Volume 9, Number 20 -- May 19, 2009

HarrisData Teams Up with SunGard for Hosting

Published: May 19, 2009

by Alex Woodie

i OS ERP and CRM software developer HarrisData yesterday announced a partnership with IT services giant SunGard to provide managed hosting for HarrisData's customers. The partnership was announced at HarrisData's annual user conference, which is being held this week in the company's hometown of Brookfield, Wisconsin.

HarrisData has about 2,500 customers using its RPG-based ERP suite, and another untold number of customers using CRM software developed by its subsidiary, RTI Software, which is based in Lisle, Illinois. The new partnership with SunGard's AdvancedHosting unit announced on Monday is aimed at providing a place to run the RTI CRM apps, including CustomerFirst, SalesFirst, and WebFirst.

"By working with SunGard, we moved from a strictly co-location provider to a fully managed services solution, enabling our internal resources to have more time to focus on developing software products," says HarrisData president Lane Nelson in a press release.

SunGard officials are also in Brookfield this week for the conference. Biff Myre, director of availability solutions for SunGard Availability Services, was scheduled to present a session on iSeries high availability strategies yesterday. "SunGard has extensive experience in addressing the information availability and recovery needs of iSeries customers," Myre says in a press release.


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