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Have you missed any of the news on the i For Business 7.1 operating system or the Power7 servers? We haven't. The IT Jungle team has been reporting on i 7.1 and Power7 for many months. We've got all the data, and the in-depth analysis you won't find anywhere else, led by the Jungle's editor-in-chief Timothy Prickett Morgan.

July 12, 2010: Infor Readies ERP Applications for i 7.1
The announcement in late June by application software powerhouse Infor that it was building a lot of its new applications for Microsoft's Windows Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint Server, doesn't mean the Power Systems i platform is not still important to the company, and Infor is most definitely hard at work getting its apps up to speed on IBM's latest Power7-based machines and the i 7.1 operating system.


June 21, 2010: i/OS 7.1 Marks a Change in the JVM Guard
There is one piece of news from IBM's i/OS 7.1 roll-out that didn't generate a lot of attention in the System i community, but is important for programmers who develop in Java as well as their customers. Starting with i/OS 7.1, IBM no longer supports the "Classic" Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that Rochester developed years ago specifically for OS/400. This leaves the platform with two JVMs: one 32-bit and the other 64-bit. IBM says that performance and cross-platform compatibility will improve with the new JVMs, although some developers may need to fiddle with their apps to make them work.


May 24, 2010: Power7 Blades Plus i Versus X64 Blades Plus Windows
The price/performance saga continues, and in this week's issue of The Four Hundred, we pit the new Power7-based Power Systems 700, 701, and 702 servers against their rough equivalents in the X64 blade server world. Two weeks ago, when I fixed an error I had discovered with the PS701 blade configurations, I showed you that the Power7 blades were a mixed bag, with the entry i blades able to hold their own against IBM's AIX on the same hardware and configured with the Oracle 11g R2 Standard Edition One entry database.


May 10, 2010: Let's Take Another Stab at Power7 Blade Bang for the Buck
In last week's issue of The Four Hundred, I created a slew of configured Power7-based blade systems, loading up i 7.1 and AIX 6.1 with two relational databases, and I said that the premium that IBM was charging was small enough to be a sign of progress.


May 3, 2010: Power7 Blades: The i/DB2 Combo Versus AIX/Oracle
IBM sure doesn't like to make it easy for customers to figure out the relative bang for the buck its various platforms offer.


April 27, 2010: IBM Updates Development Tools and Compilers for i/OS 7.1
Along with new POWER 7 servers and new POWER 7 operating systems, IBM has delivered new development tools for the platform it calls "i for Business."


April 26, 2010: Stacking Up New Power7 Against Power6/6+ Blades
When IBM announced the new Power7-based blade servers on April 13, it was pretty obvious from the get-go that the Power7 blades would pack a lot of processing oomph compared to the Power6+ blades--the JS23 and JS43--that they replace. Like around three times the oomph and twice the main memory per blade. This is a great testament to Moore's Law.


April 26, 2010: Looks Like Two Entry Power7 Systems Are On The Way
I had been hoping, like many of you, that IBM had kept some of its Power7 server powder dry for the COMMON user group meeting in Orlando, Florida, next week. Perhaps divulging its plans for an entry Power Systems machine to succeed the current Power 520--I have been calling it the Power 720--and to maybe get back into the fight against entry X64 iron machines with a truly entry server--what I am calling the Power 710.


April 26, 2010: SAP Tests Prove i 7.1 Performance Boost Over i 6.1
The new i For Business 7.1 operating system for Power Systems servers is not just about gussying up i 6.1.1 a little and slapping a new label on it, but making some real changes to the operating system to goose performance on a number of workloads. As The Four Hundred reported last week, IBM made a bunch of improvements in the DB2 for i database, and as it turns out IBM has put the new Power 750 server through some benchmark paces to show how the upgraded software can goose even a new machine.


April 19, 2010: i For Business Gets to Lucky Number 7--Dot 1
It has been a long time since the OS/400 and i platform got a big software release, and considering how much of the changes that come with the just-announced i For Business 7.1 relate to the integrated database, the virtualization hypervisor, related systems management tools, compilers, and Web application serving middleware, you could make a credible argument that there is not a huge difference between the 6.1 release and the 7.1 release.


April 19, 2010: RPG Gets Custom Data Streams with Open Access
Of all the things that are coming out with the new i For Business 7.1 operating system for Power Systems, perhaps the most exciting to both end users and software developers is what was called Open I/O when it was in development, was briefly called Open Access for RPG in the months ahead of the i 7.1 launch, and what we now know as Rational Open Access: RPG Edition.


April 14, 2010: IBM's Power7 Blades Pack a CPW Punch
The Power7-based Power Systems lineup got a little rounder and fuller this week as IBM kicked out two new blade servers based on the eight-core Power7 chips that made their debut in midrange rack-based servers back in February.


April 13, 2010: IBM Officially Announces i/OS 7.1
After months of speculation, IBM today formally made its announcement for the version 7.1 release of i/OS, which will become available Friday, April 23.


April 5, 2010: IBM Holds i 6.1 Prices Steady, Slashes Application Server Fees
It has been three and a half years since IBM started to dabble with user-based pricing on OS/400 V5R3 and almost three years to the day since Big Blue decided--and thank heavens--to institute modest licensing fees and user-based pricing for the i5/OS V5R4 operating system.


March 8, 2010: i 7.1 Due April 14, with Open Access for RPG, Other Goodies
The word on the street is that the next iteration of IBM's i for Business operating system, i 7.1, will be announced at an unusual Wednesday press conference a little more than a month from now on April 14.


