Joe Hertvik, Victor Rozek,
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Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
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ERP Upgrades: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?

Townsend Security Turns Over a New LEEF

LANSA Shows Off Responsive Design Capabilities

IBM i Mobile Apps Made Easy

Vision Touts MIMIX Success Stories

The Four Hundred


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