Current Issue: November 30, 2016

IBM Tweaks More Power Systems Peripherals

Skills Shortage Prompts Fresche's New View of X-Analysis

VAI Teams With Forward Thinking For GPS Truck Tracking

ERP System Gets an A+ in User Satisfaction

RPG Website Resurrected. Is the Language Next?

November 28, 2016

What Koch's $2.5 Billion Infor Investment Means For IBM i

DB2 For IBM i: Made But Not Mastered

The Supercomputer At The Heart Of The Power Systems Revival

As I See It: Leave It To Cleaver

Forced Windows Migration Failures

November 14, 2016

IBM Cuts Core And Memory Pricing On Entry Power Iron

Vulnerabilities In 3DES Encryption Put It Out To Pasture In IBM i

IBM i Shops Do Less To Get More Done

Mad Dog 21/21: Of Possible Interest

You're Hired! Finding Your Next IBM i Pro

November 9, 2016

Is the IBM i Skills Shortage Accelerating Platform Migrations?

Iowa MSP Teams with Vision for Hosted HA

DSI Tries Virtualized Backup and Recovery for Power Systems

How IBM i Fared in Top ERP List

Cybersecurity Is Hot, But Don't Overlook Physical Security

November 7, 2016

Sundry Fall Power Systems Peripheral Enhancements

RPG Open Source Horse Pulls IBM i Community Plow

Imagine There's No Spinning Disk (It's Easy If You Try)

The Hybrid Cloud Questions IBM i Shops Should Be Asking

The New Tech Canoe: Paddle Less, Go Farther

October 31, 2016

IBM's Power Systems Stalls A Bit As Power8 Wanes

VAI Pours Business Intelligence Into Midmarket ERP

The Time And Tech Are Right For Online Backups

As I See It: Paying To Play

Questions Arise Over IBM's New Cloud Backup for IBM i

October 24, 2016

Don't Overlook These Network Auditing Improvements in IBM i 7.3

IBM Opens Up Coherent Protocols For Power Chips

Cross-Platform Development Targets Code Management

Mad Dog 21/21: Achilles And The iPhone

Knowing Node

October 19, 2016

On Your IBM i Radar Now: GDPR

One on One with HiT's Giacomo Lorenzin

Customers React Positively to IBM i Alerting Tool from Kisco

Agilysys Delivers Upgrades to Back Office and Customer-Facing Software

Zend Preps Speedy New PHP and Runtime for IBM i

October 17, 2016

The Negative Impact Of Software Pricing On The IBM i Community

IBM Brings DDR4 Memory To Bear On Power Systems

IBM i Open Source Roadmap Finds Perl

IBM i Finally Gets Native Cloud Backup

Mobile Apps As Easy As RPG III

October 11, 2016

IBM i Tech Refresh Arrives; JSON And Perl In Spotlight

The Deal The Power 850C Implies For IBM i Shops

IBM Rejiggers PowerHA CBU And HyperSwap

HelpSystems Adds High Availability After Bug Busters Buy

IBM i Survey Gets Better As Numbers Grow

October 3, 2016

IBM Prepping For October Power Systems Push

Private Big Iron Power8 Clouds To Puff Up With IBM i

Could IBM i And System z Share Easy Source?

Big Blue Patches 14 More OpenSSL Flaws In IBM i

Two Fall Conferences Are Must-See IT

September 28, 2016

PowerHA Implementations No Picnic; Help On The Way

Why RFID Is (Finally) Here To Stay

Tokenization Without Technical Expertise? Townsend Says It's Here

PHP and IBM i: Ten Years of Magic

Raz-Lee Touts DB-Gate User Stories

September 26, 2016

IBM i Finds A Place At Edge Conference

With Avnet Deal, Tech Data Spans From Glass House To Your House

Living With VIOS and Other Tips From A Power Champion

Mad Dog 21/21: From Hegel To Google

IBM Preaches Cognitive, Cloud, And IT Consumption

September 19, 2016

New OpenPower Servers Present Interesting IBM i Possibilities

What's Ed McVaney Up To Next?

Is It RDi Time Yet?

As I See It: The Girl Who Liked to Count Things

New Service Combats Complacency In IT Security

September 12, 2016

The IBMer Who Decoded Bernie Madoff's RPG

Micro Focus Embiggens Mightily With HP Software Buy

IBM Updates Rational Developer With Mac OS, Other Goodies

Ingenuity And Integration Meet In IBM i Data Warehouse

Howdy, Partner. Welcome To The IBM i Modernization Ranch

August 29, 2016

Power9 Gets Ready To Roll In Systems In 2017

We're All IBM i Storytellers

Tape: It Ain't Dead Yet

Time For Tapeless? LaserVault Tempts The SMB

Clouds Grow, But Can IBM i Follow?

August 22, 2016

The Prospects For A Power9 Revolution

IBM i Power8 Migrations Flourish, Say Service Providers

Vision Bolsters Entry-Level HA With iTERA 6.2

As I See It: Breakup

Knocking On The Old Database Door

August 17, 2016

Ublu: A Modern Band-Aid for Legacy i Ills

Inside Infor's Data Science Lab

Bank Says 'HA' to System i Hardware Failure

TEMBO Adds Development Tool to Database Modernization Kit

Cilasoft Offers No Cost Job Log Exploration Tool

August 15, 2016

IBM i Requirements: It's About (To) Change

Talking Modernization With Profound Logic

No Seats At Cruikshank's SQL Database Sessions

Mad Dog 21/21: Vulcan's Fury

New Round Of Enhancements For Access Client Solutions

August 8, 2016

IBM i Fundamental Strategy Unchanged, Always Changing

Big Blue Adds IBM i To EasyScale MSP Deal

Youth, Talent, Creativity Ported To IBM i

As I See It: Boob Job

Get Your Git On, IBM i

July 25, 2016

Surviving A Change Management Migration

Townsend Ponders Future Of DB2 Modernization Tech

At The End Of The Power8 Long Tail

Mad Dog 21/21: Brexit, Pursued By A Bear Market

Systems Monitoring Made Easier, Better, GUI-er

July 20, 2016

Blue Stack Deadline Looms for JD Edwards Shops

IBM Patches 13 Security Vulnerabilities in IBM i JDK

Raz-Lee Claims Technological Edge with IBM i Encryption

DRV Check Printing Software A Laser Sharp Cost Cutter

IBM Delivers WebSphere 9 with Web Enablement for IBM i 1.1

July 11, 2016

What Price Power (Eight And Maybe Nine)?

IBM i Skills Shortage A Barrier To Digital Transformation

IBM i Open Sourcerers

Cloud-Based Email Migrations Keep IBM i Vendor Busy

Maxava Opens Up Bidding For iFoundation Grants

June 27, 2016

Power Systems GM Weights In On AS/400 Birthday

Advice For IBM i Shops: Balance The Old With The New

Fresche Partner Plan Aims At Expanded Reach

Mad Dog 21/21: Jimmy Choo Hill

Flynet Pivots To Catch IBM i Web Business In U.S.

June 20, 2016

The AS/400 At 28: A HENRY, Not A DINK

Windows Explorer DOS Attacks On IBM i 7.3

Analytical Expectations And Misconceptions Of IBM i

As I See It: Rediscovering The Big Fresh

Remain Software Pursues 2E Users, Expands Asian Partnerships

June 13, 2016

Talking IBM i Ecosystem With HelpSystems CEO Chris Heim

Fresche Makes Bold Move In IBM i Modernization Arena

Rocket Ties Analytic Database Into IBM i

Focal Point Emphasizes Security Assessments, Documents In The Cloud

The Server Refresh Cycle Loses Steam

June 6, 2016

For Sale: IBM i Is A Buyer's Market

HelpSystems Fills Encryption Gap With Linoma Buy

Modernization Prioritization Based On Observation

Qubit's Rubes

Learning From Experience

June 1, 2016

Fresche Brings the Heat(map) to Legacy Modernization

Profound Logic Taps Node.js and COBOL For New Directions

CNX Widens Reach with Sencha Deal, Focus on Modernization

ARCAD 'DROPS' Deployment Management Into DevOps Pack

Don't Be the Eeyore of Digital Progress, OpenLegacy Says

May 23, 2016

Clearlake Sees Vision Deal As M&A Platform In IBM i Land

IBM i Execs Put Database On The Map

IBM Wheels And Deals To Get IBM i Shops Current

As I See It: The Other Intelligent Design

ProData Gets Graphic, Releases DBU for RDi

May 18, 2016

Product Highlights From Spring COMMON 2016

Townsend Brings Modern Crypto Capabilities To Legacy RPG Apps

Manufacturer Leans In On Shop Floor Automation

Rocket Brings Mobile App DevOps Into The IBM i Fold

Responsive Design, Node.js Top BCD App Dev Enhancements

May 16, 2016

Jazzing Up IBM i In COMMON's Quarter

Zend Touts 2X Speedup With PHP 7 And New Runtime

Free Form RPG Scores IBM i Innovation Award

IBM Finally Gets Power8 Machines On SoftLayer Cloud

AURA Hopes U.S. Modernization Crowd Has Silver Lining

May 9, 2016

See The IBM i Access You Never Heard Of

Temporal Table Trouble?

IBM Melds FlashSystem With XIV To Scale Enterprise Flash

BCD, Midrange Dynamics Partner On IBM i Modernization

IBM To Sell Off Two-Thirds Of The Rochester Labs

May 2, 2016

Making The Case For Flash Over Disk In Power Systems

Study Identifies Disturbing IBM i Security Weaknesses

IBM Bolsters HyperSwap to Protect IBM i Against Downtime

Mad Dog 21/21: The Mainframe Was The Message

Good IBM i Ideas From Wisconsin

April 25, 2016

Software Vendors Prep For IBM i 7.3, Applaud PDP for Testing

IBM i 7.3: High Time For High Security

New Financials At IBM Can't Mask Growth Issues

Keep An i On Open Source

IBM i Scalability Stays The Same With 7.3

April 18, 2016

Sundry April Power Systems Announcements

IBM i Strategy And Roadmap Loses Business Focus

DB2 Web Query For i Now Supports External Databases

As I See It: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

We Can Just Barely See RPG In i 7.3

April 12, 2016

IBM i 7.3 Arrives April 15; 7.2 TR4 Follows in May

IBM Puts Future Power Chip Stakes In The Ground

Spreading A Wider IT Net At UCG Technologies

Testing For Security Inadequacies

Thank You, IBM

April 4, 2016

X Marks The Spot

IBM i Shops Behind The Customized ERP Eight Ball

MariaDB Dropping In On IBM i To Replace MySQL

Mad Dog 21/21: Wintel Overture

IBM Keeps Low Profile While Reaction To 'Resource Action' Boils

March 28, 2016

The Value Of Things That Don't Change--And Those That Must

A Peek At Upcoming Open Source Enhancements In IBM i

Observing i: An IBM Power Systems Champion Perspective

Mad Dog 21/21: Her Master's Voice

Healthcare Tech Trends Shape Industry And IBM i

March 16, 2016

Verizon Outlines Disturbing AS/400 Breach At Water District

No Regrets For JDE Shop Following Move To Third-Party Support

Pathfinder Probes For Answers To IBM i Questions

Maxava Introduces Subscription-Based, Multi-Platform Systems Monitoring

Slash Job Scheduler Setup Work by Half, ASCI Says

March 14, 2016

More Thoughts On A Hybrid System Of Systems

Learn Great Stuff From IBM i Champions At COMMON

Problem Solved, Carry On: The IBM Must Gather Tool

As I See It: Playing With Pain

More Jobs Lost Than Found During IBM Resource Action

March 9, 2016

No More Java 6 Support in Next Version of IBM i

IBM Bolsters Security in 5250 Emulators

Five Pitfalls of VTL Data Storage in IBM i Environments

PowerTech Goes Multi-Platform with Security Policy Software

IBM Shuffles IBM i CDC Function and Data Replication Tool

March 7, 2016

A Possibly Coherent Future Power Hybrid System

A Change Of Heart: IBM i Shops More Willing To Share

The Most Precious IBM i Resource . . . Women

IBM Patches Pair Of TLS Flaws In IBM i

IBM Kills Off Flex p260+ Node, Offers PureSystems Trade-In

February 29, 2016

Payday For The People Who Make The IBM i Go

HelpSystems Spies Overseas Expansion With Tango/04 Buy

WebSmart For Node.js Beta Project Under Way

Power Systems Fuel IBM Channel Growth, Says Avnet Exec

Where In The World Is IBM i?

February 22, 2016

The Job Market For The People Who Make The IBM i Go

SEQUEL Data Warehouse Picks Up Where RODIN Left Off

iNext Revealed As IBM i 7.3

Mad Dog 21/21: Legacy System

The Rewards of IBM i Community Engagement

February 8, 2016

Where's MKS Implementer? Alive and Well At PTC

The Jobs Of The People Who Make IBM i Platforms Work

From Green Screens To Web Services: An ROI Story

App Dev Evolution Opens Doors For Midrange Dynamics

IBM Patches OpenSSH Security Flaws That Impact IBM i

February 1, 2016

Ain't Nobody's Business But Your Own

Scared of Tests? MIMIX Has You Covered with 'Virtual Switch' Feature

Big IBM i Shops Get Beefier Memory

Yet Another IBM Pricing Scheme For Power MSPs

Coding Is Never Without A Reason; PHP Has 10

January 25, 2016

Power Systems Turns In A Full Year Of Growth

What To Do With All Those Spare CPWs

Web Portal Not An IBM i Modernization Bit Player

Mad Dog 21/21: Pythia And The Two-Legged Pig

Baseline Data Boss Predicts Steady Stream Of Outsourced Production Environments

January 20, 2016

Carbonite Nabs EVault to Build One-Stop DR Shop for SMB Masses

Micro Focus Debuting Native 5250 Emulator for iOS

Round Three of IBM i Predictions for 2016

Object Replication at the Touch of a Button

IBM Debuts Another Solution Edition for SAP HANA on Power . . . Auto-Approval Brings Time Savings to Document Workflows . . . User-Defined Dashboards Get Power Boost from mrc . . .

January 18, 2016

The Data-Centric Depiction Of IBM i

2016 Predictions for IBM i: Round Two

Profound Survey Adds To 'Why i Matters' Discussion

Mad Dog 21/21: Toasting Savonarola

Where Do Those IBM i Machines Work?

January 11, 2016

Finding IBM i: A Game Of 40 Questions

2016 Predictions For IBM i: Cautious Optimism

Software Group Essentially Gone With Steve Mills Retirement

As I See It: Asking The Right Question

ARCAD Sets Out To Modernize German Midrange

December 9, 2015

2015: An IBM i Year In Rear View

The Secret to Award-Winning IBM i App Development

Modernization or Migration? Survey Aims to Sort Out the Direction

Clearing Up IBM i Security Confusion

Happy Holidays From IT Jungle

December 7, 2015

A Rising Tide

Fresche Legacy Gets $6 Million Infusion To Expand

ISVs In Denial About Software Licensing

As I See It: Revolving Door

IBM i Horror Story With A Happy Ending

December 2, 2015

IBM Patches Pair of Security Flaws in iAccess for Windows 7.1

Urgent Need for Application Modernization Seen at the Federal Level

Remain Taps JIRA to Heighten Change Management Collaboration

Quadrant Doubles Down on Simplicity with Formtastic 10

HATS Now Hooked Into BlueMix Cloud

November 18, 2015

ERP Upgrades: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?

Townsend Security Turns Over a New LEEF

LANSA Shows Off Responsive Design Capabilities

IBM i Mobile Apps Made Easy

Vision Touts MIMIX Success Stories

November 16, 2015

What Good Is Native .NET On Power?

Technology Refreshes Go Unnoticed By Most IBM i Shops

Move Your IBM i To The Cloud On Your Own Terms

Mad Dog 21/21: Time, Like Gas, Passes; Love, Like Stardom, Fades

HelpSystems' Application Integration Begins With GUI

November 9, 2015

IBM i Development Team Considering Native .NET

Spring Ahead, Fall Behind

Ops Dashboard Gives Centralized View Into IBM i Performance

As I See It: The Gospel According To Dan Price

R2D2 Is Alive And Well--Inside Your IBM i Server

November 4, 2015

IBM i Executives: Where Are They Now?

Crossroads Drops Rack Requirement, Adds De-Dupe in VTL

Tango/04 Boosts IT-Business Alignment Capabilities

Komodo Launches Hosted Splunk Service for IBM i

Raz-Lee Adds Self-Auditing Feature to Security Products

November 2, 2015

How To Join The Power Linux Evolution

Reflections Upon The RPG & DB2 Summit

Why The Time Has Come For Penetration Testing On IBM i

High Availability Calms Distributor's Fears

First Open Source Conference For IBM i Shops Planned

October 26, 2015

Power Systems Shows Growth Again For Big Blue

Rimini To Pay Oracle For Copyright Infringement, Damages

It Is Time To Tell Us What You Are Up To

Mad Dog 21/21: Torque Is Cheap

Academic Initiative Lives Up To Its Name

October 21, 2015

Accur8 Takes Aim at Data Virtualization Opportunity

IBM Offers Tech Preview for iASP-Based HyperSwap

PowerTech Adds Centralized Management for Exit Points Security

Guardium Stands Tall Over DB2 on i Data

Power8 Upgrade Yields Processing Dividends for Growing SAP Shop

October 19, 2015

A Different View Of IBM i And PASE

Equity Speaks: Q&A With The H.I.G. On HelpSystems

Tiered Storage Upgrade Boosts BRMS

As I See It: Biology On The Wing

IBM Updates PowerVM Hypervisor, PowerVC OpenStack

October 14, 2015

GCC: Bringing More Open Source Software to IBM i

What JSON on IBM i Can Do For You

RPG, XML, SOAP, and REST: Web Services for IBM i

Taming SQL Queries with a CozTool

LANSA Delivers LongRange Support for Windows 10 . . . Got Mobile Server Monitoring? iEye, Captain . . . Shield Goes ASP with JQG4i

October 12, 2015

IBM i Added To Power S822, PurePower Systems

IBM i Tech Refresh Reiterates Database Emphasis

Capacious LTO Gen 7 Tape Storage Comes To Market

BCD And Zend Aim For Expanded PHP Development

IBM Mothballs The Last Of The Power7+ Servers

October 7, 2015

IBM i Tech Refreshes Bring New Features to Explore

Keeping Ransomware Out of the VAULT

OpenLegacy: Go from Green to GUI for Twelve Bucks

Rocket: We're More Than the Sum of Our (IBM i) Parts

IBM i Knowledge Sharing: RSE Keyboard Shortcuts

September 28, 2015

Six Signs Of The Long, Slow Decline Of ERP

Bootstrap Responsive To IBM i Mobile Development

Can OpenPower Take A Bite Out Of The Datacenter?

As I See It: America Needs A Vacation

IBM i, RPG, And Inaccurate Assumptions

September 23, 2015

Unifying Mobile and Web Development on IBM i

Stimulus Grants Are An IBM i Community Service

IBM Tops List of Security Vulnerabilities, But What Does It Mean?

CNX Looks Beyond RPG with Web Framework

RPG Creeps Up Language Ranking . . . VAI Puts POS Chips on Verifone . . . OpenLegacy Signs Partner In Brazil

September 21, 2015

What Does IBM's Embrace Of Apache Spark Mean To IBM i?

IBM Gearing Up For October Power Announcements

New RDi Ready For IBM i Developers

Mad Dog 21/21: Land, Hope, And Glory

IBM Issues HiPER And Security Patches For V5R4

September 16, 2015

Hacker Defends DEF CON Talk on IBM i Vulns

SoftLanding Gets Into the Content Management Business

Toolmaker Jumps Into IBM i Web Development with WOPiXX

BCD Adds Digital Signatures to Modernization Tool

EXTOL Helps IBM i Shop with Web Services . . . m-Power Delivers In-Memory Analytics . . . VAULT400 Racks Up Another Win

September 14, 2015

Taking The Power Systems Pulse With GM Doug Balog

IBM i Marketplace Survey: The Importance Of Being Earnest

Assignment IBM i: What Makes It Tick?

RPG Certification And Coursework Nears Completion

Reader Feedback On A Hypothetical Future IBM i System

September 2, 2015

Did IBM i Just Get Hacked at DEF CON?

Agilysys' Tardy BI Tool Added To Lodging Management System

Adapting to Omni-Channel with Conditional Printing a CYBRA Specialty

European Distributor Taps Maxava for Data Resiliency

Dynamic Solutions Launches New VTLs for IBM i

August 31, 2015

HelpSystems Acquired By Private Equity Giant H.I.G. Capital

A Hypothetical Future IBM i System

What IBM Can Learn From Free-Form RPG

Mad Dog 21/21: Putting Money Where Its Malthus

Profound Hires Guru Editor; Begins IBM i Internship Program

August 19, 2015

Sony Ends MO Production--What Are Your Long-Term Archive Options Now?

Linoma Simplifies and Strengthens MFT Lineup

SoftLanding Job Scheduler Goes with the Flow

'Workspace Aggregator' Touts Mobile Access To IBM i Apps

DRV Updates IBM i Monitoring . . . SEQUEL Gains Better Integration With MS Excel . . . Unit4 Coda Gets New Name In Refresh

August 17, 2015

What Will IBM i Do With A Power10 Processor?

BI On IBM i: A Fish Out Of Water

Staying Paperless On IBM i In A Post-It Note World

Mobile Apps And The IBM i Fear Factory

Magic Software Rises Despite Devaluing U.S. Dollar

August 10, 2015

The IBM i Market Is Not Economics 101

Lack Of Awareness Plagues Free-Form RPG

IBM Patches More OpenSSL Flaws In IBM i

As I See It: Game On

Compliance Leads Small Shops To Online Backup

July 27, 2015

IBM i Strategist Sets Priorities, Balances Resources

Keeping Up With Security Threats To IBM i

Strong Dollar Hurts Power Systems Sales In Q2

Mad Dog 21/21: If It Ducks Like A Quack, Part 2

Legacy ERP Conversion Under Way At Dietz & Watson

July 15, 2015

IBM i 6.1 Upgrades: What's In Your Box?

Robot Job Scheduler Gets a Fresh New Look

Faction Offers IBM i Hosting In Cloud Marketplace

Trial Date Set in Oracle vs. Rimini

Infor Delivers IBM i-Based Cloud ERP for Automakers, M3 Update

July 13, 2015

Manufacturing Automation At A 'Crossroads' For IBM i Shops

IBM's Migration Plan To PurePower Systems

LANSA Guides Mobile, Portal, Integration Project To Success

As I See It: The Improbable Conference

IBM i Access Turns Its Attention To Database

July 1, 2015

What's Legacy Now: WSDLs and Stored Procedures

IBS Sold To Marlin

Magic Goes In-Memory With App Framework

Vendor Patches VTLs So You Don't Have To

cozTools Brings Subscription Pricing To Software Licensing

June 29, 2015

Top Five New Technologies On IBM i

Advice From The Mavens Of Modernization

Take A Peek Inside PurePower Converged Systems

Infor Readies IBM i Cloud

Reader Feedback On The AS/400 Turns 27, And Still Has Much To Teach IT

June 22, 2015

The AS/400 Turns 27, And Still Has Much To Teach IT

Western User Groups Attempting A Comeback

Audit Time: How Do Your Source And Objects Match Up?

Mad Dog 21/21: If It Ducks Like A Quack

Data Loss In A Disaster Exceeds Expectations

June 17, 2015

dbFunnel Provides Native ETL For IBM i

Why You Might Want To Encrypt Your Syslogs Now

LaserVault Moves IBM i Backups Forward

Mad Dog 21/21: Big Apple

Surround Tech Goes Up The Stack

June 15, 2015

IBM i Multiple Language Support Generates Value Decisions

Big Blue Gives MSPs Monthly Rates On IBM i Stack

Change Management Plays Major Role In IBM i Modernization

Reader Feedback On Should We Just Call It Power i Now?

OpenPower Partners Open SuperVessel Dev Cloud

June 8, 2015

HelpSystems Adds SkyView Partners To Its Security Assets

Enterprise Server Refresh Cycle Gathers Momentum

Managed Service Provider Picks Its Niche

As I See It: Listen Up And Ignore Me

Should We Just Call It Power i Now?

June 1, 2015

Power8 Iron Gets New I/O Options

Thoughts On The Power E850 And I/O Contraction

For OpenLegacy, Modernization Is All About the APIs

Maxava Builds On IBM i Sustainability Efforts

SQL Query And Report Tool Gets The ProData Treatment

May 20, 2015

Hadoop and IBM i: Not As Far Apart As One Might Think

Shield Goes Lean and Mean with HA Software

ARCAD Release Management Fits With UrbanCode DevOps

Kisco Rolls with 2FA, Revs Network Security Tool

BCD Tweaks Web Dev Tools. . . Focal Point Updates DR FlashCopy. . . Boadway Puts IBM i Performance Data on the Cloud. . .

May 18, 2015

Is There No Midrange In The IBM i Midrange?

State of IBM i Security? Still Horrible, After All These Years

Mobile Access To IBM i Makes The Grade

Mad Dog 21/21: Not As Big Blue

IBM i Shops Running Oracle JDE Consider MSPs And Migration

May 11, 2015

New Power8 Midrange, PurePower Kicker To PureSystems

Where IBM i's Double-Digit Growth Is Coming From

IBM i Shops Not In A Hurry For HANA

LANSA Bets On Windows Mobile Acceptability

COMMON Still In The Red; Trend Is Favorable

May 6, 2015

Technology Refresh Highlighted By Development Languages And Native Flash Storage

SAP HANA Now Available On IBM Power

BCD Cranks Up Its PHP Engine

Profound Gets A Handle On Subfiles In Screen Scraper

Maxava Building Its Own Cloud For IBM i High Availability

May 4, 2015

Head Power Sales Honcho Fires Up The IBM i Base

IBM Upgrades High-End And Low-End Power8 Machines

Cautious Optimism Pervades COMMON

As I See It: Cold War 2.0

An Open Letter To IBM From A Developer

April 27, 2015

The Remaining Power8 Systems Loom

Fresche Legacy Advances App Dev Integration Plan

Power Systems Sales Return To Growth

IBM Blocks 'Bar Mitzvah' Attack In SSL/TLS

SystemObjects Gets The Word Out On Mobile Messaging

April 20, 2015

Big Blue Provides Extended Support For IBM i 6.1

It's TR Time: What's Next For The IBM i Database?

IBM i A Vital Part Of This Staffing Franchise

Good Day, Good Way To Be A Consultant

Observations From Oracle Collaborate 2015

April 15, 2015

IBM i and the IoT

On the Bleeding Edge of MIMIX Adoption with APL Logistics

Relief for Third-Party Software Upgrade Paralysis

OpenLegacy's Modernization Approach Impresses New Partner

Going Off the Grid with IBM i Mobile Apps

April 13, 2015

IBM i Shops Can't Help But Look At Linux

Has Cloud ERP Reached a Tipping Point?

Cozzi Refines Data-Centric Ideas For IBM i Report Writer

IBM Offers Deep Discounts On Power-Linux Down Under

Reader Feedback On Crazy Idea #483: A Leveraged Buyout Of IBM i

April 6, 2015

Crazy Idea #483: A Leveraged Buyout Of IBM i

IBM i ERP Vendor Finds Success With SaaS

Winning PHP App Pops IBM i Precepts

As I See It: Playing In The Minefield

Agilysys Adds Mobile Manager For IBM i LMS Customers

April 1, 2015

Zend And BCD Get A Little Closer For PHP

Cilasoft Introduces Single View Of Data From Multiple Systems

SoftLanding Latest ISV To Add iASP Support

Enough With The Huge Performance Increases Already, IBM i Pros Cry

Quadrant Simplifies Path To FoIP Glory

March 23, 2015

OpenPower Could Take IBM i To Hyperscale And Beyond

IBM i Skills Shortage: Now You See It, Now You Don't

Tributary Flashes Backup To 60 TB Per Hour

Mad Dog 21/21: The Innovators' Droll Lemma

Reader Feedback On What's Up In The IBM i Marketplace . . . Don't Miss the IBM i Marketplace Webcast . . . COMMON Is Coming, Linux and VIOS Get Top Billing

March 18, 2015

IBM Patches BIND and OpenSSL Flaws in IBM i

IBM Unveils ETL Solution for DB2 Web Query

Midrange Dynamics Takes Aim At Database Changes

OAuth 2.0 Makes Its Way Onto the IBM i

Kisco Debuts Sub-$400 Message Monitor

March 16, 2015

Look Ahead With IBM To 2018

IBM i Shops Turn To MSPs For Help

Splunking Through IBM i Log Mysteries

As I See It: In the Land of the Panel Beaters

Storagepipe Takes Aim At IBM i Tape Backup And Recovery

March 9, 2015

What's Up In The IBM i Marketplace?

SMA Aims To Grow IBM i Automation Biz In The U.S.

Maxava IFS Replication Makes Performance Leap

IBM Discounts Let CPUs And Memory Go Mobile For Less

Reader Feedback On Affordable Energy: Investment In The IBM i ISV Community

March 4, 2015

There Is No Lack Of RPG Programmers, IBM i Community Contends

HANA On Power Marches Toward GA

UCG And Expedient Partner For Expanded IBM i Hosted Services

Where Have All The QSYSOPR Messages Gone?

Linoma Unveils GoDrive, A Private Dropbox-Like Service

March 2, 2015

Affordable Energy: Investment In The IBM i ISV Community

Sundry Power Systems Withdrawals, New I/O Tweaks

Top 9 New Features In Kronos iSeries Central 7

Infinite Success Is Modernization Via Migration

IBM Boosts Capacity On FlashSystem Arrays

February 23, 2015

IBM Grants After License Amnesty For Software Maintenance

Implement, Teach, And Get Out Of The Way

Experimental Node.js Chatserver For IBM i

Mad Dog 21/21: Groundhog Days

Power Systems Maintenance Prices Hike In Canada. . . Vaulting Service Replaces Mirroring For IBM i Shop. . . Power Systems Academic Initiative Tops 300 Schools. . .

February 18, 2015

Five IBM i Facts That Will Surprise Your CIO

RPG Programmer Shortage Blamed For CSC's Earnings Miss

iFD Streamlines Document Workflow With New Product

Considerations For Implementing Encryption On IBM i

CYBRA Getting Creative With RFID Solutions

February 16, 2015

PHP Changes IBM i Shops, And They Change The PHP Community

Startup OpenLegacy Open Sources App Modernization Tool

IBM Europe Deals On Power Systems, Raises Storage Prices

HelpSystems, SoftLanding Partner To Upgrade TurnOver

Conference Puts IBM i System Management In Spotlight

February 11, 2015

Orchestrating Your API-Enabled Assets On IBM i

IBM Leads In Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Vision Reflects on Clouds, 'Shadow IT' in Latest Resilience Report

Remain Software ALM Tool Gets CA Plex Interface

VAI Rides a Rocket. . . 2015 IBM i Predictions from Raz-Lee. . . New Storage Solutions from Quantum. . .

February 9, 2015

Surrounding The IBM i

German Hotel Search Engine Mashes Up Watson And IBM i

Security Risks Avoided By The Development Team

IBM's Licensing Practices Under Scrutiny

IBM Layoffs Not As Dramatic As Rumored

February 4, 2015

BCD Bolsters RPG OA Support in Presto 6

Chrono-Logic Change Management Software Targets IBM i

How Trek Solved Its IBM i-to-Cloud Data Integration Challenge

REST Services For IBM i In developerWorks Spotlight

Infor Cloud EDI . . . DocOrigin Replaces JetForm . . . Empowered with Web Services . . .

February 2, 2015

DB2 Enhancements, Free Form RPG, Modernization Top Rowe's 'Big Hits' List

A Peek Inside IBM's Merchant Power8 Processors

IBM i Marketplace Survey Fills In The Blanks

As I See It: Asking The Big Question

IBM Redpaper Guides You To IBM i Modernization Tools

January 26, 2015

Profound Logic, ARCAD Partnership Targets Modernization Projects

More IBM i Predictions From The Community

Capturing Data, Not Just Documents

As I See It: Partisans and Mercenaries

Reader Feedback On IBM i Wish List For 2015

January 21, 2015

IBM i Predictions For 2015 From Around The Community

S4i Documents Success In Paperless Transformations

Barcode Company T.L. Ashford Introduces Forms Generation Software

IBM Wraps Up Change In 2014, Looks Ahead To 2015

A SoftLanding For AUTOMON. . . InterSigning From InterForm. . . Where Oh Where Did My BABY Go (Windows). . .

January 19, 2015

IBM i Wish List For 2015

TEMBO Regroups, Preps for New Database Modernization Push

Modernization Projects On The Rise, Says Fresche Legacy

Power Systems Inspire New z13 Mainframe

Strengthening Dollar Curtails Global IT Spending Growth

January 12, 2015

Under New CEO, HelpSystems Snaps Up Rival Halcyon

IBM Reorganizes To Reflect Its New Business Machine

IBM i Shops Contemplate Collaboration

Mad Dog 21/21: Nerves Of Steel

OpenPower Builds Momentum With New Members, Summit

December 8, 2014

Entry Power8 Systems Get Express Pricing, Fat Memory

2014: The IBM i Year That Was

Critical Times, Critical Skills

Mad Dog 21/21: It's The Apps, Stupid

As I See It: The Path Forward

But Wait, There's More

December 1, 2014

Aiming High, And Low, With Power Chips

IBM i Modernization Relies On Solving Mysteries

IBM i Shops Offloading Infrastructure

As I See It: Three Blind Vice

Mad Dog 21/21: Two Calves And Calves Not

But Wait, There's More

November 17, 2014

The Windows Of Opportunity

Negotiating The Upgrade Paths To Power8 Enterprise Systems

If Infrastructure Matters, What About i?

As I See It: In Search of Digital Wisdom

Do 'Non-Standard' OSes Like IBM i Pose Security Risks?

But Wait, There's More

November 10, 2014

First Pass On Power8 Enterprise Performance

Dispatches From The IBM i MSP Frontier

IBM And ISVs Fight POODLE Vulnerability In SSL 3.0

Mad Dog 21/21: Pandora's Pithos

College RPG Needs A Technology Refresh

But Wait, There's More

November 3, 2014

IBM Will Fill The Hole In The Power8 Line

Startup Looks To Take the Pain Out Of HA Testing

Any Place For IBM i In The OpenPower Clan?

As I See It: The Author As Infant

Knocking On Doors And Talking About Cloud

But Wait, There's More

October 27, 2014

What The IBM Chip Biz Selloff Means To IBM i Shops

Power Systems Show Sequential Revenue Gains

Flash Expands As Primary Storage; Market Share Still Tiny

Mad Dog 21/21: Power Cuts

IBM Bolsters Multi-Site Disaster Recovery In DS8870 Arrays

But Wait, There's More

October 20, 2014

Sharing Power Systems: An IBM i And Linux Story

2020 Processor Technology Could Unite Power And Mainframe Chips

PHP And SQL Driving Modernization Strategies At IBM i Shops, Zend Says

As I See It: When Machines Excel

Power Systems I/O Enhancements

But Wait, There's More

October 13, 2014

App Dev, Database Top IBM i TR9 and TR1 Enhancements

IBM 'Openly' Rancorous At Enterprise Event

OVH Fires Up Power8 Infrastructure Cloud

Mad Dog 21/21: Borrowed Time

Tyan Preps $2,753 OpenPower Reference Server

But Wait, There's More

October 6, 2014

IBM Rolls Out The Big Power8 Iron

Report Writing Punishes IBM Power i Shops

Lenovo Deal Done, Power Systems Takes Center Stage

As I See It: Lip Service

Security Breaches Reminder For IBM i Shops To Up Their Games

But Wait, There's More

September 29, 2014

Cisco's UCS Mini Enters The Midrange Arena

How IBM Stacks Up Entry Power8 Machines Against X86 Iron

Will VIOS Pushback Drive Direct-Attached Disk Comeback?

Mad Dog 21/21: Two-Minute Warning

IBM Clarifies IBM i 6.1.1 And Support Withdrawal

But Wait, There's More

September 22, 2014

IBM i Modernization Gets A Fresche-look

Micro Focus Acquires Attachmate, Builds Software Powerhouse

Where Have All The IBM i ISVs Gone?

As I See It: Eight Years From Now

COBOL And RPG Take Similar Roads To Revival

But Wait, There's More

September 15, 2014

Big Blue To Sunset IBM i 6.1 A Year From Now

IBM i Upgrades Not All On The Same Path

More Power8 Announcements Coming Next Month

Mad Dog 21/21: Crimea River

LTO Roadmap Extended To Gen 10

But Wait, There's More

September 8, 2014

Plotting Out A Power Systems Resurgence

Cloud Vendors Team Up To Offer Hybrid IBM i-X86 DR Service

IBM Clarifies Power8 Chippery And Performance

As I See It: I See England, I See France, I See Techie Underpants

Server Refresh Cycle Begins Anew

But Wait, There's More

August 25, 2014

Partners Need To Get Certified--For Power8 And IBM i

'Game Changer' Mobile App Rollout Under Way

New Approaches Needed For Hyperscale Security Threats

As I See It: IT At Play

The Coder's Shortcut To Satisfaction

But Wait, There's More

August 18, 2014

Power8 Packs More Punch Than Expected

ManH Dives Into 'Clienteling' with GlobalBay Buy

Starving For IBM i Security Skills

Mad Dog 21/21: On Whom IBM Now Depends

Coming Face To Face With An IBM i Recruit

But Wait, There's More

August 11, 2014

OpenVMS Spinout A Possible Prelude To An IBM i Future?

IBM i Job Market: Not All Doom and Gloom

There's Something Happening Here

As I See It: The Final Escape

Busy Signals Coming From PowerRuby

But Wait, There's More

July 28, 2014

IBM Readies More Power8 Iron For Launch

A Peek At IBM i Directions And Destinations

Big Blue-Apple: It's All About The Apps

As I See It: To Think Or Not To Think

Power Systems Sales Down In Q2, But Improving

But Wait, There's More

July 14, 2014

Counting The Cost Of Power8 Systems

Get Your IBM i Audit On: Tips For A Smooth Deployment

Small IBM i Shops Find Simple, Inexpensive Reporting Options

Mad Dog 21/21: Food Chain

IBM Wheels And Deals For Flex And Power Systems

But Wait, There's More

July 7, 2014

HelpSystems Grows With RJS And Coglin Mill Acquisitions

Still A Community Of Common Interest

The New Normal For The IBM i Job Market

As I See It: Midlife With Crisis

Maxava Puts Up Another $50,000 For iFoundation Grants

But Wait, There's More

June 16, 2014

Four-Core Power8 Box For Entry IBM i Shops Ships Early

Your Next Big Tech Job Is. . . Freelancing

ERP Investments Rising, Complexity Waits In The Shadows

As I See It: The Game Changer

PC Users Snag IBM i Data With iWebSrv

But Wait, There's More

June 9, 2014

Thanks For The Cheaper, Faster Memories

Apache Web Server Upgrade Path Handled By i 7.2

SAP Hana For IBM Power Officially In The Works

Mad Dog 21/21: The Show-Me State

Talent Management Programs Depend On Adjustments

But Wait, There's More

June 2, 2014

Threading The Needle Of Power8 Performance

Virtualization and Analytics: Recurring Power8 Themes

IBM i 7.2 Tightens Data Access And Security

As I See It: The Dream Changer

IBM i Innovators To Gather In Minneapolis

But Wait, There's More

May 27, 2014

Lining Up Power7+ Versus Power8 Machines With IBM i

Skills, IBM i, Power8, And The Gathering Of Clouds

Popping The IBM i Security Bubble

Mad Dog 21/21: Zigbee And The Waggle Dance

IBM i Finds A Place In The Cloud

But Wait, There's More

May 19, 2014

We're Integrated, We're A Platform, Let's Catch The Wave

IBM i Shops Pay The Power8 Hardware Premium

State Of IBM i Security? Dismal As Usual, PowerTech Says

As I See It: The Wheeler Dealer

'Power First' As IBM Exits X86 Servers

But Wait, There's More

May 12, 2014

As The World Turns: Investments In IBM i

Doing The Two-Step To Get To Power8

IBM Power Systems Can Do Big Data Analytics, Too

Mad Dog 21/21: IBM, The Dacoit, And Ganesha's Mother

IBM Announcements Buzz At COMMON Annual Meeting

But Wait, There's More

May 5, 2014

IBM i 7.2 Available May 2

IBM Debuts 'HyperSwap' With PowerHA Express Edition

TFH Flashback: Self Reliance

As I See It: What's In Your Wallet?

Power8 Before It's Too Late

But Wait, There's More

April 28, 2014

IBM i Runs On Two Of Five New Power8 Machines

A Real Open Power Server, Finally

Executing RPG: Pull The Plug, Kilner Says

As I See It: Old Hephaestus Had A Bot, A.I.A.I.O.

Heartbleed Exposes The Vulnerability Of An IBM i Mentality

But Wait, There's More

April 21, 2014

IBM i TR8, Database Driven

Power Systems: Look Ahead, Don't Look Back

Java On IBM i 7.1 Brings JVM Migrations

Mad Dog 21/21: When Oxford Was Obnoxford

IBM Enhances I/O On Power7 And Power7+ Machines

But Wait, There's More

April 14, 2014

Big Blue Launches IBM i 7.1 TR8 As 7.2 Looms

Heartbleed, OpenSSL, and IBM i: What You Need to Know

Life In Javaland

Mad Dog 21/21: Who Says Elephants Can't Die?

IBM Schedules Power Systems Event For April 28

But Wait, There's More

April 7, 2014

Big Blue Talks About IBM i And PureSystems

What Works For Women In IT

IT Spending Projections Revised A Smidgen Upward

As I See It: Ned Ludd Has Left the Building

Investment In Skills Lacks Incentives

But Wait, There's More

March 31, 2014

Power8 Launch Rumored To Start At The Low End

Basic Plan, Minimal Requirements Lead To Surprising Results

Love Your Legacy, But Look To The Future

As I See It: The Sleeping Giant

What's Your IBM i Application Debt?

But Wait, There's More

March 17, 2014

Systems Of Engagement

IBM i Mobile Apps Challenged By BYOD Management

Jim Sloan Steps Back from TAA Productivity Tools

Mad Dog 21/21: All's Well That Ends Well

CIOs Move From The Back Office To The Front Lines

But Wait, There's More

March 10, 2014

Rumors Say Power8 Systems Debut Sooner Rather Than Later

Problem Solved: IBM i Skills Initiatives Need Partners

Cheap Servers Sell Like Hotcakes, Big Systems Not So Much

As I See It: The New Face of Followership

Cloud ERP Deployments Declined In 2013, Panorama Says

But Wait, There's More

March 3, 2014

Power Systems Coming To The SoftLayer Cloud

The Most Talked About IBM i Trends And Technology

Buy One XIV Array, Get Another For A Buck

Mad Dog 21/21: Will You Still Need Me When ARM's 64?

IBM Layoffs Begin In The U.S. And Canada

But Wait, There's More

February 24, 2014

Intel's Xeon E7 Brings The Fight To IBM's Power8

Fear Or Freedom: IBM i ERP Upgrades

Oracle To Make JDE More Agile, Less Painful To Upgrade

As I See It: Peeking Under the Hood

IBM Slashes On-Demand CPU And Memory Prices

But Wait, There's More

February 17, 2014

IBM Pushes Performance Up, Energy Down With Power8

Big Blue's Chip Business Is Probably On The Block

Congratulations, PHP: You Are Legacy Now

Mad Dog 21/21: Coining Money

Latest IBM FlashSystem Software Doubles Performance

But Wait, There's More

February 10, 2014

Quadrant Buys BCD Software

Expanding The IBM i Advocate's Tool Box

Blue Chip Builds Out 1.5 Million CPW IBM i Cloud

As I See It: Googling The Future

Emerging Markets Chill IT Spending Forecast

But Wait, There's More

February 3, 2014

IBM's X86 Exit Strategy: Arguing The Good And Bad

PureSystems Base Busts Through 10,000 Installations

Cloud Migration Service Shifts From IBM i To Linux

Mad Dog 21/21: Noshing Like Cronus

SaaS: Come For The Savings, Stay For The Competitive Advantage

But Wait, There's More

January 27, 2014

What The System x Selloff Means To IBM i Shops

RPG OA: Open Opportunity, Open To Interpretation

Ricoh Gets Into MSP Business With mindSHIFT Buy

As I See It: MLK And The NSA

Power Systems Sales Power Down In The Fourth Quarter

But Wait, There's More

January 20, 2014

IBM Winds Down Older CPU And Memory Ahead Of Power8

Key Info Unlocks Its Cloud

Old Code And High Maintenance

Mad Dog 21/21: Curate's Eggs

JD Edwards And The Big Red Money Machine

But Wait, There's More

January 13, 2014

New Year's High Def, Most Def

Townsend Launches 2FA To Thwart Cyber Attacks On IBM i

Finding The i In The Power Ecosystem And Strategy

As I See It: ITCare

IBM Preps Flashy Servers For January Launch

But Wait, There's More

December 16, 2013

All Your IBM i Base Are Belong To Us

IBM i In The Middle Of Infrastructure Overhaul

2013: An IBM i Year In Review

As I See It: Traditions

Enterprise Social Networking Finds Integration Is A Hoot

But Wait, There's More

December 9, 2013

IBM i Installed Base Dominated By Vintage Iron

RPG And Java At The Crossroads

The Word Of The Day Is Modern--Spread The Word

Mad Dog 21/21: Pilots Of The Carob Bean

The Q3 Server Market And IBM's Place In It

But Wait, There's More

December 2, 2013

Open Source Is Here To Stay On IBM i

Power Chips To Get A GPU Boost Through Nvidia Partnership

Roping The Wind: Power7+ In The Texas SMB

As I See It: Poisoning The Well

Better Worldwide IT Spending Ahead, Predicts IDC

But Wait, There's More

November 18, 2013

Power8 Offers Big Blue And IBM i A Clean Slate

IBM i Developers Sound Off On JavaScript Frameworks

The Risk Of Doing Nothing With Modern RPG And DB2

As I See It: Permissionless Neutrality

In The Shadow Of Database Hype

But Wait, There's More

November 11, 2013

IBM Enhances Disk And Flash For Power Systems

PowerHA On IBM i Lags Behind AIX

Rimini Gets Tired Of Waiting, Files For IPO

Mad Dog 21/21: The Gerstner Comparison

Power Systems Provisioning For Enterprise-Level Academics

But Wait, There's More

November 4, 2013

The Sales Pitch For The PureFlex For IBM i Bundle

IBM Chops High-End Power CPU And Memory Prices

Watson's Prodigy Leads Power Systems Into The Cognitive Era

As I See It: Can We Have More, Sir?

IBM Storwize V5000: A SAN For The SMB Masses

But Wait, There's More

October 28, 2013

IBM Wraps Up New PureFlex For IBM i Bundle

Budget For Infrastructure And Shared Systems, Say IBM Top Brass

Big Data, OpenPower Are Big Levers For Power Systems

Mad Dog 21/21: Nice Clients, Shame About The Servers

Being CIO At IBM Means You Are IT

But Wait, There's More

October 21, 2013

Will Modern, Free-Form RPG Bring New Blood To The Platform?

The i Cloud Wasn't Built In A Day

Power Systems Sales Hammered Down In Q3

As I See It: Reading the IT Leaves

Butterill Brings Crowd To OCEAN Meeting

But Wait, There's More

October 14, 2013

Little Linux Pricing On Big Power Systems Iron

Oh, Ruby! What You Do To Me (On Rails)

Big Data Gets Easier to Handle With IBM i TR7

Mad Dog 21/21: Watson, Come Here, I Want To See You

IBM Training: The New Plan Advances

But Wait, There's More

October 7, 2013

RPG, Database Top Enhancements In IBM i 7.1 Technology Release 7

Q&A With Doug Balog, Power Systems GM

BCD Hooks Up With ARCAD To Manage Web Development On IBM i

As I See It: Virtual Pheromones

IBM Readying Power Systems, PureSystems For Cloud Push

But Wait, There's More

September 30, 2013

Power8 And The Potential Oomph In Midrange And Big Boxes

Just Watching Or Making An IBM i Modernization Plan?

Something New For Enterprise Mobile

Mad Dog 21/21: I Think We're All Bezos On This Bus

Cloud Computing Enters The Growth And Innovation Phase, IDC Says

But Wait, There's More

September 23, 2013

The Possibilities With IBM i Entry Systems Sporting Power8

PureSystems Anyone?

IBM i Jobs: Having What It Takes To Get Hired

As I See It: In Search of the Technology-Free Vacation

IBM i To Ride The Coattails Of Linux On Power

But Wait, There's More

September 16, 2013

Slices Of i For The Little Guys

It's Time For Security Administrator Roles At IBM i Shops, Skyview Says

IBM Aims NextScale Hyperscale Boxes At Clouds--And Possibly Power8

Mad Dog 21/21: For Blue It's Difficult, For Meme It's Easy

Key CIO Confab Uncovers Concerns

But Wait, There's More

September 9, 2013

Power8 Processor Packs A Twelve-Core Punch--And Then Some

Databorough Snapped Up By Fresche Legacy

SaaS HR And Payroll Powered By i Proves Popular

As I See It: Motivate This

IBM Re-Emphasizes Software And Services To The Channel

But Wait, There's More

August 26, 2013

IBM To Divulge Power8 Processor Secrets At Hot Chips

One Power 750 Matches Two Xeon Servers On SAP BW Test

Synon Founder Breathes New Life Into Lazy Software

As I See It: The Rats Are Coming

Avnet's Solutions And Services Strategy Adjusts To IT Buying Changes

But Wait, There's More

August 12, 2013

IBM Forms OpenPower Consortium, Breathes New Life Into Power

IBM Rolls Out Three New Power7+ Flex System Nodes

IBM To FTC: Make Oracle Stop Running Those Mean Server Ads Please

Mad Dog 21/21: Defenestration

Steady Growth For The Connectria Cloud

But Wait, There's More

August 5, 2013

IBM Dresses Up The Power 750+ In A Linux-Only Tuxedo

Big Blue Chops PureSystems CPU And Memory Prices

A New IBM i Team Is Needed

As I See It: Hot Fun In The Summertime

IBM Names New GMs For Power Systems And System z

But Wait, There's More

July 22, 2013

SafeNet Claims Usage-Based Licensing Breakthrough For On-Premise ISVs

IBM's Systems Biz Returns To Profitability In Q2

RPG Teams Picking Up Mobile Development Skills

As I See It: Searching for the Perfect Question

PureSystems Sales Break 6,000, And IBM Names New GM

But Wait, There's More

July 15, 2013

What Is IBM Going To Do With Its Systems Business?

Infor Customers Are Really Happy With IBM i, Survey Finds

Sirius Scopes The IBM i Power Systems Market

Mad Dog 21/21: Drones With Phones

The IBM i Community Is Eying the MSP Option

But Wait, There's More

July 8, 2013

Sundry Power Systems I/O And Storage Enhancements

Keeping Time With Marisol Guzman, CEO Of Timesoft

IBM Wheels And Deals Just A Little To Push Iron

As I See It: Co-opting The Valley

High Maintenance IBM i Application Therapy

But Wait, There's More

June 24, 2013

Silver Anniversary For Silverlake

Taking A Ride On The IBM i

IBM Delivers New Mobile Development Tooling With RDi 9.0

Mad Dog 21/21: What Hath Got Broth?

IBM Cuts Systems And Software Jobs, Hopes To Boost Profits

But Wait, There's More

June 17, 2013

IBM Chops Power Systems Memory Prices After Chip Upgrade

Agilysys Back To Profitability; Sells Retail Division, Buys New Product Line

Dell Goes After SMBs With Data Center In A Box

As I See It: Looking Through the PRISM

IBM Improves Private Cloud Control With SmartCloud 3.1

But Wait, There's More

June 10, 2013

IBM Rolls Out PureFlex-IBM i Bundle With Decent Discounts

Technology Drives More OS Upgrades Than Deadline Pressures

IDC Concurs That The Server Racket Is Rough

As I See It: Compassionate Computing, Or Dalai On The Desktop

DB2 LUW To Get MongoDB Hooks--Will DB2/400 Be Next?

But Wait, There's More

June 3, 2013

Power System Tweaks Loom As IBM Offers 25th Anniversary Edition Iron

IBM i 7.1 TR6 Updated, Licenses Less Restrictive, And i 6.1.1 Ends On Power7+

IBM i Security Firm Looks To Mobile Biometrics For Growth

Mad Dog 21/21: Is It Good For The Juice?

The Server Biz Stalls In The First Quarter

But Wait, There's More

May 20, 2013

Making Hadoop Elephants Drink From Silverlake

ISV Advisory Council: Untold Secrets And Free Advice

COMMON Europe Cancels Its June Conference

As I See It: To Ad Or Not To Ad

The 10-Year Security Itch Needs Scratching

But Wait, There's More

May 13, 2013

Dances With Elephants

The Sweet 16 Of Mobile App Dev Tools for IBM i

Knee Deep In Database Modernization

As I See It: Abiding Solitude

IT Hiring Growth Slows For Third Month In A Row

But Wait, There's More

May 6, 2013

IBM Launches Extended Support For i5/OS V5R4

Infor Exudes Total Confidence At Annual User Confab

Systems And Strategy Execs Switch Roles At Big Blue

Mad Dog 21/21: Think Or Quit

SAN Sightings At IBM i Shops On The Rise

But Wait, There's More

April 22, 2013

IBM Is Working On New Software Licensing Schemes

Power Systems Sales Stalled--Again--By Power7+ Rollout

i Is For Investment

As I See It: Yet Another Modest Proposal

Executive Reality: You're Not The Lone Ranger

But Wait, There's More

April 15, 2013

i Witness Account: The Chief Architect's View

COMMON Fights Off The Blues In Austin

Where Is DB2 BLU Accelerator For IBM i?

Mad Dog 21/21: Smith And Westin

IBM To Pump $1 Billion Into Flash Storage

But Wait, There's More

April 8, 2013

Midrange Power7+ Servers: The IBM Sales Pitch

IBM i Looks For 'Social Security' On Silver Anniversary

IBM Lets MSPs Have Utility-Priced IBM i 6.1 For Clouds

As I See It: Rigging Reputation

The 21 IBM Fellows Who Helped Build The IBM i Server

But Wait, There's More

April 1, 2013

Midrange Power7+ Servers: The More Oomph You Want, The More It Costs

Worknet Says 'Burstable' HA Gives Its Private IBM i Cloud An Advantage

Oracle Takes On IBM Power With New Sparc T5 Systems

Mad Dog 21/21: Server Makers Shift Shape, Stressing Legacy Customers

Avnet Describes IBM i Server Market Trends

But Wait, There's More

March 25, 2013

Midrange Power7+ Servers: Scaling Up Means Bring Your Checkbook

One MSP's Clear View Of The Future Of Cloud ERP

Doin' A Land Office Power7 Business Down In Texas

As I See It: All Things Big

IBM i Cloud Watch

But Wait, There's More

March 18, 2013

Entry Power7+ Servers: How IBM Sees The Deal

Big Blue Backs Off On IBM i Maintenance Price Hike

Power Systems: The Secret To SMB Innovation?

Mad Dog 21/21: Clouds Gather Over The Server Business

IT Job Market Slides In February, But Could Rebound In Summer

But Wait, There's More

March 11, 2013

Entry Power7+ Servers: Counting The Costs Of CPUs, IBM i, And SWMA

If COBOL Is Too 'Un-Cool' For School, What's That Make RPG?

Server Manufacturing Moved Out Of Rochester, Minnesota

As I See It: Darwin vs. Zuckerberg

H-1B Visas Are No Solution To IT Skills Shortage

But Wait, There's More

March 4, 2013

Entry Power7+ Servers: Those 720+ and 740+ Boxes Are Gonna Cost Ya

Power7 Is The End Of The Line For Power Blades

Enthusiasm, Persistence, And The IBM i Payoff

Mad Dog 21/21: If You Want Cheap Cloud Backup, Raise Your ARM

The Server Racket Holds Its Own In The Fourth Quarter

But Wait, There's More

February 25, 2013

Big Blue Jacks Software Maintenance Prices For IBM i

Mobility Is The Motivator For Green-Screen Migrations

IBM Locks Down Licensed Internal Code On Power, Mainframe Systems

As I See It: The Man Who Would Be Kim

IBM Dives Head First Into Mobile

But Wait, There's More

February 18, 2013

PureApplication Systems Get Power7+, But Not IBM i

IBM Rochester Shows Off Its Agility

Storage And I/O Enhancements Come To Power Boxes

Mad Dog 21/21: The Post Office And Dell, Delivering Less, Hoping For More

SQL Server Not Best Ingredient In IBM i BI Pie

But Wait, There's More

February 11, 2013

Invader II: New Power7+ Machines Take On Entry X86 Iron

IBM Beefs Up The Power7+ Midrange With Double-Whammy Sockets

TR6 Brings Assorted Tech Goodies To IBM i

As I See It: The Next Big (Destructive) Thing

Recognition Of IBM i Begins With Teamwork

But Wait, There's More

February 4, 2013

Pondering Possibilities With More Power7+ Machines Impending

The IT Revolution May Be Over, But It's Still A Jungle

IBM's Social Media Addiction Intensifies

Mad Dog 21/21: Take Another Bow, William Howard Taft And IBM Mainframes

Notes/Domino Social Edition 9 To Arrive In March

But Wait, There's More

January 28, 2013

Coming Soon: Entry And Midrange Power7+ Servers

IBM Mainframes Jump, Power Systems Drop Ahead Of Power7+ Rollout

Simple Business Intelligence: Fact Or Phantom?

As I See It: Gadfly

Survey Points To 3 Percent Raise For IT Pros In 2013

But Wait, There's More

January 21, 2013

IBM Taps Ingram Micro, Tech Data To Peddle Power Systems, Storage

Steve Will Keeps His i On The Prize

New Java Vulnerabilities No Threat To IBM i

Mad Dog 21/21: Google Evildoers Filched Funds From My Wallet

IBM Doubles Up Rebates On Power Systems Trade-In Deal

But Wait, There's More

January 14, 2013

What's Happening In IBM i App Dev?

Help/Systems Buys Dartware To Build Out Heterogeneous Monitoring

SAP Puts In-Memory Database At The Heart Of Its BusinessSuite ERP

As I See It: Success, The Career Killer

IBM Splits Global Services Again As Mike Daniels Steps Down As GM

But Wait, There's More

January 7, 2013

What The Future Holds For IBM i Platforms In 2013

ITG Report: Resiliency Floats The IBM i Boat

2012: An IBM i Year To Remember

Mad Dog 21/21: Tycho Brahe Had No Nose. How Did He Smell? Terrible

IBM Tweaks Flex System And PowerLinux Prices

But Wait, There's More

December 10, 2012

We Need A Baby PureSystems Running IBM i

Sandy Shows State Of IT Resilience Has Room For Improvement

New ITG Report Is Reinforcement For The IBM i Advocate

As I See It: Still Buoyant After All These Years

IT Spending To Increase In 2013, World Ascends To The Third Platform

But Wait, There's More

December 3, 2012

Power Systems Cloud Builders Get Huge Discounts

IBM Adds IBM i Support To Traveler And Kills Lotus Name

Mobile Developers Battle Complexity, Deployment Time

As I See It: How IT Decided The Election

Excepting X86 Iron, Server Sales Continue To Slip In Q3

But Wait, There's More

November 26, 2012

Surprise! Power7+ Chips Launched In Flex System p260 Servers

IBM Ponies Up $4 Billion In Financing For Partner Push

Microsoft Targets IBM i, z/OS Migrations With PMA Program

Mad Dog 21/21: The Harder They Fall

Maxava Says HA Cloud Business Is Booming

But Wait, There's More

November 12, 2012

Big Blue's Power Systems Get Some Itanium Competition

IBM Unveils New LTO6 Gear And A Storwize SAN

Where In The World Is Web Query?

As I See It: The Many Faces Of Creativity

IT Budgets Down In Europe, Up Slightly Globally In 2012

But Wait, There's More

November 5, 2012

IBM i Top Concerns: Build Skills, Add High Availability, Serve Users

Superstorm Sandy Puts DR Plans To The Ultimate Test

Rumors Say JDA Software Slaps On For Sale Sign

Mad Dog 21/21: Estranged Here In A Strained Land

Testing For Success Sometimes Doomed To Failure

But Wait, There's More

October 29, 2012

Thanks For The (Higher Priced) Memories?

Knowledge Is Power When Assessing Your IBM i Legacy

Server Sales Hiccup Stalls Avnet In September Quarter, December Sobering Up

As I See It: Born Again Computers

Gartner Says Big Data Getting Bigger, Skills Lag

But Wait, There's More

October 22, 2012

PowerVM, IBM i Enhancements Mean Better Power Systems Clouds

Tough Slogging In Q3 For IBM, Like Everyone Else

Help/Systems Buys CCSS For Systems Management Expertise

As I See It: Sub-Atomic Dreams

Single Sign-On: Then and Now

But Wait, There's More

October 15, 2012

IBM Carves Out Upgrade Paths To New Power7+ Systems

IBM Adds A Bunch Of I/O Devices To Power Systems

IBM i Workloads Now Supported On IBM Private Cloud Software

As I See It: Chasing The Impulse

Big Blue Pits PureData Appliance Against Ellison's Exadata

But Wait, There's More

October 8, 2012

Power7+ Launches In Multi-Chassis Power 770+ And 780+ Systems

IBM i 7.1 TR5 Updates Come Out, Like Clockwork

IBM Tweaks Power Systems, Flex Systems Prices

Mad Dog 21/21: Thinking About Thinkstuff

IBM Throttles Storage I/O With New SAN And LTO6 Tape Drive

But Wait, There's More

October 1, 2012

Some Things To Ponder On The Impending Power7+ Era

iBelieve NY: If You Don't Like Change. . .

Arming The IBM i Nation

Mad Dog 21/21: Shamoon And Six Trends

IBM's Rometty Takes Over As Chairman Of The Board

But Wait, There's More

September 24, 2012

Power7+ Systems Due To Launch October 3

Python On IBM i: Why?

Applications Misfire When Database Integrity Ignored

As I See It: Legacy

Top CIOs Bring Home The Bacon, IT Salaries Flat As Pancakes

But Wait, There's More

September 17, 2012

Sirius Fluffs Up A Cloud For IBM i SMBs

Can My Power 520 Run IBM i 7.1, And Do It Well?

PowerVM Outshines Other VMs In IBM-Backed Report

Mad Dog 21/21: The Malady Of All Empires

IBM To Stop Peddling Power6+ Processors Soon

But Wait, There's More

September 10, 2012

Performance Choices For Power7+ Servers Could Be Complicated

Casualties Stack Up In The IBM i Job Wars

Gartner Concurs: Second Quarter Server Sales Stall

As I See It: Game Changer

Google's Nexus 7: A Viable Tablet For IBM i Users

But Wait, There's More

September 4, 2012

IBM Power7+ Chips Give Servers A Double Whammy

Scant New Talent Is Finding IBM i

TEMBO Taps inFORM to Distribute Database Modernization Tool

Mad Dog 21/21: Has The PC Lost Its Mojo?

Server Sales Slow As Buyers Await New Processors

But Wait, There's More

August 27, 2012

IBM Lassos Texas Memory Systems For Flashy Storage

BCD And Zend Expand PHP Pact

SAP On IBM i: The Best Alternative?

As I See It: All the Server People, Hot, Hot, Hot

IBM Touts PureSystems Uptake For PoCs, In Emerging Markets

But Wait, There's More

August 13, 2012

Power7+ Chips Juiced With Faster Clocks, Memory Compression

Windows Replaced By IBM i, Hosted Software, And Web Portal

IDC Says Power Systems Trumps X86 In Resiliency

As I See It: The Other Motivator

Go To Where The IT Jobs Are

But Wait, There's More

August 6, 2012

IBM i Wins Software Pricing Throwdown Versus AIX-DB2 Combo

Big Blue Gives A Solid Installed Base Number For IBM i

Midsize IBM i Shops Find BI in Document Distribution

Mad Dog 21/21: For Whom The Tolls Bill

Oracle Slapped Over Anti-Power Advertising Campaigns

But Wait, There's More

July 23, 2012

IBM Gives Killer Power System Deals Down Under

Big Blue Cranks Up The Profit Engine In Q2

Another Look At .NET Apps Accessing IBM i

As I See It: To Serve, To Strive, And Not To Yield

IBM Should Buy Mellanox Before HP Or Cisco Does

But Wait, There's More

July 16, 2012

Windows On The (2012 And Cloudy) World

IBM i Mobile Native Apps Coming On Strong

Used Software Scores A Legal Victory In Europe

Mad Dog 21/21: Up Close And Personal

One More Power Systems Roadmap For The Road

But Wait, There's More

July 9, 2012

Some Insight Into Those Future Power7+ Processors

Help/Systems Buys Safestone To Boost Power Systems Security

IBM i Marketing Plans Get The iManifest Touch

As I See It: The Visionary


But Wait, There's More

June 25, 2012

The Big Two Four For The Four Oh Oh

DB2 For i Modernization Gets Assist From RPG OA

IBM Tweaks Flex Prices, Offers Flex Services

As I See It: The Three Graces

EMC Touts Successful Data Domain Installation At IBM i Shop

But Wait, There's More

June 18, 2012

IBM i: A Brilliant Idea That Has Returned Again In PureSystems

JD Edwards Users Pondering Upgrade Options

IT Hiring Plans More Or Less Level In Q3

Mad Dog 21/21: Transit Of Venues

Infor Buys Cloudy Software Company Easy RMS

But Wait, There's More

June 11, 2012

Q&A With Colin Parris, IBM's Power Systems GM

Lawson's 'Landmark' Plans Following Infor Acquisition

Upward Mobility: Taking Your IBM i With You

As I See It: Bad Boys Rising

Why IBM Is Trying To Surf The Linux Wave With Power Systems

But Wait, There's More

June 4, 2012

IBM Puffs Up New Public, Private SmartCloud Releases

Power Systems Power Through Server Downturn

DB2 For i? This Is SQL Server Calling

Mad Dog 21/21: Outer Burroughs

RDP 8.5 Brings New RPG Views, Hooks To Team Concert

But Wait, There's More

May 21, 2012

IBM i And AIX Shops Pay A Hefty Premium Over PowerLinux Buyers

IBM i 7.1 TR4 Database Enhancements: What's Going On?

State Of IBM i Security Remains Poor, PowerTech Says

As I See It: A House of Many Windows

Maxava Sees Big Bump In HA Sales To New Customers--Again

But Wait, There's More

May 14, 2012

COMMON Finds Its Happy Spot With IBM i And Disneyland

New RPG Open Access Standard Depends On XML

IBM Revives Power 770 Discount Deal For Spring Push

As I See It: Cloud Cover

Abacus Puts The i In VIOS With Screaming Power 720 Setup

But Wait, There's More

May 7, 2012

Apps And IBM i Evangelism

Abacus Solutions Puffs Up An IBM i Cloud

'New' Infor's Cloudy IPO Picture

Mad Dog 21/21: Gun-bae, Google, And Thanks For The Tuna

Software Change Management Migrations Are Not Impossible

But Wait, There's More

April 30, 2012

IBM i 7.1 Tech Refresh Sports Live Partition Mobility

IBM Peddles Discounted, Linux-Only Power Iron

The 'New' Infor Keeps Commitment To IBM i Customers

As I See It: Spooky Action at Great Distance

Power Iron Gets New Storage And Networking

But Wait, There's More

April 23, 2012

AWS/400: Amazon Builds An AS/400-oid Cloud

IBM Loses Money On Hardware In Q1

Summit Partners Acquires Control Of Help/Systems--Again

Mad Dog 21/21: Drivers Of The Purple Sage

Third Party's A Charm For JDE Maintenance Contracts

But Wait, There's More

April 16, 2012

IBM Launches Hybrid, Flexible Systems Into The Data Center

A Closer Look At The Flex System Iron

IBM Rolls Out iTunes-Like Store For Enterprise Apps

As I See It: Pocket Litter

Some Carrots To Get i5/OS V5 Shops To Move Forward

But Wait, There's More

April 9, 2012

Some Thoughts About IBM's Next Generation Platform

Dell Goes After IBM Mainframe And Midrange Apps

Checking For Cracks In The Technology Foundation

Mad Dog 21/21: Not Weather, Nor Whether But When

Maxava iFoundation Renews Grant Funding For Second Year

But Wait, There's More

April 2, 2012

IBM's Next Generation Platform Prepped For Launch

Making A Case For IBM i

IBM i Versus Oracle JDE Throwdown Redux

As I See It: You've Got Interviews

Progress Being Made In IT Security War, IBM Says

But Wait, There's More

March 26, 2012

JDE Throwdown: IBM i Versus Oracle Stacks

Five Handles For The Mobile Application Pot

The Definite Article, No Doubt About It

Mad Dog 21/21: Mobile IBM Has Apps, But With Gaps

Server Transitions Give Internal Storage Arrays Sales A Breather

But Wait, There's More

March 19, 2012

Wanted: Power 745 M3 For IBM i SMBs

What Is A Used 520-Class Machine Worth?

IBM Looks Back At 2011 And Forward To 2015

As I See It: No, It's Not Painless

COMMON Turning Up the Value

But Wait, There's More

March 12, 2012

IBM Does March Madness Rebate On Power 770s

Database Neglect and IBM i Inuendo

Where Did The Midrange Go?

