Current Issue: September 9, 2008

Survive, Adapt, Repeat: IT Jungle Shutting Down Non-AS/400 Newsletters

August 26, 2008

Why Blade Servers Still Don't Cut It, and How They Might

Intel Keeps Both Arms Swinging with Xeons, Jabs with Itanium

Microsoft Ponies Up Another $100 Million for Novell Linux

Mad Dog 21/21: Newtonian Economics

Two More Xeon-Based Galaxy Servers from Sun

But Wait, There's More

August 19, 2008

Intel's Nehalems to Star at IDF, AMD Pitches Shanghai

Sundry Red Hat Announcements: Fedora 10 Alpha, RHEL Support Extended

Power Systems Memory Prices Slashed to Promote Virtualization

As I See It: God Bless Technology

Virtualization Adoption Skyrockets on Power Systems Iron

But Wait, There's More

August 5, 2008

What the Heck Is the Midrange, Anyway?

Intel Talks Up Larrabee X64-Based Graphics Engine

IBM's Q2 Server Sales: Let's Do Some Math

As I See It: Babes in Broadband

Gartner Is Projecting a Decline in IT Hiring This Year

But Wait, There's More

July 22, 2008

More Power7 Details Emerge, Thanks to Blue Waters Super

Intel Has a Great Q2, and AMD Has a Poor One and Taps a New CEO

HP Jumps Into Containerized Data Centers, Too

The X Factor: The IT Department Matters as Much as the CIO

IT Jobs Grow in the U.S. Despite Economic Woes

But Wait, There's More

July 15, 2008

A Little More Info on Red Hat Enterprise MRG

IBM Sells 60 Teraflops Power6-Linux Super in Holland

Sun Updates MySQL Carrier-Grade Clustered Database

Mad Dog 21/21: Mission Possible

VMware Replaces Co-Founder Greene with Microsoft Hotshot

But Wait, There's More

July 8, 2008

Xandros Continues Linux Buildout with Linspire Buy

Red Hat's Profit Growth Stalls in Fiscal Q1, RHEL MRG Launched

Gartner Revises HP's Server Sales Downward for Q1

As I See It: The Digital Leader

The Relational Database Market Grows Decently in 2007

But Wait, There's More

June 24, 2008

The Top 500 Super Ranking Now Counts Watts as Well as Flops

Red Hat Launches oVirt Embedded KVM Hypervisor Project

openSUSE 11.0 Out the Door and On the Street

As I See It: Flights of Fancy

HP Donates the Guts of Tru64 Unix's File System to Linux

But Wait, There's More

June 17, 2008

Beep, Beep: Roadrunner Linux Super Breaks the Petaflops Barrier

AMD Offers Clock Cranks on Barcelona Opterons

The World Can't Get Enough Disk Array Capacity

Stratus Builds Its First HA Clustering Product Atop Xen

IBM Is Enjoying the Role of Green Giant

But Wait, There's More

June 10, 2008

How's Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Doing?

AMD Finishes Off Quad Cores with Budapest Opterons

Forget About Platforms, Let's Talk About Jobs

As I See It: Citizen CEO

Looks Like Unisys Is Reselling Sun's X4600 Opteron Boxes

But Wait, There's More

June 3, 2008

Novell Swings to a Tiny Profit on a Tiny Revenue Bump in Q2

U.S. Drags Down Server Sales in Q1, But Weak Dollar Helps

Intel and Itanium Partners Gear Up for Quad-Core Tukwilas

Java Compute Appliances Upgraded by Azul Systems

Server Branding 101: Big Name, Big Game?

But Wait, There's More

May 27, 2008

Red Hat Continues Feature Expansion with RHEL 5.2

Novell Delivers Service Pack 2 for SUSE Linux

The Server Biz Enjoys the X64 Upgrade Cycle in Q1

As I See It: The Programmer as Artist

Global Sales Save HP's Financial Cookies in the Second Quarter

But Wait, There's More

May 20, 2008

NYSE Euronext Trades Mainframes and Unix for Linux and X64

Canonical Founder Calls for Synchronized Linux Releases

AMD Ships Low-Power Barcelonas as Two More Execs Exit

New and Updated Barcelona Boxes Debut from Sun

VMware Tweaks Virtualization Stack, Boasts of Greenness and Sales

But Wait, There's More

May 13, 2008

AMD Revises Opteron Roadmaps, Pushes Out Rev Gs

New and Updated Barcelona Boxes Debut from Sun

Java Performance Is OS Agnostic on Power6 Gear

As I See It: Soothing the Savage Programmer

Virtual Server Sprawl Reeled In with Tideway Foundation 7.1

But Wait, There's More

May 6, 2008

The Linux Ecosystem to More than Double to $49 Billion

IBM Goes Stateless and Cooler with iDataPlex Servers

IBM Previews "Blue Business" SMB System Sales Approach

As I See It: That Competitive Bug

Power Systems: The Feeds and Speeds

But Wait, There's More

April 29, 2008

Cray and Intel Hook Up for Future Supercomputers

Red Hat Previews Fedora 9 Development Linux

Intel Profits Hit, AMD Books a Loss in Recent Quarters

As I See It: Goldilocks and the Zen of IT

Sun and Wind River Partner for Linux on Sparc T2 Chips

But Wait, There's More

April 22, 2008

Canonical Launches Ubuntu 8.04 with Long Term Support

Novell Puts Out JEOS Beta, Starts Appliance Effort

Server Makers Start Shipping Barcelona Boxes

The X Factor: Everybody Wants Citrix Systems?

IBM's Q1 Driven by Mainframes, Unix, Services, and the Weak Dollar

But Wait, There's More

April 15, 2008

ScaleMP Makes Big SMPs Out of Little Ones

VIA Creates Compact Thin Server, Pushes Linux

Windows and Linux Get a Skinny Blade Server from IBM

The 64-Core Power6-Based Power 595 Starts to Roll in May

And Then There Was One: The New and Improved Power 570

But Wait, There's More

April 8, 2008

Oracle Touts Unbreakable Linux, Adds Clusterware Support

Ubuntu 6.10 Comes to the End of the Line

IBM Merges System p and System i Server Lines

IBM Launches Dual-Core Power6 JS12 Blade Server

Most CIOs Say 2008 IT Budgets Are Stable, So Far

But Wait, There's More

April 2, 2008

Red Hat Breaks $500 Million in 2007, Aims 30 Percent Higher in 2008

HP Targets SMB Shops with New Entry Servers

IBM and VCs Invest in EnterpriseDB

As I See It: Misera Plebs Contribuens

Symark Tackles Tough Access Control Problems

But Wait, There's More

March 25, 2008

Novell Previews Features in SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

Making the Case for System z10 Server Consolidation

Sun Backs Into the SMB Customer Space

CMDB: A Journey, Not a Destination

Disk Array Capacity and Sales Still Growing at Historical Rates

But Wait, There's More

March 18, 2008

Intel Talks Up X64, Itanium Roadmaps Ahead of IDF

Red Hat Releases Enterprise Linux 5.2 Beta

HP Goes Big Iron with Eight-Socket Opteron Box

As I See It: Bringing the Funny

Bye Bye System p and i, Hello Power Systems

But Wait, There's More

March 11, 2008

AMD Says Barcelona Bug Is Fixed, Almost Ready to Ramp

HPC Sales Account for Most of 2007's Server Sales Growth

IBM Readies Big Power6 Boxes, New X64 Servers

Canonical Ships Landscape System Management Tool for Ubuntu

Surf's Up for Web-Based Organized Crime, IBM X-Force Says

But Wait, There's More

March 4, 2008

Linux and Windows Server Sales Outpace the Market in Q4

Novell Swings to a Modest Profit in Fiscal Q1

MetaRAM Quadruples DDR2 Memory Capacity in Servers

As I See It: Change in Plan

Microsoft Promises To Be Less Secretive, More Open

But Wait, There's More

February 26, 2008

Novell Snaps Up PlateSpin and SiteScape

Gartner Gives Annual Report Cards to Server Makers

SCO Brought Back from the Dead by Middle East Money

HP Firing on All Cylinders in the Fiscal First Quarter

IDC Tweaks Global IT Spending Estimates Downward for 2008

But Wait, There's More

February 19, 2008

SGI Buys Linux Networx Assets with Stock Issue

HP Puts Out a Four-Socket Itanium Blade Server

IT Salary Increases Are Anemic in 2007, Says Dice Survey

Mad Dog 21/21: Recovering Lost Prophets

Citrix Puts the Xen Brand Everywhere, Previews XenServer 4.1

But Wait, There's More

February 12, 2008

Alfresco Puts Out Second Annual Open Source Barometer Report

Rock and Tukwila Were the Stars of ISSCC Last Week

Virtualization Software Player Announcement Roundup

As I See It: Why IT Will Save the Economy

Who Needs a Web Application Firewall?

