Volume 19, Number 21 -- June 7, 2010

Help COMMON Europe Rank the Top i Concerns

Published: June 7, 2010

by Timothy Prickett Morgan

You helped COMMON Europe, the European IBM midrange user group, rank 37 issues in the first iteration of the Top Concerns ranking process, for which Ranga Deshpande, vice president and events manager and Top Concerns project leader, thanks you profusely. But there is still one step to go, and Deshpande needs you to take a few moments and help out again.

COMMON Europe is responsible for putting together a global To-Do list for Big Blue and its Power Systems-i platform, and is working on its fifth Top Concerns survey. The survey, which you can take at this link, is available in English, Espa˝ol, Franšais, and Deutsch. This year, the survey covers security, application development, and infrastructure issues and also has questions concerning current economic conditions and Power/i migration issues. COMMON Europe is offering seven iPods from Apple as prizes for participants to get a chance to win for taking the survey--one each from Europe, Americas, Australasia, and Africa and three at the COMMON Europe conference held next week in Startford-on-Avon, England.

A preliminary report on the Top Concerns will be delivered during the opening session of the COMMON Europe event on June 12, based on the Web poll data. Eventually, COMMON Europe will put out a report as it did last year, combining all the survey data. We will tell you all about the final report once we get our hands on it.


Tell COMMON Europe What Your Top Concerns Are

COMMON Europe: Doing the Math on Top i Concerns

COMMON Europe Needs Your Input on Top i Concerns

COMMON Europe Opens Up Global i Top Concerns Survey

The i Upgrade Cycle Seems Par for the Course

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