Volume 8, Number 22 -- June 3, 2008

iQ4bis Adds Portal to BI Offering

Published: June 3, 2008

by Alex Woodie

iQ4bis Software has added a Web-based portal to its business intelligence suite, which runs on Windows but is commonly used by i OS (formerly i5/OS) shops. As part of the new iQ4bis Analysis 4.2 release announced last week, the Southern California software vendor is including a beta of the new iQ4bis Analysis Portal, which will provide quicker access to reports.

iQ4bis develops a suite of business intelligence products aimed at small and midsize businesses, and enjoys a considerable installed based of i OS shops that prefer to use Windows to analyze their ERP data.

Gaining quick and meaningful access to actionable information should be easier with iQ4bis Analysis 4.2, which introduces several new features in this regard, including the Web portal and a new one-click report output feature.

With the new iQ4bis Analysis Portal, users will gain real-time visibility of data gathered from several areas of the company, such as sales or supply chain information, in a single view. According to the company, the portal will provide executives with a thorough overview of business performance stats in seconds, rather than spending hours gathering the needed data.

Sharing data will also be easier thanks to the new "single-click" report output button, which automatically outputs reports in multiple formats, including PDF, Excel, and HTML.

The new report output feature will be welcomed by users, predicted Siegfried Plommer, general manager and chief operations officer for iQ4bis."Users now have the ability to select from multiple formats, and can define the output of the report in an interface they are familiar with," he says.

Other new features in iQ4bis Analysis 4.2 include themes, charting enhancements, direct e-mail options, and improved online help support. For more information, visit www.iq4bis.com.


iQ4bis Aims to Simplify BI for JD Edwards Shops

Q4bis Raises $6 Million in Venture Capital Funding

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