Volume 3, Number 36 -- October 18, 2006
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Microsoft to Distribute VHD Spec Under New OSP License
by Alex Woodie

Microsoft yesterday added one more item to its list of technologies that it's putting out into the open source world. By committing to distribute its Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) technology under its new Open Specification Promise (OSP) license, which it introduced last month as a way to foster the adoption of Web services specifications it developed, both customers and developers of virtualization software will benefit from increased interoperability and security, the software giant says. But some virtualization vendors wonder if Microsoft is doing as much as it could for interoperability.READ MORE >

Microsoft Abides by EC Requests on Vista
by Alex Woodie

Microsoft has adopted the recommendations of the European Commission on how Windows Vista should be developed to keep the operating system from shutting out competitors. The software giant says it will make changes in three key areas, including security, search, and the new XML Paper Specification (XPS) document standard, which will keep it in the good graces of the EC and keep the European launch of Windows Vista on track for next month. READ MORE >

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SA Customers Rewarded with New 'Desktop Optimization' Bundle
by Alex Woodie

Over the last couple of years, as Windows Vista and Windows Server "Longhorn" have run perpetually behind schedule, many large organizations that signed multi-year Software Assurance (SA) maintenance contracts with Microsoft have been wondering what they'll get. This week, Microsoft answered part of that question when it introduced the Desktop Optimization Bundle, a new bundle of tools designed to take the pain out of implementing and managing large Vista roll-outs. The bundle will be available only to SA customers, which will simultaneously reward existing customers and provide an incentive to future SA customers.READ MORE >

Sun Adds Rev F Opterons to More Galaxy Servers
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Server maker and Opteron enthusiast Sun Microsystems continues to tweak its "Galaxy" line of Sun Fire Opteron-based servers so they can support the new "Santa Rosa" Rev F Opteron processors from Advanced Micro Devices. Sun launched the initial machines in its much-awaited Galaxy line in September 2005, and these servers, along with its "Niagara" Sparc T1-based T1000 and T2000 machines, have been instrumental in Sun's turnaround in the server market. READ MORE >



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