Volume 7, Number 24 -- June 19, 2007

TCP/IP Configuration via iSeries Navigator Subject of New Manta Course

Published: June 19, 2007

by Alex Woodie

Configuring TCP/IP on a System i server is a critical step that must be taken before you can conduct any e-business with your customers or partners. However, while almost everything on the i5/OS platform can be configured from a command line interface, some TCP/IP configuration items--notably DHCP and DNS--require the System i graphical client: iSeries Navigator. Manta Technologies recently introduced a new course covering this topic.

With Manta's new course, called "Managing TCP/IP Using iSeries Navigator," System i administrators can learn how to get their servers ready for the Internet. The course begins by discussing the basic configuration tasks that can be performed using either the green-screen interface or iSeries Navigator. Next, the course covers identifying the domain name servers to be used and how to update the local host table. Other items covered include how to modify global TCP/IP settings, basic TCP/IP troubleshooting, how to start and stop individual servers, and how to configure a dial-up line that uses the TCP/IP Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP). Along the way, users learn how to set up DHCP and DNS, which can only be done using iSeries Navigator.

The course takes three hours to complete. The price for a single-user license is $179 for CD delivery or $110 for Internet delivery. This course is also included in both the TCP/IP in the System i Environment series and the iSeries Navigator series. For more information, visit www.mantatech.com.

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