Mad Dog 21/21: Kenya Hear Me Now

The Abacus IBM i Test Drive Gains Renewed Relevance

But Wait, There's More

March 5, 2012

Saddle Up, Pardner

Server Sales Slump A Little In Q4

RFID Looks Better Without The Hype

As I See It: Unhappy Anniversary

SEC Investigation Weighs On JDA Software

But Wait, There's More

February 27, 2012

The Application RISC Machine System/500

Xerox Launches IAAS Cloud for Power Systems, Intel Servers

Thinking Strategically About IT As A Service

Mad Dog 21/21: Slim's Simmering SIMs

IBM Winds Down Power7 Gen 1 Entry Servers

But Wait, There's More

February 20, 2012

IBM i Tech Refresh Coming This Spring

Big Blue Pulls The Plug On IBM i Discount Deal

looksoftware Completes RPG OA Roadmap

As I See It: Overrated

YouTube Follies: Windows On Power Systems-IBM i

But Wait, There's More

February 13, 2012

Big Blue To Bring Live Migration To IBM i 7.1

IBM Sunsets i5/OS V5R4 Again--For Real This Time

The Storage Cocktail Is Blended, Not Shaken

Mad Dog 21/21: The Codd Piece

Oracle Rejects Damages from SAP, Opts For TomorrowNow Retrial

But Wait, There's More

February 6, 2012

Flex Platform: An IBM System That Goes With The Tech Flow

Charges Dropped, Rational Open Access Goes Free

RPG Open Access: You Don't Know What You Don't Know

As I See It: Failure Is Not Just For Executives Anymore

Rocket Buys Zephyr For Terminal Emulation

But Wait, There's More

January 30, 2012

Big Blue's Software Gurus Rethink Systems

IBM Throws The Books At Big Power7 Shops

Fiserv Alleges FIS Infringed On Patents For Online Payment Software

Mad Dog 21/21: Angry Hurd

Anyone For LPAR?

But Wait, There's More

January 23, 2012

IBM Slashes Some Power7 Processor Prices

Power Systems Eating Into Mainframe Sales

IBM Unveils New Social Media Solutions at Lotusphere

As I See It: The Second Concern

Dawn of the Dead: Portals' Revenge

But Wait, There's More

January 16, 2012

Control Your Code, Control Your Costs And Destiny

AURA Launches Alternative PHP Server Stack for IBM i

IBM's Move On Up To Power7 Upgrade Math

Mad Dog 21/21: Jumping The Shark

SaaS ERP Is Getting A Closer Look

But Wait, There's More

January 9, 2012

The World Is Not Going To End In 2012

Rocket Software Buys iCluster HA Biz From IBM

IBM Delivers Open Source Version of EGL Tools

As I See It: Punxsutawney Blue

A Little .NET Can Go A Long Way

But Wait, There's More

December 12, 2011

Get With The Program

Tape Can Still Close The Backup Window

IBM Off To The Races With New Memory Tech

As I See It: Looking Ahead

Mad Dog 21/21: The Maltese Logon

But Wait, There's More

December 5, 2011

Blade Servers Barely Nick IBM i Market

TSM and IBM i: Not What It Could Be

Small Biz To Boost IT Spending In 2012, Says Computer Economics

As I See It: The Artist And The Pragmatist

Cooling Server Sales Reach Pre-Recession Levels

But Wait, There's More

November 28, 2011

Feeling Like A Heel

More On That Dreamy And Flashy Power 720 P05 Machine

Business Strategy Bumps Into Database Deficiency

As I See It: Privacy Pirates

Where Are Those eXFlash SSDs For Power Systems-IBM i?

But Wait, There's More

November 14, 2011

A Radical Idea For IBM i Software Pricing

Soltis: We Could Learn From Japan

The Dreamy And Flashy Power 720 P05 Machine

As I See It: Finding Balance In The Living Years

Get Thee To The i Cloud, IBM's Kugler Says

But Wait, There's More

November 7, 2011

Fun With IBM i Software Pricing

JD Edwards Solution Edition Fights Oracle

Profits Boom As Magic Software Snaps Up BluePhoenix AppBuilder Biz

Mad Dog 21/21: ARMs To Fare Well

Flexera to Tag Apps on IBM i for Usage Monitoring, License Audits

But Wait, There's More

October 31, 2011

Bang For The Buck on Power7 Gen 2 Servers

Palmisano Hands The IBM Reins To Rometty

IBM To Unchain RPG Open Access?

European Slowdown Puts The Profit Squeeze On Avnet

Best i Blog Bets: A Top 10 List

But Wait, There's More

October 24, 2011

IBM Gooses Power Systems Storage and Networking

Power Systems Carries That Weight In IBM's Third Quarter

IBM Bolsters PowerHA with New Replication Options, GUI

As I See It: One Cabbage Leaf

RPG Open Access Availability Expands Modernization Efforts

But Wait, There's More

October 17, 2011

I/O, Memory Boosted On Entry, Enterprise Power Systems

IBM i 7.1 Tweaked To Be More ISV Friendly

That Perplexing Power7+ Processor

Mad Dog 21/21: Preoccupy Wall Street

UNICOM Acquires ITSM and z/OS Software Companies

But Wait, There's More

October 10, 2011

IBM Readies October Power Systems Announcements

Speaking of IBM i Innovation . . .

Oracle Drives Java Technology Forward at Annual Conference

As I See It: The Other Final Frontier

Oracle Has Built A Modern, Cloudy AS/400

But Wait, There's More

October 3, 2011

Oracle Takes The Midrange Fight To IBM

Business Risk Analysis: The New 'Alba'-rithm

Velocity Buys JD Edwards App Hoster WTS

Mad Dog 21/21: Bier Or Hospice, That Persistent Thirst For Legacy

Great People With Good Tools

But Wait, There's More

September 26, 2011

Start Planning For New Systems Now

Zend Reveals DBi, A New Version of MySQL for IBM i

Reality-Based PHP Training on IBM i in Michigan

As I See It: Celebrating Ignorance

Oracle Tries To Woo Midrange Shops With Database Appliance

But Wait, There's More

September 19, 2011

Windows/400: Windows On Power Systems, Take Five

IBM Refocuses Its Application Reputation

European Power Deal Tweaked, Zero Percent Financing Down Under

Mad Dog 21/21: Goodbye Kitty

Looking For i In All The Wrong Places

But Wait, There's More

September 12, 2011

Appreciation Rising for Web Serving on IBM i

Aussies And Kiwis Get Killer Power 720 Bundle

Second Quarter Server Sales Humming Right Along

As I See It: Going Silent

A Big Data Hungry IBM Buys i2 and Algorithmics

But Wait, There's More

August 22, 2011

More Details Emerge on Future Power7+ and Power8 Chips

IBM Taps Software Exec For Power Systems Marketing

EnterpriseDB Sets Sights on Oracle's MySQL

As I See It: Paying Attention

Mad Dog 21/21: How To Downgrade Your Business Partner

But Wait, There's More

August 15, 2011

The IBM PC Turns 30

Proprietary Machines Prop Up Avnet, Arrow Server Sales

Resurrect Dead Blue Waters Power7 Supercomputer As IBM iCloud

As I See It: Piling On

Temp Workers Remain An IT Hiring Favorite

But Wait, There's More

August 8, 2011

Lean Mean Green Screens

IBM Uncorks RPG Open Access Trial Version

The OCEAN View: More Skills, Less Blame

Mad Dog 21/21: Debit And Taxis

Vision and Maxava Prep for November Trial

But Wait, There's More

July 25, 2011

Top Concern for i Shops: Making Users Happy

IBM Powers Through The Second Quarter

RPG Open Access Suffering from Inaccessibility

As I See It: Barry, Barry Bad

Infor Shares Development Plans for Lawson M3

But Wait, There's More

July 18, 2011

Still Wanted: A Power-i System of Systems

Post-Recession IT Jobs and Spending Lackluster, Surveys Say

Hosted Services And Great Expectations

Mad Dog 21/21: Smart Fellers

Hands-On, Virtual Training for i Coders and Admins

But Wait, There's More

July 11, 2011

Business Is IBM's Middle Name

Lennox Takes CMO Job as Zend Plans for Growth

Gartner, IDC Boost IT Spending Outlooks For 2011

As I See It: An Icy Place Apart

iManifest EMEA Plans Webcast, IBM i Collateral

But Wait, There's More

June 27, 2011

Building a Legacy

Cloud Computing: Just Another Word for the Internet?

Winners and Users: IBM's ISV and SMB Choices

Mad Dog 21/21: In Hack Signo Vinces

Old Gear Gets The Ax In More Power Systems Trade-In Deals

But Wait, There's More

June 20, 2011

You're Only As Old As The Programs You Run With

KS2 Expands IBM i Managed Services Biz Into Hosting, Co-Lo

DB2 for i: The Beating Heart of the IBM i Platform

As I See It: Nostalgic for Normal

Survey Says: 24 Hours Is The Disaster Recovery Target

But Wait, There's More

June 13, 2011

The Power Systems-IBM i Road Ahead

Help/Systems Buys Database Monitoring Tool from Innovatum

IT Budget Relief from High Hardware Maintenance Fees

Is Perception the Reality?

Gartner: Fatter Servers Drive Revenues in Q1

But Wait, There's More

June 6, 2011

I, Cloud-i-us

STG to Buy IBS for $35 Million

The Long and Short of Modernization

As I See It: The Improvement Industry

Midrange Server Sales Spike Big Time in Q1

But Wait, There's More

May 23, 2011

IBM i Chief Architect Tells Us Where We're At

Is Constellation Software on the Block?

Still Wanted: A Cheap--or Free---IBM i Development Workstation

As I See It: The Finer Points of Relating

Enterprise Software Spending Grows Faster Than Expected

But Wait, There's More

May 16, 2011

Q&A With Power Systems Top Brass, Part Two

DR Plans Keep Bad Things from Happening to Good Companies

IBM Gets Tape Ready for 'Big Data'

Mad Dog 21/21: Ptolemy And Shorter You

looksoftware Looks Ahead

But Wait, There's More

May 9, 2011

Q&A With Power Systems Top Brass, Part One

CAD Vendor PTC Has Designs on ALM Vendor MKS

Slightly Chilly Reception for COMMON in Minneapolis

As I See It: No Sitting

New i Manifest Americas Marketing Director Seeks Volunteers

But Wait, There's More

May 2, 2011

IBM Is Prepping Power7+ and Pondering Power8

Lawson Accepts Golden Gate Takeover, Bucked Down to Private

As Growth Stalls, Micro Focus Gets Takeover Attention

Mad Dog 21/21: Monkey Business

End of V5R3 Support, Not End of the World, for Virginia County

But Wait, There's More

April 25, 2011

That Faster Power 750 Motor Is Made for IBM i Shops

All Kinds of Goodies Added to IBM i 7.1

Power Systems Sales Jump 19 Percent in Q1

As I See It: 'He Kindly Stopped for Me'

Power Systems Get Some I/O and Storage Enhancements

But Wait, There's More

April 18, 2011

IBM Doubles Up Power7 Blade Sockets, Cranks Power 750 Clocks

Disk and Selected Memory Prices Chopped on Power Systems

Logicalis Launches Power7 Cloud for IBM i and AIX

Mad Dog 21/21: Cover Story

ERP Survey Leads to Oracle's Answers

But Wait, There's More

April 11, 2011

IBM's Power-Based SmartClouds on the Horizon

ITG Says IBM i + DB2 for i Still Offers Lowest TCO

COMMON: The Blues Play Well in Minneapolis

As I See It: Shared Sacrifice

Marcus Dee, CEO of looksoftware: 1960-2011

But Wait, There's More

April 4, 2011

Rocket Software Bulks Up i Biz with Aldon Acquisition

AS/400 i Mystery Solved--Again?

Oracle to Take a Run at Lawson Software?

Mad Dog 21/21: Boiling the Ocean

IBM's Brill Says Email is Overrated

But Wait, There's More

March 21, 2011

IBM Hikes Maintenance Fees on Power-Based Gear

IBM, Oracle to Build on i Solution Edition Momentum

Calculating the Risks on All Sides of the App Modernization Issue

As I See It: Rethinking the Resolution

IBM to Ride Growth Waves on Current Iron in 2011

But Wait, There's More

March 14, 2011

Wanted: Cloud-i i-nfrastructure

Infor Makes a $1.83 Billion Bid for Lawson

IBM Lays Out Plans for Future Growth and Profits

Mad Dog 21/21: Tablet Vivant, Memories Mordant

Encouraging News on IT Jobs in Q2

But Wait, There's More

March 7, 2011

Some Insight Into the iASP and ISV Issue

Global Financing Offers Power5/5+ Takeouts to Power6/6+ Buyers

IBM Cuts 600 Workers; Corporate Citizenship Questioned

As I See It: I Think Therefore I Lie

Servers in the Others Category Do Well in Q4

But Wait, There's More

February 28, 2011

LUG Issues Call to iASP Arms for ISVs

Mainframes Put IBM Back on Top for Servers in Q4

Social Business Ushering Changes in Content Management

Mad Dog 21/21: Talking Toklas

IT Spending Better Than Expected Last Year, And 2011 Looking Up

But Wait, There's More

February 21, 2011

New Power Systems VP Talks IBM i Strategy, Roadmaps

Humans Fight, But Watson's Chips Beat Quiz Champs

Lotus on IBM i: A Chat with Some Users

As I See It: The Digital Uprising

Zend Gently Nudges Customers to New PHP Runtime

But Wait, There's More

February 14, 2011

More Software Pricing Carrots for IBM i Shops

iSam Blue Predicts Falling HA Costs

When IT Attacks: Disasters of the Technology Kind

Mad Dog 21/21: The Daily Nothing

IBM Tweaks Power Systems Deals, Enables Encryption and Web Development

But Wait, There's More

February 7, 2011

IBM Kills Off Remaining Power6 and Power6+ Systems

Drilling Down into IBM's Real 2010 Systems Business

Does the iSeries Have a Victim Mentality?

As I See It: The Six Step Solution

Preferred Image Technologies to Sell IBM i HA Software

But Wait, There's More

January 31, 2011

Notes/Domino: Less Platform Talk, More Programming Action

IBM Trumpets LotusLive Successes, New App Partnerships

RPG Surges in Popularity, According to Language Index

Mad Dog 21/21: The So-Called Network

Palmisano Rakes in $9 Million for IBM's 2010 Performance

But Wait, There's More

January 24, 2011

Power Systems Stabilize in Q4 Thanks to Entry Boxes

The Midrange, Stuck in the Middle with You

There's More IT Jobs, But Stingy Salaries Cause Unrest

As I See It: Fractal Expressionism

Public IBM i Software Companies Enjoyed Good Returns in 2010

But Wait, There's More

January 17, 2011

i5/OS and IBM i Support: How Long Does It Last?

Going Full Spiral, Not Coming Full Circle

Lotusphere Coming into View; Social Business Looms Big

Mad Dog 21/21: Something Wiki This Way Comes

IT Spending Curves Upward, Salaries Show Sign of Life

But Wait, There's More

January 10, 2011

The Carrot: i5/OS V5R4 Gets Execution Stay Until May

The Stick: IBM Jacks Up i5/OS V5R4 Prices

In the Best Interests of IBM i

As I See It: Return Of The Swami

Some Tweaks and Services for the Power Systems Platform

But Wait, There's More

December 13, 2010

Sirius to Top $1 Billion in Sales with MSI Systems Acquisition

iManifest Web Cast: Looking for IBM i Loyalty

A Second Opinion on Third Quarter Server Sales

As I See It: The Longevity Paradox

Mad Dog 21/21: Sheets for Brains

But Wait, There's More

December 6, 2010

Candescent Buys Quadrant Software as IntelliChief Spins Out

Cloud Beats Most In-House Security, Says IBM CTO

Server Sales Chug Along in the Third Quarter

As I See It: Stressing Over Stress

Maxava Widens Vision Lawsuit, Sues Sirius

But Wait, There's More

November 29, 2010

Whaaa? IBM Gets Stingier with Power Systems Deals

iManifest U.S. Adds Halverson to Build Membership, Awareness

Legacy-Loving Attachmate Shells Out $2.2 Billion for Novell

As I See It: There's No Place Like Work

IBM Tosses In Freebie RHEL Linux with Power Express Servers

But Wait, There's More

November 15, 2010

Crazy Idea Number 528: Apple Mac OS X on Power Systems

IBM Adds Smaller Power 720 i Solution Edition

IBM i Future Reflected in LANSA 2010 iPulse Survey

As I See It: The Importance of Being Important

Wake Up, America--And the Rest of You, Too

But Wait, There's More

November 8, 2010

Smackdown: Linux on X64 Versus IBM i on Entry Power 7XXs

Get Database Skills for Career ROI

Let's Take a Deep Dive Into IBM's System Sales in Q3

Mad Dog 21/21: Wither Thou Ghost--That IBM-Fortinet Halloween Deal

IBM i Gets Pressure from Microsoft's Small Biz Server 2011

But Wait, There's More

November 1, 2010

Windows Loses to Power 720-IBM i Combo, But Whips Power 750s

Infor Taps Ex-Oracle Prez Phillips as its New CEO

Young Power Systems Professional Organizations Go Global

Mad Dog 21/21: No Bounce in Big Blue's Belly

Avnet and Big Blue See Vertical Gold at Silver Anniversary

But Wait, There's More

October 25, 2010

IBM i Competes with AIX/Oracle on Power 720s, Gets Beat on 750s

iManifest Powers On in Japan

Power Systems Not Quite Rebounding Yet in Q3

As I See It: My Name is Bond--Jane Bond

Job Site Data Shows IT Jobs Down Across the Board

But Wait, There's More

October 18, 2010

The Hundred Thousand Plus on the Four Hundred

IBM Launches Power7-Based Cloudy Stacks

No Shortcuts to Program Conversions, OS Upgrades

Mad Dog 21/21: Any Cloud Platform You Want, As Long As It's X64

IBM Ditches Apache Harmony Java for Oracle OpenJDK

But Wait, There's More

October 11, 2010

IBM i Dominates the CPW Capacity Budget

Sundry Power Systems and BladeCenter Announcements

.NET in the Midrange: Not Migration So Much As Integration

As I See It: The Contrarian

IBM Adds More Social Networking Features to LotusLive

But Wait, There's More

October 4, 2010

The Little Power7 Engines That Could--And Those That Won't

DB2 on i: The Time, Money, and Risk of Modernization

IBM Buys Blade Network to Control Ethernet Switches

Mad Dog 21/21: Built Like a BRIC's IT House

The CIO's Conundrum

But Wait, There's More

September 27, 2010

Power 720: Same Entry Price, But More Room to Grow at Less Cost

Microsoft Technologies Gaining Ground in the IBM Midrange

IBM Offers Sun, HP Shops Generous Leases--What About iSeries Shops?

As I See It: Of Better Jobs and Billy Joel

Oracle Gets Systems Design, and Starts Proving It

But Wait, There's More

September 20, 2010

The More Things Change

Big Sam Is Worried About Oracle--And For Good Reason

Focus Melds Crowdsourced IT Analysis with Social Media

Mad Dog 21/21: Seismically Active Storage

IBM Gives Schools Discounts on Power Systems Iron

But Wait, There's More

September 13, 2010

IBM Adds New SSD and Fat SFF Disk to Power Systems

Power7 Planning Beyond the Bells and Whistles

Companies Buy Lots of Disk Storage--At Cheap Prices--in Q2

As I See It: Introducing the New Quarterlife Crisis (with Cheese)

CIOs Are a Little More Optimistic About IT Hiring--But Not Much

But Wait, There's More

September 7, 2010

Entry IBM i Server Deals Greased With License Discounts

Prices Jacked on Power Systems Tape Drives and Expansion Drawers

The Server Racket Strengthens in Q2, But Will It Hold?

Mad Dog 21/21: Craft Nouveau

IDC Raises Global IT Spending Projections for 2010

But Wait, There's More

August 23, 2010

IBM Ducks i Pricing on Most Entry Power7 Servers

BladeCenter S Express i Edition Gets a Power7 Upgrade

The Power 795: Cheaper Performance, Expensive Software

As I See It: The Once and Future HP Way

An Encryption Horror Story

But Wait, There's More

August 16, 2010

Power 750: Big Bang for Fewer Bucks Compared to Predecessors

Some Details and Thoughts About Impending Power7 Machines

Lotus Focus and Some Hocus Pocus

As I See It: Data Center Campground

IT Spending Projections for 2010 Boosted by Forrester

But Wait, There's More

August 9, 2010

IBM Allows i and 5250 Licenses to Jump Hardware

Whatever Happened to Notes/Domino on the i?

Let's Take a Closer Look at IBM's Systems and Technology Biz

Mad Dog 21/21: Back To School

SAP Bows to Oracle on TomorrowNow, Argues Damages

But Wait, There's More

July 26, 2010

More Details on the Entry Power7 Rollout

IBM Revenues Hurt By Server Transitions and Currency in Q2

Wanted: An AS/400-Centric System of Systems

As I See It: Rolling the Rock

IBM Reorganization Tucks Systems Under Software

But Wait, There's More

July 19, 2010

The Rest of the Power7 Lineup Is Coming August 17

Microsoft Azure: An AS/400 for Private and Public Clouds

Increase in IT Jobs Led by Contract Worker Demands

Mad Dog 21/21: Smart Cube Is IBM's Half-AS Imitation of Apple

QlikTech Soars in IPO

But Wait, There's More

July 12, 2010

IBM's Evolving Power Systems Rollout

Power7 Boxes Show Good Java Oomph Versus Other Iron

Infor Readies ERP Applications for i 7.1

As I See It: Uproar Down Under

Get Me a Vendor Who Knows My Business

But Wait, There's More

June 28, 2010

Top Concerns Survey Is Ready for IBM Eyes

Infor Commits Itself to Microsoft and Windows Technologies

Developing for IBM i: Why Does It Need To Be So Hard?

Mad Dog 21/21: Microclients: Thin Enough? Rich Enough?

IBM Tweaks More Rebate Deals to Cut Power7 Prices

But Wait, There's More

June 21, 2010

The AS/400 at 22: Yesterday and Forever

i/OS 7.1 Marks a Change in the JVM Guard

IBM Adds Power7 Boxes to Trade-In Deals

As I See It: Against All Currents

SaaS Surfs the Cash Conservation Wave

But Wait, There's More

June 14, 2010

Two Top i Concerns and a Bunch of Little Ones

IBM Puts More Power7 Iron Through the Java Test Paces

Open Source EGL Means an RPG Generator Is Possible

Mad Dog 21/21: Market Cap and Propeller Beanies

Which Way to HA? Hardware, Software, or Both?

