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Volume 2, Number 39 -- October 18, 2005

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Three Mandriva 2006 Linux Editions Come to Market
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Having acquired rival Linux distributors Conectiva and Lycoris, Mandriva, formerly known as Mandrakesoft, is working hard to become the third big name in commercial Linux. There are a lot of other Linux distros who want to do the same thing, which is be known as a viable alternative to Red Hat and Novell, but unless the Debian Linuxes merge to create one giant distro, then Mandriva is probably best positioned to become a serious enterprise Linux contender. READ MORE >


IBM, Novell Offer Chassis-Level Linux Pricing on Blades
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Server maker IBM and commercial Linux distributor Novell have hammered out a deal that will allow customers who deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 on IBM's BladeCenter blade servers to get a license and support for that Linux that is tied to the chassis, not to the individual servers inside the chassis. READ MORE >

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Clusterworx® Whitepaper
By streamlining & simplifying cluster management to a single point of control, Clusterworx® reduces the total cost of ownership for cluster systems. Clusterworx® automates problem determination & recovery, monitors & reports health information & resource utilization. End users can remotely monitor & administer jobs. System administrators have the ability to automate repetitive installation & configuration tasks. This simplified management solution reduces costs, improves system utilization & efficiency, & increases cluster system productivity.

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Sharpen-up on Blade Servers.

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Buying Guide

Everyone seems to have a blade server evaluation underway in order to reduce costs and simplify operations. While there is a wide variety of choice, not all blades are cut from the same cloth.

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VMware Boosts VM Scalability with ESX Server 3
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Virtualization software maker VMware this week gave a sneak preview of the future updates it will be making for its flagship ESX Server virtual machine partitioning software for servers. The company's VirtualCenter partitioning management software was also previewed, and the VMware subsidiary of disk array maker EMC is also boasting about the widespread support for its software among independent software vendors. VMware also announced a set of services to help customers cope with server consolidation and capacity planning. READ MORE >


Mad Dog 21/21: New Moth
by Hesh Wiener

Something funny happened when the 1816 edition of the Farmer's Almanac, also known as the Old Farmer's Almanac, was being prepared. Due to some kind of fluke, the Almanac forecast a snowstorm in New England for July 13. And that's exactly what happened! It's no wonder, then, that readers of the Almanac, which has been published continuously since 1792, take its weather forecasts seriously. But you don't need that venerable publication to forecast this: For the foreseeable future, you're going to spend a lot more for the electricity to heat and cool your computer. READ MORE >


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Solving the Open Source Dilemma

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   But Wait, There's More

NTT Rolls Out NILFS, A Highly Available Linux File System . . . HP Spurs Its Own Internal Linux Use . . . Zend, Oracle Deliver Integrated PHP Development . . . Univa Partners IBM to Support eServers with Globus Grid Tools . . . IBM Offers Deferred Payments to Goose Leasing of New Gear in Q4 . . . Going Mobile: IDC Reckons 850 Million Workers to Cut the Cord by 2009 . . . Take Part in Gabriel Consulting Group's Unix Usage Study . . . READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights. Feel free to send a letter to the editor. Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

Editor: Timothy Prickett Morgan
Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Joe Hertvik, Kevin Vandever,
Shannon O'Donnell, Victor Rozek, Hesh Wiener, Alex Woodie
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
Advertising Sales Representative: Kim Reed
Contact the Editors: To contact anyone on the IT Jungle Team
Go to our contacts page and send us a message.


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Three Mandriva 2006 Linux Editions Come to Market

IBM, Novell Offer Chassis-Level Linux Pricing on Blades

VMware Boosts VM Scalability with ESX Server 3

Mad Dog 21/21: New Moth

But Wait, There's More

The Four Hundred
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IBM Gives Rebates and Trade Ins to Push the i5 520 in Q4

Why i for the Casino Industry?

Stop Arguing About Cars and Start Managing Fleets

The Windows Observer
Microsoft to Adapt Server Licensing for Virtualized Environments

Intel Begins Dual-Core Xeon Server Chip Rollout

Patch Tuesday Yields Nine Patches, Three That Are Critical

Microsoft Unveils New Security Tools and Security Vendor Consortium

The Unix Guardian
Big Iron Still Costs Big Bucks

Intel Begins Dual-Core Xeon Server Chip Rollout

Server Makers Are Ready and Sorta Eager for Dual-Core Xeons

Ich Bin Ein Entrepreneur

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