But Wait, There's More

February 5, 2008

Novell Taps Zonker to Manage openSUSE Project

Novell Partners with SNA to Make Mainframe Linux Easier

IBM Gets Power6 Chips into Entry System p Servers

The X Factor: Survive, Adapt, Repeat

High Voltage DC Systems for Data Centers Cut Power Use

But Wait, There's More

January 29, 2008

openSUSE Build Service Pumps Out Red Hat, CentOS Packages

IBM to Buy AMD? Seems Unlikely, But an Interesting Idea

Lenovo Licenses X64 Server Designs from IBM to Build Boxes

As I See It: Avatar Nation

SOA Remains Hard to Define, but Projects on the Rise

But Wait, There's More

January 22, 2008

Dell Launches New, Power-Efficient Blade Servers

Sun Casts a $1 Billion Net to Catch MySQL

Weak Dollar, Services, and Power6 Give IBM a Solid Fourth Quarter

IBM Aims for Server Expansion in 2008, Including System i Reincarnation

The X64 Chip Makers Show Financial Improvement in Q4

But Wait, There's More

January 15, 2008

HP Revamps ProLiant Rack and Tower Servers with New X64 Chips

Xandros Revs Scalix Messaging with 11.3 Release

IBM Gets Clustered Storage and EMC Founder with XIV Buy

As I See It: Weighty Matters

IBM Gives Wall Street a Present: More Profits Than Expected

But Wait, There's More

January 8, 2008

Red Hat Taps New CEO As It Reports Solid Third Quarter

Supermicro Preps for Quad-Socket Blade Push

IDC 2008: It's Post Disruption, the Aftermath of Webification

Servers Get Their First Power and Performance Benchmark

A New Year, A New IBM Systems and Technology Group

But Wait, There's More

December 11, 2007

AMD Stalled by a Bug in Barcelona Opterons

Red Hat Goes Grid and Real Time with Enterprise MRG Distro

IDC Says Server Buyers Weigh Economy and Power in Q3

As I See It: What's Past Is Prologue

But Wait, There's More

December 4, 2007

Emerging Markets and Virtualization Drive Q3 Server Sales

Novell Swaps the Kernel Guts in Real-Time Linux

IBM Readies Power Management for Power Servers

As I See It: The Sick Guys in Your Wallet

But Wait, There's More

November 27, 2007

Blade Servers Make It to the Top HPC Sites

Red Hat and Platform Computing Partner for Supercomputing

HP Closes Out Fiscal 2007 with a Strong Finish

Be My Guest

But Wait, There's More

November 13, 2007

Red Hat to Use Automation, Virtualization to Eat the Server Space

Red Hat Puts Out Fedora 8 Rev of Development Linux

Intel Announces First "Penryn" Xeon Processors

Mad Dog 21/21: Symphony for the Devil

But Wait, There's More

November 6, 2007

Intel Quietly Releases 'Montvale' Itanium Kickers

Cray Revamps Supercomputers with XT5 Designs

Mandriva in a Tizzy after Microsoft Trumps Linux in Nigeria

Neuwing, IBM to Quantify and Monetize IT Energy Savings

But Wait, There's More

October 30, 2007

Egenera Breaks Blade Software Free from Hardware

Citrix Closes XenSource Deal, Does Deal with Dell and Xen Desktops

Sun Puts Intel Quad-Core Chips into Ultra Workstations

Midrange Shops Get Disaster Recovery Services from IBM

But Wait, There's More

October 23, 2007

Ubuntu Hits Launch Target for 7.10 Linux Release

Novell Delivers Workgroup Software Bundle for SMBs

Intel Is Back on Track in Q3, AMD Is Fighting to Get There

IBM Hit by Financial Services Slowdown in Q3

But Wait, There's More

October 16, 2007

Red Hat and Novell Nailed by First Linux Lawsuit

Niagara-2 Chips Double Entry Sparc Server Performance

Zend Puts Out New Release of Commercial-Grade PHP

As I See It: Great Looking Genes

But Wait, There's More

October 9, 2007

Novell Delivers openSUSE 10.3 Linux Development Release

IBM Tweaks BladeCenter S for the Office, Preps Power6 Blades

Novell Actually Ships Open Enterprise Server 2

Growing Businesses, Upgrades Drive IT Hiring in Q4

But Wait, There's More

October 2, 2007

Red Hat, Reporting Q2, Reorganizes Operations for Growth

An Update from the X64 Server Battlefields

HP Wins 163 Teraflops Opteron Super Deal at PNNL

Sun Ships Intel-Based Galaxy Rack Servers

But Wait, There's More

September 25, 2007

IDF Server Wrap Up: Intel to Keep the Pressure on AMD

Mandriva Readies Linux 2008 Editions for October

SAP Plants Its Flag in Mid-Market Territory with SaaS Apps

Opsware Adds Storage, Process Management with System 7 Tools

But Wait, There's More

September 18, 2007

Canonical, VMware Create Skinny Linux for Virtual Appliances

HP Engineers New Blade Server Box for SMB Shops

SCO Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Transitive Rejiggers Emulation Software, Adds Partners

But Wait, There's More

September 11, 2007

AMD Gets Aggressive About Watts with Quad-Core Barcelonas

NASA Buys Big Xeon-Linux Cluster from SGI

VMware Trims Down Hypervisor for Embedding in Servers

XenSource Offers Embedded Hypervisor for Servers

But Wait, There's More

September 4, 2007

Oracle Adds Features to Linux, Validates Configurations

Novell Almost Profits on Rising Linux, Stabilizing NetWare

Ubuntu Opens Up Development for LTS 8.04, Due in April 2008

Consumers Create a Feedback Loop into IT

But Wait, There's More

August 28, 2007

AMD's Chip Roadmaps: Beyond Barcelona

Server Sales in Q2 Reach Heights Not Seen Since 2000

Ubuntu Puts Out Fifth Alpha of Future Linux

The X Factor: Economic Recession Is the IT Innovator's Ally

But Wait, There's More

August 21, 2007

Intel Cranks Out Two More Quads, AMD Sets Barcelona Date

Tilera Launches 64-Core, Linux-Based Mesh Processor

Citrix Buys Virtualization Challenger XenSource for $500 Million

Court Says Novell Owns Unix, Not SCO

But Wait, There's More

August 7, 2007

AMD Gooses Dual-Core Opteron Speeds, Cuts Prices

IBM Takes Its Own Server Consolidation Medicine

NEC Brings Linux, Windows Clustering Software to North America

As I See It: Policeware

But Wait, There's More

July 31, 2007

Companies Test on Windows, Deploy on Linux

Intel Sets Up 'Tigerton' Xeon MPs Against Future Opterons

The IT Job Market Is More Competitive, Says Gartner

IBM, HP Boast of High Security for Servers with RHEL 5

But Wait, There's More

July 24, 2007

Linux Distro Xandros Buys Email Specialist Scalix

HP Buys System Management Tool Maker Opsware for $1.6 Billion

IBM Creates New Power, SMB Server Divisions

As I See It: Lawyers, Lies, and Statistics

But Wait, There's More

July 17, 2007

Microsoft's GPL v3 Stance Puts Future of Novell Pact in Doubt

Oracle Says 11g Database Is Better, Cheaper, and Faster

NEC, Stratus Flesh Out Fault Tolerant Server Lines

Mad Dog 21/21: To Avatar and Avatar Not

But Wait, There's More

July 10, 2007

Red Hat Starts Fiscal 2008 with Modest Profit, Big Revenue Growth

Top 500 Supers: Moore's Law Is Alive and Well

IBM to Break Petaflops Barrier with Blue Gene/P

As I See It: The All-American Exhausting Vacation

But Wait, There's More

June 26, 2007

Mandriva, Ubuntu Not Interested in Microsoft Deals

SGI Launches Blade-Style Altix Linux Supers

Fujitsu Adds New Blade Chassis, Quad-Core Server

The CIO Is the Hammer, and Everything IT Vendors See Are Nails

But Wait, There's More

June 19, 2007

Linspire Hooks Up with Microsoft, Too

Intel Bangs the Itanium Drum, Draws Out Roadmap

Novell Ships Service Pack 1 for SUSE Linux 10

Torvalds Says Linux May Follow Solaris with GPL v3

But Wait, There's More

June 12, 2007

Sun Broadens Its Blade Server Lineup

CIOs Get Ready to Hire in the Summer

Open Source Software Sales Pegged at $5.8 Billion by 2011

Mad Dog 21/21: Missing Inaction

But Wait, There's More

June 5, 2007

Red Hat Puts Out Fedora 7 Community Release

Novell Posts Another Loss in the Second Quarter

Microsoft-Novell Deal Has Escape Clause

As I See It: Operating on Overload

But Wait, There's More

May 29, 2007

Virtualization, Consolidation Drive Server Sales in Q1

Novell's First Quarter Goes into the Red

InfiniBand Finds Its Place in the Data Center

The X Factor: Small Is Beautiful

But Wait, There's More

May 22, 2007

Microsoft Claims Linux Violates 42 of Its Patents

Red Hat, IBM Commit to Better Mainframe Linux

IBM Launches First Power6-Based Server

The Gulf Between Buyers and Sellers Widens in IT, Says IDC

But Wait, There's More

May 15, 2007

Red Hat to Push Desktop Linux with Intel Partnership

RHEL 5: How's It Going?

IBM Sees Green in Going Green in Data Centers

As I See It: Education--the Other Dysfunction

But Wait, There's More

May 8, 2007

Brazilian Game Site Chooses Hybrid Mainframe-Cell Platform

Q&A with HP's Paul Miller: The X64 Server Biz

How To Build a Green Data Center

As I See It: Induced Labor

But Wait, There's More

May 1, 2007

Startup 3Leaf Systems Looks to Shake Up Server Virtualization

Sun's X64-Based Streaming Server Runs on Linux

More Details Emerge on IBM's Upcoming Power6 Server Launch

Mad Dog 21/21: Hearts and Minds

But Wait, There's More

April 24, 2007

FastScale Takes a Different Approach to Virtualization and Provisioning

Sun, Canonical Integrate Java, GlassFish, and NetBeans into Ubuntu

Round Two: Intel's Fortunes Rise, and AMD's Fall

Slowing U.S. Sales Hurt IBM's First Quarter

But Wait, There's More

April 17, 2007

Canonical Updates Ubuntu Linux with 7.04 Release

Intel Details Future 45 Nanometer Chip Plans from Beijing

Dell, IBM Push Power-Saving Servers

As I See It: The Legacy

But Wait, There's More

April 10, 2007

AMD Pushes Opteron Clocks to 3 GHz, Will Miss Q1 Revenue Targets

Xandros Server 2 To Get Integrated Virtualization and Messaging

X4 Chipset from IBM Tuned for Tigerton Quad Core Xeon MPs

The X Factor: Virtualization Belongs in the System, Not in the Software

But Wait, There's More

April 3, 2007

Intel Shows Off Future Penryn and Nehalem Chip Designs

Cornerstones Laid for the Linux Foundation

Gartner Says It Was "All Over" the Virtualization Effect

Revenue Up, But Profits Take a Hit at Red Hat in Q4

But Wait, There's More

March 27, 2007

Novell Previews SLES 10 Service Pack 1, OES 2 Extensions

IDC Chops Server Forecasts Thanks to Virtualization, Multicore Chips

Supermicro Shows Off Blades, Posts Financials Ahead of IPO

NEC, Stratus Preview Fault Tolerant Server with Quad Cores

But Wait, There's More

March 20, 2007

Red Hat Integrates and Simplifies with RHEL 5

The Feeds and Speeds of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

Transaction Processing Council Launches TPC-E Benchmark

Mad Dog 21/21: The China Spin Drone

But Wait, There's More

March 13, 2007

Intel Delivers Low-Power, Quad-Core Xeon Chips

HP Touts its Prowess in Linux and Open Source

Server Makers Have $5.3 Billion Bumper Crop in Q4 in Europe

As I See It: The Digital Life

But Wait, There's More

March 6, 2007

Red Hat Readies RHEL 5 for March 14 Launch

Novell Gets Pinched By Rising Costs, Falling Sales

Midrange Boxes, Big Iron Drive Server Growth in Q4 2006

The X Factor: How Many Servers, How Much Juice, How Much Money?

But Wait, There's More

February 27, 2007

Server Sales Up a Bit in 2006, But Q4 Looks a Bit Weak

Many Top Open Source Projects Still Lack Enterprise Support

Ballmer Dismisses Linux Threat, Talks Up Intellectual Property

Mad Dog 21/21: Paved With Good Intentions

But Wait, There's More

February 13, 2007

Chip Makers Strut Their Stuff at ISSCC

AMD Delivers Faster and Cooler Rev F Opteron Chips

Zend Upgrades Commercial Add-Ons for Its PHP Engine

As I See It: Measuring What Counts

But Wait, There's More

February 6, 2007

PA Semi Samples Homegrown Dual-Core Power Chip

Intel, AMD Push and Pull for X64 Market Share

VMware, XenSource Launch Virtualization Bundles

The X Factor: One Socket to Rule Them All

But Wait, There's More

January 30, 2007

Novell Says SLED Is Better Than Windows Vista

AMD: Native Quad Core Opteron Will Best Intel Quasi Quads

IT Salaries Rise by 5.2 in 2006, Dice Survey Says

Ask TPM: The Economics of Open Source Software

But Wait, There's More

January 23, 2007

OSDL and Free Standards Group Merge into the Linux Foundation

Sun, Intel Form Alliance for Xeon Servers and Workstations

IDC Says Global IT Spending Will Kiss $1.5 Trillion By 2010

The X Factor: Solaris Versus Linux Support Pricing

But Wait, There's More

January 16, 2007

Red Hat Consolidates Fedora Core and Extras Development

Penguin Hatches Bare-Bones Altus Opteron Server

Why the Number of Women in IT Is Decreasing

Mad Dog 21/21: Between y o u and i

But Wait, There's More

January 9, 2007

Red Hat Unaffected By Oracle Unbreakable Linux in Fiscal Q3

OpenVZ Project Supports Virtualized Linux on Sun's Sparc T1 Chips

The IT Analysts Make Their 2007 Predictions

Arrow Buys Agilysys' IT Distribution Business for $485 Million

But Wait, There's More

December 12, 2006

Novell Boosts Profits in Fiscal Q4 Despite Revenue Declines

XenSource, Virtual Iron Gun for VMware with Features, Low Prices

Who's Using Linux on the System i?

