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Ain't Nobody's Business But Your Own
Scared of Tests? MIMIX Has You Covered with 'Virtual Switch' Feature
Big IBM i Shops Get Beefier Memory
Yet Another IBM Pricing Scheme For Power MSPs
Coding Is Never Without A Reason; PHP Has 10
Run VisualAge RPG Applications On 64-bit Windows 7, 8, And 10 Over The LAN
Upsert One Row From A Data Structure
Parsing Delimited Text Data Natively in SQL, Part 1
Power Systems Turns In A Full Year Of Growth
What To Do With All Those Spare CPWs
Web Portal Not An IBM i Modernization Bit Player
Baseline Data Boss Predicts Steady Stream Of Outsourced Production Environments
Carbonite Nabs EVault to Build One-Stop DR Shop for SMB Masses
Micro Focus Debuting Native 5250 Emulator for iOS
Round Three of IBM i Predictions for 2016
Object Replication at the Touch of a Button

The Platform

Inside Microsoft's Azure Stack Private Cloud

Building 100G Momentum To Lift Mellanox Further

Hype Over, Hadoop Gets Down to Business

A Decade of Hadoop: Creator Cutting on the Right Place for the Right Time

CRG Goes With The Genomics Flow

Middle Ground Emerging for Next Generation HPC Storage

Offloading The Network Like A Hyperscaler

Azure Stack Gives Microsoft Leverage Over AWS, Google

Dirt Simple HPC: Making the Case for Julia

The Bits And Bytes Of The Machine's Storage

Baidu Looks to Next Generation Deep Learning Accelerators

Light at the End of the Silicon Photonics Tunnel

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The distance between the IT department and the executive suite in some IBM midrange shops makes a trip to Mars seem like a hop, skip, and a jump. How do you close that gap? How do you explain to the decision makers the difference that IT can make within the organization? You know what could be accomplished with investments in IT, but executive sign off on IT strategy never materializes. You're spinning your wheels.
Nearly one in five high availability users never test their HA setup, while more than 40 percent aren't sure whether it will work, according to the 2016 State of Resilience report from Vision Solutions. The "set it and forget" mentality has plagued the HA industry for years, but it's something Vision is now addressing with the new "virtual switch" capability in the latest release of MIMIX Availability.
While there is no question that the installed base of OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i machinery in the world--probably something on the order of 150,000 machines--is dominated by small machines with one or two processors and only a couple of cores at most activated, there are still some very, very large customers out there. These companies are driving the performance requirements for Power Systems iron, just like big AIX and Linux shops are doing.
One of the problems with hardware is that it is a sunk capital cost to acquire it, which is why financing and now cloud computing, where you lease or rent the capacity in a server or storage array rather than buy it, is popular. But the service providers building Power-based clouds are not always happy to do financing. They want IBM to offer flexible pricing without them having to take the risk.
PHP is the open source success story for IBM i. Its support by IBM and particularly Zend Technologies has given it quite a boost. And it's proved to be capable of leveraging the IBM i operating system, DB2 for i, and RPG code. Beyond that, it is compatible with almost every operating system and hardware platform you can name, which provides the cross-platform capabilities that demolishes siloed information.
With assurance of continued support from IBM, we used VisualAge RPG (VARPG) to develop modern business applications. Then IBM pulled the plug on VARPG. Nevertheless, we've kept our applications working, and have even managed to find a way to run them under 64-bit Windows from our LAN. Here's how we did it.
I'm attempting to use the SQL MERGE statement to write an "upsert" that stores the data to be inserted or updated in an externally described data structure. Is that possible? Any insight into this would be helpful.
A common task for database developers is to accept a delimited text file, parse it, and dump it into a database table. This tip demonstrates a user-defined table function (UDTF) that can accomplish this task based on delimited text data stored in a CLOB or in an IFS file.
There have been worse years in the Power Systems business than 2015, and in fact, 2014 was one of them. In its latest financial reports, IBM said that that it has turned in four quarters of revenue growth for the Power server unit, no doubt helped by an uptake of Power8 systems as customers do their inevitable upgrades. As the year wound down, IBM was running on its entry and high-end cylinders, the first time in a while when that happened.
If there's one thing that the average IBM i shop with a typical business forecast doesn't need, it's more CPW. The latest generation of Power8 servers offer more than enough computational oomph to get the job done, which raises the question: What should one do with those spare CPWs? With some forward thinking, the average IBM i shop maybe doesn't have to be so average anymore.
The portal piece of modernization projects seldom gets top billing. All eyes are on the graphical user interface and efforts to scour the green screen out of sight from those who believe it is the work of the devil. But dagnabbit, it's the portal that unifies information and applications from a galaxy of diverse sources and displays it in an orderly fashion. It's the key to proprietary information that's shared among authorized users.
If there is a demand for managed services in the IBM midrange market, you can begin measuring it 20 years ago. It's not a new thing, but some of the services are new. For many companies, those contracting for managed services as well as those that provide the services, the managed services relationship has been long established. Usually it's based on a disaster recovery service. But what about the new demand?
Carbonite is buying the EVault data protection business from Seagate for $14 million in cash, the companies announced last month. While the deal marks a nearly 10x decline in valuation for EVault, the folks at Carbonite are clearly happy to get their hands on EVault's disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) business, which it sees pairing up nicely with its existing products for small businesses and consumers.
IT pros who want to access an IBM i server directly from their iPad or iPhone will soon have another way to do that thanks to Micro Focus, which is rolling out a new 5250 emulator that runs natively on iOS devices. The new product, which IT Jungle has learned will be called Reflection for TN3270 and TN5250, will be available soon from the Apple App Store for less than $50 per device.
The one constant in this universe is change, and the IBM i business is no different. The server platform is now in its fourth decade of service, counting go back to the System/3 days, and the pace of technological change in the business IT sector demands agility at many levels. In our third and final installment of our annual IBM i predictions, we have predictions from five IBM i pros about the changes we can expect this year.
IBM i professionals who struggle to distribute objects across multiple IBM i systems for patching, testing, or other purposes may be interested in a new product from Shield Advanced Solutions. The software, dubbed RE4i, can automatically distribute practically any type of IBM i object to one or more remote systems with the press of a button, thereby saving time and reducing hassle for programmers and administrators alike.