February 22, 2010: The Power7 Systems Sales Pitch
The Power7 machines are out, and some of them started shipping last Friday. Others will start shipping in a matter of weeks.


February 22, 2010: i/OS Gets Short Sheeted with Power7 Thread Counts
So it is with the new Power7-based hardware, which has gotten way out in front of the operating systems that run atop it.


February 22, 2010: The System iWant, 2010 Edition: Clustered Boxes
With only a few machines launched in the actual Power7-based Power Systems lineup and additional machines not expected for a while, I have plenty of time to continue the conversation with you about my theoretical and completely hypothetical System iWant, 2010 Edition boxes.


February 15, 2010: IBM Fired Up About Power7-Based Smarter Systems
You are probably wondering why IBM started the Power7 systems rollout in the middle of the line instead of rolling the line out at once as it did in days gone by with the AS/400 and RS/6000 machinery.


February 15, 2010: A Little Insight Into the Rest of the Power7 Lineup
As part of the rollout of the first wave of Power7-based Power Systems servers last week, IBM provided a little insight--and mind you, I did not say a lot of insight--about what the future entry and high-end products would look like.


February 15, 2010: Power7: Yields Are Good, Midrange Systems A Go
Whenever a new chip comes to market, there's always a question about how many good chips are coming off the wafer baker lines--what is known in the chip industry as the yield.


February 8, 2010: The Power7 Rollout Begins In The Middle
The event, of course, is hosted by IBM, and the main reason I care enough to make myself presentable is because this is the coming out party for the first of the Power7-based servers from Big Blue.


February 8, 2010: The System iWant, 2010 Edition: Blade and Cookie Sheet Boxes
I've done big boxes, and little boxes, and in-between boxes in my theoretical and completely hypothetical System iWant, 2010 Edition, Power7-based machines.


February 1, 2010: The System iWant, 2010 Edition: Entry Boxes
I am running out of time to pitch the rest of my theoretical and completely hypothetical System iWant, 2010 Edition, machines, with the initial Power7-based Power Systems launch due in February.


January 25, 2010: The System iWant, 2010 Edition: Midrange Boxes
The midrange of IBM's Power Systems lineup is too complicated as it now stands, and IBM needs to once again simplify the product line while at the same time providing different chassis options to customers who have varying needs for peripheral storage such as disk, flash, and tape drives.


January 25, 2010: IBM Preps Power7 Launch For February
Well, some of the mystery behind IBM's forthcoming and, as we now know impending, Power7-based Power Systems server launch has been solved.


January 25, 2010: Looks Like i 7.1 Is Coming In April
The word on the street is that IBM is gearing up to get the future release of its i/OS all buffed and polished so it can ship sooner rather than later.


January 18, 2010: The System iWant, 2010 Edition: Big Boxes
With the Power7 processors not expected until later this year, now is as good a time as any to think about what these boxes might look like.


January 11, 2010: Power Systems i: The Word From On High
I have been shooting my mouth off about the issues facing the Power Systems i for the past month, and now it is time to let IBM have the stage for a bit while I catch my breath.


January 4, 2010: Power Systems i: The Windows Conundrum
We all live with Windows, and I don't mean the ones in our walls that let us see outside. By capitalizing the word, and not the Word (which should mean Logos, not a word processor, but that is a different story. . . . ), you all knew I meant Microsoft Windows, a desktop and server operating system, and not the glass panes.


December 14, 2009: Power Systems i: Serve's Up
If anything is clear about the upcoming eight-core Power7 processors from IBM due in the first half of next year, it is that these processors are going to have a pretty big chunk of processing capacity.


December 7, 2009: Power Systems i: Thinking Inside the Box
We're coming to the end of what has probably been one of the longest years in the decade and the beginning of a new decade at the same time. Now is a natural time for us to review the state of the AS/400 platform, now cumbersomely known as the Power Systems server running IBM i 6.1.


October 26, 2009: Rolling Thunder Rollout for Power7 Processors Next Year
I've been getting a lot of questions from readers of The Four Hundred about the timing and configuration of entry Power Systems servers based on the future Power7 processors.


October 26, 2009: IBM Rolls Up an i 6.1.1 Dot Release
The word on the street a little more than a year ago was that Big Blue would be packaging up some feature enhancements and patches and would roll out an interim i 6.1.5 interim release of the venerable OS/400 operating system sometime in the first half of 2009, maybe in May, to be followed up with an i 6.2 full release in early 2010, perhaps in January.


October 26, 2009: The Curtain Rises a Bit on the Next i OS, Due in 2010
Last week was a big week for operating systems. Microsoft delivered Windows 7 for desktops and started shipping Windows Server 2008 R2 for servers. And IBM put out a dot release of its current i 6.1 platform, which is called i 6.1.1, and started talking about the next major release of the i platform, which is due next year.


September 21, 2009: Start Planning for Power7 Iron Now
IBM's future Power7 chip may be just about done as far as the engineering is concerned, and its server designs might also be more or less completed as well.


August 24, 2009: IBM to Reveal Power7 Secrets at Hot Chips
Big Blue is getting ready to lift the curtain a little higher on its forthcoming Power7 processors.


August 3, 2009: Power 7: Lots of Cores, Lots of Threads
With the global economy still faltering and its biggest i, AIX, and Linux shops putting the brakes on spending not only just because the economy is bad but also because they are starting to think about the future Power7 chips and what they may have to offer, IBM has to do something if it wants to keep Power Systems sales from crashing.


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