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The AS/400 Turns 27, And Still Has Much To Teach IT
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Thanks to the breakneck speed that information technology is evolving, the definition of what is "legacy" in computing is constantly changing. For example, 10 years ago, organizations that were coding stored procedures into their databases and exposing mainframe business logic as WSDL-based Web services were following best practices in development. But some people are now lumping those objects into the legacy computing camp, along with old RPG and COBOL programs.
A new chapter in the saga of International Business Systems began Friday when the Swedish company announced that the California-based private equity firm Marlin Equity Partners has signed a definitive agreement to acquire IBS. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Magic Software recently launched a new release of its application development and runtime framework that features in-memory data grid (IMDG) technology. The IMDG--which will eventually support IBM i--will bolster the scalability, stability, and elasticity of applications developed with xpa Application Platform 3.0, the company says.
IBM i shops that don't have the time to properly patch and update their virtual tape libraries (VTLs) may be interested in a new service unveiled by Dynamic Solutions International (DSI). For a small fee, the Colorado company will patch and update its Linux-based VTLs in customer accounts, leaving IBM i admins to focus on other things.
Cozzi Productions, maker of the SQL Query File software, is now offering a monthly software license option with a cancel anytime feature. Rather than paying the entire software license fee up front, as is traditionally done with software purchases, the subscription-based model lowers the entry point cost for software acquisition. There is no money down and the first three months are free for new customs who sign up before the end of the year--December 31, 2015.
One of the great things about the IBM i server is it adapts to the times. While the platform often gets tagged with the "legacy" name, that's merely because there's still a lot of vintage iron running antique software in the real world. But the little elves way up north in IBM's Rochester toyshop have been hard at work bringing new capabilities to the platform.
You don't have to stretch your IBM midrange imagination too far to understand that today's app dev decisions will have a great impact on tomorrow's IT success. Some things never change. And that's one of them. But situations change and doing business changes. The trick is to integrate the past--keep the valuable experiences and toss the excess baggage--with the present to prepare for the future.
When IBM sold off the System x division to Lenovo Group, one of the things that went with it was the modular Flex System chassis. Yes, IBM said it would source the machines from Lenovo and, yes, IBM said that it would continue to make and sell Power-based nodes for the Flex Systems to make its PureApplication converged systems for those customers who want them.
ERP in the cloud . . . would you go for such an idea or not? If Infor didn't think some IBM midrange shops were ready, it wouldn't be offering this option to its discrete manufacturing customers. Infor's Cloud Suite has been available to customers on other platforms for more than a year. We're about to see how its IBM i shops take to the cloud.
It's unreal how often I keep bumping into you. I was intrigued by the title of the article in the attached note, followed these links, and again found an article by you. (And thanks for the reference.) I've shared your emotions about IBM and this system, with ever increasing sadness, from the inside.
The collective brain trust here at IT Jungle expends a lot of its intellectual and emotional energy on watching the ecosystem of customers who use the progeny of the venerable AS/400. Many of you have been using IBM midrange systems since the days of the launch of the System/38 back in the late 1970s and you have been long-time users of the systems for nearly a decade when the AS/400 made its debut on June 21, 1988, and when this platform made good on the name International Business Machines.
Here it is, the top three things most unlikely to be seen in the IBM midrange community: Frank Soltis wearing a beanie with a propeller on top; Big Blue handing over IBM i to the open source community; and a freshly minted IBM i user group. The first two are pretty much out of the question, but the last scenario, I'm here to tell you, is happening not once, not twice, but three times. And you thought pigs would fly before a new local user group would put out a welcome mat.
When an auditor comes into your IBM i shop, chances are good he will check that processes are in place to control source code. But all too often, your underlying source code will not match up correctly with the program objects that actually run in production, indicating a process problem. A free new tool from Rocket Software called iAudit is designed to help IBM i shops identify this divergence of source code and object before the auditor comes around.
Just how big of a mistake is it to do nightly backups? Depends what your definition of big is. If a disaster takes down your system at the end of a working day, but before the scheduled backup occurs, how much data will you lose? You probably don't have an accurate answer to that question. But if you knew, it might change the way you think about how data loss would affect your business.
One of the software startups showcasing new wares at the recent COMMON conference was Hamway Software Solutions, which develops an extract, transform, and load (ETL) application called dbFunnel that runs natively on IBM i. As CEO Laura Hamway explains to IT Jungle, the software fills a need for lightweight data extraction and reporting involving DB2 for i.
Every day millions of IBM i server events are packaged up in the syslog standard and sent offsite for safekeeping and analysis. In many cases, the syslog files are sent in plain text across the wire because, hey, they're just boring old log files, and what could anybody ever do with those, right? Wrong, says IBM i security software company Raz-Lee Security.