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Dan Burger Vice President and Executive Managing Editor 760-597-9253
Alex Woodie Senior Editor 760-751-2066
Mary Lou Roberts Contributing Editor  
Victor Rozek Contributing Editor  
Kevin Vandever Contributing Editor  
Hesh Wiener Contributing Editor  
Ted Holt Managing Technical Editor  
Howard Arner Senior Technical Editor  
Joe Hertvik Senior Technical Editor  
Shannon O'Donnell Senior Technical Editor  
Kevin Vandever Senior Technical Editor  
Justin Ward Senior Technical Editor  
Joel Cochran Contributing Technical Editor  
Wayne O. Evans Contributing Technical Editor  
Raymond Everhart Contributing Technical Editor  
Bruce Guetzkow Contributing Technical Editor  
Marc Logemann Contributing Technical Editor  
David Morris Contributing Technical Editor  
Brian Kelly Contributing Technical Editor  
Prometheus Rebel With A Cause  
Mike Sansoterra Contributing Editor  
Jenny Thomas Publisher and Advertising Director 858-442-4972
Justin Ward IT Manager  

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