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Sharing Power Systems: An IBM i And Linux Story
IBM Navigator for i Increases Web and Mobile Effort
2020 Processor Technology Could Unite Power And Mainframe Chips
IBM Delivers Node.js Runtime to IBM i 7.1 and 7.2
PHP And SQL Driving Modernization Strategies At IBM i Shops, Zend Says
Dropbox and IBM i: Love It Or Leave It?
Power Systems I/O Enhancements
Options Abound for IBM i Data Replication
Krengel Technology Is Ready For Ruby
IBM Gives RDi 9.1.1 'Push to Client' Feature
PowerVC Virtualization Manager Adds Promised IBM i Partitions
Find A View Of A View Of A View. . .
IT Infrastructure Not Up To The Task
A Bevy Of BIFs: Updates
City Touts PowerHA Install
Admin Alert: A Skeleton Utility Program For Controlling IBM i Job Queues

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The Four Hundred
Sharing Power Systems: An IBM i And Linux Story

2020 Processor Technology Could Unite Power And Mainframe Chips

PHP And SQL Driving Modernization Strategies At IBM i Shops, Zend Says

As I See It: When Machines Excel

Power Systems I/O Enhancements

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Krengel Technology Is Ready For Ruby . . . PowerVC Virtualization Manager Adds Promised IBM i Partitions . . . IT Infrastructure Not Up To The Task . . . Integrated Platform Sales Still On The Rise . . . IBM Tweaks Power-Linux Discount Deal In Europe . . .

Four Hundred Stuff

Four Hundred Stuff
IBM Navigator for i Increases Web and Mobile Effort

IBM Delivers Node.js Runtime to IBM i 7.1 and 7.2

Dropbox and IBM i: Love It Or Leave It?

Options Abound for IBM i Data Replication

IBM Gives RDi 9.1.1 'Push to Client' Feature

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BRMS Learns New Tricks . . . City Touts PowerHA Install . . . Golden Nugget Taps Agilysys to Supply Software for New Casino . . . IntelliChief Delivers Deeper ERP Integration . . . IBM i Performance Concerns? Supermon to the Rescue! . . .

Four Hundred Guru

Four Hundred Guru
Find A View Of A View Of A View. . .

A Bevy Of BIFs: Updates

Admin Alert: A Skeleton Utility Program For Controlling IBM i Job Queues

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If you want to have a conversation with IBM's Doug Balog about i on Power, be prepared for Linux on Power to be part of the discussion. The two are inseparable when you're the person running the Power Systems business, which, by the way, is exactly what Balog does. The reason i and Linux are inseparable is because they are each very good at different things and they need one another to be good at everything.
Along with the Technology Refresh announcements for IBM i 7.2 and 7.1 last week came enhancements for IBM's Navigator for i, the integrated, Web-based console that handles systems management tasks. Navigator is available in a client version as well as a Web version, but IBM has made it clear the Web is the way of the future. That strategic direction is not new. It's where you'll find the product enhancements.
It happened once. Could it happen again? Many IT Jungle readers recall IBM's decision to converge the System i and System p lines, which resulted in Power Systems. A shared Power processor and common system architecture for both platforms was a business choice that made sense at the bean-counter level. And at the technology level, there would not be a lot of blood on the floor. The savings over the long haul would be the salve that healed all wounds.
Among the many announcements made by IBM last week was the revelation that it has built a Node.js runtime for the IBM i operating system. The move to adopt the cross-platform JavaScript framework is another indication that IBM is working to keep the platform current with the latest Web technologies.
A significant percentage of IBM i professionals are adopting technologies like PHP and SQL to boost their modernization strategies, according to a recent survey conducted by Zend. The survey says that 70 percent of IBM i pros are using PHP at their shops. But perhaps more surprising was the finding that 67 percent of respondents said they were using the SQL engine in DB2 for i, nearly twice as many who reported using the old DDL approach.
There's no doubt that Dropbox has become a pervasive tool of American consumers. But is it up to snuff when it comes to business data? Many IBM i software vendors say Dropbox represents a major security and compliance risk. But one vendor, Arpeggio Software, says Dropbox is no more dangerous than other cloud offerings and can safely be used.
Starting on November 18, IBM will begin shipping a slew of new disk and flash drive features for Power Systems machines. The company is also previewing support for various I/O and storage devices that it will make available for the new enterprise-class E870 and E880 machines that were announced a few weeks ago. IBM is also making special versions of the scale-out Power8 machines available with hardened enclosures and DC power for telcos and other service providers that need such special gear.
As an IBM i system administrator, it's your job to ensure that data in DB2 for i is available where it's needed. No server is an island these days, not even the IBM i-based Power Systems servers, and so that means replicating data to external databases is a requirement. But what's the best way to power data integration? Should you build it yourself or buy off the shelf? We'll try to provide you some answers.
Krengel Technology, a custom software company in the IBM i community since 1996, is getting into the Ruby on Rails Web development/application modernization business. And if you've been paying attention to Rudy and Rails and how they apply to IBM midrange shops, you won't be surprised to hear that Aaron Bartell is in the middle of Krengel's plans. Bartell was instrumental in getting Ruby on Rails ported to IBM i and supported beginning with Technology Refresh 7 of the i 7.1 release. Now the time has come to see if the IBM i community is ready for Ruby.
It will be easier for IBM i developers to share tool preferences with other members of their teams thanks to the new "push to client" feature that IBM announced last week with Rational Developer for i version 9.1.1. The new release of RDi becomes available in December.
In last week's issue, The Four Hundred told you all about two cloud controller programs IBM had updated in its Cloud Manager and Cloud Orchestrator tools, both derived from different editions of the OpenStack cloud controller, for managing virtualized compute and storage on Power-based systems. IBM has also updated its more basic PowerVC tool as part of the October Power Systems announcements.
SQL's Data Definition Language (DDL) offers many great features, one of which is the ability to define a view of a view. This can lead to simple or complex structures making use of views of views of views of. . . you get the idea.
The importance of IT infrastructure is the nail that Big Blue keeps hammering regardless of whether the topic is cloud, analytics, mobile, or social (CAMS)--which are topics IBM likes to talk about almost as much as infrastructure. Well, the reality is that any one of the CAMS topics requires some attention be paid to infrastructure, because the overwhelming majority of organizations do not have the infrastructure in place to handle cloud, analytics, mobile, or social deployments.
In my lasttip I returned to the "Bevy" series to tell you about the latest addition to the family: %ScanRpl. Shortly after completing that tip I realized that there have been a number of more recent BIFs such as %SubArr and some enhancements to existing BIFs like %Trimx that seem to have escaped people's notice. In this tip I attempt to fill those omissions.
The folks who work for the city of St. Charles, Illinois, asked themselves some tough questions recently. What would happen if the city were hit by a tornado or succumbed to some other disaster? The answers were not pretty, and led the city to adopt high availability software from IBM and a local business partner, IT Solutions Group.
From an IBM i operations viewpoint, there are several scenarios where you need to automate job queue management. Situations where you may have to automatically change one or more parameters for a job waiting in job queue include: