Volume 9, Number 24 -- June 16, 2009

Inventive Designers, RAZAR Technologies Partner on Document Management

Published: June 16, 2009

by Dan Burger

Inventive Designers, a Belgium-based company that designs and markets a multi-platform document reformatting and routing engine and a front-end interface for designing documents, has partnered with RAZAR Technologies, which will sell and implement Inventive Designers' IBM i-based solutions in the United States.

RAZAR distributes electronic content management software and provides installation and implementation services, placing an emphasis on green technologies and reducing costs. Tom Levesque, chief solution specialist, is a former representative for Inventive Designers, so his knowledge of the ID product line runs deep.

"Scriptura was a perfect fit for our product set because of its positive environmental impact," Levesque said. "I've seen this effect on companies like Surry Insurance and Strickland Insurance Group. I am confident we can make a real impact, not only on the environment, but on a company's budget as well."

Business development manager at Inventive Designers, Joke Dehond, described electronic document communication as "one of the most unexplored areas where companies can cut costs drastically." He says RAZAR's focus on green technologies will help companies simultaneously tackle two priorities: budget control and environmental stewardship.

While taking steps to increase its presence in the United States, Inventive Designers also released a new security solution called IntelliStamp, which is designed for the verification of digitally signed and printed documents.

Because authenticated digital documents lose their legality after they are printed on the receiving side of the communication, IntelliStamp ensures that policies, in both digital and printed form, remain authentic.

Sometimes a document just has to be printed out, says Klaas Bals, CTO of Inventive Designers.

"Insurers have to send out thousands of policies every day. At the moment these are sent on paper through the post [offices]. It is far simpler and more efficient to deliver the policies to the policyholders over the Internet. Policyholders can then print out their policies. IntelliStamp ensures that policies, in both digital and printed form, are authentic and remain so by offering greater certainty for policyholders as to the authenticity of the documents, and with a substantial cost reduction for the insurer. In addition, IntelliStamp helps to prevent fraud," Bals said.

IntelliStamp does this by creating a "bridge" between digital and paper documents. After the application reads a digital document, it creates an encrypted visual stamp, based on the content of the document and a digital certificate. The stamp is visible in printed form as one or several 2-D barcodes and can be easily scanned in order to verify the authenticity and origin of the document.


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