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Volume 4, Number 11 -- March 16, 2004

DRV Technologies Expands Output Options with SpoolFlex 3.0

by Alex Woodie

Companies gained the option of converting OS/400 spool file output into RTF, XML, and the native Excel XLS format with the newest version of DRV Technologies' SpoolFlex. Last week the Atlanta company announced the immediate availability of SpoolFlex Version 3.0, which, in addition to the new supported formats, features a new OS/400-based address book for frequently used e-mail addresses and fax numbers.

SpoolFlex is a collection of native OS/400 utilities designed to eliminate the time and expense associated with printing and hand-delivering OS/400 reports, and to reduce errors introduced when financial data is rekeyed into Excel spreadsheets.

The basic SpoolFlex e-Delivery Suite provides file conversion, as well as e-mail and server-based retrieval, while the SpoolFlex Advanced Utility Suite has additional splitting, sorting, and distribution options. Other add-on modules include an AFP- or PCL-to-PDF converter, a forms overlay package, and laser check and electronic payment options.

With Version 3.0, DRV has enhanced the SpoolFlex e-Delivery Suite with the capability to convert spool files to XML, XLS, and RTF formats, adding to the previously supported PDF, HTML, CSV, and plain-text formats. Last year, with the release of SpoolFlex Version 2.0, DRV delivered the capability to upload spool file data to Excel spreadsheets by way of CSV.

By supporting Excel's native XLS format in Version 3.0, SpoolFlex users will be able to get more out of their OS/400-to-Excel integration, without modifications, DRV says. For example, companies will enjoy greater control in uploading financial reports, that are not in a fixed layout, into Excel. This enhancement means users will gain control over which data, such as report headings, column heading, and blank lines, is converted to the spreadsheet format.

DRV says the new support for RTF and XML data formats will also increase a user's ability to share OS/400 data. Because RTF is a Microsoft Word-supported format, users will be able to change, markup, and highlight pertinent passages in their OS/400 reports, which, DRV points out, is not something that's easily accomplished when reports are converted to Adobe's PDF format. XML support, meanwhile, enhances the capability to share OS/400 spool file data with a variety of other platforms and applications.

The new Address Book function provides users with a centralized repository of frequently used e-mail addresses and fax numbers. It should also come in handy when using two other new features that debut with SpoolFlex Version 3.0, namely, the new the server-based archive function, and the new capability to distribute whole reports, or specific pages of a report, in multiple formats (e-mail, fax, printer, or archive).

DRV says SpoolFlex Version 3.0 also now integrates with two third-party fax offerings, including Computer Keyes' KeyesFax and Quadrant Software's FastFax.

SpoolFlex 3.0 is available now. DRV has updated its pricing with this release. The new pricing runs $1,955 for the basic SpoolFlex e-Delivery suite, which includes the conversion capabilities and e-mailing. The Advanced Utility Suite, which adds sorting, splitting, and distribution features, is $1,295. For more information and trial downloads, go to

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Editor: Alex Woodie
Managing Editor: Shannon Pastore
Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Joe Hertvik,
Shannon O'Donnell, Timothy Prickett Morgan
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
Advertising Sales Representative: Kim Reed
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