The X Factor: You Can't Steal What's Free, But You Can Pay a Lot for Something That Isn't Worth It

Happy Holidays from All of Us at IT Jungle

But Wait, There's More

December 5, 2006

Novell Previews Open Enterprise Server 2, Delays SLES 10 SP1

Hitachi Brings BladeSymphony Blade Servers to North America

AMD Creates Two-Socket Athlon FX Variant, Demos Quad-Core Opteron

As I See It: Behavioral Redlining

But Wait, There's More

November 28, 2006

Red Hat Delivers RHEL 5 Beta 2, Pushes Announcement to Early 2007

Server Sales Perk Up a Little Bit in the Third Quarter

Sun Releases Java Under GPL Open Source License

Cray, IBM Win Final Round of Giant DARPA HPCS Program

But Wait, There's More

November 14, 2006

Intel Delivers Quasi Quad Core Xeon 5300 Server Chips

Cray Announces XT4, XMT Supercomputers

Dual-Core Processors Begin Takeover of Top 500 Super Ranking

As I See It: The Workplace Politician

But Wait, There's More

November 7, 2006

Microsoft and Novell in Landmark Partnership

Bang for the Buck: Entry Linux Servers Keep Windows and Unix Honest

Liquid Computing Starts Shipping LiquidIQ Servers

The X Factor: Form Follows Function

But Wait, There's More

October 31, 2006

Oracle Launches Unbreakable Linux Variant of RHEL

Red Hat Reacts to Oracle's Unbreakable Linux

Dell Launches Its First Opteron-Based Servers

Sun Builds on Growth in Fiscal Q1, But Profits Still Elude

But Wait, There's More

October 24, 2006

Red Hat Delivers Fedora Core 6 Community Release

Novell, IBM Counterpunch Red Hat's Application Stack

SGI Comes Out of Bankruptcy, Says It is Lean and Mean

Software, Unix and Mainframe Servers Boost IBM's Profits in Q3

But Wait, There's More

October 17, 2006

IBM Uncloaks Power6 Chip Details

Sun Adds Rev F Opterons to More Galaxy Servers

Sun to Deliver Self-Contained "Blackbox" Data Centers

Mad Dog 21/21: Blowing Up Buddha

But Wait, There's More

October 10, 2006

Terra Soft to Build Cell-Based Super Out of PS3 Beta Iron

Gateway Rolls Out Xeon Servers, Readies Opterons

Itanium Platform Boasts More Than 10,000 Applications

As I See It: History Makers

But Wait, There's More

October 3, 2006

Intel Previews Quad-Core Chips, Talks Up Massively Cored RISC

Red Hat's Q2 Profit Drop Disappoints Wall Street

OpenSparc Project Taps Advisory Board, Sees Linux Momentum

Chip Makers Embrace Co-Processors, Again

But Wait, There's More

September 26, 2006

Novell, Concurrent Create Real-Time SUSE Linux Variant

Mandriva's Corporate Server 4.0 Comes to Market

SGI Kills Off Irix Unix and MIPS Machines, At Long Last

As I See It: Pretexting

But Wait, There's More

September 19, 2006

Red Hat Launches Integrated Linux-JBoss Software Stack

IBM Delivers Promised Linux-Based Cell Blade Server

The Disk Drive at 50: Still Spinning

As I See It: The Incredible Shrinking Vacation

But Wait, There's More

September 12, 2006

IBM to Build 1.6 Petaflops Super for Los Alamos Lab

HP Completes Montecito Itanium Rollout into Integrity Servers

Buyers Expect Softening in Server Spending in 2006

XenSource Begins Shipping XenEnterprise Hypervisor

But Wait, There's More

September 5, 2006

Novell Sees Sales Slip in Q3, Undertakes Stock Option Review

SPEC Creates New CPU2006 Benchmark Tests

Scalent to Support Solaris with Virtual Operating Environment

As I See It: Biology and Technology--the Uneasy Union

But Wait, There's More

August 29, 2006

The Server Market Struggles for Growth in Q2, Says IDC

IBM Finishes Up Power5+ Rollout on System p5 Servers

Intel Delivers 'Tulsa' Xeon MP Server Chip Early

Does the Size of Your IT Supplier Really Matter?

But Wait, There's More

August 22, 2006

Novell Touts SUSE Linux 10, Says Desktops and Xen Are Ready

Open Source Expands Beyond Linux, and Vendors Follow

HP Chalks Up Another Decent Thirteen Weeks in Fiscal Q3

The X Factor: Database Appliances Come Around Again

But Wait, There's More

August 15, 2006

HP Gives Debian Linux Equal Billing to Red Hat and SUSE

AMD Unveils Rev F Opterons, Prepares for Quad Cores in Mid-2007

Movidis Launches Multicore MIPS-Debian Server

SteelEye Provides Clustering for Linux Partitions, WAN Replication

But Wait, There's More

August 8, 2006

IBM Broadens Use of Opterons in System x Servers

Novell Says SLES 10 Has Impressive First Ten Days

IBM Creates a Performance-Based Pricing Scheme for Software

The X Factor: High-End Chips Draw Even, Vendors Prepare to Differentiate

But Wait, There's More

August 1, 2006

Collax Gears Up for North American Linux Launch

Scalix Goes Open Source, Preps Scalix 11 Groupware

IBM Creates a Performance-Based Pricing Scheme for Software

New Vendors Join SOA Collaboration Group

But Wait, There's More

July 25, 2006

Intel Aims Dual-Core Itaniums at RISC, Mainframe Servers

HP Gears Up for Montecito Itanium Shipments

Who's Ahead in the X64 Server Wars?

The X Factor: Is Memory-Based Software Pricing the Answer?

But Wait, There's More

July 18, 2006

Novell Aggressively Launches SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

Sun Fleshes Out Galaxy Opteron Server Line

Fabric7 Tweaks Opteron Servers, Adds Windows and Solaris Support

VMware Delivers Eponymous Freebie Hypervisor, Sets Support Prices

But Wait, There's More

July 11, 2006

Red Hat Continues Booming Growth in Fiscal Q1

Transitive Emulator Ports Sparc/Solaris Apps to Linux on Xeon, Itanium

Top 500 Supers: Brace Yourself for Petaflops Systems

Yankee Says Windows Improves and Bests Linux

But Wait, There's More

June 27, 2006

Novell Taps New CEO, CFO to Lead the Linux Charge

Intel Comes Out Swinging with Woodcrest Xeons

SGI Launches Entry Woodcrest Xeon, Itanium Linux Supers

Smaller Companies are Preparing for Disaster Too, Study Shows

But Wait, There's More

June 20, 2006

Cray Lands $200 Million Linux-Opteron Super Deal with DOE

HP Says It Will "Blade Everything" As Next Gen Boxes Launch

JBoss Moves Into Systems Management, Delivers Seam 1.0

The X Factor: Virtual Server Sprawl

But Wait, There's More

June 13, 2006

Project Bandit to Open Source Identity Management Software

Dell Pre-Announces Generation 9 of PowerEdge Servers

Merrill Lynch Cases IT Spending, Server Buying Patterns

Mad Dog 21/21: Patent Depending

But Wait, There's More

June 6, 2006

Red Hat Launches Projects for Collaboration, Code Testing

Red Hat Nixes Database Acquisition Strategy

Ubuntu to Support Linux on Sparc T1 Chips

VMware Offers New Packaging and Pricing with ESX Server 3

But Wait, There's More

May 23, 2006

Dell Says Uncle, Readies Opteron-Based PowerEdge Servers

Sun Microsystems Begins Taking Java Open Source

IBM Buys Rembo for Bare-Metal Server and Desktop Provisioning

HP's Revenues Up 5 Percent in Q2, Profits Jump 51 Percent

But Wait, There's More

May 16, 2006

Novell Targets Windows Stack with Open Workgroup Suite

Mandriva Opens Up Corporate Server 4 for Beta Testing

Open Management Consortium to Drive Tool Integration

Why American Employees Are So Unhappy

But Wait, There's More

May 9, 2006

Silicon Graphics Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Unisys Launches New Unified ES7000 Server

Stonesoft Unveils New Generation of Firewall, IPS Products

The X Factor: If Sun Builds a Grid, Will They Come?

But Wait, There's More

May 2, 2006

The Hardware Foundry

Linux Leaders Commit to LSB 3.1, Linux on the Desktop

HP Expects to Ship 'Montecito' Arches Servers by Late Summer

As I See It: Fearless Leaders

But Wait, There's More

April 25, 2006

Ubuntu, Kubuntu Projects Put Out 'Dapper Drake' Betas

AMD's Green Grid Project to Educate IT on Power Issues

Novell Shells Out $72 Million to Buy e-Security

Intel Secures the PC with vPro Dual-Core Design

But Wait, There's More

April 18, 2006

Can There Be Only Two Linuxes?

Oracle's Ellison Ponders Owning a Linux Distro

AMD Pushes Single-Core Opteron Clocks to 3 GHz

Mad Dog 21/21: Patent Lather

But Wait, There's More

April 11, 2006

Red Hat Buys JBoss--Your Move, Novell

Novell Launches Public Build System, Previews SUSE 10.1

Linux Is Almost as Popular as Solaris for Oracle Databases

Microsoft Gives Away Virtual Server, Supports Linux

But Wait, There's More

April 4, 2006

IDC Says Ex-Unix Shops Love Windows More Than Linux

XenSource Shifts Gears as It Rolls Out XenEnterprise Virtualization

Virtual Iron Standardizes on Xen, Goes Open Source

OpenVZ Project Gets Migration Feature, Supports Fedora Core 5

But Wait, There's More

March 28, 2006

Torvalds Releases Linux 2.6.16 Kernel

AMD Says It Can Still Beat Intel Cores with Opterons

Fujitsu Extends Blade Server to Eight-Way SMP

The X Factor: X64 Chip Price War Looms

But Wait, There's More

March 21, 2006

Update Makes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 More Scalable

Mandriva Founder Laid Off, Starts New OS Project

HP Announces High-End 'Arches' Chipset for Integrities

Intel Launches Low-Power Xeon LV Chip for Servers

But Wait, There's More

March 14, 2006

rPath Creates Malleable, Serviceable Linux Distribution

Intel Goes After AMD with New Chip Architecture

Intel Gearing Up for Battle on the Server Front

Transitive Gets Backing from Intel for Porting Product

But Wait, There's More

March 7, 2006

Linux Growth Doesn't Offset NetWare Decline in Q1

IBM and Friends Fight Identity Theft with 'Project Higgins'

The Balance of Server Powers

Lincoln to Open SQL

But Wait, There's More

February 28, 2006

Gentoo Puts Out Linux 2006.0 Release

Itanium Proponents Say Ecosystem Is Growing

The Server Market Begins to Cool in Q4

As I See It: Future Schlock

But Wait, There's More

February 21, 2006

OpenMFG Puts Out Version 1.3 of Open Source ERP

HP's Restructurings Start to Pay Off in Profits in Q1

Sun Publishes Sparc T1 Specs, Chases Linux Port

IBM Fleshes Out p5 Line with More Power5+ Processors

But Wait, There's More

February 14, 2006

How Low Can You Go?