But Wait, There's More

June 7, 2010

Hardware Spending to Lead the IT Recovery

Glass i: Windows RPG for $50, 25 Users for $250

Consultant Says: I See i on Blade Servers

As I See It: On Leadership

Maximum Availability Sues Vision Solutions Over Advertising Claims

But Wait, There's More

May 24, 2010

Power7 Blades Plus i Versus X64 Blades Plus Windows

Transitions Push Systems and Technology Group into the Red

AS/400 LUG Shares Chief i Architect's "Why i?" Arguments

Creativity Is the New Business Kool-Aid, IBM CEO Study Finds

IBM Emphasizes 'Deeper Skills' in New Business Partner Program

But Wait, There's More

May 17, 2010

The Power of Software: One on One with Ian Jarman

Palmisano Says IBM Will Double Up Profits By 2015

IBM Systems: The Foundation for Glass Skyscrapers

As I See It: Thriving Away Again in Margaritaville

YiPs Find Skills and Jobs on Different Roads

But Wait, There's More

May 10, 2010

In Orlando, Optimism Returns

Open Access for RPG Grabs Attention at COMMON

Let's Take Another Stab at Power7 Blade Bang for the Buck

Mad Dog 21/21: Hot Deals and the Cool Server Nurseries

IBM Buys Integration Appliance Maker Cast Iron

But Wait, There's More

May 3, 2010

Better Than a Sharp Stick in the i

Power7 Blades: The i/DB2 Combo Versus AIX/Oracle

EMC Keeps i/OS Business Moving Forward with New IBM Agreement

As I See It: Life Logging

Global Perspective Requires CIO to Think in Transitional Terms

But Wait, There's More

April 26, 2010

Stacking Up New Power7 Against Power6/6+ Blades

RPG Open Access Is No Panacea, Say BCD and LANSA

Power Systems Slammed by Power7 Transitions in Q1

As I See It: Depriving the Senses

UNICOM Loses in Court, Forces SoftLanding Customers to Upgrade

But Wait, There's More

April 19, 2010

IBM's Power7 Blades Pack a CPW Punch

i For Business Gets to Lucky Number 7--Dot 1

RPG Gets Custom Data Streams with Open Access

Mad Dog 21/21: When iCarus Is Bliss

i/OS Security Warnings: Like Talking to a Brick Wall

But Wait, There's More

April 12, 2010

The Possibilities for Open Access for RPG

IBM's Smartie and Pizzazz Clusters--Still i-Less

How To Match Modernization Projects and Business Strategy

As I See It: Mining in the Anthropocene Epoch

Another Smarter Planet Blitz This Week, i 7.1 Included

But Wait, There's More

April 5, 2010

IBM Holds i 6.1 Prices Steady, Slashes Application Server Fees

The Power7 Chip Gets Some Stiff X64 Competition

Data Warehouse Mistakes Begin with i Avoidance

Mad Dog 21/21: When Price/Performance Outruns Elasticity

Rimini Street Counter Sues Oracle

But Wait, There's More

March 22, 2010

Power7: Upgrade or Sidestep, Start Planning Now

IBM Flexes Java Muscles on Power7 Iron

IBM Looks Back on 2000s, Sets Sites on Next Decade

As I See It: A Different Currency

Madoff's RPG Coders Indicted in Ponzi Scam

But Wait, There's More

March 15, 2010

Old Code Meets New Ideas in Latest App Modernization Projects

IBM Cuts Prices for Upgrades to Power 595s

Power 750 Servers Running i Get SAP Benchmarks

Mad Dog 21/21: The Teahad Pilot, the Sycophant Senator, and IBM

Internal Disk Arrays Prop Up Storage Sales in Q4

But Wait, There's More

March 8, 2010

i 7.1 Due April 14, with Open Access for RPG, Other Goodies

It's Big Picture Time for Application Development Projects

Unix, Other Servers Still Wobbly in Q4, Says IDC

As I See It: The Accidental Philanthropist

COMMON Prepares Business Computing Certification for Orlando Show

But Wait, There's More

March 1, 2010

X64 and Blade Servers Lead the Server Recovery

Custom Baby Data Centers Coming from Big Blue

System Automation, VTL, and Security Linked in Help/Systems, Crossroads Deal

Mad Dog 21/21: It's i or Die for Power in the Midrange

Hackers Escalate Web Site Attacks, Despite Decline in Security Vulnerabilities

But Wait, There's More

February 22, 2010

The Power7 Systems Sales Pitch

i/OS Gets Short Sheeted with Power7 Thread Counts

The System iWant, 2010 Edition: Clustered Boxes

As I See It: Opinions Are Like ISPs--Everybody Has One

Spend on the Old, Scrimp on the New

But Wait, There's More

February 15, 2010

IBM Fired Up About Power7-Based Smarter Systems

A Little Insight Into the Rest of the Power7 Lineup

Power7: Yields Are Good, Midrange Systems A Go

Mad Dog 21/21: The Lotus Reposition

Pay Increase? You're Getting a Pay Increase?

But Wait, There's More

February 8, 2010

The Power7 Rollout Begins In The Middle

The i/OS Roadmap Revealed--Sort Of

The System iWant, 2010 Edition: Blade and Cookie Sheet Boxes

As I See It: Blurred Vision

IBM Goes Live with 'Software Value Plus' Program for Partners

But Wait, There's More

February 1, 2010

The System iWant, 2010 Edition: Entry Boxes

IBM Touts System i TCO in ITG Report

Open Source Mainstream Begins to Flow Through IBM i Land

Mad Dog 21/21: One-Trick Pony, But What a Trick!

Oracle Goes Back to IBM's Roots with Sun Deal Done

But Wait, There's More

January 25, 2010

IBM Preps Power7 Launch For February

Looks Like i 7.1 Is Coming In April

The IBM Profit Engine Keeps A-Rolling in Q4

As I See It: What Did You Do At Work Today, Daddy?

The System iWant, 2010 Edition: Midrange Boxes

But Wait, There's More

January 18, 2010

The System iWant, 2010 Edition: Big Boxes

Analysts Bid Good Riddance to IT Recession

Microsoft, HP Talk Up Frontline Integrated Systems

Mad Dog 21/21: Orwell's Flat

Lawson Bets More Heavily on Healthcare

But Wait, There's More

January 11, 2010

Power Systems i: The Word From On High

SkyView Taps New CEO to Ride the Compliance Wave

CSI: Orlando

As I See It: Waiting on Hope

IBM Adds Virtual Component to Executive Briefing Centers

But Wait, There's More

January 4, 2010

Power Systems i: The Windows Conundrum

Maintenance Contract Reduction a Good Resolution for 2010

CCSS Offers Flexible Pricing for Service Providers

Mad Dog 21/21: If Trees Were Free, Would the Press Be?

Ten Practices for 2010 Your CFO Will Love

But Wait, There's More

December 14, 2009

Power Systems i: Serve's Up

Abacus Offers i 6.1 Upgrade Virtual Test Drive Service

The Server Market Sees Some Stability

As I See It: What's Next?

Untested Backup and Recovery Fools Midrange Shops

But Wait, There's More

December 7, 2009

Power Systems i: Thinking Inside the Box

Higher ASPs Help the Server Racket Perk Up a Little

Smart Market ISVs Find Few Leads in Early Going

As I See It: Al and Me

Vision Sees Positive Trends for HA/DR in Second 'State of Resilience' Report

But Wait, There's More

November 30, 2009

IBM Slashes Power Systems Memory Prices

A New Look for the COMMON Session Grid

SSD Performance: Be Careful Before You Buy

Mad Dog 21/21: The Fox in IBM's Storage Henhouse

How Does 800,000 CPWs in a 2U Server Grab You?

But Wait, There's More

November 16, 2009

System for Sale Versus Service for Rent

The i 7.1s Have It; i5/OS V5R4 Extended

IBM Smart Business Moves into Italy, Solutions List Grows in U.S. and India

As I See It: High on Quack

FBI Arrests AS/400 Programmers in Madoff Scheme

But Wait, There's More

November 9, 2009

JDA Software Takes Another Run at i2 Technologies

Let's Take a Look Under the Hood of IBM's Servers in Q3

Another Power Systems Deal, and Some Feedback

As I See It: The Great American Recovery

IT Spending Key to Competitive Gains During Recession

But Wait, There's More

November 2, 2009

A Chat with Ross Mauri, Power Systems GM

IBM Slashes Prices on Power Core Activations

JDE EnterpriseOne Costs Less on i OS Than Windows or Linux, ITG Says

Mad Dog 21/21: Can Mashups Save the Advanced Economies?

Soltis Says iManifest Needed to Promote IBM i

But Wait, There's More

October 26, 2009

IBM Rolls Up an i 6.1.1 Dot Release

The Curtain Rises a Bit on the Next i OS, Due in 2010

IBM Taps New Server GM in Wake of Scandal

As I See It: The Salary Reduction Plan

Various Power Systems I/O and Storage Enhancements

But Wait, There's More

October 19, 2009

IBM Dynamic Infrastructure Announcements Due October 20

Steady as She Goes for IBM's Third Quarter

IBM i Access to Support Windows 7 on December 1

Mad Dog 21/21: Oy, Cloudy Us!

IBM's Server GM Caught in Insider Trading Net

But Wait, There's More

October 12, 2009

IBM's DB2 Pure Scale--Not Quite iDatabase V1

Early Views on iManifest: ISV Expectations, Public Misconceptions

News Flash: IT to Drive Economic Recovery

As I See It: The Greening of IT

The Power Systems Catalog Gets Skinnier

But Wait, There's More

October 5, 2009

Moore's Law and the Performance Wall

iManifest Begins i Marketing Fundraising in the States

SafeData Makes Backup and Recovery Deal with Omni Solutions

Mad Dog 21/21: CIO, Get Out Of That Glass House

Ellison Wants Oracle to Be IBM 1.5

But Wait, There's More

September 28, 2009

IBM to Mothball a Whole Bunch of Stuff with Power7

IBM, VMware Cooking Up vSphere 4.0 Support for i

What Apple Did That IBM Must Emulate

As I See It: After You're Gone (.com)

IBM Says Microsoft 'Grossly Exaggerated' Exchange Sales Data

But Wait, There's More

September 21, 2009

Start Planning for Power7 Iron Now

Oracle-Sun Exadata V2, Meet iDatabase V1

IBM to Sell U2 Database Business to Rocket Software

Mad Dog 21/21: Big Blue's Sun Strategy Gamble--IBM Without i

Disk Sales Compressed in the Second Quarter

But Wait, There's More

September 14, 2009

The Feeds and Guessed Speeds of Power7

Server Makers Stomach the Worst Quarter in History

Training for the Future: An IT Degree in Energy Efficiency

As I See It: The Future in Parallel

IBM Gets Less Restrictive with Power ISV Rebates

But Wait, There's More

August 24, 2009

CIOs Say Power Systems Are the Most Reliable

A Closer Look at IBM's Q2 Server Sales

Has IBM Given Up on the i?

Mad Dog 21/21: Terms and Conditions

Jack Henry Lays Out $17 Million for Goldleaf After Good 4Q

But Wait, There's More

August 17, 2009

RPG: A Great Language with a Greater History

IBM Tweaks Power 570, 595 Deals Yet Again

Reconsidering SAN in Wake of SCSI Disk's End

As I See It: Daniel, Part Two

A Quick Analysis of Business Intelligence Planning

But Wait, There's More

August 10, 2009

A Peek Inside IBM's Smart Analytics System

Maximum Availability Foresees Growth with 20/20 Program

Vision Solutions Promotes Two Flavors of Continuous Data Protection

As I See It: Daniel, Part One

Avnet and Arrow: System Sales Might Have Hit Bottom

But Wait, There's More

August 3, 2009

Power 7: Lots of Cores, Lots of Threads

VMControl: Big Blue Wants to Control All Your VMs and LPARs

IBM Does More Deals to Move Power Systems Iron

Mad Dog 21/21: Aiming for the Clouds

Ruby Is Catching On, Time For An i Port

But Wait, There's More

July 20, 2009

Sundry Power Systems i Storage Announcements

Servers Slammed in IBM's Second Quarter

IBM Sunsets More Power Systems Features

As I See It: Injured Wing

Fincham Rides Point for iManifest EMEA

But Wait, There's More

July 13, 2009

IBM Touts Power Systems Prowess on SAP Tests

IBM Indeed Relaunches Tweaked Power Systems Deal

Focus on Data Management with App Modernization Projects

As I See It: The Green Gap

Gartner, Forrester Chop IT Spending Forecasts Again

But Wait, There's More

June 29, 2009

Midrange Shops Shift Priorities This Year

The Best of Times for IBM to Support All Its i Customers

What We Can Learn from iManifest

As I See It: Oh the Jobs They Are a-Changin'

Storage Hardware and Software Take Their Lumps in Q1

But Wait, There's More

June 22, 2009

AS/400: Still Kicking After 21 Years

Power Systems i Weather Report: Partly Cloudy Soon

IBM i Manifest Takes Root in Japan

Help Wanted: AS/400 Advocate

COMMON Europe: Doing the Math on Top i Concerns

But Wait, There's More

June 15, 2009

Infrastructure Business Monopoly

Power6+ Blade Performance: IBM's Competitive Analysis

PowerVM Hypervisor Gets Active Memory Sharing

Mad Dog 21/21: Playing For Keeps in Peoria

CIOs Cut IT Spending 5 Percent in Q1, Gartner Says

But Wait, There's More

June 8, 2009

With No Power6 QCMs, IBM Waits for Power7

Gartner Confirms Server Sales Were Awful in Q1

Manufacturers to ERP Vendors: Give Us More Functionality

As I See It: Smarten Up

IBM Helps Customers Understand the Cost of Paper

But Wait, There's More

June 1, 2009

IBM Makes the Case for Power Systems SSDs

Server Sales Breakdown Bigtime in the First Quarter

COBOL at 50: Same Age as Barbie, But More Like Rodney

Why Are Systems Programmers Always To Blame?

OCEAN Conference Emphasizes Higher Education, Lower Fees

But Wait, There's More

May 26, 2009

Chips Sliding Away

IBM Launches Smart Cube i and Linux Appliances in the U.S.

New Data Center, Online Classes Put Omaha College on IT Fast Track

As I See It: Expectations of Immediacy

Bad Economy Means No Vacation for Many Americans

But Wait, There's More

May 18, 2009

IBM Gets Hybrid with Servers, Talks Up BAO Boxes

Virtualization on i Boxes Depends on Consolidation, New Workloads

Jeff Jonas Explores the Nature of Data in COMMON Keynote

Mad Dog 21/21: Sometimes You Eat the Bear, Sometimes Its Porridge

Peeling Apart IBM's Q1 Server and Storage Sales

But Wait, There's More

May 11, 2009

Sundry Spring Power Systems Storage Enhancements

IBM Wheels and Deals on Power 570s and 595s in Q2

Micro Focus to Buy Borland, Compuware Unit for Testing Tools

As I See It: Ah, Vacation!

Middleware Sales Are Slipping, But Could Rebound First

But Wait, There's More

May 4, 2009

New Power6+ Iron: The Feeds and Speeds

COMMON Exceeds Expectations in Reno, But Group's Future Uncertain

Bettin' on the Blade

Mad Dog 21/21: The Age of Acquire Us

Power Systems Finally Get Solid State Disks

But Wait, There's More

April 27, 2009

IBM Launches Power6+ Servers--Again

Power Systems Down A Bit in IBM's First Quarter

COMMON Europe Opens Up Global i Top Concerns Survey

But Wait, There's More

April 20, 2009

The State of PHP on the Power Systems i

IBM Tweaks Some i Deals, Nukes Some Old i Tools

Come On Out, Power6+, You Win

As I See It: Berry Berry Annoying

First Quarter Sees Largest Tech Job Losses Since 2002

But Wait, There's More

April 13, 2009

Power vs. Nehalem: Time to Double Up and Double Down

The IBM-Sun Saga Continues--Or Rather, Doesn't

Clone Memory Maker Dataram Buys Rival MMB

Lawson Ekes Out Profit in Q3, Partners to Peddle in Quebec

Automation: Monitoring the Monitors Isn't It

But Wait, There's More

April 6, 2009

Power vs. Nehalem: Scalability Is So 1995, Cash is So 2009

IBM Poised to Buy Sun, Rumors Say

IT Spending Forecasts Slashed by Gartner, Forrester

As I See It: Built-In Disasters

Head in the Clouds or Head in the Sand? SaaS Faces the Facts

But Wait, There's More

March 23, 2009

Wall Street Makes IBM, Sun Strange Bedfellows?

Measure Twice, Cut Once Applied to ERP Implementations

UCG Partners with MaxAva, Expands DR and HA Capabilities

As I See It: Generation Gap

BCD Cranks Up Services, Training for PHP Deployments

But Wait, There's More

March 16, 2009

The Data Center Is the Computer

IBM and Partners Work on Future Chip Tech

IBM-Marist Survey Emphasizes Technology in Education and Careers

Mad Dog 21/21: The Case of the Vanishing Equity

Disk Arrays Sales Down in Q4; IBM Slammed

But Wait, There's More

March 9, 2009

Getting Dizzy from Dynamic Infrastructure

The Economy Gives the Server Biz a Flat Tire in Q4

Infor Battles Customers in Court Over License Fees

As I See It: Isolation

Global IT Spending Barely Ahead of 2008; Some Regions Showing Strength

But Wait, There's More

March 2, 2009

IBM Adds i Shops to Expanded p Shop Trade-In Deal

IBM and Resellers Do the iLoyalty Blitz

Server Sales Slumped As 2008 Stumbled to the Holidays

Mad Dog 21/21: That'll Teach 'Em

Healthcare and Utilities Lead Vertical Markets in IT Spending

But Wait, There's More

February 23, 2009

Colonizing Endicott

PHP Forges Ahead; Consultant Propels Multiple Projects

i Shops Get Some Power Rewards Action, Finally

As I See It: A Novel Idea

Virtualization Takes Off on Entry Power Systems

But Wait, There's More

February 16, 2009

The AS/400 Made Off with the Money

IBM's Dynamic Infrastructure Announcement Blitz

Sugar in the YiPs Sandbox

Mad Dog 21/21: Biting The Handout

Soltis Tapped for Vision Solutions Advisory Group and Road Shows

But Wait, There's More

February 9, 2009

Database Server/400, Anyone?

Who's the Fool When it Comes to Training?

Google's Love Affair with IBM's Offspring

As I See It: If I Were Wise Enough, I Might Say. . .

Web Site Vulnerabilities Continue Unabated, IBM X-Force Says

But Wait, There's More

February 2, 2009

Hogging the Ground Day

IBM Sunsets i5/OS V5R4, Kills Older 595 Iron

MaxAva Gets Inventive With Subscription Model for HA

IBM Rejiggers Power Systems, System i and p Prices

Deconstructing and Rebuilding IBM's Q4 Server Sales

But Wait, There's More

January 26, 2009

i Roadmaps: Here Be Dragons

IBM Closes 2008 on a High, i Sales Unclear

Data Warehouses: Know One When You See One?

The X Factor: Head in the Clouds

UNICOM Acquires Macro 4, Sees i OS Synergy with SoftLanding Tools

But Wait, There's More

January 19, 2009

AS/400 LUG: Friends in High Places

Global 2009 IT Spending Will be Up, Down, Forrester Says

IBM Piles on the Patents, Promises to Publish Plenty

As I See It: Test of Character

IBM Helps Partners Sell Software to Midrange Shops

But Wait, There's More

January 12, 2009

There's No i in Barack Obama, But There Is One in Bailout

Layoff Rumors Panic IBM Workers; Nothing Confirmed

Application Modernization: Money in the Bank

Mad Dog 21/21: Shoes for Cheeses

IT Jobs 2009: The Dot-Com Bubble Burst Was 'A Cake Walk'

But Wait, There's More

January 5, 2009

Now What?

IT Doing Better Than Other Careers in 2009

Strengthening Dollar Whacks Oracle's Second Fiscal Quarter

As I See It: The Rhythm of Things Unseen

Uncle Sam to Stop Buying Used IT Gear?

But Wait, There's More

December 15, 2008

IBM Adds Disk Storage Options for i Shops

Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, and Thank Heavens We All Made It

Forrester: Brace Yourself for Slow IT Growth

As I See It: The Swami Speaks

Micro Focus Snatches Relativity, Expands App Modernization

But Wait, There's More

December 8, 2008

Soltis Exiting IBM, But He's Not Leaving the '400

A Little More Detail on the Smart Cube and Its Market

IBM's Academic Initiative Partners with DeVry University

Mad Dog 21/21: Potlatch Season

Server Sales Decline in the Third Quarter

But Wait, There's More

December 1, 2008

How Big Blue Sees Small You

Smart Business Boxes Launch in India, Not the U.S.

IBM Hitches Business Continuity Horse to Managed Backup and Recovery Wagon

As I See It: The Difference Maker

Zend Framework 1.7 Includes DB2/400 Adapter

But Wait, There's More

November 24, 2008

IBM's Transitive Buy Presents Interesting Server Options

Midrange Shops Not As Protected from Disaster As They Think, Vision Finds

Public Safety Works on Information Sharing, May Go for SaaS

As I See It: Final Options

As Rumored, IBM Tweaks i Development Tool Bundle

But Wait, There's More

November 17, 2008

Lotus Foundations and Smart Cube i: Brothers or Clones?

IBM Starts Cutting Deals on Power Systems i for Q4

Layoffs--Possibly Including Frank Soltis--at IBM Rochester

Mad Dog 21/21: Souls of Old Machines

Power Systems GM Discusses Upcoming i Announcements in Chat

But Wait, There's More

November 10, 2008

A Few More Strands in the DNA of the Midrange

The Winds of Change: How Presidential Politics Informs IT Transformation

Wholesalers Making Adjustments During Economic Storm

As I See It: Growing a (Non-Binding) Conscience

Tight Credit Squeezes IT Equipment Leases

But Wait, There's More

November 3, 2008

Is the Smart Cube the New i?

You Can Still Walk Upgrade Paths with Power Systems i

IBM Sues to Block Server Executive from Joining Apple

The i Gives Manufacturers and Distributors Cost Control

Forrester CEO Weighs In on IT Spending for 2009

But Wait, There's More

October 27, 2008

IBM's Q3 in Servers, Redux: The i and p Platforms Do OK

So Much For That Unbundled i Compiler Tool Pricing

SOA Without the Middleware, Without the Pressure

As I See It: The IT Election

Gartner Outlines the Key IT for 2009

But Wait, There's More

October 20, 2008

Some Servers Take a Dive in IBM's Third Quarter

Gartner, Forrester Cut 2009 IT Spending Growth Estimates

Infor CEO Preaches Business Darwinism, Prepares for Hyper Business Future

Mad Dog 21/21: Home Deep Owe

IBM Cuts Disk Prices, Rejiggers Memory and CPU Conversion Prices

But Wait, There's More

October 13, 2008

IBM Doubles the Cores on Midrange Power Systems

Sundry October Power Systems Announcements

SMB Manufacturers Testing PLM Integration Possibilities

As I See It: What's Old is New

IBM Updates i Rational Tools, and HATS Too

But Wait, There's More

October 6, 2008

Bytware Bought by Help/Systems and Audax

The Power Systems 570 i Edition Versus Big Windows Boxes

An Open Letter to i Shops from the Power Systems GM

System Performance Management Is Like Having Insurance

IDC and i: Next Time, Can You Talk to Some Real i Shops?

But Wait, There's More

September 29, 2008

IBS Picks Windows Instead of i as Strategic ERP Platform

The Power Systems i 570 Versus Its Predecessors

New ASNA President Takes On Modernization Business with Services Emphasis

As I See It: Insult to Injury

BCD Adds New Partners in Europe and California

But Wait, There's More

September 22, 2008

The Uberating System

IBM Cuts Deals on CPU and i5/OS for 550, 570, and 595 Boxes

Need to Cut Costs? Midrange Shops Should Do ERP Well

Mad Dog 21/21: You Can Teleworker, But Who Will Listen?

Oracle Soars in Fiscal Q1, But Applications Sales Soften

But Wait, There's More

September 15, 2008

Look for an Interim i Release Next Year, and i 6.2 in Early 2010

Power 550 i Edition Versus Windows: Get Big Discounts on i Software

Forrester Says IT Spending Is Choppy Across Industries and Geographies

As I See It: Get Ready to ROWE

IBM Rolls Out WebSphere and Web Enablement for i V7.0

But Wait, There's More

September 8, 2008

Expanded Power Systems i Boxes on the Horizon?

Entry Power System i Boxes Compete Well with Windows Boxes

X64 Servers See Pricing Pressure in Q2, Big Box Sales Grow

The Law of Attraction

Arrow Says Midrange Shops More Worried About Security than Money

But Wait, There's More

September 2, 2008

A Flash in the Pan or the Future of Data Storage?

