The IT Jungle

The $1 trillion worldwide information technology market is a Darwinian contest of survival among server, storage, operating systems, middleware, applications, and services vendors, who fight ferociously for IT budget dollars. Inside companies large and small, there is a constant fight to cope with bewildering array of new technologies that might allow them to carve out niches in markets or otherwise differentiate themselves in their own fight for economic survival.

Every week, CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs at large enterprises and presidents and IT managers at small organizations have to monitor a stunning number of announcements from IT vendors and the figure out how to best choose and use this new information technology. To put it bluntly, IT is a jungle out there. And if managers, programmers, and end users are not careful, they can get fall prey to the latest fads or miss out on big-game opportunities that can cut costs or boost revenues.

That's why we created the IT Jungle. To help you figure out how to survive, adapt, and thrive in this complex IT ecosystem, whether you are an end user of information technology or a vendor of information technology products. The IT Jungle is comprised of a set of online publications that focus on the core information technology platforms in use by enterprises the world over to do their daily data processing, from the front end Web systems to the back-end accounting systems. The people behind the IT Jungle publications have a strong heritage with the OS/400, Unix, and mainframe platforms and have recently expanded into the Windows and Linux markets in recent years, just as the IT industry itself has.

The people behind IT Jungle are professional writers and editors as well as IT managers, programmers, and system administrators, and we have become a tightly knit team. We are extremely motivated, energetic people who are committed to bringing the best IT analysis, advice, and help to managers, programmers, users, and high-level executives who are increasingly involved in IT decisions.

IT Jungle publications are provided freely to our subscribers. We believe that we could charge for our news, analysis, and technical content, but we feel that we can do the most good for the largest number of IT professionals by giving our content away in advertising-supported electronic publications. In this manner, we also help support the OS/400, Unix, Windows, and Linux ecosystems that are comprised of thousands of vendors who are similarly trying to participate in the IT ecosystem, to make it a better place and more resilient in absorbing change. If the five decades of the computer business has taught us anything, it is that we are all in this together.

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