Volume 3, Number 40 -- October 24, 2006
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Red Hat Delivers Fedora Core 6 Community Release
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

The Fedora Core 6 community development release of Red Hat's implementation of Linux may have come out a little bit late, but the members of the Fedora community, as well as the executives at Red Hat who are anticipating the launch of Enterprise Linux 5 later this year, are pretty pumped up about all of the new features that have made it into the Fedora Core 6 code that launches today. READ MORE >

Novell, IBM Counterpunch Red Hat's Application Stack
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Once upon a time, the open source JBoss Java application server was a neutral player in the server market. But back in April, when commercial Linux distributor Red Hat shelled out $350 million in cash and stock to acquire JBoss, that middleware platform was no longer the same Switzerland it used to be. It was only a matter of time before Novell, which was a JBoss distributor itself, had to find another ally. READ MORE >

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SGI Comes Out of Bankruptcy, Says It is Lean and Mean
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Linux server maker Silicon Graphics emerged from chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last week. Having shed $240 million dollars in long-term debt as the result of its bankruptcy settlement and shut down some underperforming product lines, SGI's top brass says that it the company is now lean and mean--and ready to take its Altix servers and its NUMAflex clustering technology to more of the IT masses. This could be SGI's best chance in a number of years to get its business in gear. READ MORE >

Software, Unix and Mainframe Servers Boost IBM's Profits in Q3
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

The effect of changes in its hardware, software, and services product lines in the past year and layoffs last summer helped IT juggernaut IBM post a 5 percent increase in sales in the third quarter, hitting $22.6 billion in sales, and pumping up profits by 46.5 percent to $2.2 billion. Sales of software across its brands, exploding growth in emerging markets, and a resurgent market for mainframes and Unix servers were the key drivers in the quarter. READ MORE >



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But Wait, There's More:

Intense Competition Hurts Profits at Intel and AMD . . . Some Insight Into IBM's Server Sales for Q3 . . . Microsoft to Distribute VHD Spec Under New OSP License . . . Red Hat Hires Operations Manager Away from EMC . . . Workstation Market Booms in the Second Quarter . . . Scalix Begins Roll Out of Open Source Messaging Software . . .



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