IBM Announces BladeCenter Kickers

Linux Community Fights Back Against Microsoft Claims

Rumors Say Oracle Is Trying to Buy JBoss, Zend, and Sleepycat

But Wait, There's More

February 7, 2006

Novell, Virtual Iron Embed VFe-Capable Kernel into SLES 9

VMware Gives Away Updated GSX Server for Free

Linus Nixes GPL v3 for Linux, Sun Ponders It for Solaris

IBM, Freescale Reunite for the Sake of the Power Processors

But Wait, There's More

January 31, 2006

Novell Goes After SMBs with Channel Support Bundles

HP Partners to Create Water Cooling for Server Racks

IBM Revamps Entry xSeries Servers

A Little More Insight into IBM's Server Sales in Q4 and 2005

But Wait, There's More

January 24, 2006

GNU General Public License v3 Draft Gets Public Airing

Egenera Upgrades BladeFrame Servers, Adds Cooling

xSeries Sales Steady for Big Blue

IBM Reshuffles Systems and Technology Executives

But Wait, There's More

January 17, 2006

Novell Releases SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SP3

HP Eager to Sell Dual-Core Servers, Unfazed By Dell Rumors

Mainsoft, IBM to Convert .NET Code to Java on All eServers

Waiting for Linux to Pull Its Own Weight on the iSeries

But Wait, There's More

January 10, 2006

Red Hat's Revenues and Profits Up in Fiscal Q3

IBM Promotes Red Hat, Novell to Top Partner Status

Utility Computing: Homegrown and Open Source Apps to Get the Last Laugh

Reading the IT Leaves for 2006

But Wait, There's More

December 6, 2005

Cray's CTO Plans Its Future Converged Iron

Server Sales Skyrocket in Q3--But Can It Last?

Novell Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

HP Debuts Utility Computing Services

But Wait, There's More

Happy Holidays!

November 29, 2005

The Linux-Windows Warriors Get Better Weapons

Liquid Computing Jumps into the Servers with a Big Splash

HP's Q4 Sales Grow, Profits Hit by Restructuring

Shaking IT Up: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Use Your New Software

But Wait, There's More

November 15, 2005

Linux Clusters Continue to Expand in Top 500 Supers Ranking

SGI Previews Next-Generation, Blade-Style Altix Supers

Linux Networx Chases HPC Users with Supersystems

CA Spins Out Open Source Ingres Database

But Wait, There's More

November 8, 2005

Novell Names President, Cuts 10 Percent of Workforce

Fabric7 Creates Flexible Opteron Server for Linux, Windows

PA Semi Divulges Its Power Processor Aspirations

MySQL Brings Database Up to Par for Enterprise Deployments

But Wait, There's More

November 1, 2005

Novell Rumored to Restructure Any Day Now

Virtual Iron Broadens Support with Release 2.0

Intel Pushes Out Itaniums, Replaces Future Xeon MPs

NEC and Unisys Forge Deep Server and Services Alliance

But Wait, There's More

October 25, 2005

Black Duck Offers Free Software IP Scanning Until 2006

Newisys Launches Baby NAS, Working Away on Horus Chipset

Fujitsu-Siemens Finally Opts for Opteron in Servers

VMware's Revenue Growth Slows as VM Player Debuts

But Wait, There's More

October 18, 2005

Three Mandriva 2006 Linux Editions Come to Market

IBM, Novell Offer Chassis-Level Linux Pricing on Blades

VMware Boosts VM Scalability with ESX Server 3

Mad Dog 21/21: New Moth

But Wait, There's More

October 11, 2005

Intel Begins Dual-Core Xeon Server Chip Rollout

Server Makers Are Ready and Sorta Eager for Dual-Core Xeons

IBM Revamps OpenPower Linux Boxes with Power5+ Chips

Red Hat Taps Tru64 Unix Expert as CTO

But Wait, There's More

October 4, 2005

Linux Standard Base 3.0 Spec Unveiled

Red Hat's Sales and Revenues Up Smartly in Fiscal Q2

Big Blue Updates Entry xSeries Servers

Itanium Backers Launch Alliance to Bolster the Chip

But Wait, There's More

September 27, 2005

AMD Cranks Up Dual-Core Opteron Clocks

Dell Starts Peddling Dual-Core Paxville Xeon DPs in PowerEdges

IDC Concurs that Q2 Was Pretty Good for Servers

Egenera Gets $300 Million Reseller Deal with Fujitsu-Siemens

But Wait, There's More

September 20, 2005

IT Pundits Espouse Linux Benefits Including and Beyond TCO

Parallels Joins the PC and Server Virtualization Fray

Sybase Launches Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 Database

Notes/Domino 7 Brings New Collaboration Technology, Performance Gains

But Wait, There's More

September 13, 2005

Novell to Set SUSE Linux 10.0 Loose in October

Sun Launches the First Three "Galaxy" Opteron Servers

IBM, Gateway Launch New X64 Servers

HP Rolls Out Improved Virtualization for Integrity Servers

But Wait, There's More

August 30, 2005

Novell Blames Transitions for Disappointing Q3 Financials

Intel Fleshes Out Server Chip Plans for Post-NetBurst Era

Gartner Says Server Market Warmed Up Some More in Q2

Dell Touts New Dual-Core PowerEdge Servers

But Wait, There's More

August 23, 2005

Unisys, IBM Further Prove Linux Performance on OLTP

AMD Nabs Chip Hotshot, Challenges Intel to Dual-Core Duel

The Source of All Good Bits

Mad Dog 21/21: The Grinchy Code

But Wait, There's More

August 16, 2005

Novell Opens Up Development for SUSE Linux

Opsware Creates Uber Shell for System Admins

VMware Opens Up ESX Server Code to Partners

Intel Moves Paxville MP Chip Ahead into 2005, Adds DP Variant

But Wait, There's More

August 9, 2005

Red Hat Stresses Security, Rolls Out Certificate System

Server Makers Push Linux As Linux Pulls Them

Scalix Releases Free E-mail/Calendaring Community Edition

SGI Goes All the Way With Transitive Emulator

But Wait, There's More

August 2, 2005

Intel Names Server Platforms, Adds Chips to Roadmap

Novell Gives Mainframe Shops Cross-Platform Linux Licenses

Black Duck Partners with SourceForge for IP Protection

IBM and Buddies to Launch Community

But Wait, There's More

July 26, 2005

InterStructures Management Tool Makes Windows Do Linux

AMD: Intel Holds Chip Market Hostage

Hurd on the Street: HP Cuts 14,500 Jobs in Reorganization

We Work for the Internet

But Wait, There's More

July 19, 2005

Debian Linux to Get Down to Business?

OpenLogic Delivers BlueGlue 3.2 Open Source Stack

Intel Cranks Up the Clocks on Madison Itaniums

Dell Debuts First Dual-Core PowerEdge Server

But Wait, There's More

July 12, 2005

New SGI Linux Server, Storage Chase Entry HPC Customers

Top HP Server Exec Jumps Ship to Dell

Intel Previews Dual-Core Montecito Itanium Performance

Java Turns Ten, Still At Odds with .NET, Aloof About PHP

But Wait, There's More

June 28, 2005

Top 500 Supers List Dominated By Exotic Clusters

HP Ships 10 Millionth ProLiant Server, 1 Millionth Linux Box

Netline Moves to U.S., Changes Name, Gears Up Groupware

Sun Takes Java App Server Open Source

But Wait, There's More

June 21, 2005

Mandriva Accelerates Linux Desktop Push with Lycoris Buy

IBM Finally Launches Opteron Blade Servers

Level 5 Boosts Ethernet Bandwidth, Lowers Latency

As I See It: First Timers

But Wait, There's More

June 14, 2005

Freed Fedora Foundation Might Get Participation Boost

Unisys Brings Utility Pricing to ES7000 Servers

VMware Wants VMs to Be Modern Shrink Wrap for Software

Cool Stuff: Transitive Emulates Server Platforms on Other Iron

But Wait, There's More

June 7, 2005

Directory Server Dons a Red Hat

Novell, HP to Sell Preconfigured Linux-JBoss-Oracle Servers

IBM Launches Promised 32-Way Intel Server

HP, IBM and Unix, Windows Tied in the Server Market

But Wait, There's More

May 31, 2005

Cash Hoard Calms Novell as It Books Another Loss

Server Market Is Solid in Q1, Says Gartner

AMD Publishes Pacifica Virtualization Spec

As I See It: IT, the Early Days

But Wait, There's More

May 24, 2005

Penguin Computing Touts Updated Beowulf Linux Clustering

IBM Bundles Software with Blades to Push Sales

PeopleSoft Founder Duffield Readies New ERP Software

HP Pulls Off a Respectable Second Fiscal Quarter

But Wait, There's More

May 17, 2005

IBM and Red Hat Chase the Solaris Base Some More

Scali Extends Linux Cluster Management to Storage

VMware Sales Double As It Plots Future Virtualization

Mad Dog 21/21: The Princess and IP

But Wait, There's More

May 10, 2005

Former SUSE CEO Seibt Leaves Novell

Battle of the X64 Platforms

Palamida Offers IP Tracking for Open, Closed Source Apps

Sun Expands N1 Systems Management Programs

But Wait, There's More

May 3, 2005

AMD Rolls Out Dual-Core Opterons Early

Server Vendors Gear Up for Dual-Core Opterons

VMware Workstation 5 Adds Features for Team Programming

Sun Puts JES Release 3 Middleware Out and Through the Paces

But Wait, There's More

April 19, 2005

HP to Super-Size Superdome with Arches Chipset

Azul Gets Aggressive with Java Appliances

Cisco Buys InfiniBand/Virtualization Specialist Topspin for $250 Million

What Does Microsoft's Latest Windows-Versus-Linux Test Show?

But Wait, There's More

April 12, 2005

SpikeSource, SourceLabs Launch Supported Open Source Stacks

Fujitsu Chases $2 Billion with PrimeQuest Itanium Boxes

Windows Trumps Linux in Key Areas, Yankee Group Finds

Shaking IT Up: Meet That Date!

