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Clearlake Sees Vision Deal As M&A Platform In IBM i Land
IBM i Execs Put Database On The Map
IBM Wheels And Deals To Get IBM i Shops Current
ProData Gets Graphic, Releases DBU for Rdi
Product Highlights From Spring COMMON 2016
Townsend Brings Modern Crypto Capabilities To Legacy RPG Apps
Manufacturer Leans In On Shop Floor Automation
Rocket Brings Mobile App DevOps Into The IBM i Fold
Responsive Design, Node.js Top BCD App Dev Enhancements
DB2 for i 7.2 TR3 and 7.1 TR11 Features
Build SQL to Define Your Existing Files, Take 2
RDi Debug Without SEPs
Jazzing Up IBM i In COMMON's Quarter
Zend Touts 2X Speedup With PHP 7 And New Runtime
Free Form RPG Scores IBM i Innovation Award
IBM Finally Gets Power8 Machines On SoftLayer Cloud

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Driving Compute And Storage Scale Independently

Cray Sharpens Approach to Large-Scale Graph Analytics

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IBM Extends GPU Cloud Capabilities, Targets Machine Learning

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IBM Throws Weight Behind Phase Change Memory

Scaling All Flash Arrays Up And Out

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Vision Solutions, the dominant player in the market for IBM i high availability software, is being sold by Thoma Bravo to Clearlake Capital Group. The transaction, which is expected to be completed by the end of June, will give Clearlake a platform for pursuing more acquisitions in the IBM i ecosystem, a spokesperson with the company told IT Jungle.
The IBM i roadmap goes nowhere without DB2 for i. It's the database that drives the bus. With each release of the IBM i operating system and each of the Technology Refreshes that come between the releases, we find database enhancements prominent. And this isn't going to change. At least for the foreseeable future, it's a data-centric world.
We have been complaining a bit that IBM did not deliver new Power8+ processors and an expected bump in price/performance and lower prices as well to help stimulate the IBM i segment of the Power Systems business. But lo and behold, IBM is finally coming around to the idea that it has to actually do something to entice customers on old releases to move to the latest Power8 iron and to get their licensed program products and operating system on Software Maintenance.
IBM midrange shops with active development environments are taking an interest in modernization projects. And along with that, comes graphical development tools like Rational Developer for i, commonly referred to as RDi. As more companies find RDi useful, more ISVs realize plug-ins to RDi are in demand. ProData Computer Services just joined the list by offering an RDi plug-in to its popular data access utility called DBU.
As the world's largest gathering of IBM i professionals, COMMON's Annual Meeting and Expo is a natural place to announce new products. This year's event in New Orleans, Louisiana, is no different, as IBM i vendors unveiled new and improved wares across a range of product categories. We'll dive into more depth on most of these products in future issues of The Four Hundred, but for now here's a quick run-down on the products turning our heads at the show.
The field-level encryption capability that IBM introduced with IBM i 7.1 is a powerful tool for securing sensitive data. However, IBM i shops that have not modernized their legacy RPG applications with SQL access methods find it difficult to use. That should change with new technology coming out of Townsend Security this week at the COMMON conference in New Orleans.
When Hoffmaster finally flipped the switch on its ERP migration at the end of February, IT director Rick Dittberner was nervous. Not only was the paper-goods supplier consolidating a manufacturing site on Infor ERP LX, but it was also replacing an old shop floor reporting system with a new one from Crossroads RMC. There was a lot that could go wrong for the IBM i shop.
Rocket Software is launching a new tool that simplifies the management and distribution of mobile application source code. Called Rocket Lifecycle for Mobile, the new software is designed to make it easier for IBM i shops to manage the DevOps lifecycle for today's modern applications, which involve not only closely administered servers but also widely dispersed smartphones.
It's really difficult to overstate the importance of application development to any organization. It's a simple tool, but it needs to be the right tool. When done right, it's crucial to business efficiency. Getting it right and keeping it simple is the target, yet somehow the aim differs wildly from the result. Shoot fast but shoot straight. Don't just hit the target. Hit the bull's eye.
I was writing up some exciting stuff on the new IBM i 7.3 features when I realized I never finished reporting about other recent DB2 features! Below are highlights of some newer features offered starting in DB2 for i 7.2 TR3 and 7.1 TR11.
Converting physical files to tables is a good thing to do, but if you work in the sorts of shops where I've worked, you already have more than you can do and you don't have time to fix what isn't broken. However, if I could make it easy for you, maybe you'd find the time to convert physical files where doing so is to most advantageous. Let me show you how easy it can be.
I wrote a tip way back in 2007 about how easy it is to start a debug session using Service Entry Points (SEPs). Back then, the tool was still called WDSC, and at that time I mentioned that there were some occasions when SEPs wouldn't work. So what can you do if you're in one of those situations?
New Orleans has taken on a decidedly IBM i tint thanks to the start of COMMON's Annual Meeting and Expo over the weekend. An estimated 1,100 attendees are in the Big Easy for the four-day show, which began Sunday morning with remarks by COMMON president Kevin Mort, and also featured a glimpse into the future of Power Systems, courtesy of IBM Power Systems executives Steve Sibley and Stephanie Chiras.
The new release of Zend's PHP development language and PHP runtime will run twice as fast on Intel Xeon and IBM Power servers than previous versions, the company says. IBM i customers won't need to do anything to take advantage of the speedup except use the new runtime, which should be available in the coming weeks.
From the time free form RPG was introduced with IBM i 7.1 TR 7, expectations have been high. There's been much talk about the potential for greatness, but only scattered reports of success. Finally, free form RPG is lighting up the scoreboard. Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC) is showing the way. It's made free form RPG the cornerstone of future development, and its endeavors led to the 2016 COMMON-IBM Power Systems Innovation Award.
For a company that is so eager to prove the value of the Power processors at the heart of its Power Systems machines, IBM has sure taken its time getting Power8-based systems onto its SoftLayer public cloud. IBM talked about adding Power iron to SoftLayer's datacenters in the wake of the acquisition of the hoster and cloud provider back in June 2013, and it had bold plans to double the footprint of that cloud and to make Power iron a peer to Xeon-based systems.