Server Buyers Shop Like It's 1999 in the Second Quarter

IBM Expects Customers to Build Security Best Practices Through SaaS

The X Factor: Why Maintenance Is Worth the Money--Sometimes

Various System i and Power Systems i Nips and Tucks

But Wait, There's More

August 18, 2008

PowerTech Acquired by Help/Systems, Private Equity Firm

JDA Ponies Up $346 Million to Buy i2 Technologies

SMBs Are Sensibly More Concerned with Biz than Tech

As I See It: Lessons from Robben Island

Big Blue Launches XIV Clustered Storage Arrays

But Wait, There's More

August 11, 2008

Why Blade Servers Still Don't Cut It, and How They Might

Power Systems Memory Prices Slashed to Promote Virtualization

Database Modernization Still Unknown Territory

As I See It: God Bless Technology

Virtualization Adoption Skyrockets on Power Systems Iron

But Wait, There's More

August 4, 2008

Q&A with IBM's Ross Mauri: Talking Power Systems and Power7

IBM's Q2 Server Sales: Let's Do Some Math

IBM Creates a New Security PTF Group for i Operating Systems

Mad Dog 21/21: Newtonian Economics

Gartner Is Projecting a Decline in IT Hiring This Year

But Wait, There's More

July 28, 2008

IBM Reaches Out to Midmarket Business Partners

Sundry July Power Systems Announcements

IBM Updates DB2 Web Query Business Intelligence Tool

As I See It: Babes in Broadband

SAP Shuts Down TomorrowNow Support Biz

But Wait, There's More

July 21, 2008

What the Heck Is the Midrange, Anyway?

More Power7 Details Emerge, Thanks to Blue Waters Super

IBM Drives Home a Strong Second Quarter Across the Board

The X Factor: The IT Department Matters as Much as the CIO

IT Jobs Grow in the U.S. Despite Economic Woes

But Wait, There's More

July 14, 2008

The i Upgrade Cycle Seems Par for the Course

The Power Systems JS12 and JS22 Blades Versus Other i Boxes

Gartner Revises HP's Server Sales Downward for Q1

Mad Dog 21/21: Mission Possible

IBM Tweaks Power System 595 Upgrades for System i 570 CBU Shops

But Wait, There's More

July 7, 2008

The Power Systems 550 M50 Versus Its Predecessors

IBM Rejiggers Development Tools on Entry Power 520 i Editions

Job Word Cloud Redux: The AS/400 Sees Some Improvement

As I See It: The Digital Leader

WebSphere Portal Remains the Industry Leader, Says Gartner

But Wait, There's More

June 23, 2008

The AS/400's Grandfather Talks Past, Present, and Future

IBM Offers Modest Discounts on i 525 and M25 Entry Boxes

Consistent Change Offers Adjunct Services for SoftLanding Tools

As I See It: Flights of Fancy

Agilysys Hires JPMorgan for Possible Sale

But Wait, There's More

June 16, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday, AS/400!

The Power 595 Takes the Top TPC-C Benchmark Ranking

The World Can't Get Enough Disk Array Capacity

Mad Dog 21/21: iPhone Home

IBM Is Enjoying the Role of Green Giant

But Wait, There's More

June 9, 2008

The Power Systems M15 and M25 Versus Their Predecessors

Forget About Platforms, Let's Talk About Jobs

Zend Taps System i-PHP Guru, Pushes the i Platform

As I See It: Citizen CEO

Imtech Buys Reseller Real Solutions for U.K. Expansion

But Wait, There's More

June 2, 2008

More Power Transitions Are on the Way

U.S. Drags Down Server Sales in Q1, But Weak Dollar Helps

Server Branding 101: Big Name, Big Game?

Java Compute Appliances Upgraded by Azul Systems

Survival of the Fittest: Ensuring IT Is Providing You with an Innovative Edge

But Wait, There's More

May 27, 2008

The Way IBM Sees New Versus Prior i Platforms

The Server Biz Enjoys the X64 Upgrade Cycle in Q1

Evans Data Ranks Integrated Development Environments

As I See It: The Programmer as Artist

Reseller Mainline to Acquire Competitor Cornerstone

But Wait, There's More

May 19, 2008

The Demographics of i Sales and Shipments

The i Edition of the BladeCenter S Finally Launches

HP More Than Doubles Services Biz with EDS Acquisition

Mad Dog 21/21: Saying No No No

A Word Cloud of IBM Server Brand Names

But Wait, There's More

May 12, 2008

The i Platform Roadmap Is a Work in Progress

IBM Loses Two Key Executives to Retirement--Really

Java Performance Is OS Agnostic on Power6 Gear

As I See It: Soothing the Savage Programmer

IBM Goes Stateless and Cooler with iDataPlex Servers

But Wait, There's More

May 5, 2008

IBM Previews "Blue Business" SMB System Sales Approach

Micro Focus to Acquire NetManage for $73.3 Million in Cash

Power Systems: The Feeds and Speeds

There's No i in Future, But Is There a Future in i?

IBM Cuts CPU Prices on Power5 and Power5+ Servers

But Wait, There's More

April 28, 2008

IBM's Power Systems Sales Plan and Various Gotchas

Power Systems Performance: First Up, SAP BI Data Mart

PowerVM: The i Hypervisor Is Not Hidden Anymore

As I See It: That Competitive Bug

IBM Chases HP and Sun Unix Shops with Power Rewards

But Wait, There's More

April 21, 2008

IBM Expands VIP to All Systems for Precision Sales

Power Systems Adds New Choices for IBM's Academic Initiative

IBM's Q1 Driven by Mainframes, Unix, Services, and the Weak Dollar

The X Factor: Everybody Wants Citrix Systems?

HP Goes Visual with Application Modernization Tools

But Wait, There's More

April 14, 2008

The 64-Core Power6-Based Power 595 Starts to Roll in May

And Then There Was One: The New and Improved Power 570

Sundry Power Systems Announcements

As I See It: Goldilocks and the Zen of IT

Albert Simon Barsa, Jr., 1953-2008

But Wait, There's More

April 7, 2008

It's Official: Now We're Power Systems and i for Business

Power6 Chips Get i Support in New Entry and Blade Machines

We're Listening About and Acting For the i Platform, Says IBM

Mad Dog 21/21: Bears' Turns

Goodbye, AS/400, Old Friend

But Wait, There's More

March 31, 2008

Progress Is Our Most Important Product

i5/OS V6R1: Raining on the Armadillo Day Parade

Oracle's Business Grows in Fiscal Q3, But Not As Much as Expected

As I See It: Misera Plebs Contribuens

Novell Previews Features in SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

But Wait, There's More

March 24, 2008

Recession Alert: IBM Gooses System i Maintenance Prices

i5/OS V6R1 Ships, And Shops Begin to Move

Global Services Offers i5/OS V6R1 Migration Help

Disk Array Capacity and Sales Still Growing at Historical Rates

Sun Backs Into the SMB Customer Space

But Wait, There's More

March 17, 2008

Bye Bye System p and i, Hello Power Systems

The HP Pitch on Rehosting i5/OS Applications on Integrity

NetManage and Rocket Software Call Off Acquisition Deal

As I See It: Bringing the Funny

HPC Sales Account for Most of 2007's Server Sales Growth

But Wait, There's More

March 10, 2008

IBM Readies Big Power6 Boxes, New X64 Servers

System i Security: Lots of Room for Improvement

Server Virtualization and Consolidation Require More Resiliency

Thermometer Money: Changing a Business Partner Paradigm

Arrow Buys French Midrange Distributor

But Wait, There's More

March 3, 2008

Q&A with IBM's Mark Shearer: Still Mister System i

Linux and Windows Server Sales Outpace the Market in Q4

Infinite Software Partners with HP, Acquires Altos Technology Group

Mad Dog 21/21: Plane's Peeking

MetaRAM Quadruples DDR2 Memory Capacity in Servers

But Wait, There's More

February 25, 2008

Welcome to Legacy Status, Windows Server

i5/OS V6R1 Compiler and Tool Pricing Versus V5R4

Gartner Gives Annual Report Cards to Server Makers

As I See It: Change in Plan

IDC Tweaks Global IT Spending Estimates Downward for 2008

But Wait, There's More

February 18, 2008

IBM's Battle Plan for i5/OS Blade Servers

Sundry i5/OS V6R1 and System i Enhancements

IT Salary Increases Are Anemic in 2007, Says Dice Survey

Mad Dog 21/21: Recovering Lost Prophets

The PHP Community Starts the PHP 4 Sunset, Gears Up for PHP 6

But Wait, There's More

February 11, 2008

WDSC Is Out, Rational Developer for System i Is In

Q&A with MKS CEO Philip Deck: Automating the Automaters

The System i Loses One Big Account and a Mid-Sized One, Too

As I See It: Why IT Will Save the Economy

High Voltage DC Systems for Data Centers Cut Power Use

But Wait, There's More

February 4, 2008

Entry System p Servers Get Power6 Chips, System i Boxes Await

The Power6 Server Ramp: Better Than Expected

IBM Takes System i Disk Clustering Up a Notch with HASM

The X Factor: Survive, Adapt, Repeat

i5/OS V5R3 Support Ends in April 2009

But Wait, There's More

January 28, 2008

IBM to Buy AMD? Seems Unlikely, But an Interesting Idea

i5/OS V6R1: It Must Be Getting Close, Since People Are Talking

Microsoft Rains on IBM's Lotusphere Parade

As I See It: Avatar Nation

Readers Pipe Up On the STG Reorg and System i Wish List

But Wait, There's More

January 21, 2008

Weak Dollar, Services, and Power6 Give IBM a Solid Fourth Quarter

IBM Aims for Server Expansion in 2008, Including System i Reincarnation

Readers Riff on the 2008 System i Wish List

Sun Casts a $1 Billion Net to Catch MySQL

The Rumor Mill on IBM's Impending Platform Announcements

But Wait, There's More

January 14, 2008

The Official 2008 TPM System i Wish List

Bracing for i5/OS V6R1 and the Winding Down of V5

IBM Gets Clustered Storage and EMC Founder with XIV Buy

As I See It: Weighty Matters

SOA Remains Hard to Define, but Projects on the Rise

But Wait, There's More

January 7, 2008

A New Year, A New IBM Systems and Technology Group

Rocket Software Buys NetManage for $69 Million

Servers Get Their First Power and Performance Benchmark

Mad Dog 21/21: Motherboarding

IDC 2008: It's Post Disruption, the Aftermath of Webification

But Wait, There's More

December 10, 2007

Database Tool Maker Joins the System i Market

State of the System i: Other Software Makers Weigh In

IDC Says Server Buyers Weigh Economy and Power in Q3

As I See It: What's Past Is Prologue

But Wait, There's More

December 3, 2007

State of the System i: How 2007 Went for Tool Vendors, and How 2008 Is Looking

Emerging Markets and Virtualization Drive Q3 Server Sales

IBM Readies Power Management for Power Servers

Bleak Outlook for Information Security, According to Researchers

But Wait, There's More

November 26, 2007

Redefining Security the New Goal of Former i5/OS Security Architect

The System i Fourth Quarter Sales Strategy

Power Systems Division Eyes Cognos Deal; Business Systems Shrugs

As I See It: The Sick Guys in Your Wallet

But Wait, There's More

November 19, 2007

Be My Guest

Q&A with Jim Herring: The View from the Top

IBM Acquires BI Software Specialist Cognos for $5 Billion

Mad Dog 21/21: It's Your Gaul

But Wait, There's More

November 12, 2007

Power6 Blades Finally Come to Market from IBM

Power Systems Division: A New Unit, i5/OS and iCluster Included

System i VIP Initiative Boosts Sales, Says IBM

As I See It: The Paradox

But Wait, There's More

November 5, 2007

IBM Brags About Its Power6 Server Shipments

Neuwing, IBM to Quantify and Monetize IT Energy Savings

Ask TPM: Enticing Users to Upgrade Their i5/OS Hardware

Project ECLipz Surfaces, But Not the Way You Think

But Wait, There's More

October 29, 2007

IBM's Math on User-Priced System i Versus Vintage Machines

Midrange Shops Get Disaster Recovery Services from IBM

Ask TPM: Two System i Questions, and Two Responses

As I See It: Survey Says . . .

But Wait, There's More

October 22, 2007

State of the System i: First-Hand Reports from Second-Hand Dealers

System i Sales Drop Again in Q3, IBM Says Little

IBM Hit by Financial Services Slowdown in Q3

Mad Dog 21/21: Symphony for the Devil

But Wait, There's More

October 15, 2007

New System i 525 Solution Editions Debut, 570 Gets Tweaked

IBM Adds Web Services and SOA Tools to the System i

Zend Puts Out New Release of Commercial-Grade PHP

AS/400s Are From Rochester, RS/6000s Are From Austin

But Wait, There's More

October 8, 2007

IBM Offers System i Blade Deal, Nixes i5 550 in Upgrade Deal

IBM Tweaks BladeCenter S for the Office, Preps Power6 Blades

Growing Businesses, Upgrades Drive IT Hiring in Q4

As I See It: Great Looking Genes

But Wait, There's More

October 1, 2007

State of the System i: What's Going On in the Market?

Summit Partners Sells Help/Systems to Audax Group

Reader Feedback on EGL: At Least It's Not Java, But It Ain't RPG, Either

IBM Helps Users Migrate to Power6-Based System i Boxes

But Wait, There's More

September 24, 2007

SAP Plants Its Flag in Mid-Market Territory with SaaS Apps

A1S Is to Applications What AS/400 Was to Systems

EGL: At Least It's Not Java, But It Ain't RPG, Either

As I See It: Shocking

But Wait, There's More

September 17, 2007

EGL: The Future of Programming for the System i?

Rumored Layoffs at IBM Rochester Not True

HP Beats the System i on Integration for Midrange Shops

LANSA Packages Modernization; Leasing Covers it All

But Wait, There's More

September 10, 2007

Supermegavirtualizationfest 2007

Reader Feedback on the Death of DB2/400 for Domino

Sirius Expands Northeast Presence with SCS Buy

As I See It: The Dons of Dialogue

But Wait, There's More

September 4, 2007

IBM Explains Its Domino 8 on DB2/400 Spike

Consumers Create a Feedback Loop into IT

Aldon Works on Acquisitions to Build Out Biz

Mad Dog 21/21: Leverage

But Wait, There's More

August 27, 2007

DB2/400 Support for Domino 8 is Missing in Action

Server Sales in Q2 Reach Heights Not Seen Since 2000

VMware ESX Server Support for the System i Is Imminent

The X Factor: Economic Recession Is the IT Innovator's Ally

But Wait, There's More

August 20, 2007

i5/OS V6R1: The TIMI, It Is A-Changing

Solaris Coming to the System i?

The System i Gets Price Changes and Withdrawals

As I See It: Of Toads and Time

But Wait, There's More

August 13, 2007

Power6-Based System i Performance: Your Mileage Will Vary

Performance Per Watt on Power6: Same Thermals, More Work

IBM's Reorg: The Good Me or the Bad Me?

Mad Dog 21/21: Classical Architecture

But Wait, There's More

August 6, 2007

System i Announcement Wrap Up

IBM Upgrades System i Storage with SAS Drives

Mainframe Vendor BluePhoenix Ready to Purchase ASNA

As I See It: Policeware

But Wait, There's More

July 30, 2007

Workload Partitions Not Coming to i5/OS V6R1?

Power6-Based System i Performance and Bang for the Buck

The IT Job Market Is More Competitive, Says Gartner

User Feedback Credited for Inspiring System i Development

But Wait, There's More

July 23, 2007

IBM Creates New Power, SMB Server Divisions

Rumor Du Jour: i5/OS on Other Platforms? Not!

IBM Turns In Its Best Second Quarter in Six Years

As I See It: Lawyers, Lies, and Statistics

But Wait, There's More

July 16, 2007

The Database Is the Computer

Another i5 Pricing Tweak: No User Cap on i5 515s

System i Skills: Building Bridges Over the Generation Gap

Mad Dog 21/21: To Avatar and Avatar Not

But Wait, There's More

July 9, 2007

Small Form Factor Disks Go Mainstream, the System i Has Gone Fishin'

Project Costs Tell the VoIP Story

IBM to Break Petaflops Barrier with Blue Gene/P

As I See It: The All-American Exhausting Vacation

But Wait, There's More

June 25, 2007

The AS/400 at 19: Predicting the Future--Or Not

IBM Kills Off System i ServerProven, Standard Edition Rebates

VoIP and the Search for Single Points of Failure

As I See It: Dare to Be Rich

But Wait, There's More

June 18, 2007

The i5 515 and 525 Versus the Unix Competition

Vision Solutions Acquires HA Rival Lakeview Technology

Adoption of VoIP Tied to Relief from Phone Expenses

The Web Runtime Tax: The Tax Man Cometh, Again

But Wait, There's More

June 11, 2007

The i5 515 and 525 Versus the Windows Competition

CIOs Get Ready to Hire in the Summer

One More Time: There Is No Gender Pay Gap

As I See It: The Ne'er-Do-Well's Guide to Enlightenment

But Wait, There's More

June 4, 2007

IBM's Rumored System i Power6 Server Plans

IBM Tries Online Discounts to Move Server, Storage Gear

The Market for Servers in Europe Is Hot

Mad Dog 21/21: Missing Inaction

But Wait, There's More

May 29, 2007

IBM's First Power6 Box: A Glimpse Into System i 2008 Edition

Virtualization, Consolidation Drive Server Sales in Q1

IBM Offers Upgrade and Trade-In Promotions to Bolster System i Sales

The X Factor: Small Is Beautiful

But Wait, There's More

May 21, 2007

IBM Tweaks i5 515 and 525 User-Based Prices

An i5 Platform: Q&A with Marlin Equity's Top Brass

The Gulf Between Buyers and Sellers Widens in IT, Says IDC

As I See It: Operating on Overload

But Wait, There's More

May 14, 2007

Aldon Acquired by Marlin Equity Partners

Some Thoughts on i5 Spending Patterns

IBM Sees Green in Going Green in Data Centers

Children's Foundation Blossoms from Sirius Computer

But Wait, There's More

May 7, 2007

IBM Focusing on i5 Account Sales, Not i5 Sales

Dr. Frank Soltis at COMMON: A Show Worth Watching

i5/OS Curriculum Contingent on Job Prospects, Business Community

As I See It: Education--the Other Dysfunction

But Wait, There's More

April 30, 2007

The i5 515 and 525: IBM's Competitive Analysis

More Details Emerge on IBM's Upcoming Power6 Server Launch

How to Build a Less Expensive i5 Developer Workstation

Mad Dog 21/21: Hearts and Minds

But Wait, There's More

April 23, 2007

Power6: Later in 2007 Rather than Sooner?

Slowing U.S. Sales Hurt IBM's First Quarter

Reader Feedback on User-Priced System i Boxes

As I See It: Induced Labor

But Wait, There's More

April 16, 2007

IBM Goes After Windows with User-Priced System i Servers

IBM Upgrades High-End System i5 Servers

Wheeling and Dealing to Move System i Iron

System i and the Web: Where We've Been and Where We're Going

But Wait, There's More

April 9, 2007

Hello, New York? Buy IBM

Security Still an Issue in 2007 for System i5 Shops

A Trained IT Staff Is A Happy and Competitive One

As I See It: The Legacy

But Wait, There's More

April 2, 2007

Next Up on the System i5: Native GNU g++ and IBM XL C/C++

WDSc V7.0: Componentization of Advanced Edition Is Not Enough

Gartner Says It Was "All Over" the Virtualization Effect

Kronos To Be Taken Private Through a $1.8 Billion Buyout

But Wait, There's More

March 26, 2007

IBM to Meet Upset WDSc Shops Half-Way on Features?

Oracle Sues SAP Over 'Corporate Theft on a Grand Scale'

IDC Chops Server Forecasts Thanks to Virtualization, Multicore Chips

As I See It: Workplace Heaven

But Wait, There's More

March 19, 2007

IBM Pays for System i5 Video Viral Marketing

System i Shops Plenty Annoyed About Missing WDSc Features

It Was Inevitable: IBM Jacks Maintenance Fees on Midrange Gear

Mad Dog 21/21: The China Spin Drone

But Wait, There's More

March 12, 2007

IBM's Plan for an Adjacent, Custom Systems Market

WDSc Version 7.0 Standard Edition Is Missing Two Key Features

Is Upgrading a Silly Waste of Time and Money?

As I See It: The Digital Life

But Wait, There's More

March 5, 2007

What's IBM Cooking Up for RPG and the Web?

System i Marketeer Chats with iSociety Members

Midrange Boxes, Big Iron Drive Server Growth in Q4 2006

The X Factor: How Many Servers, How Much Juice, How Much Money?

But Wait, There's More

February 26, 2007

IBM Seeks More CODE/400 Converts with WDSc 7.0

Midrange LUGs Are Changing the Way They Operate

Server Sales Up a Bit in 2006, But Q4 Looks a Bit Weak

As I See It: Disorderly Conduct

But Wait, There's More

February 19, 2007

In Formation: Q&A with Infor Chairman Jim Schaper

GST Says Buy Cheaper i5 Disk Controllers and Lots of Disks

Chip Makers Strut Their Stuff at ISSCC

Mad Dog 21/21: Paved With Good Intentions

But Wait, There's More

February 12, 2007

Faster i5 595 Rumored to Be Imminent

IBM Moves OS/400 V5R3 Towards the Door, Rejiggers i5 Prices

Zend Upgrades Commercial Add-Ons for Its PHP Engine

As I See It: The Elusive Leader

But Wait, There's More

February 5, 2007

IBM Upgrades System i5 Disk Controllers, Adds Enclosures

IBM and ISVs Launch VIP Program to Reinvigorate System i5 Sales

Sundry Other System i5 Announcements

The X Factor: One Socket to Rule Them All

But Wait, There's More

January 29, 2007

The Vanishing IT Woman--System i Women Respond

IBM Sells Printing Division to Ricoh for $725 Million

IT Salaries Rise by 5.2 in 2006, Dice Survey Says

As I See It: Measuring What Counts

But Wait, There's More

January 22, 2007

Big Blue Readies Revamped Storage for the System i

IBM Closes Out 2006 With a Strong Fourth Quarter

Zend Describes Multiple Instances on i5/OS, Previews RPG Wrapper

Ask TPM: The Economics of Open Source Software

But Wait, There's More

January 15, 2007

Zend Core for i5/OS Ships for OS/400 V5R3

Why the Number of Women in IT Is Decreasing

Next Generation ERP and the Rise of the Agile Organization

Mad Dog 21/21: Between y o u and i

But Wait, There's More

January 8, 2007

IBM's System i Priorities for 2007

Arrow Buys Agilysys' IT Distribution Business for $485 Million

Uncle Sam Pushes Energy Star Ratings for Servers

As I See It: Questioning Retirement

But Wait, There's More

December 18, 2006

Let's Be Frank

What 2007 and Beyond Might Have in Store for the System i

As I See It: Predictions and Poetry

Mad Dog 21/21: Greetings Season

Happy Holidays from All of Us at IT Jungle

In Memorium: Christian Scott Ward

December 11, 2006

The Business Case for the System iWant

Rocket Software Inks Deal to Buy Seagull Software

Saving the System i: Fight Pervasive with Pervasive

As I See It: Sweating the Little Stuff

But Wait, There's More

December 4, 2006

The System iWant, 2007 Edition

PwC Consultants Predict an IT Talent Shortage

Saving the System i: Fight Rather Than Switch

The X Factor: You Can't Steal What's Free, But You Can Pay a Lot for Something That Isn't Worth It

But Wait, There's More

November 27, 2006

Don't Wait Until 2008, Kick It Up to 11 in 2007

Server Sales Perk Up a Little Bit in the Third Quarter

iSCSI for System i Update: Showing Some Promise

As I See It: The Other "Tude"

But Wait, There's More

November 20, 2006

The State of the System i: The Analysts Speak

Sun Releases Java Under GPL Open Source License

Academic Initiative Attempts to Unite Business and Education

Mad Dog 21/21: Stay the Recourse

But Wait, There's More

November 13, 2006

Sirius Gets Equity Investment from Thoma Cressey

Power6 Ups the Ante for Virtualization, Power Management

Interest in WDSc Indicates Small but Steady Change in App Dev

As I See It: The Workplace Politician

But Wait, There's More

November 6, 2006

Thoma Cressey Strikes Again: Buys iTera to Merge with Vision Solutions

Bang for the Buck: User-Capped i5 520s Versus Windows X64 Servers

PowerTech Issues Third Annual State of i5/OS Security Report

The X Factor: Form Follows Function

But Wait, There's More

October 30, 2006

SoftLanding Systems Acquired By CICS Specialist Unicom Systems

VP of System i Marketing Talks Strategy

Who's Using Linux on the System i?