But Wait, There's More

April 5, 2005

Black Duck Launches Online IP Service

Intel Finally Gets 64-Bit Xeon MPs Out the Door

AMD Readies Pacifica Spec, Hires IBM System Expert

Sun Takes Baby Steps Closer to Open Source Java

But Wait, There's More

March 29, 2005

Novell Attacks SMB Market with Small Business Suite

Dell Gets First Jump on Potomac/Cranford Xeon MPs

Fujitsu-Siemens Readies Unnamed Itanium Server

Altiris, BMC Bolster Management Wares with Acquisitions

But Wait, There's More

March 22, 2005

Mandrakesoft Rejiggers Its Linux Roadmap, Naming Conventions

Linspire Launches Five-0 Desktop Linux

Bernstein Analyst Calls for Sun-Dell Partnership

Mad Dog 21/21: HP Sauce

But Wait, There's More

March 15, 2005

Open Source Servers

Novell Delivers Open Enterprise Server, Preps SUSE Professional 9.3

IBM Opens Blue Gene/L Utility Center in Minnesota

Future "Cell" Power Processors to Spotlight Linux

But Wait, There's More

March 8, 2005

IDC Says Linux Server Market Grew 36 Percent in Q4 2004

Intel Goes Whole Hog for Multicore Chips

Intel Maps Out Its Server Roadmap

Intel Stands By Itanium, Positions It Against IBM's Power

But Wait, There's More

March 1, 2005

Mandrakesoft Buys Rival Linux Distro, Conectiva

IBM Plans X3 "Hurricane" Chipset for Xeon Servers

Gartner Gives 2004 Server Report Cards

Aldon Opens Up to Linux and AIX with Lifecycle Manager 5.0

But Wait, There's More

February 22, 2005

Linux Gets Down to Business, and This Is Good

Red Hat Bashes Sun As It Launches Enterprise Linux 4

Everybody Loves Xen

Novell Creates Project Hula Open Source Collaboration Server

But Wait, There's More

February 15, 2005

LinuxWorld Preview: More Ardor, More Products

Intel, AMD Launch New X86 Chips

HP Rolls Out New Opteron, Xeon Servers

Fiorina Quits HP As Board Questions Her Execution

But Wait, There's More

February 8, 2005

Scalix Ports Messaging Software to zSeries-Linux

Egenera Adds Opterons, Upgrades BladeFrame

Unisys Certifies SUSE Linux, Sells Support Alongside Novell

As I See It: Surviving a Job Loss

But Wait, There's More

February 1, 2005

Beaverton, Oregon, Creates Open Source Biz Incubator

SGI Partners to Launch 'Bright' Linux Clusters

IBM Delivers Nocona Blades, Readies Opteron Blades

Mad Dog 21/21: Technical Fowl

But Wait, There's More

January 25, 2005

IBM Launches Skinnier, 2-Way OpenPower Linux Server

Can Linux Take on Big Unix Boxes?

OSDL Denies "Operation Open Gates" Linux Rewrite

As I See It: The Elusive Pursuit of Happiness

But Wait, There's More

January 18, 2005

Investors Back New Open-Source Server Virtualization Company

HP Boosts Integrities with Madison 9Ms, Other Stuff

Why Do Rack Servers Persist When Blade Servers Are Better?

Will IT Vendors Set Up a Patent Trust?

But Wait, There's More

January 11, 2005

Linux, Unix, and Windows Fight for ERP Supremacy

Mandrakesoft Delivers Corporate Server and Desktop Linuxes

Competition Heats Up for Entry and Midrange Servers

Subscription Pricing: A Tough Path to a Better Pricing Model

But Wait, There's More

January 4, 2005

Linux Platform Ecosystem to Grow to $36 Billion by 2008

RLX Exits Blade Server Biz, Focuses on Software

Revelation: Why HP's Commitment to Itanium Is Unwavering--Really

As I See It: Dead Peasants

But Wait, There's More

December 14, 2004

Penguin Computing Dives Into the Blade Server Fray

Bull Clinches Tera10 Supercomputer Deal for French Nukes

Crazy Idea Number 527: Should IBM Buy Apple?

Mad Dog 21/21: The Dry Fish Affair

But Wait, There's More

December 7, 2004

Sybase, IBM Team to Bring ASE to Power-Linux

Future Power "Cell" Chip Will Probably Run Linux--And Well

Server Market Grows in the Third Quarter

IDC Makes Its IT Prognostications for 2005

But Wait, There's More

November 30, 2004

Linux Core Consortium: Déjà Vu All Over Again

Pogo Linux to Ship First Commercial 8-Way Opteron Server

Appro Preps XtremeBlades for First Quarter

IT Spending Predicted to Increase Modestly in 2005

But Wait, There's More

November 16, 2004

Linux, X86 Clusters Take Over Top 500 Supercomputer Ranking

Intel Pushes Out Dual-Core Itaniums, Or Does It?

Unisys Adds New Itaniums, Tweaks ES7000 Server Line

Gartner Releases IT and Business Trends Through 2010

But Wait, There's More

November 9, 2004

Intel Boosts Itanium 2 Chip Performance Modestly

HP Refreshes Entry Integrity Line with New Itaniums

Big Blue Commercializes Blue Gene/L Linux Supercomputer

Server Makers Tout Their HPC Clusters at SC2004

But Wait, There's More

November 2, 2004

Ballmer Puts Linux, Unix in Microsoft's Sights, Misses the Point

CA Releases Ingres r3 Database as Open Source

VMware Previews Expanded SMP Capability for Partitions

Mad Dog 21/21: Vulture Culture

But Wait, There's More

October 26, 2004

New Report Picks Apart Linux, Windows Security Claims

IBM Offers Low-Cost Blade Chassis, Bundles for SMBs

Sun Tight-Lipped About Future Opteron Machines

IBM Revamps Midrange, High-End Storage Arrays

But Wait, There's More

October 19, 2004

Rotten to the Core: Chips, Lies, and Software Licenses

CSC Says Open Source Is Prolific and Vital

IBM Talks Up WebSphere 6, Due in Two Months

As I See It: Getting to the Front by Stabbing in the Back

But Wait, There's More

October 12, 2004

Turbolinux to Deliver 2.6 Kernel in 10 Server

IBM Cranks the Clock on Power, Xeon Blade Servers

TopSpin Pushes Utility Computing with Grid Switch Bundle

Mad Dog 21/21: Sell Phones

But Wait, There's More

October 5, 2004

Red Hat Betas Enterprise Linux 4

IBM Blue Gene/L Tops Supercomputer Performance Charts

HP Sets Up Blade Server Division, Readies Opteron Blades

As I See It: Trust but Verify: Computer Science and Democracy

But Wait, There's More

September 28, 2004

Companies Want Good Enough IT, Not 'Best of Breed'

Azul's Network-Attached Processing to Shake Up Server Market

Leasing Strategies at the Big Four Server Makers

New TPC Benchmarks Are on the Horizon

But Wait, There's More

September 21, 2004

Novell Combines NetWare and Linux with Open Enterprise Server

Mandrakesoft Rolls Out 10.1 Community Linux

Leasing Greases IT Acquisitions, Pumps the Economy

Forrester Says IT Budgets Will Be Up 7% in 2005

But Wait, There's More

September 14, 2004

IBM Launches Linux-Only Power5 Box with Big Price Cuts

Cybernet Systems Updates Linux Appliance Server

Fujitsu-Siemens Debuts New Entry, Blade Servers

IBM, Intel Open Up BladeCenter with Royalty-Free Specs

But Wait, There's More

August 31, 2004

Newisys Readies Chipset for Big Linux-Opteron Iron

Yankee: Linux Will Grow, But Windows and Unix Will Persist

Servers Sell Well in Q2, Say Gartner and IDC

As I See It: Where Has All the Training Gone?

But Wait, There's More

August 17, 2004

Heads Will Roll At HP Over Declining Server and Storage Sales

Motorola Picks Linux-on-Itanium for Cellular Switches

Support for SIP Expands Messaging Options for Stalker

Mad Dog 21/21: 0110 Nights and a Night

But Wait, There's More

August 10, 2004

OSRM Says Linux Might Violate Hundreds of Patents

Novell Takes On Red Hat with SuSE Enterprise Server 9

Red Hat Packages Up Open Source Application Server

UserLinux: A Cheaper Enterprise Linux?

But Wait, There's More

August 3, 2004

Unisys Finally Does Linux as Well as Windows

Sun Considers Buying Novell--and a Lot of Other Companies

Intel Launches 64-Bit Xeons For Servers

HP, IBM Roll Out Nocona Servers

But Wait, There's More

July 27, 2004

Red Hat Previews Linux 3 Update 3

Sun Debuts Opteron Servers and Workstations for Linux, Unix

CIOs Sure About Cost Cutting, Unsure of Future

Mad Dog 21/21: To Hive and Hive Not

But Wait, There's More

July 20, 2004

IBM Launches Power5-Based eServer p5 Linux Servers

Red Hat's Minor Restatement Shakes Up Wall Street

IBM Raises Rates on Server Financing Deals

OpsWare Opens Up and Extends with 4.5 Release

But Wait, There's More

July 13, 2004

NEC Pushes SuSE Enterprise Server 9 Performance Up

HP, Red Hat Launch Sophisticated File Systems for Linux

Bull Beefs Up NovaScale Itanium Servers

Novell Raises $600 Million War Chest

But Wait, There's More

June 29, 2004

Governments to Go Ga-Ga for Linux?

Top 500 Supers List Dominated by Teraflops-Class Machines

IBM, Motorola Partner to Push BladeCenter-Linux Telco Gear

As I See It: If You Can't Be Rich, Be Unsuccessful

But Wait, There's More

June 22, 2004

Linux Server Market to Boom Though 2008

Red Hat Shows You Can Make Money from Linux

Fiorina Says HP Is Ready to Grow

Mad Dog 21/21: Panda to the Masses

But Wait, There's More

June 15, 2004

How Far Will IBM Push Linux on Power5 Squadrons?

HP Talks Up Its Blade Server Prowess, Doubles Density

InfiniBand Backers Take Protocol Stack Open Source

AMD Cops to Dual-Core Chip Plans

But Wait, There's More

June 8, 2004

NEC Launches Two-Way Itanium Blade Server

Dell Begrudgingly Launches Four-Way Itanium Box

Relational Database Biz on Linux Is Booming

Sun Fires First Shot in Server Subscription Wars

But Wait, There's More

June 1, 2004

Linux Server Market Explodes in Q1

Novell Attributes Profit to SuSE, Open Source Momentum

HP Offers Services to Support MySQL, JBoss

As I See It: On-Demand Values

But Wait, There's More

May 25, 2004

OSDL Implements Contributor Tracking System for Linux

IBM's DB2 on NEC's AzuzA: More Than Meets the Eye?

