Volume 11, Number 32 -- October 4, 2011

AquaFold Updates Database Editor

Published: October 4, 2011

by Alex Woodie

AquaFold last week unveiled a major new version of its database query and administration software. With Aqua Data Studio version 10, the software gains enhancements in the areas of security, performance, and support for new source control systems.

Aqua Data Studio is a Java-based utility designed to provide programmers, database developers, and systems administrators with a single, consistent interface to work with all major database management systems, including DB2/400. The product's GUI lets users administer, explore, and query their databases and create SQL scripts. It offers an entity relationship modeler; brings comparison tools for analyzing differences in files, directory structures, and database schemas; and has an import/export tool. It also provides source code control through integration with Subversion (SVN) and CVS source control systems.

With version 10, AquaFold has added a number of new features, including support for the Secure Shell (SSH) network protocol, which will boost security when accessing sensitive files over an unsecured network. A new compression tool has been added, enabling users to send and receive files that are compressed and encrypted using .ZIP and TAR.GZ. It also supports AES encryption for non-compressed files.

The new autosave workspace function will boost productivity by automatically saving and reloading all of the work a user does in an AquaStudio session, including workspace layout, application windows, and editor tab content. The new shortcut toolbar allows users to group their shortcuts into folders, much like bookmarks are saved in a Web browser. This release also gets a new PDF viewer.

AquaStudio also gets multi-threading with this release, which will speed up the tool and cut down on instances when the GUI seems to freeze while performing large database operations. Version 10 also introduces integration with the Git and Perforce version control systems.

Niels Gron, the creator of AquaStudio and the chief software architect for Sunnyvale, California-based AquaFold, says version 10 delivers all of the features that his customers have asked for. "They love Aqua Data Studio 10 because it means fewer applications to use, less time spent on data conversion, complete control over individual preferences, and a great deal of savings on software licenses," he says.

One-year subscriptions to AquaStudio version 10 start at $399 per user. For more information, see www.aquafold.com.


AquaFold Makes It Easier to Reverse Engineer and Migrate Databases

AquaFold Adds DB2/400 Support to Database Tool

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