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The Prospects For A Power9 Revolution
IBM i Power8 Migrations Flourish, Say Service Providers
Vision Bolsters Entry-Level HA With iTERA 6.2
Knocking On The Old Database Door
Ublu: A Modern Band-Aid for Legacy i Ills
Inside Infor's Data Science Lab
Bank Says 'HA' to System i Hardware Failure
TEMBO Adds Development Tool to Database Modernization Kit
Cilasoft Offers No Cost Job Log Exploration Tool
Overlaid Packed Data In Data Structures
How To Insert With A Common Table Expression
Assorted DB2 for i Questions
IBM i Requirements: It's About (To) Change
Talking Modernization With Profound Logic
No Seats At Cruikshank's SQL Database Sessions
New Round Of Enhancements For Access Client Solutions

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As a relative underdog as a supplier of processors in the datacenter now that it has left the X86 server market and has gone from being a partner of Intel to a direct competitor that is fostering its own ecosystem in the richest and most competitive parts of the market, IBM wants for the Power processor to be able to take on the Xeon chip and win. The Power9 chip from Big Blue has about the best chance of any chip we have seen from IBM since the Power4 way back in 2001 to do this.
IBM's second quarter financial report was an icy description of Power Systems revenue. It exposed a shivering 24 percent decline compared to a year earlier. Despite that biting insight, there's a warm glow in the midrange market that is predicted to continue through the third quarter. Migrations to Power8 boxes are finding momentum in the IBM i-dominated small to midsize market, where purchases have been delayed, but are now occurring at an accelerated pace.
Small and midsize IBM i shops that are looking to adopt a high availability (HA) solution to protect their businesses from downtime have a lot of options available to them these days, including cloud solutions and hardware-based offerings from IBM. SMBs looking for in-house logical replication solutions will eventually call on Vision Solutions, which recently added some enterprise-level features to its entry-level solution with the launch of iTERA Availability version 6.2.
Keeping up with technology should be systematic and efficient. Avoidance behavior will only reduce your anxiety for so long. At some point, the limitations companies have learned to live with and consider "good enough" will prevent them from keeping up with the herd. Here are three organizations that realized it was time to take on database modernization, after discovering their existing databases lacked documentation, defined relationships and normalized procedures.
In a perfect world, companies would hire and retain technology professionals who possess the requisite skills for working on the IBM i server. However, that is clearly not the case, as an IBM i skills shortage has bubbled up as one of the platform's most pressing issues. For those jack-of-all-trades who are struggling with this thing called the IBM i, the open source tool Ublu offers a bridge to familiarity.
If you've noticed subtle improvements to your enterprise software lately, you're not alone. For the past two years, IBM i ERP giant Infor has been using data science techniques to optimize various business processes that are automated by its software. And the best part may be that Infor is offering its Dynamic Science Labs expertise to customers for free and that improvements get wrapped back into the product.
When the New Zealand bank Westpac experienced a rare backplane failure in its System i server last year, it took a critical wholesale trading application completely offline. IBM immediately put a replacement on a plane, but the best case scenario called for three days of downtime. But thanks to its use of a high availability solution from Maxava, not a single transaction was lost.
TEMBO Technology Lab is beefing up its DB2 for i modernization solution. The South African provider of DB2 for i database modernization solutions has reached an agreement with Relational Data to resell its rapid application development tool for IBM i as part of its core Adsero Optima (AO) suite.
The IBM i equivalent of a mountain avalanche is the job queue file. It's a mass of files with the potential to eventually bury system admins as they search for good jobs that have gone bad. When job logs are thousands of pages in length and contain many similar entries, the search for specific troublesome job logs can become tedious, aggravating, and time consuming. About this time, users start wishing for a tool that efficiently sorts job log information.
Sometimes things that should be simple give us difficulty. Jon Paris recently helped a Four Hundred Guru reader to solve a problem with overlaid packed-decimal data in data structures. We're sharing their conversation for the benefit of others.
I have to merge some new item numbers into our item master file. The problem I've run into is that there is more than one record for some items. None of the examples I found on the Web work for me. How do I write an SQL statement to copy all records from one file to another avoiding duplicates on part number?
Here are assorted questions related to DB2 for i. If you have a question you'd like Four Hundred Guru to try to answer, be sure to visit the IT Jungle Contact page. Note that some of these questions were modified from their original form for clarity and simplicity.
Have you ever wondered how IBM comes up with ideas for how to improve the IBM i platform? According to the IBM i chief architect Steve Will, the most strategic ideas originate internally within IBM. However, many new features come from the customer base through formal requirements processes. And this fall, IBM intends to launch a new requirements program that will allow users to vote on new features over the Web.
Modernization, in its many guises, seems to be a big driver of the IBM i ecosystem these days. For a long time, high availability software was major propellant diving the market alongside System/38 and System/36 upgrades--a kind of modernization effort in its own right. Then along came the ERP wave in the 1990s, and packaged software is all the rage. Now, the diehard IBM i faithful need to update their code to work with modern devices and to look and feel like other modern software, and they need some help.
Dan Cruikshank's presentations at the OCEAN Tech Conference last month were packed. Conference attendees had plenty of session options running opposite of Cruikshank, but his topics enticed IBM i advocates like free ice cream cones in the park on the Fourth of July. The seats are filled by folks hungry for technical advice on SQL, database efficiency, and business value. He gave them sessions on database re-engineering, reusable SQL procedures, modernizing IBM i applications, and data-centric programming.
With every Technology Refresh there are new features and functions added to IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) that make the official announcement list. But in reality, ACS upgrades also occur in between TRs with their announcement held off until the next TR. On July 31, the latest batch of ACS enhancements became available as a download on the IBM i Access webpage. ACS replaced the legacy Access for Windows several years ago.