Volume 7, Number 17 -- May 2, 2007

Monitor for Specific Messages in RPG

Published: May 2, 2007

Hey, Ted:

I have a CL program that calls another CL program and monitors for specific escape messages. No big deal. I put multiple Monitor Message (MONMSG) commands after the CALL. Suppose I want to call the second CL program from an RPG program. How do I monitor for the different errors?


OK, Ray, let's set this up for the readers. Let's suppose your program, which we'll call SOMEPGM, can return escape messages MYM2101 and MYM2105. A CL caller monitors for those messages like this:

CALL       PGM(SOMEPGM) PARM(&whatever) 
/* do something */
/* do something else */

In RPG programs, use the E extender when calling the program in order to trap the error. Then check positions 40 through 46 of the program status data structure to see which error you got. Here's the code in fixed-format syntax.

D psds           sds              
D  MsgID                 40     46
D  ExceptData            91    170

C                   call(e)   'SOMEPGM'        
C                   parm                    whatever
C                   if        %error            
C                   select                      
C                   when      MsgID = 'MYM2101' 
C************* do something 
C                   when      MsgID = 'MYM2105' 
C************* do something else
C                   endsl                       

Here is the same example in free-format RPG.

D psds           sds              
D  MsgID                 40     46
D  ExceptData            91    170

D SomePgm        pr                  extpgm('SOMEPGM')
D   Whatever                     1a                     

     callp(e) SOMEPGM (whatever);   
     if %error;                    
           when MsgID = 'MYM2101'; 
              // do something
           when MsgID = 'MYM2105'; 
              // do something else

In case you're interested, the text of the error message is also in the program status data structure. You'll find it in positions 91 through 170. You can often help the user by writing this message text to an error subfile record or to a printed report.


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