As I See It: Behavioral Redlining

But Wait, There's More

October 23, 2006

Will New Rebates on Standard Edition i5s Boost Sales?

Software, Unix and Mainframe Servers Boost IBM's Profits in Q3

System i Awareness Campaign Depends on Print Advertising Effectiveness

The System i VOIP Solution: Now Ready for Prime Time

But Wait, There's More

October 16, 2006

IBM Uncloaks Power6 Chip Details

User-Capped i5 520s, SAP Solution Edition 520s Launched

IBM Brings Blogging and RSS to Lotus Notes/Domino

Mad Dog 21/21: Blowing Up Buddha

But Wait, There's More

October 9, 2006

Details Emerge on Possible "Work Stream" Entry i5 Server

System i Vendors Merge as Help/Systems Acquires ASC

Legacy Application Modernization Strategies Hinge on SOA

As I See It: History Makers

But Wait, There's More

October 2, 2006

Bang for the Buck: Big Iron Boxes, Even Bigger Bucks

Shearer Talks Up the Strengths of the System i

Chip Makers Embrace Co-Processors, Again

COMMON is Fun Again

But Wait, There's More

September 25, 2006

Expect i5/OS V5R5 in 2007, Power6 for System i Maybe in 2007

Venture Capitalist Thoma Cressey Acquires Vision Solutions

The iSociety: System i Users React

As I See It: Pretexting

But Wait, There's More

September 18, 2006

Project Prometheus Unchained as iSociety

IBM Offers Incentives on i5 iSCSI Links to BladeCenter Blade Boxes

The Disk Drive at 50: Still Spinning

As I See It: The Incredible Shrinking Vacation

But Wait, There's More

September 11, 2006

Details Emerge on Project Prometheus System i Promotion Efforts

Windows Consolidation with the System i: Is It Happening?

You Have Life Jackets, But Have You Ever Put One On?

Buyers Expect Softening in Server Spending in 2006

But Wait, There's More

September 5, 2006

Bang for the Buck: Enterprise i5 Servers Versus the Competition

The Governor-Buster Saga Starts Again with MAX400

Pre-COMMON Sound Off: Lack of i5 Marketing Still the Major Complaint

Mad Dog 21/21: Frequent Deniers Club

But Wait, There's More

August 28, 2006

Bang for the Buck: Raising the System iQ

The Server Market Struggles for Growth in Q2, Says IDC

COMMON Preview: A Few Little Changes, and Some Big Ones in Store

As I See It: Corporate Tithing

But Wait, There's More

August 21, 2006

Bang for the Buck: Midrange i5 Servers Versus the Competition

Does the Size of Your IT Supplier Really Matter?

ERP Software: Its Effect on Performance and Productivity, Part 2

The X Factor: Database Appliances Come Around Again

But Wait, There's More

August 14, 2006

IBM Rejiggers and Broadens i5 Capacity BackUp Edition

Software Hungry IBM Eats ECM Rival FileNet for $1.6 Billion

The System i Is the Top Banana for Fruit Producers

As I See It: Biology and Technology--the Uneasy Union

But Wait, There's More

August 7, 2006

Bang for the Buck: Entry i5 Servers Versus the Competition

Infor Closes SSA Buy and Acquires Remaining GEAC Bits

IBM Acquires Webify and MRO to Enhance Software, Services Offerings

The X Factor: High-End Chips Draw Even, Vendors Prepare to Differentiate

But Wait, There's More

July 31, 2006

Bang for the Buck: Baby i5 Servers Versus Windows and Linux Boxes

IBM Creates a Performance-Based Pricing Scheme for Software

New Vendors Join SOA Collaboration Group

As I See It: Productivity and Relationship

But Wait, There's More

July 24, 2006

Pandora's Box: A Rumored Entry Power Server

IBM Has Its Financial Ups and Downs in Q2

Horticulture Companies Grow With the System i5

Mad Dog 21/21: Big Indians, Little Indians

But Wait, There's More

July 17, 2006

Sundry Summer Announcements for the System i5

A Closer Look at the Economics of the Solution Edition for JDE

Time Sharing: An Old Concept That's Still With Us

As I See It: The Donking Life

But Wait, There's More

July 10, 2006

Why Unix Experience Matters for System i5 Sales

Micro Memory Bank: Another System i Clone Memory Maker

Open Source RPG Apps: The 'Bright Future' That Didn't Happen

The X Factor: Is Memory-Based Software Pricing the Answer?

But Wait, There's More

June 26, 2006

IBM Reverses Course, Keeps S/3X Compilers in i5/OS V5R5

New Director of System i Sales for BPs, ISVs Appointed

Readers React to Project Prometheus System i Effort

As I See It: The Great Disconnect

But Wait, There's More

June 19, 2006

Happy 18th Birthday, AS/400; Time to Leave the Nest

OS/400 V5R3 PTFs Can Corrupt Licensed Internal Code

OS/400 Shops Share Their Training Experiences

The X Factor: Virtual Server Sprawl

But Wait, There's More

June 12, 2006

Project Prometheus: Playing with Fire

The Dollars and Sense of Training Newbie RPG Programmers

Gartner Report Espouses the Virtues of i5/OS

As I See It: Taking Care

But Wait, There's More

June 5, 2006

Infor Acquisition of SSA Global Sparks a Lawsuit

Trucking Along with the OS/400 Platform

Merrill Lynch Cases IT Spending, Server Buying Patterns

The Cult of Numerology

But Wait, There's More

May 30, 2006

Server Sales Decline for the Second Straight Quarter

IBM to Buy SAP? Why Not?

Business Continuity Planning Part 2: Disaster Without Warning

As I See It: Net Reality

But Wait, There's More

May 22, 2006

Sun Microsystems Begins Taking Java Open Source

Next Up on the System i: Native .NET

Business Continuity Planning: Are OS/400 Shops Ready for Disaster?

Mad Dog 21/21: Patent Depending

But Wait, There's More

May 15, 2006

IBM Announces New System i5 Collaboration Edition

IBM Delivers iSCSI Connection, Pushes Blades to OS/400 Shops

System i5 Security: What's New, and What the Future Holds

As I See It: Betrayal

But Wait, There's More

May 8, 2006

IBM Cuts Some System i5 Prices to Boost Sales

A Closer Look at IBM's Current System i5 Deals

The Inside Stories of the Innovation Award Winners

ERP Software: Its Effect on Human Performance and Impact on Productivity

But Wait, There's More

May 1, 2006

Migration RPG: Another Option for RPG II Shops

AttachmateWRQ Pays $495 Million for NetIQ

IBM and Partners Target Casinos with the System i

The Hardware Foundry

But Wait, There's More

April 24, 2006

ISVs React (Or Not) to PHP on the System i

Oracle Indefinitely Extends the Life of JDE World, EnterpriseOne

Cost Controls Boost IBM Earnings on Flat Q1 Revenues

As I See It: Fearless Leaders

But Wait, There's More

April 17, 2006

New IBM Deal Gives Decent Trade-In Rebates on Old Gear

Next Up on the System i: Python

Red Hat Buys JBoss--Your Move, Novell

Mad Dog 21/21: Patent Lather

But Wait, There's More

April 10, 2006

The Lowdown on S/36 and S/38 Compilers in i5/OS V5R5

Oracle and IBM Work to Rebuild the JDE Channel

IBM Unleashes a Barrage of SOA Announcements

As I See It: Women

But Wait, There's More

April 3, 2006

PHP Will Soon Be Native on the System i5

3Com, IBM Are Porting VoIP Suite to the System i5

IBM Hints at Triple Redundancy in Power6

Why American Employees Are So Unhappy

But Wait, There's More

March 27, 2006

The OS/400 Cooperative

EMC Licenses i5 Interfaces from IBM for Symmetrix Support

Does the World Need Another ERP Suite? iCAP Thinks So

As I See It: The Last Day

But Wait, There's More

March 20, 2006

i5 Memory and Disk Prices Need to Come Down

Second-Hand iSeries Boxes Are Pretty Cheap

Microsoft to Lure Competing Business Partners to Windows

COMMON's Curriculum Is OK; It's IBM that Needs to Change

But Wait, There's More

March 13, 2006

i5 Innovation Effort Shifts from Getting Modern to Making Money

Offshore Outsourcing and the OS/400 Ecosystem

Xperia Takes on Tier One ERP Vendors in the SMB Market

As I See It: The 'M' Word

But Wait, There's More

March 6, 2006

OS/400 Servers Over Time: Stacking Up the Big Boxes

Hosting is Increasingly Popular at OS/400 Shops

The Balance of Server Powers

Mad Dog 21/21: Lincoln to Open SQL

But Wait, There's More

February 27, 2006

OS/400 Servers Over Time: iSeries to i5 to System i

OS/400 Shops Increase Spending on Services

The Server Market Begins to Cool in Q4

As I See It: Future Schlock

But Wait, There's More

February 20, 2006

Service with a Smile--and a Wink and a Nod

Analysts, Users, and ISVs React to the System i5

Which Way the Wind Blows for i5-Windows Integration

Shaking IT Up: Don't Fear Silence, and Buy Some Duct Tape

But Wait, There's More

February 13, 2006

Power6 Gets Second Silicon, IBM to Crank the Clock

Q&A with Elaine Lennox, VP of System i5 Marketing

The iSeries is Comfort Food for the Food Industry

IBM, Freescale Reunite for the Sake of the Power Processors

But Wait, There's More

February 6, 2006

Feeds and Speeds of the New System i5s

System i5 V5R4 Software Announcement Roundup

IBM Weaves Together HATS and WebFacing Tools

As I See It: Changing the World, One Pension at a Time

But Wait, There's More

Reader Feedback: VMware Weighs in on X86 Virtualization Criticisms

January 30, 2006

How Low Can You Go?

The iSeries 2006 Job Market, Part 2: What's in Store?

Lotusphere 2006: IBM Gears Up for Collaboration Battle with Microsoft

Mad Dog 21/21: Virtual's Impatience

But Wait, There's More

January 23, 2006

iSeries Sales Down 18 Percent in Q4 as Users Await i5s and V5R4

IBM Reshuffles Systems and Technology Executives

The Job Market in 2006, Part 1: Are iSeries Shops Hiring?

A Little More Insight into IBM's Server Sales in Q4 and 2005

But Wait, There's More

January 16, 2006

Mainsoft, IBM to Convert .NET Code to Java on All eServers

OpenSolaris Community Creates Kernel for Power Chips

IBM Tops U.S. Patent List for 13th Straight Year

As I See It: Revenge of the Wise

But Wait, There's More

January 9, 2006

Barbarians at Bill Gates

Auto Parts Dealers Love the iSeries

Novell, Red Hat Appoint New Chief Technology Officers

An IT Retrospective: Forty Years in the Business

But Wait, There's More

January 3, 2006

Utility Service/400: Making the iSeries into a Different Market

Waiting for Linux to Pull Its Own Weight on the iSeries

What's in Store for 2006? The iSeries Community Predicts

As I See It: Balance

But Wait, There's More

December 14, 2005

What Will Be Shaking with the iSeries in 2006?

Reading the IT Leaves for 2006

As I See It: My Place Or Yours

Happy Holidays!

December 12, 2005

Solaris Enterprise System: What Sun is Learning from the AS/400

Does Anybody Care About AIX on the iSeries?

iSeries ISVs React to SOA Standardization Initiative

Mad Dog 21/21: Plenty of Newton

But Wait, There's More

December 5, 2005

iSeries Application Innovation Program Exceeds IBM's Expectations

Server Sales Skyrocket in Q3--But Can It Last?

Major IT Firms Join to Standardize SOA

As I See It: RAM, ROM, and Rama Rama Ding Dong

But Wait, There's More

November 28, 2005

Domino on the iSeries: The Empire Can Strike Back

The Once and Future OS/400 Ecosystem

International Business Server, International Business Desktop

Mad Dog 21/21: Hasta La Vista, Budget

But Wait, There's More

November 21, 2005

The Fast400 Saga Ends: IBM and Stracka Settle Lawsuit

The Fall (and Rise?) of the OS/400 Ecosystem: How the ISVs See It

The iSeries and the Right App Deal a Blow to Unisys

As I See It: Prying the Gazelle from the Lion's Teeth

But Wait, There's More

November 14, 2005

Keep Your Perspective on Platform Costs

The iSeries Goes to Town in Local Government

Nomination Process for iSeries Innovation Awards Opens

Shaking IT Up: Preemptive Listening, a Tool of Tools

But Wait, There's More

November 7, 2005

Domino on the iSeries Versus the Competition

Two New iSeries ISVs Target Large Accounts

PA Semi Divulges Its Power Processor Aspirations

As I See It: Management by Intercourse

But Wait, There's More

October 31, 2005

iSeries Salaries Are Shaping Up to Rise 2006

IBM Identifies Hot Markets for iSeries Growth

Readers Weigh in on the Hypothetical System i5 for SMB

Mad Dog 21/21: Omission Accomplished

But Wait, There's More

October 24, 2005

Behind the Scenes at the Award-Winning iSeries Support Center

iSeries Sales Rebound 25 Percent in Q3

Sometimes You Have to Think--and Look--Inside the Box

As I See It: Listen Up, Kids

But Wait, There's More

October 17, 2005

The "P" Word

IBM Gives Rebates and Trade Ins to Push the i5 520 in Q4

Why i for the Casino Industry?

Stop Arguing About Cars and Start Managing Fleets

But Wait, There's More

October 10, 2005

The IBM Systems Agenda: iB(M)

Q&A with the Dynamic Duo for iSeries Marketing and Sales

p5 Power5+ Machines Preview Possible Future i5s

As I See It: The Dog Ate My Manners

But Wait, There's More

October 3, 2005

IBM Raises the Curtain a Little on Future Power Chips, i5/OS V5R4

IDC Quantifies the iSeries Payback for Server Consolidation

Will IBM Marry Off WebFacing to HATS?

Shaking IT Up: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Use Your New Software

But Wait, There's More

September 26, 2005

iSeries Execs Talk Up the Future of the Platform at COMMON

COMMON Sound Off: Frustration Level Is Down a Bit Among the Faithful

Oracle to Support IBM's WebSphere with Project Fusion Apps

Mad Dog 21/21: New Moth

But Wait, There's More

September 19, 2005

Forget Oracle 10g. Let's Talk About i5/OS V5g

IBM Shifts Its SOA Initiative Up Into High Gear

Big Blue Delivers Industrial-Strength Laser Printer

As I See It: Save Now or Suffer Later

But Wait, There's More

September 12, 2005

The Lean, Mean RPG-5250-DB2/400 Machine

Notes/Domino 7 Brings New Collaboration Technology, Performance Gains

Continuous Data Protection: A Hot Topic that's Getting Hotter

IT Pundits Espouse Linux Benefits Including and Beyond TCO

But Wait, There's More

September 6, 2005

The Mysteries of i5/OS V5R3M5 and V5R4

Only One COMMON Per Year? ISVs and Users Respond

IDC Concurs that Q2 Was Pretty Good for Servers

Ich Bin Ein Entrepreneur

But Wait, There's More

August 29, 2005

Taking the Pulse of the iSeries Base

Gartner Says Server Market Warmed Up Some More in Q2

IBM's Business Intelligence Plan Focuses on Partners, Middleware

The Source of All Good Bits

But Wait, There's More

August 22, 2005

IBM's Power6 Gets First Silicon as Power5+ Looms

The Many Pros and Few Cons of iSeries Logical Partitioning

ISVs Offer Six-Month Report Card on iSeries Innovation Program

Mad Dog 21/21: The Grinchy Code

But Wait, There's More

August 15, 2005

IBM Uses Interns for the iSeries, and So Can You

Is the iSeries Really on an Upward Trend?

IBM, Hyperion, and SPSS Part Ways on DB2 OLAP Server

As I See It: The Sanctity of Work

But Wait, There's More

August 8, 2005

IBM Keeps CGIDEV2 Alive, Considers Open Source

The i5 Shows Linear Scalability on SAP Benchmark

IBM Brings New Workplace Portal to iSeries and zSeries

As I See It: Frame and Reframe

But Wait, There's More

August 1, 2005

Lunch, Sort Of, with Mark Shearer, iSeries GM

IBM Rational-izes WebSphere Development Tools with Version 6

Sarbanes-Oxley, Offshore Outsourcing, and Entitlement

We Work for the Internet

But Wait, There's More

July 25, 2005

iSeries Programmers Irate Concerning CGIDEV2 Limbo

Is Security the First Step Toward Regulatory Compliance?

iSeries Sales Increase by 10 Percent in Q2

As I See It: In Defense of Entitlement

But Wait, There's More

July 18, 2005

IBM's July iSeries Announcements, Part Deux

Mike Smith, iSeries Chief Architect, Speaks Out on SOA

Oracle's Multicore Pricing: Right Direction, Not Far Enough

Mad Dog 21/21: Live Gates

But Wait, There's More

July 11, 2005

Server Ecosystems: Take a Ride on a Slide

Java Turns Ten, Still At Odds with .NET, Aloof About PHP

iSeries ISVs Make Big Investments in Regulatory Compliance

As I See It: Declining Fortunes

But Wait, There's More

June 27, 2005

IBM Is Not Killing Off RPG III, RPG/400 in i5/OS

How the Server Ecosystems Stack Up

SOA: A Life-Line for the iSeries?

As I See It: In the Aftermath

But Wait, There's More

June 20, 2005

The OS/400 Ecosystem, Part 2

IBM's iSeries Rejuvenation Efforts Begin to Bear Fruit

ERP Market Grew Solidly in 2004, AMR Research Says

Mad Dog 21/21: If It Walks Like Sudoku . . .

But Wait, There's More

June 13, 2005

How Big Is the OS/400 Ecosystem?

IBM's BPMAC: A Small Group With Lots of Pull

HP, IBM and Unix, Windows Tied in the Server Market

As I See It: First Timers

But Wait, There's More

TFH Flashback: Critical Mass

June 6, 2005

Lawson Acquires Intentia to Rule the Midrange

Eclipse for iSeries Shops: Does Anyone Care?

Sun Microsystems Buys StorageTek for $4.1 Billion

As I See It: The Big Five-Oh

But Wait, There's More

May 31, 2005

Cool Stuff: Transitive Emulates Server Platforms on Other Iron

Server Market Is Solid in Q1, Says Gartner

The ERP Life Cycle: From Birth to Death and Birth Again

Shaking IT Up: In a Crisis, A Good Manager Is an Absent Manager

But Wait, There's More

May 23, 2005

IBM Pilots Aggressive Middleware Pricing on i5 520s

PeopleSoft Founder Duffield Readies New ERP Software

Oracle Apps on the iSeries: It Depends on What Your Definition of "Support" Is

As I See It: Chain of Command

But Wait, There's More

May 16, 2005

Lawson Unveils "Landmark" Project to Bring Apps to J2EE

RFID: Coming Soon to an Application Near You

The X Factor: Appliances Versus General Purpose Computers

Mad Dog 21/21: Colophon While It Lasted

But Wait, There's More

May 9, 2005

iSeries SNA Software Support Continues with Enterprise Extender

IBS to Port OS/400 Apps to Unix, Windows, and Linux

IBM to Cut Up to 13,000 Employees, Mostly in Europe

As I See It: IT, the Early Days

But Wait, There's More

May 2, 2005

The i5 Tests Well on SAP Data Warehousing Benchmarks

A Bunch of IBM iSeries Announcements

Tools Can Help Manage Change and Diverse Systems

Deloitte Says Outsourcing Doesn't Always Pay

But Wait, There's More

April 25, 2005

Rochester Winds Down Non-TCP/IP Networking on the iSeries

IBM's Workplace Collaboration Suite Is Almost Ready

Azul Can Make a Killer iSeries Java Co-Processor

As I See It: Who Feeds You?

But Wait, There's More

April 18, 2005

IBM Beefs Up iSeries Disk Arrays, I/O Options

IBM Offers HMC-Less iSeries Linux Partitioning

Mad Dog 21/21: The Princess and IP

IBM Comes Up Short in Q1 After March Fall Off

But Wait, There's More

April 11, 2005

IBM Gives the iSeries Channel Incentives to Grow and Behave

The Possibilities of PASE

Vision Solutions Bolsters Network, HA Capabilities

Shaking IT Up: Meet That Date!

But Wait, There's More

April 4, 2005

SoftLanding Goes Open Source with TurnOverSVN

PHP is Almost Certainly Coming to the iSeries

iTera Says Business is Brisk

Where Is i5/OS Small Business Suite?

But Wait, There's More

March 28, 2005

More on IBM's eServer i5 Plans for 2005 and 2006

Used OS/400 Software a Small But Growing Market

Sun Takes Baby Steps Closer to Open Source Java

As I See It: The Next Job Wave

But Wait, There's More

March 21, 2005

iSeries Top Brass Commit to the Platform and Growth

Soltis and Friends Give Their Vision for the iSeries

iSeries Users Sound Off, Sometimes with Praise, at COMMON

IBM Buys Other Half of Informix with Ascential Acquisition

But Wait, There's More

March 14, 2005

Open Source Servers

Re-Energizing ISVs Is a Tough Chore for IBM

Book Excerpt: The All-Everything Machine

As I See It: Social Insecurity

But Wait, There's More

March 7, 2005

iSeries ISVs Elated as IBM Opens Roadmap and Wallet

Future "Cell" Power Processors Can Run OS/400

IBM's Chiphopper Tools to Help Build iSeries Apps

Security Niches Filled as Public Security Lapses Mount

But Wait, There's More

February 28, 2005

Big Blue Pumps Big Bucks into the iSeries

BCD to Aggressively Build Out Its Business Partner Base

Gartner Gives 2004 Server Report Cards

As I See It: To Tell or Not to Tell

But Wait, There's More

February 21, 2005

iSeries Resellers Weigh In on the State of the Box

OS/400 PASE Is Not Dead

IBM Focuses on Usability with HATS 6.0

Mad Dog 21/21: Darned Coyote

But Wait, There's More

February 14, 2005

IBM Issues PTFs to Patch RAID Controllers

eServer i5 Line Enhanced with New Features

The i5 Gets SAP, Clear Technologies Solution Editions

Old i5 520 Express, iSeries Upgrades, and OS/400 V5R2 Booted

But Wait, There's More

February 7, 2005

DB2 Is the Next Logical eServer Convergence

Is .NET a Litmus Test for iSeries Loyalty?