AMD Cranks Up Opteron Clock Speeds

Flashback to 1956: IT for Rent

But Wait, There's More

May 18, 2004

Cendant's Galileo eFares Unit Dumps Unix for Linux

Red Hat Puts Out Update 2 for Enterprise Linux 3

IBM Gives Away Power Tools for Linux

As I See It: Ricardo's Law

But Wait, There's More

May 11, 2004

Intel Moves Up Dual-Core Xeons to Blunt Opteron Attack

HP Launches Dual Madison Processor Modules

Virtualization Engine: A Lot of IBM Talk, but Good Technology

Shaking IT Up: 10 Ways Management Can Ruin Your Day

But Wait, There's More

May 4, 2004

Aberdeen Says Open Source Databases Still Niche Products

Power5-Linux Servers Will Pack Partitions and a Punch

Novacoast, Key Push Openexchange Server As Microsoft Alternative

Mad Dog 21/21: Flea Circuits

But Wait, There's More

April 27, 2004

Distros Pick Apart Forrester Linux-Windows Security Rankings

Opteron Learning to Walk, Ready to Run

Sun Solaris X86 Pricing Attacks Linux

As I See It: Infected

But Wait, There's More

April 20, 2004

HP Launches Four-Way ProLiant with Opterons

VMware to Support Linux Partitions on 64-Bit Opterons, Xeons

A Look at Google's Linux-Based Search Appliance

As I See It: We've Come a Long Way, Maybe

But Wait, There's More

April 13, 2004

Forrester Says Windows Is More Secure Than Linux

Oracle to Bundle 10g Database on Dell Servers

Two More Peppier Itaniums for Two-Way Servers

IBM Debuts Baby 'Shark' Array for Linux Servers

But Wait, There's More

April 6, 2004

MandrakeLinux 10.0 Delivers Linux 2.6 Kernel

IBM Demos 1.5 GHz Four-Way Squadron Server

IBM to Take Power Chips on the Open Road

Gartner: Offshore or Lose

But Wait, There's More

March 30, 2004

HP to Lead With Novell's SuSE Linux on Desktops, Servers

Linux Is Finally Prebundled on IBM eServers

SUNY Buffalo Builds 1.3 Teraflops Linux-Blade Super

Blue Gene/L: A Big, Bad Linux Box

But Wait, There's More

March 23, 2004

The First Steps Toward Open Source Insurance Taken

Novell Launches Linux 2.6 Kernel in SuSE 9.1

Intel to Remove Xeon's Advantages to Push Itanium

Maddog 21/21: Bone Appetite

But Wait, There's More

March 16, 2004

Brace Yourself: Major Intel Architectural Shifts Ahead

Stratus Debuts First Fault-Tolerant Linux Server

New XFree86 X Server Rubs Linux, Unix the Wrong Way

As I See It: The Path of Service

But Wait, There's More

March 9, 2004

PeopleSoft to Support Linux with EnterpriseOne

HP Doubles ProLiant Blade Density, Ships Entry Tower Server

SCO Sues First Linux, Unix Users Related to IBM Lawsuit

Shaking IT Up: 10 Ways Programmers Can Ruin Your Day

But Wait, There's More

March 2, 2004

Intel Cranks Up Xeon Clocks, Caches

HP to Push Linux-Based Opteron Servers

Cray Buys Opteron-Linux HPC Upstart OctigaBay for $115 Million

As I See It: Jobs and Jehovah

But Wait, There's More

February 24, 2004

Intel Bites the Bullet: Xeon Gets 64-Bit Support

Intel Draws More Lines on Xeon, Itanium Roadmaps

VMware Tweaks GSX Server with Version 3

Mad Dog 21/21: A Lion in the Sand

But Wait, There's More

February 17, 2004

Linux 2.6: Let's Take a Look Under the Hood

Companies Want to Cut Down on OS Platform Sprawl

OctigaBay Takes Opteron-Linux to New HPC Heights

As I See It: Censoring the Self

But Wait, There's More

February 10, 2004

Gartner Says Server Market Closed 2003 with a Bang

Sun Offers First Opteron Server, Two-Way Xeon Blade

Fujitsu Siemens Puts Pentium M in Blade Servers

HP Debuts Skinny Itanium-Linux Boxes

But Wait, There's More

February 3, 2004

Linux at the Tipping Point

Intel Aims for Desktop with Prescott, But Hits Servers, Too

Is HP Inching Towards Opteron Machines?

As I See It: The Unknown Face of Marketing

But Wait, There's More

January 24, 2004

Novell's Messman Commits to Not Mess Up Open Source

IBM to Pump Up Linux on Power Processors

HP Takes Away $75 Million in Biz From Sun With Linux

SGI Targets Midrange HPC with Linux-Based Altix 350s

Intel Previews Xeon, Itanium Roadmaps

January 21, 2004

IT Industry Execs Slam Education, Dodge Offshoring

IBM Ends 2003 Upbeat, Sounds Optimistic About 2004

Intel to Remove Xeon's Advantages to Push Itanium

IBM Moves Fast on J2EE 1.4 Spec with WebSphere 6 Preview

As I See It: What Might Have Been

January 14, 2004

Intel Previews Xeon, Itanium Roadmaps

HP Girding Its ProLiant Loins for Battle in 2004

IBM Taps TopSpin for InfiniBand Gear for eServers

SGI Targets Midrange HPC with Linux-Based Altix 350s

Shaking IT Up: Is the Sunset Better in France?

January 7, 2004

Fujitsu Siemens Announces Itanium 2 Server

Microsoft Rejiggers Windows Business Unit

VMware Forgoes IPO to Become EMC Subsidiary

Microsoft Puts Host Integration Server 2004 into Beta

As I See It: This Year, I Really Mean It

December 17, 2003

Analysts Prognosticate About IT in 2004

HP to Merge Server, Services Units?

international Business (machines)

Red Hat, IBM Hook Up on Linux V3 for eServers

HP Wins $50 Million IRS Contract for Servers, Storage

As I See It: A Shopper's Guide to an IT Christmas

December 10, 2003

Oracle, HP Show Killer Cluster Performance and Value

HP Launches Blade PC, Other Adaptive Enterprise Gizmos

Sun Continues Low-End, High-Volume Product Push

Gartner Says Server Sales Up a Tiny Bit in Q3

HP to Resell RadiSys Carrier-Grade Servers to Telecoms and SPs

Disk Array Sales Firming Up, Says IDC

December 3, 2003

IT Matters, But Not Like Vendors Think It Does

Gateway Opts for SuSE Linux on Servers

Intel Talks Up HPC Prowess With Big Itanium Win

Eclipse Visual Editor Project Unites Java GUI Methods

Mad Dog 21/21: Post Mortem

But Wait, There's More

November 19, 2003

Sun, AMD Alliance Targets Entry and Midrange Servers

IBM Announces PowerPC 970 Blade Server

ERP Software Spending Seems to Be Picking Up

Stratus Offers Free Upgrades to ftServer Customers

VMware Debuts VMotion, VirtualCenter Add-Ons to Partitions

As I See It: Attracting What You Want

November 12, 2003

Gartner Says Q3 Server Shipments Are Up

IBM Launches 16-Way xSeries Itanium Server

HP Superdomes Break Through 1 Million TPM

IBM Uses Express Products to Drive SMB Sales, Loyalty

Shaking IT Up: IT Is Like an Airport

But Wait, There's More

November 5, 2003

Novell Buys SuSE, Targets Linux Dominance

HP Fleshes Out Integrity Line with Midrange Boxes

HP Launches Low Cost, Low End Xeon DP Box

Is SCO's Attack on the GPL a Bluff, Or Is It in the Cards?

As I See It: The Forces of 'Should'

But Wait, There's More

October 29, 2003

Microsoft and Intel Report Quarterly Gains

IBM Boosts Power4+ for Entry pSeries 615 Server

SuSE Launches Openexchange 4.1, Partners with BMC, Veritas

IBM Partners with Adobe for the Future of Forms

Mad Dog 21/21: Script Kitties

But Wait, There's More

October 22, 2003

Unisys, NEC Push the Performance Envelope

EDS, Opsware Propose Data Center Markup Language

Citrix Announces New Pricing, Product Bundles, Portal Enhancements

Bellwether IBM Sees Stabilization in Third Quarter

As I See It: Dissecting Diversity

But Wait, There's More

October 15, 2003

Gartner Updates Server Platform Rankings

Microsoft Promises to Make Windows More Secure

IBM Offers Self-Managing Blade Server Bundle

Sun Talks Up Solaris for X86, Misses Big Opportunity

Shaking IT Up: Who the Heck Signs Up for Management?

But Wait, There's More

October 8, 2003

HP Targets Sun Solaris Base with Linux on ProLiant

SuSE Targets SMBs with Linux 8 Standard Edition

HP Lands $500 Million Army Contract

Retail CIOs Say Tech, Outsourcing Critical to Cutting Costs

As I See It: There's a Man with a Visa Right There Telling Me I've Got to Beware

But Wait, There's More

October 1, 2003

Red Hat Launches Open Source Architecture, Enterprise Linux 3

IBM Offers Virtual Servers on CPU/Hourly Basis

HP Indemnifies Its Linux Base Against SCO Suits, Fees

IBM Says Indemnity Is Useless, Amends Claims Against SCO

SSA Outlines Product Convergence, Branding Strategy

As I See It: The Disappearing Grown-Up

September 24, 2003

Intel Talks Up Pentium, Itanium Futures

Gartner Ranks Worldwide, U.S. Server Sales for Q2

HP Targets SMBs with 'Smart Office' Initiative

The Case for IBM eServer Convergence

Mad Dog 21/21: Gravity's Drain Bowl

But Wait, There's More

September 17, 2003

Intel Debuts New Itanium 2s, AMD New Opterons

Two HP Server Execs Throw in the Towel

Vision Ships Orion, Industry's First Cross-Platform HA

IBM Offers Improved Networking for BladeCenter Servers

EDI Providers Support UCCnet with New Products, Services

Shaking IT Up: Fill Our Reserves

September 10, 2003

HP Sets Up Grid/Web Services Consulting Practice

Opsware System 4 Plays Nice with Microsoft's DSI

SGI Rolls Out Shared Storage for Windows, Linux, and Unix

University of Utah Opts for 500-Node Opteron Cluster

Baan to the Bone: One on One with SSA GT's Graeme Cooksley

As I See It: Attila in the Workplace

September 3, 2003

The Economy, IT Spending, and Optimism Are Up

Server Sales Rise Slightly in Second Quarter

IBM Serves On-Demand Middleware at U.S. Open

HP Pushes Wintel Superdome Performance Again

IBM Domino Express Takes On Exchange Server 2003

As I See It: The Big Dream

August 27, 2003

Midrange Madness

HP Promises Q4 Profit, Explains Q3 Miss

Dell Cuts Prices for Enterprise Products

Open Source Guru Picks Apart SCO Evidence

Mad Dog 21/21: Fickle Flingers of Fat

But Wait, There's More

August 20, 2003

Good News, Bad News: IT Workers Very Busy

Gartner Positions Server Platforms with Magic Quadrant

Big Blue Hits SCO with Countersuit

The IT Fab Four Love Linux, Says DH Brown Study

Sun Keeps the Heat on Dell, Others with Entry Servers

Shaking IT Up: Putting QA to the Test

August 13, 2003

EC Again Warns Microsoft Before Imposing Hefty Fines

Novell Leaps at Linux, Mulls Putting NetWare Out to Pasture

HP Improves Blade Server Processors, Switch Backplane

SCO Responds to Red Hat Suit, Releases IP Indemnity Pricing

As I See It: The Problem with Pensions

But Wait, There's More

August 6, 2003

Red Hat vs SCO: Prelude to a Class Action Suit?

IBM Debuts eServers Based on AMD Opterons

HP Rolls Out Linux Wares at LinuxWorld

IBM Serves Up 'Blue Ice' Packaging for Linux Across eServers

IDC Runs the Numbers for iSeries Wintel-Lintel Server Consolidation

Mad Dog 21/21: Blocking the Sewers of Cyberspace

July 30, 2003

Microsoft Pushes Autonomy, Accountability into Its Divisions

Sun Inks Deal with Tech Data to Push Entry Servers

Opsware Readies Data Center Intelligence for System 4.0

What Are We Going to Do with Java?

