Volume 5, Number 5 -- February 6, 2008

Mobile Computing Delays Exchange 2007 Rollouts, Survey Says

Published: February 6, 2008

by Alex Woodie

The growing complexity of the modern collaboration environment--including mobile users who demand access to e-mail on their handheld devices--is having an impact on migrations to the new Exchange 2007 e-mail server, according to a recent survey conducted by Osterman Research for an Exchange competitor.

PostPath, which develops a Linux-based e-mail server that it claims is a "drop in" replacement for Exchange, hired Osterman Research to dig up some dirt on the sticky issue of migrating to Exchange Server 2007, which launched in late 2006. Microsoft has taken a bit of heat on Exchange 2007--from PostPath and other parties--in part due to the difficulty of correctly sizing an Exchange 2007 implementation, and the fact that it's only available in 64-bit.

Osterman has done previous Exchange surveys for PostPath. But for its latest report, the research group focused on the impact that mobile users are having on Exchange Server implementations, and the possible delays it might lead to rolling out Exchange Server 2007.

For "The Growing Impact of Mobile Messaging," Osterman surveyed an undisclosed number of organizations managing from 1,000 to 6,000 e-mail users. The group found that nearly one-third of the respondents reported that they've had to upgrade their Windows servers to handle the additional workload created by the mobile workers. The group also found a similar percentage of organizations reported they're now limiting the number of new mobile devices they can support.

In short, mobile computing is straining existing Exchange Server implementations, and consuming resources that may otherwise go to migrating to Exchange 2007. With everybody wanting their IT guy to give them access to e-mail and other goodies, like shared calendars, from their Blackberries and phones equipped with Windows Mobile, the IT guy doesn't have time to work on Exchange Server 2007 migrations.

That's a bit of shame, considering that management of mobile devices is one of the areas that Microsoft improved with Exchange Server 2007. Undoubtedly, the increased complexity will turn off some potential Exchange Server 2007 users, especially if cheap and easy-to-use alternatives are available. But for big shops with enterprise requirements, it may be worth it to continue studying Exchange Server 2007, especially with Windows Server 2008 on its way.


Users Worried About Exchange 2007 Migrations, Survey Finds

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