Volume 4, Number 24 -- June 26, 2007
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Mandriva, Ubuntu Not Interested in Microsoft Deals
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

While a number of significant Linux players have worked out technology interoperability and patent covenant protection deals with Microsoft, there is by no means a consensus that working with the provider of the Windows platform for laptops, desktops, and servers in this manner is the correct course of action among the open source community--regardless of the benefits such deals have bestowed on their signers. Last week, Canonical, the commercial entity behind the Ubuntu variant of Debian, and Mandriva, which is itself a conglomeration of three Linux vendors, passed on such deals. READ MORE >

SGI Launches Blade-Style Altix Linux Supers
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

The International Supercomputing Conference 2007 event, which is the biggest supercomputing show in Europe and one of two big events in the world, is taking place this week in Dresden, Germany. There will be a lot of announcements, including the semi-annual Top 500 ranking of supers. But one of the bigger announcements this week will be coming from Silicon Graphics, which is launching a new blade-style super, code-named "Carlsbad," based on a variant of the "Atoka" motherboard. READ MORE >

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Fujitsu Adds New Blade Chassis, Quad-Core Server
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Server maker Fujitsu will this week put out a new blade server based on Intel's quad-core "Clovertown" Xeon 5300 processors and a new chassis for blade servers that packs a lot more I/O punch than its previous blade boxes and yet still maintains form factor compatibility with prior blade servers. READ MORE >

The CIO Is the Hammer, and Everything IT Vendors See Are Nails
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

When you are the formerly largest supplier of IT products in the world--and definitely the dominant data center player if you don't count Hewlett-Packard's printer business as IT--as IBM is, you have to use your access to the boardroom as well as to the data center to your advantage. And that means doing lots of surveys and studies to try to prove that IBM knows a thing or two about business and how chief executive officers, chief financial officers, and chief information officers should work together to make their businesses run better and deliver more revenues and profits. READ MORE >


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But Wait, There's More:

IBM Offers Virtualization-Friendly Pricing for RHEL 5 on Power . . . Red Hat Targets Unix Boxes at Telecom Companies . . . NASA to Replace 'Columbia' Itanium-InfiniBand Cluster . . . IBM Previews Virtualization Management Tool for Power-Based Boxes . . . Database Sales Grew By 14.2 Percent in 2006, Says Gartner . . . MPack Hacker Tool Claims 10,000 Compromised Web Sites . . .


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