Volume 3, Number 46 -- December 12, 2006
The Linux Beacon is going on holiday and will resume publishing on January 9, 2007. Happy New Year!
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Novell Boosts Profits in Fiscal Q4 Despite Revenue Declines
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Commercial Linux distributor Novell announced its financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter and year ended October 31 last week, and the numbers were mixed, as they tend to be with Novell. For both the quarter and the full year, Novell's sales were off as its NetWare platform continues to plummet, but profits were up in the fourth quarter after a particularly bad quarter a year ago. About two-thirds of the profits Novell booked for the full year came in the final fiscal quarter, however. READ MORE >

XenSource, Virtual Iron Gun for VMware with Features, Low Prices
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

While XenSource and Virtual Iron are not the same company, they both use the open source Xen hypervisor for server virtualization and they are both putting out new releases of their respective products today. And, perhaps most importantly, both are gunning for the same target: the VMware subsidiary of EMC. And the bullets they are using are lower prices. READ MORE >

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Who's Using Linux on the System i?
by Mary Lou Roberts

IBM first announced the availability of Linux on the iSeries in May 2001--more than five years ago. With great fanfare, Big Blue has consistently touted this Linux capability as a means for shops to realize cost savings and simplicity by capitalizing on the huge (outside the System i community) movement toward open source software and through server consolidation. All the appropriate heads nodded at the time, and certainly no one is arguing that the System i's ability to run Linux or other operating system partitions is in any way a bad thing. Yet it's unclear just how many System i users have actually chosen this path. But there are some, and they are doing great things. READ MORE >

The X Factor: You Can't Steal What's Free, But You Can Pay a Lot for Something That Isn't Worth It
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Back in the early 1990s, when IBM was on the rocks after its mainframe business imploded and the world shifted to cheaper Unix servers and client/server development was just getting underway, the Wall Street Journal ran a multi-page story that I have never forgotten. The story was one of hubris, of Big Blue's lack of understanding of how the market had changed so much around it that it took the company the better part of six years to find its feet again. READ MORE >



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Happy Holidays from All of Us at IT Jungle . . . The openSUSE Project Ships 10.2 Release . . . Forrester Predicts IT Spending Slowdown in 2007 . . . HP's Chief Financial Officer, HP Labs Director Both Retire . . . Azul Systems Revamps Compute Appliances with 48-Core Vega2 Chip . . . Phishing, Zero-Days Top Symantec's Security List . . .



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