Hyperion Buys Brio, Glimpse of BI's Future Provided

As I See It: What You Believe Can Hurt You

July 23, 2003

Dell Kills Eight-Way Xeon Plans, Debuts Puppy Intel Server

Intel Ups Cache on Xeon DP Processors

IBM Posts a Good Second Quarter in a Tough IT Environment

Cray, IBM, Sun Split Phase Two of $146 Million DARPA Super Deal

Dell Pushes In Alongside IBM in Saudi Aramco Linux Cluster

Shaking IT Up: Value-Added Resellers, Now That's Funny

July 16, 2003

IBM Offers Low Rates, Deferred Payments for IT Financing

HP Signs OEM, Support Deal With SuSE for Linux

Unisys Puts Sun's JVM On Its ES7000 Wintel Servers

VMware Gets Into Utility Computing with Control Center

IBM Regains Top Spot on TPC-C Test With Power4+

As I See It: Fanning the Flame

July 9, 2003

Intel Counts on Third Time Charms, Performance with Madison

Intel Cranks the Clock, Ups the Cache on 32-Bit Xeon MPs

HP Debuts Integrity Itanium Boxes, ProLiant Gets New Xeons

Dell Starts Out Small with Madison Itanium Commitments

IBM's Summit-II xSeries Supports Madisons, Fast Gallatins

Unisys Adds New Intel Chips to ES7000 Wintel Servers

June 25, 2003

Intel Sells a Million Enterprise Chipsets, Reveals Roadmaps

Intel Readies HPC Variant of Madison Itanium 2

IBM Shows Off AMD-Based eServer at ClusterWorld

Lintel Iron Makes Headway in the Top 500 Super Rankings

Vision Solutions Adds New Features, Performance to Replication Software

Lessons for Long-Timers in IT and Life

June 18, 2003

Looks Like "Madison" Itanium 2 in Late June, Early July

SCO Seeks Injunction to Stop AIX Sales, Linux Could Be Next

HP, JDE Team Up to Push Apps on Wintel Iron

Unisys Says Don't Build or Process Without IT Blueprints

As I See It: Alchemy

But Wait, There's More

June 11, 2003

Server Market Share Size Definitely Matters for IBM and HP

Invensys Sells Baan to SSA GT, Keeps Marcam Unit

HP, VMware Forge Closer Ties to Push Server Virtualization

The Midrange Gets a New Storage Vendor

Shaking IT Up: Consultant or Employee? That Is the Question

But Wait, There's More

June 4, 2003

PeopleSoft Pays $1.7 Billion to Buy Rival J.D. Edwards

IBM Debuts Entry pSeries 615 Server with Power4+ Chip

IBM to Build Telecom-Compliant BladeCenter Blade Servers

HP, Opsware Ally to Chase Their Own Utility Computing Dreams

As I See It: When the Flame Dies

But Wait, There's More

May 28, 2003

Rant: Offshoring in the Offing

HP Retakes Top Spot on OLTP Test with Windows on Superdome

Gartner Says New iSeries Database Sales Dropped by 24% in 2002

IBM Ready for the Next Database Race

IBM Puts BladeCenters in Preconfigured Clusters

Bytware Expands SNMP Support in Messenger Product Line

May 21, 2003

HP Outlines Its Future in IT with Adaptive Enterprise Strategy

SCO Suspends Linux Sales, Warns Linux Shops of Liabilities

Microsoft Licenses Unix from SCO Group

Sun Debuts Xeon-Based Two-Way Solaris, Linux Servers

IBM Acquires Think Dynamics for Policy-Based Utility Provisioning

As I See It: Softwareism and Countersoftwareism

May 14, 2003

Intel Says Some 'McKinley' Itanium 2 Chips Have Bugs

ITAA Says Demand for IT Workers at Historic Lows

PeopleSoft to Port Its Applications to Linux

IBM Ships 3582 LTO Tape Library and Upgrades 3583 Library

J.D. Edwards Introduces Business Modeler for Supply Chains

But Wait, There's More

May 7, 2003

HP Reorganization Consolidates Server, Storage Units

IBM Launches "Man-O-War" xSeries 450 Itanium Box

Palmisano Outlines On Demand for Shareholders, IBM Rolls Out Products

Unisys Bests 16-way IBM xSeries 440 with Aggressive ES7000 Performance, Pricing

As I See It: Only Mushers Lead from Behind

But Wait, There's More

April 30, 2003

Windows 2003: Microsoft's Software Finally Grows Up

IBM Steals the Show at the AMD Opteron Launch

HP Takes TPC-C Lead With 64-Way Superdome Running Windows

NEC AzuzA Server Breaks 500,000 TPM Barrier with Windows 2003

HP Tops Q1 Worldwide Server Shipments, Dell Tops in US

Shaking IT Up: What a Wonderful IT World

April 23, 2003

AMD Steps into the 64-Bit Ring with Opteron

Unisys Launches Hybrid Xeon-Itanium-Blade Server

HP, Intel Making Strides With Itanium Ecosystem

Madison Isn't Here Yet, But HP's Benchmarks on the Chip Are

Red Hat Tests Enterprise Linux ES Pricing With 25 Percent Discount

But Wait, There's More

April 16, 2003

Microsoft Commits to Windows on 64-Bit AMD Chips

Microsoft Talks Up Windows 2003, Attacks Viruses and Spam

Global Services Saves IBM's Financial Cookies Again

Unisys Profiles ES7000 Customers, Hints at Future Servers

IBM Introduces Autonomic Computing Blueprint and Cure for 'Spaghetti Code'

But Wait, There's More

April 9, 2003

Unisys Debuts Compact "Dylan" ES7000 Wintel Servers

Gateway Announces Two New, Dense Xeon DP Servers

Dell, Oracle Use and Push Oracle RAC on Linux

Gartner Sees J2EE Leading New Development Through 2006

As I See It: The Bracket Racket

But Wait, There's More

April 2, 2003

Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2003 to Manufacturing

Gartner Forecasts Thaw in IT Ice Age, Sunny Days for IBM

It's Still a Buyer's Market in Server Land

Red Hat's Enterprise Linux Sales Up in Q4

New BPCS Release Targets FDA Auditing Requirements

But Wait, There's More

March 26, 2003

Red Hat Rolls Out Its Enterprise Linux Line

Bull Announces Itanium-Based NovaScale Server Line

Microsoft Explains Its Vision of the Autonomic Windows Future

Tech Insight: UCCnet Touted as Cure to Product Data Woes

Mad Dog 21/21: Calculated Risks

But Wait, There's More

March 19, 2003

Microsoft Locks Pricing with Windows Server 2003

HP, Red Hat Ink Linux Sales, Support Deal

VMware Readies Virtual Machines Spanning Two CPUs

Microsoft Makes Productivity the Issue with Visual Studio.NET

As I See It: Myth Conceptions

But Wait, There's More. . .

March 12, 2003

How Is the Linux Server Market Shaping Up?

SCO Launches $1 Billion Unix, Linux Lawsuit Against IBM

HP Ships Compact Four-Way ProLiant

Jinfonet Adds Enterprise-Class Features to Reporting Software

InstallShield Ships New Version of Multiplatform Installation Utility

Shaking IT Up: You Have the Right to Remain Trained

March 5, 2003

NEC Itanium-Windows AzuzA Server Tops Performance Charts

Microsoft Taps Dutch Bank to Finance Windows Solutions

IBM VP Says xSeries Strategy Will Win High-End Intel Wars

J.D. Edwards Says OneWorld Claims Are Ancient History

As I See It: Caring Leadership--The Leader As Servant

But Wait, There's More. . .

February 26, 2003

Intel Talks Up Xeon, Itanium Roadmaps at IDF

Microsoft Buys Connectix for Virtual Machine Partitioning

xSeries GM Susan Whitney: IBM Will Push Intel Engines

Inventive Designers Readies Scriptura for the Enterprise

Mad Dog 21/21: When the Saints Go Marching In

But Wait, There's More. . .

February 19, 2003

HP Talks Up Its Itanium Plans At Intel Developer Forum

HP Announces Next-Generation Eight-Way Xeon Servers

IBM Sells 5,000 Blade Servers, Fleshes Out Future Plans

EMC Launches New Symmetrix DMX Disk Arrays

As I See It: Process As Our Most Important Product

But Wait, There's More. . .

February 12, 2003

Sun Enters the Blade Server Fray

AMD, Intel Float New Server, Workstation Chips

U.S. Server Sales Up 5.1 Percent in Q4, Says Gartner

Shaking IT Up: The Application Development Death Cycle

February 5, 2003

AMD Readies 64-Bit Hammer for Servers, Delays Desktop Version

VMware Makes Scalability Improvements to GSX Server

Server Shipments Up in 2002, But Pricing Pressure Intense

IBM to Attack $300 Billion SMB Market with Partners

PKWARE Refreshes Entire PKZIP Line with 256-bit AES Encryption

As I See It: The View from the Ivy

January 29, 2003

Intel Helps Fujitsu Build Big Xeon, Itanium Iron

IBM Closes 2002, Glad It Ditched Some Units and Hopeful for 2003

Domino and WebSphere Wedding Date Draws Near

But Wait, There's More . . .

January 22, 2003

Intel Revs Up Itanium Roadmap for 2004 and 2005

HP Revamps QuickBlades, Adds Four-Way Server Blade

As I See It: Insight and Outlook

But Wait, There's More . . .

January 15, 2003

IBM's 16-Way xSeries Itanium 2 Server Due in Weeks

Gartner Says Windows Servers Still Chasing Unix, Mainframes

Mid-Comp International Taking Odyssey to the U.S.

But Wait, There's More . . .

January 8, 2003

Microsoft Shows Exchange Beta 2, Updates ISA Middleware

IBM Outsources xSeries Server Manufacturing

As I See It: You Say You Want a Resolution

But Wait, There's More . . .

December 11, 2002

IBM Supports Gallatin Xeons in xSeries 440, Delivers 16-CPU Server

HP Demos Itanium 2 Superdome Running Windows, Linux, and Unix

IBM's Linux Plan Questioned by Aberdeen Report

But Wait, There's More . . .

December 4, 2002

Will Open Value Licensing Keep SMBs from Defecting?

SuSE, SCO Unveil Updated Linuxes

Server Sales Rebound Slightly from Terrible Q3 Last Year

MAPICS Acquires Frontstep, Rival Manufacturing ERP Vendor

November 20, 2002

Microsoft Pushes .NET Server to April 2003

Intel Debuts Faster Buses, New Chipsets for Xeon DPs

IBM Hopes Express Packaging Is the Fast Track to SMB Sales

OpenMFG Takes Open Source Ethos to ERP

November 13, 2002

Capellas Leaves HP for Other 'Career Opportunities'

Sanford to Head IBM On-Demand, Storage Merged into Server Group

Microsoft's Longhorn Server Is Short-Lived; Whistler Server Slipping

IBM Launches New Eight-Way Regatta with Power4+

November 6, 2002

Judge Approves Settlement of Microsoft Antitrust Suit

Gallatin Pentium 4 Xeon MPs Ready To Roll

Palmisano Named IBM Chairman, Presents Autonomic Vision

ClientSoft Ships .NET Integration Tool for Legacy Apps

October 30, 2002

Dataquest: Server Market Still Shaky Despite 3Q Gains

HP to Put Two Itaniums in One CPU Slot

Linux 2.6 Coming in Mid-2003, Or So

Dell, EMC Launch Entry CX200 Disk Arrays

October 23, 2002

Microsoft Has a Killer Q1, Intel Holds Steady Course

Intel Iron Makes Gains in a Bad Economy

Big Blue Rises Above the IT Market Downdraft

But Wait, There's More. . .

October 16, 2002

Microsoft Talks Up Various Middleware Initiatives at MEC

HP Says It Will Be First Out the Door with Gallatin Xeons

Dell, EMC Partner on CX400 Clariion Disk Arrays

Stalker Creeps Up on Microsoft with Exchange Replacement

October 9, 2002

IBM To Sell Linux-Only Regatta Servers?

Red Hat Debuts Linux 8.0, Database 2.0

Standards and Commoditization Strategy Doing Well for Dell

Regal Finds Linux Perfect Tool for a Dirty Job

October 2, 2002

HP, Microsoft Pony Up $25 Million Each For .NET Push

Microsoft Makes Share Gains with Windows on Servers

Security Specialist PentaSafe Acquired by NetIQ

IBM Focuses on TCO, Ease of Use with Domino 6

September 25, 2002

HP Announces Entry ProLiant Servers

BladeCenters Can Be IBM's Fifth Kind of eServer

J.D. Edwards Standardizes on IBM Middleware, Databases

Stampede's TurboGold EE Boosts Domino/Notes Performance

September 18, 2002

Intel, IBM Tag Team for Blade Server Development

IBM, Red Hat Team Up to Push Linux into Enterprises

Intel Ships Faster Prestonia Xeon Chips Early

AMD Tweaks Athlon, Opteron Processor Roadmaps

September 11, 2002

NEC Shows 32-Way Windows Server with Unix-Class Oomph

Intel Talks Up Technologies at IDF, Previews Madison Itaniums

Microsoft to Support Multipath I/O in Wintel Servers

inFORM Decisions Launches Document Management for Windows

September 4, 2002

Whistler Is Now Windows .NET Server 2003

Are Programmers the Coal Miners of the 21st Century?

Who Is Top Gun For Servers? It Depends on Who You Ask

Dell Sets Up University Centers to Push Linux Clusters

August 28, 2002

Turbolinux Sells Linux OS Biz, Caldera Changes Name to SCO Group

Compaq Adds Dual-Processor Blades to ProLiant BLs

Dell Ships $600 Small Business Server

Microsoft Readies New Web Services Tools

August 21, 2002

Price Cuts Keep Server Shipments Humming

IBM's Server Group Marketing Strategy for 2002

Red Hat Supports AMD's 64-Bit Hammer Chips

As I See It: Loving Your Manager

August 14, 2002

Sun, IBM Announce New Linux Servers at LinuxWorld

Dell Uses Red Hat, Oracle to Push Linux Against Unix

Microsoft Puts Out .NET Framework SP2

IBM Leans on Business Partner Channel to Push Server Sales

July 31, 2002

Microsoft Puts Out Windows .NET Server Release Candidate 1

Microsoft Loads Silver Bullets for IBM, Linux, and Java

Sybase Updates Linux Data Replication Software

Sterling Commerce Giving Free Upgrades for EDI Software

July 24, 2002

Gates Explains How Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Initiative Is Going

Microsoft Snags Systems Management Expert From BMC

Microsoft Finishes a Respectable Fiscal 2002

IBM Server Sales Down 16 Percent

July 17, 2002

Intel's E8870 Chipset Takes Itanium 2 to the Midrange

IBM To Rent Linux Partitions on Hosted Mainframes

Bynari Tries New Approach for Selling Microsoft Exchange Killer

Shaking IT Up: Peter or the Red Queen? Pick Your Principle

July 10, 2002

Intel's IA-64 McKinley Chip Debuts for Midrange Servers

Microsoft's U.S. Sales Force Gets Industry-Specific Makeover

Marathon, Key Offer Fault Tolerant Windows Servers

Kronos Formally Enters HR and Payroll Software Market

June 26, 2002

Crystal Decisions to Be an OEM Provider for Microsoft CRM

IBM Debuts Killer Power4-Based Linux, Unix Box

Sun's New Lintel Server Line Coming in August

Red Hat Partners with HP as It Narrows Losses

June 19, 2002

Intel Builds Bare-Bones Boards, Servers for OEMs

IBM Debuts New xSeries Servers, Tweaks Summit Models

J.D. Edwards Elaborates on New ERP Offerings, Attacks SAP and Oracle

Gartner Says Companies Don't Cover Their IT Assets

June 12, 2002

Oracle, Red Hat, HP Gang Up on Real Application Clusters

IBM Sells Disk Biz, But Vows to Fight On in Storage

Dell/EMC Alliance To Bare New Clariion Fruit

Sage to Bring ERP Suite to Linux on IBM's xSeries Servers

June 5, 2002

Itanium 2, With Up To Twice the Oomph of Itanium, Due in Early July

Linux Vendors to Create Single UnitedLinux Distribution

Server Sales Down in First Quarter, Says Gartner

Wine Club Case Study, Part Two: IT Takes a Village

May 29, 2002

IBM Gives Pink Slips to 1,000 or More at Server Group

Microsoft Acquires Retail App Specialist; Sage Objects to Navision Deal

Mad Dog 21/21: Cotton Blather

Network-LINK Monitors Physical Environment of Data Centers

May 22, 2002

HP, Dell, and Sun Tweak Intel-Based Server Lines

Great Plains Adds Functionality to Business Apps

Sonoma Winery's CRM Push Unearths New App

As I See It: Surviving the Life

May 15, 2002

Microsoft Makes Some Interesting Middleware Announcements

Microsoft Calls Final Witness in Antitrust Case

IBM Tops Oracle, Microsoft in Database Market Share War

MAPICS Announces First ERP for iSeries Linux

Web Application Server Vendors in a War of Attrition

Mad Dog 21/21: Hieronymus Bosh

May 8, 2002

Judge Throws Out Hewlett Case, So HP Eats Compaq

Navision Confirms and Endorses $1.3 Billion Microsoft Buyout

Red Hat to Deliver Linux 7.3 Release on May 15

IDC Says Linux Has Hurdles to Jump to Appease VARs

Inventive Designers to Introduce X-Platform Document-Processing Tool

May 1, 2002

Breaking News: Microsoft to Buy Navision?

IBM Talks Up Xcalibur Blade Server Strategy

Server Market Stabilizes In Q1, Says Gartner

Intel and AMD Baptize New 64-Bit Processors

BCD to Offer Java Deployment Option with WebSmart

April 24, 2002

HP Says Compaq Merger Approved

Gates Takes the Stand at Antitrust Trial

Microsoft, Intel Eke Out Revenue Gains in First Quarter

IBM Slapped Hard in First Quarter by Economic Downturn

April 18, 2002

Szulik Becomes Chairman of Red Hat as Young Steps Down

Red Hat Announces Beefed-Up Enterprise Web Server

Survey Says--Linux Smells Like Unix, Not Windows

SSA GT Acquires interBiz Units from CA

ASNA to Deliver DataGate Database Tool for Windows, OS/400

As I See It: A Brief History of Employee/Manager Relationships

April 10, 2002

President Belluzzo to Leave Microsoft; Headed Back Home to HP?

IBM Defies Financial Gravity No Longer, xSeries Sales Down 20 Percent

Microsoft, Unisys Get Promotions Running on Windows

SafeStone Entering Cross-Platform Security Arena

April 3, 2002

Red Hat Advanced Server Takes on Unix, Microsoft Advanced Server

Microsoft, Unisys Campaign Fights Unix with Allied Datacenter Server-ES7000

Sun's McNealy Jabs at Microsoft While Opening Up Java a Bit More

SilverStream Tackles New WSFL Spec

IDION Takeover May Be Tough for DataMirror

As I See It: Manipulating Money

March 27, 2002

Microsoft Announces SP1 for .NET Framework, Visual J# .NET Beta 2

IBM Wants To Eat Sun's Lunch With Linux Telco Servers

Red Hat Turns Minimal Profit in 2002, Restructuring Eats It--And Then Some

Kronos Acquires HR/Payroll Apps for Windows

BindView Fights the Idea of Security as Accessory

Lakeview Developing Windows Version of MIMIX Clustering

March 20, 2002

Fiorina Declares Victory in HP-Compaq Merger, Hewlett Says Count The Votes

HP Rejiggers Its Wintel/Lintel Server Line, Adds Xeon MPs

IBM Debuts "Vigil" xSeries 440 Xeon MP Servers

Unisys Adds Foster Xeon MPs To High-End ES7000 Servers

Bynari Boosts Replacement Scheme for Microsoft Exchange

NeuVis Software Ships RAD Tool for E-Biz Apps

As I See It: Sam I Am

March 13, 2002

Long-Awaited "Foster" Xeon MP Chips Announced

Sun Launches Antitrust Lawsuit Against Microsoft

Microsoft Chief Says States' Sanctions Would Break Windows

Mission Critical Linux Axes 90 Percent of Workforce

IBM Dreams Itself to the Top of the Web Services World

IBM Neutral on Passport vs. Liberty Security Efforts for Now

March 6, 2002

Microsoft Again Postpones Delivery of Windows .NET Servers

Microsoft Ignites Huge Debate with CRM Launch

BEA, Intel Fine-Tune JVMs for Windows and Linux

BEA Announces "Cajun" Competitor To Visual Basic

February 27, 2002

Bill Gates Takes the Wraps Off Visual Studio.NET

Intel Debuts Prestonia Pentium 4 Xeons, Plumas Chipset

HP Debuts zx1 Chipset for McKinley Itaniums

System Integrators Get to Peek at Windows Source Code

EC Proposes Patent Rules to Avoid Stifling Open Source

David Lindows Strikes Back against Goliath Microsoft

Be Sues Microsoft for "Destruction of its Business"

Sun Attacks Windows NT Base with Cobalt Appliances

SSB Takes a Closer Look at IBM's Server Sales for 2001

February 20, 2002

Bill Gates Takes the Wraps Off Visual Studio.NET

Microsoft Delivers Key Piece of JUMP to .NET Java to C# Conversion Tool

IBM Delivers xSeries Servers Using MXT Memory Compression

Dell Announces Two New Wintel/Lintel Servers

HP Slashes Intel Server Prices to Fight in Price War

Red Hat Might Open Up Proprietary ArsDigita Tools or Throw Them Out

Google Brings Its Search Engine Behind the Firewall--Based on Linux

SEAGULL to Port Legacy Access Products to Linux

February 13, 2002

Gates Stresses Trustworthy Computing, Names Security Chief

Government Starts Effort to Plug Open Source Security Holes

Microsoft Announces Much-Improved BizTalk Server 2002

Linux Much Cheaper Than Unix, But Only for Certain Workloads

HP and Compaq Pick A Date: March 19

CEO Claims LindowsOS No Longer Vaporware

February 6, 2002

Welcome to Midrange Server, Our Wintel/Lintel Platform Newsletter

HP's Fiorina, IBM's Zeitler Pay Tribute to Linux at LinuxWorld

Oracle to Boot Out Unix Servers for Linux Servers, Ellison Says

HP-Compaq Merger Clears Another Legal Hurdle With EC Approval

Microsoft Gathers Inner Circle of Mobile Developers

Gerstner Hands IBM's Reins to Palmisano, Keeps the Spurs

CA Makes Fierce Push into Linux Territory

Telco Giants Gather to Boost Carrier-Grade Linux

IBM Bows Alpha Code For Web Services on Windows and Linux

HP Launches Low-Cost Entry Server for Windows, Linux

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