Why Do Rack Servers Persist When Blade Servers Are Better?

As I See It: Surviving a Job Loss

But Wait, There's More

January 31, 2005

IBM Offers Real iSeries Utility Computing

IBM Buys Application Service Provider Corio

Lotusphere 2005: Domino Shops Want Roadmaps, but Want to Drive

Infor Solutions Buys MAPICS, Takes It Private

But Wait, There's More

January 24, 2005

Oracle Lays Out Plans to Fuse Its Three ERP Suites

ERP Vendors Target PeopleSoft, JDE Bases

IBM Ends 2004 with Most Profitable Quarter in Its History

Mad Dog 21/21: Technical Fowl

But Wait, There's More

January 17, 2005

IBM to Promote the iSeries During the NFL Playoffs

Migration to Java Is Paying Off, Intentia Says

Will IT Vendors Set Up a Patent Trust?

As I See It: The Elusive Pursuit of Happiness

But Wait, There's More

January 10, 2005

Borman Out, Shearer In As iSeries General Manager

Q&A with Mark Shearer, the New iSeries GM

RFID Specialist Stratum Global Spins Off from LANSA

Subscription Pricing: A Tough Path to a Better Pricing Model

But Wait, There's More

January 3, 2005

Bingaman Says iSeries Marketing to Focus on Business

Microsoft Extends Laurel Branch to IBM Midrange Shops

TomorrowNow Ramps Up New J.D. Edwards Support Practice

As I See It: Dead Peasants

But Wait, There's More

Four Hundred Special Report: December 15, 2004

IBM's eServer i5 Plans for 2005 and Beyond

The eServer i6 and i7 Wish List

Is the iSeries Next, After PCs?

Those Who Predict the Future Are Doomed to Repeat It

December 13, 2004

IBM Promotes the i5 on Prime-Time Television

Make High Availability Work for You

Crazy Idea Number 527: Should IBM Buy Apple?

Mad Dog 21/21: The Dry Fish Affair

But Wait, There's More

December 6, 2004

Choose Wisely: High Availability Performance and Reliability Issues

OS Solutions Relies on Remote Journaling for New HA Offering

Server Market Grows in the Third Quarter

IDC Makes Its IT Prognostications for 2005

But Wait, There's More

November 29, 2004

Myths, Misconceptions Run Wild in World of High Availability

IBM's iSeries for HA, CBU Editions Gain Traction

IT Spending Predicted to Increase Modestly in 2005

As I See It: Keep Breathing

But Wait, There's More

November 15, 2004

How the i5s Compare with Other Big Boxes

IT Salaries: Up, Flat, or Down in 2005?

CSC Offers Trade-Ins to iSeries Shops Buying i5s and Fast400

Mad Dog 21/21: Vow Tipping

But Wait, There's More

November 8, 2004

i5 Model 595: Big Bang for Big Bucks

IBM's New Customer Design Center Focuses on High Availability

Gartner Releases IT and Business Trends Through 2010

As I See It: Keep Laughing

But Wait, There's More

November 1, 2004

iSeries High Availability Should Be Integrated and Invisible

IBM Offers Trade-In Deal for Model 270 Shops

Keeping i5s Current Means Updating Firmware, Too

Rotten to the Core: Chips, Lies, and Software Licenses

But Wait, There's More

October 25, 2004

Move iSeries Forward and Adapt, or Die, Zeitler Says

Users Express Frustration with IBM, Marketing At COMMON

Problems with Early i5 Plague Customers, Partners

IBM's Third Quarter Is Decent; iSeries Sales Down but Improving

But Wait, There's More

October 18, 2004

IBM Completes i5 Squadrons with 64-Way Model 595

IBM Revamps Midrange, High-End Storage Arrays

New IxS and Other i5-Related Announcements

Mad Dog 21/21: Vulture Culture

But Wait, There's More

October 11, 2004

Q&A: iSeries GM Borman to Focus on i5/OS Sales

Dataram Sells Clone eServer i5, p5 Main Memory

IBM Talks Up WebSphere 6, Due in Two Months

As I See It: Getting to the Front by Stabbing in the Back

But Wait, There's More

October 4, 2004

Big Blue Should Do Power Windows, Too

PeopleSoft Fires Conway, Brings Back Founder

Azul's Network-Attached Processing to Shake Up Server Market

Book Excerpt: 'Can the AS/400 Survive IBM?'

But Wait, There's More

September 27, 2004

OS/400 Shops in Limbo During Oracle-PeopleSoft Fight

JBoss 4.0 Gets J2EE Support, Takes on IBM, BEA, and Others

Modernizing Apps, IBM Toronto Labs in Spotlight At COMMON

As I See It: Trust but Verify: Computer Science and Democracy

But Wait, There's More

September 20, 2004

OpenPowers Prove IBM Can Do Puppy i5s

eServer i5 Solution Editions Hit the Streets

New TPC Benchmarks Are on the Horizon

Mad Dog 21/21: Sell Phones

But Wait, There's More

September 13, 2004

PeopleSoft Says It's Working Hard to Make a Better World

Tales of an iSeries Offshore Outsourcer

UDO Storage Now Available for the iSeries

As I See It: The Quiet Among Us

But Wait, There's More

September 7, 2004

Companies Want Good Enough IT, Not 'Best of Breed'

How i5s Stack Up To Alternatives, Revisited

Forrester Says IT Budgets Will Be Up 7% in 2005

An AS/400 Romance Continues

But Wait, There's More

August 30, 2004

New Fast400 Reseller Is Raring to Go

HIS 2004 Can Bundle Green Screen Apps As XML Web Services

Servers Sell Well in Q2, Say Gartner and IDC

As I See It: Commoditizing Privacy

But Wait, There's More

August 23, 2004

Midrange i5s Versus the iSeries, Revisited

August eServer i5 Announcement Roundup

IBM Offers Deals to Push iSeries and i5 Products

It Had to Happen: An AS/400 True Romance

But Wait, There's More

August 16, 2004

Fast400 Founder Sues IBM

SSA Global Delivers First Product in ERP Convergence Strategy

California Software, Unisys Chase OS/400 Base

As I See It: Where Has All the Training Gone?

But Wait, There's More

August 9, 2004

IBM Launches New IxA Cards to Link to Nocona Servers

Novell Takes On Red Hat with SuSE Enterprise Server 9

IBM Changes More iSeries, i5 Prices

Mad Dog 21/21: 0110 Nights and a Night

But Wait, There's More

August 2, 2004

There's a New iSeries General Manager in Town

Sun Solaris on the eServer i5?

Migration Time: Emulator Vendors Square Off

Red Hat Previews Linux 3 Update 3

But Wait, There's More

July 26, 2004

IBM Rejiggers eServer i5 Pricing

IBM Keeps the Wheels Turning on Express

CIOs Sure About Cost Cutting, Unsure of Future

As I See It: The Coming Invasion

But Wait, There's More

July 19, 2004

More on the July 13 i5 Announcements

IBM Boosts Earnings As Sales Come In a Bit Shy

Dubious Achievement: iSeries Gets Some Attention From Hackers

As I See It: What I Did on My Summer Vacation

But Wait, There's More

July 12, 2004

IBM Raises Rates on iSeries Financing Deals

Host Access Vendors Wary About Windows XP SP2

Governments to Go Ga-Ga for Linux?

Mad Dog 21/21: To Hive and Hive Not

But Wait, There's More

July 6, 2004

i5 Express: The Model 520 Could Be Just the Beginning

Leasing Trends in the Server Market

IBM Ramps Up i5 Line So That Supply Meets Demand

Why Sun and Microsoft Should Merge Java and .NET

But Wait, There's More

June 28, 2004

The eServer i5 Versus Unix Servers

Leasing Greases IT Acquisitions, Pumps the Economy

Prepare for Wrenching IT Personnel Changes Now

As I See It: The Access Disconnect

But Wait, There's More

June 21, 2004

The AS/400: 16 Years of Bending, Not Breaking

The eServer i5 Versus Linux Servers

IDC Says Server Market Will Grow 5% in 2004

Mad Dog 21/21: Panda to the Masses

But Wait, There's More

June 14, 2004

The eServer i5 Versus Windows Servers

The i5s Start Shipping with Predictable Fits and Starts

IBM Tests eServer i5s on SAP Benchmark

As I See It: If You Can't Be Rich, Be Unsuccessful

But Wait, There's More

June 7, 2004

How the eServer i5s Stack Up Against the iSeries

Better IT Management Practices Result from Compliancy Issues

SSA Global Files to Go Public

Sun Fires First Shot in the Server Subscription Wars

But Wait, There's More

June 1, 2004

OS/400 Community Reacts to eServer i5

Java, .NET on iSeries Programmers Minds, RPG in Their Blood

Worldwide Server Market Perked Up in Q1

As I See It: On-Demand Values

But Wait, There's More

May 24, 2004

IBM Chases Vintage OS/400, HP-UX Servers with the i5

Price Changes, New Peripherals, and Other i5 Announcements

IBM Extends Provisioning Software to OS/400

Red Hat Releases Update 2 for Enterprise Linux 3

But Wait, There's More

May 17, 2004

i5 Announcements Loaded with Software, Previews

Where the iSeries Meets the Xbox

Flashback to 1956: IT for Rent

As I See It: Ricardo's Law

But Wait, There's More

May 10, 2004

IBM eServer i5 and i5/OS Announcement Roundup

Tongues Wag About Future eServer i5 Announcements

COMMON Was Fun, and That's Good Business

Shaking IT Up: 10 Ways Management Can Ruin Your Day

But Wait, There's More

May 3, 2004

The eServer i5, i5/OS V5R3 Continue the AS/400 Transformation

IBM Launches Express Bundles to Push iSeries Sales

Virtualization Engine: A Lot of IBM Talk, but Good Technology

Mad Dog 21/21: Flea Circuits

But Wait, There's More

April 26, 2004

IBM Cuts iSeries Prices Ahead of Power5 Launch

AS/400 7XX Shops Get Rebates on iSeries 8XX Boxes

COMMON Should Spell F-U-N

As I See It: Infected

But Wait, There's More

April 19, 2004

Power5 OS/400 Servers to Ship by End of June

Will the iSeries Biz Grow in 2004? That Depends

Currency Helps Pump Up IBM's First Quarter

As I See It: We've Come a Long Way, Maybe

But Wait, There's More

April 12, 2004

Will On Demand Put iSeries in Demand? Not Likely, Says Gartner

So When Does the iSeries Get Java Engines?

The Rumor Mill Grinds Away on Upcoming Announcements

Mad Dog 21/21: Mushing Through Gorges

But Wait, There's More

April 5, 2004

Paychecks Up Slightly in OS/400 Shops

IBM Demos 1.5 GHz Four-Way Squadron Server

IBM to Take Power Chips on the Open Road

Gartner: Offshore or Lose

But Wait, There's More

March 29, 2004

Early Adopters Prep for New OS/400, iSeries, and Logical Partitions

IBM Pushes New and Used Entry iSeries Boxes

Linux Is Finally Prebundled on the iSeries

Open Source Insurance May Call All Code into Question

But Wait, There's More

March 22, 2004

Power5 Debuts March 31, OS/400 V5R3 Coming in April

Data in iSeries Shops At Risk from Gremlins

Agilisys Acquires daly.commerce

Mad Dog 21/21: Bone Appetite

But Wait, There's More

March 15, 2004

eServer Squadron Announcements May Be Imminent

PeopleSoft to Support Linux with EnterpriseOne

DataMirror Pushes iCluster, Transformation Server with Discounts

As I See It: The Path of Service

But Wait, There's More

March 8, 2004

IBM Unveils iSeries.mySeries Marketing Campaign

Oracle Pledges Conditional Support for JDE Apps, iSeries

PartnerWorld 2004: Sam Plays It Again

Shaking IT Up: 10 Ways Programmers Can Ruin Your Day

But Wait, There's More

March 1, 2004

IBM Delivers Model 810 iSeries for HA Server

IBM Explains Merged Systems and Technology Groups

Gartner Says Server Revenue Up in 2003

As I See It: Jobs and Jehovah

But Wait, There's More

February 23, 2004

Lean, Mean Green Machines

IBM Launches 1.9 GHz Power4+, Tops TPC-C Rankings

Readers Weigh In on iSeries Channel Challenges

Mad Dog 21/21: A Lion in the Sand

But Wait, There's More

February 16, 2004

IBM to iSeries Resellers: Learn New Skills or Be Left Behind

iSeries Deals to Keep in Mind As You Shop

Is CRM Software Worth It? IDC Says Yes

As I See It: Censoring the Self

But Wait, There's More

February 9, 2004

OS/400: There Are Always Possibilities

IBM Faces Tough Choices to Bring iSeries Channel Back to Health

Gartner Says Server Market Closed 2003 with a Bang

Tech Insight: Good Ideas Whose Time Has Come

But Wait, There's More

February 2, 2004

New Domino and Blue Domino: A Little of Both At Lotusphere

OS/400 Rehosting Specialist CrossWorks Closes Down

Rumors Say IBM Will Merge Server, Technology Units

As I See It: The Unknown Face of Marketing

But Wait, There's More

January 26, 2004

iSeries Resellers Struggling to Survive in Overcrowded Channel

IBM to Pump Up Linux on Power Processors

IBM Discounts iSeries Upgrades to Push Sales

Java Tools Consortium: Just What We Needed?

But Wait, There's More

January 19, 2004

Two Crazy iSeries Ideas for 2004

IBM Ends 2003 Upbeat, Sounds Optimistic About 2004

IBM Taps TopSpin for InfiniBand Gear for eServers

As I See It: What Might Have Been

But Wait, There's More

January 12, 2004

IT Industry Execs Slam Education, Dodge Offshoring

IDC Says JDE Users Have Favorable Views of PeopleSoft

IBM Moves Fast on J2EE 1.4 Spec with WebSphere 6 Preview

Shaking IT Up: Is the Sunset Better in France?

But Wait, There's More

January 5, 2004

Companies Want to Cut Down on OS Platform Sprawl

Red Hat, IBM Hook Up on Linux V3 for eServers

Microsoft Puts Host Integration Server 2004 into Beta

As I See It: This Year, I Really Mean It

But Wait, There's More

December 15, 2003

Analysts Prognosticate About IT in 2004

IBM Raises WebSphere Development Studio Prices

AS/400 Programmer Convicted of Computer Fraud

Admin Alert: Does ENDJOBABN Prevent PTF Applications?

As I See It: A Shopper's Guide to an IT Christmas

But Wait, There's More

December 8, 2003

international Business (machines)

Gartner Says Server Sales Up a Tiny Bit in Q3

Lakeview and DataMirror Make Acquisitions

Admin Alert: Don't Forget Which OS/400 Box You're Attached To

Disk Array Sales Firming Up, Says IDC

But Wait, There's More

December 1, 2003

IT Matters, But Not Like Vendors Think It Does

Software Must Catch Up to Hardware for Multiplatform Tape Backups

Do You Upgrade or Trade In that Old AS/400?

Admin Alert: Reader Feedback on How ENDJOBABN Affects PTF Application

IBM's Blue Gene/L Shows Off Minimalist Server Design

But Wait, There's More

November 24, 2003

Future iSeries Servers, Part 4

WebSphere Portal Express Comes to OS/400

Eclipse Visual Editor Project Unites Java GUI Methods

Sun, AMD Alliance Targets Entry and Midrange Servers

Mad Dog 21/21: Post Mortem

But Wait, There's More

November 17, 2003

Future iSeries Servers, Part 3

Gartner Says Q3 Server Shipments Are Up

ERP Software Spending Seems to Be Picking Up

Admin Alert: When a Job Doesn't End

As I See It: Attracting What You Want

But Wait, There's More

November 10, 2003

Future iSeries Servers, Part 2

Lakeview Gains New HA Software with HATS Acquisition

Novell Buys SuSE, Targets Linux Dominance

Admin Alert: Determining Which OS/400 Files Need Reorganizing, Part 2

Shaking IT Up: IT Is Like an Airport

But Wait, There's More

November 3, 2003

IBM Plots iSeries Machines Out to 2010

DataMirror Hires Top Vision Executive, Increases IDION Stake

IBM Uses Express Products to Drive SMB Sales, Loyalty

Is SCO's Attack on the GPL a Bluff, Or Is It in the Cards?

As I See It: The Forces of 'Should'

But Wait, There's More

October 27, 2003

iSeries and OS/400 Wish List

Domino, WebSphere, iSeries: Collaborative or Uncoordinated?

IBM Partners with Adobe for the Future of Forms

Admin Alert: Determining Which OS/400 Files Need Reorganizing

Mad Dog 21/21: Script Kitties

But Wait, There's More

October 20, 2003

IBM Cuts iSeries Deals, Gives Discounts on Model 810

Some Salaries at OS/400 Shops Grow, Others Decline

Bellwether IBM Sees Stabilization in Third Quarter

EDS, Opsware Propose Data Center Markup Language

As I See It: Dissecting Diversity

But Wait, There's More

October 13, 2003

Gartner Updates Server Platform Rankings

Red Hat Launches Open Source Architecture, Enterprise Linux 3

How to Get a $4,000 Tape Exemption on Model 800s

Admin Alert: 5 Things to Do Before Adding iSeries Disk Capacity

Shaking IT Up: Who the Heck Signs Up for Management?

But Wait, There's More

October 6, 2003

IBM Offers Virtual iSeries Servers on CPU/Hourly Basis

PeopleSoft's iSeries Strategy Hinges on OneWorld Suite

IBM Says Indemnity Is Useless, Amends Claims Against SCO

Admin Alert: Retrieving System Information to Order Cumulative PTFs

As I See It: There's a Man with a Visa Right There Telling Me I've Got to Beware

But Wait, There's More

September 29, 2003

iSeries Vendors Drive Business with Innovative Pricing

SSA Outlines Product Convergence, Branding Strategy

Intel, AMD Roll Out New X86 Chips

Admin Alert: Tips on Running RCLSTG

As I See It: The Disappearing Grown-Up

But Wait, There's More

September 22, 2003

It's Time for an iSeries BladeCenter

Has IBM Raised iSeries Model 800 Prices?

Gartner Ranks Worldwide, U.S. Server Sales for Q2

Admin Alert: The Ins and Outs of iSeries Time Synchronization

Mad Dog 21/21: Gravity's Drain Bowl

But Wait, There's More

September 15, 2003

How the iSeries Is Doing, by the Numbers

IBM Defends iSeries Marketing

IBM Rolls Out New 3592 Tape Subsystems

Admin Alert: Automating FTP Transfers Between OS/400 and Windows

Shaking IT Up: Fill Our Reserves

But Wait, There's More

September 8, 2003

iSeries Announcement Roundup

Server Sales Rise Slightly in Second Quarter

IBM Serves On-Demand Middleware at U.S. Open

Admin Alert: More About WRKSYSSTS

As I See It: Attila in the Workplace

But Wait, There's More

September 2, 2003

The Economy, IT Spending, and Optimism Are Up Slightly

IBM Domino Express Takes On Exchange Server 2003

Open Source Guru Picks Apart SCO Evidence

Admin Alert: Alternatives to WRKACTJOB

As I See It: The Big Dream

But Wait, There's More

August 25, 2003

Midrange Madness

IBM Talks Power5 at Hot Chips Conference

The IT Fab Four Love Linux, Says DH Brown Study

Admin Alert: Setting Up OS/400 Subsystems to Run Multiple Batch Jobs

Mad Dog 21/21: Fickle Flingers of Fat

But Wait, There's More

Special Security Edition: August 19, 2003

Lock the Gate Before the Cow Gets Out

VPNs Put Trust in Untrusted Networks

Vendor-Inflicted Security Exposures

Single Sign-On Myths

Securing the Integrated File System

Hacking iSeries Network Servers: Exposures and Solutions

August 18, 2003

Good News, Bad News: IT Workers Very Busy

Big Blue Hits SCO with Countersuit

If You Use Linux, SCO Wants Your Money

Admin Alert: PC5250 Communication Sign-On Tricks

Shaking IT Up: Putting QA to the Test

But Wait, There's More

August 11, 2003

The iSeries Holds Position in Gartner's Magic Quadrant

Novell Leaps at Linux, Mulls Putting NetWare Out to Pasture

Red Hat vs. SCO: Prelude to a Class Action Suit?

Admin Alert: Feedback on ODBC Errors and WebSphere Express Installs

As I See It: The Problem with Pensions

But Wait, There's More

August 4, 2003

IDC Makes the Case for iSeries Wintel-Lintel Server Consolidation

IBM Serves Up 'Blue Ice' Packaging for Linux Across eServers

IBM Gives iTera and MaxAv Entry into New VAE Program

Admin Alert: When Antivirus Tools Interfere with Software Installation

Mad Dog 21/21: Blocking the Sewers of Cyberspace

But Wait, There's More

July 28, 2003

More on IBM's iSeries Announcements

IBM pSeries Power4+ Tops TPC-C, but Where's the iSeries?

Hyperion Buys Brio, Glimpse of BI's Future Provided

Admin Alert: Curing the Access-to-ODBC Blues

Mad Dog 21/21: Novel Ideas

But Wait, There's More

July 21, 2003

IBM Launches New Gap-Filling iSeries Model 870

IBM Posts a Good Second Quarter in a Tough IT Environment

HP, JDE Team Up to Push Apps on Wintel Iron

Admin Alert: Lessons from My WebSphere Express Installation Diary

As I See It: What You Believe Can Hurt You

But Wait, There's More

July 14, 2003

IBM 'Galaxy' Program Pumps $10 Million into ISVs

IBM Offers Low Rates, Deferred Payments for IT Financing

Intel's Itanium and Xeon Announcements from an iSeries Perspective

Admin Alert: Making Client Access Print Screens Print Better

Shaking IT Up: Value-Added Resellers, Now That's Funny

But Wait, There's More

July 7, 2003

Market Insight: IBM, FAST400, and 'The Matrix Reloaded'

JavaOne 2003: What Are We Going to Do with Java?

Tech Insight: Making the Move from RPG to Java

Admin Alert: A Simple Batch FTP Tutorial

As I See It: Fanning the Flame

But Wait, There's More

June 23, 2003

Bytware Launches OS/400 Antivirus Software to Treat IFS Infections

SCO Seeks Injunction on AIX Sales, Is Linux or OS/400 Next?

Lessons for Long-Timers in IT and Life

Admin Alert: Automatically Deleting or Disabling OS/400 User Profiles

Mad Dog 21/21: Battle of All Mudders

But Wait, There's More

June 16, 2003

Server Market Share Size Definitely Matters for IBM and HP

iSeries Benchmark Shows Off Multiple Workload Abilities

Unisys Says Don't Build or Process Without IT Blueprints

Admin Alert: Modifying an OS/400 FTP Server Configuration

As I See It: Alchemy

But Wait, There's More

June 9, 2003

The Midrange Gets a New Storage Vendor

PeopleSoft Pays $1.7 Billion to Buy Rival J.D. Edwards

Invensys Sells Baan to SSA GT, Keeps Marcam Unit

Admin Alert: Five Things to Do While Installing Client Access

Shaking IT Up: Consultant or Employee? That Is the Question

But Wait, There's More

June 2, 2003

The Case for eServer Convergence

Where Are the iSeries Benchmark Tests?

IBM Introduces iSeries-Only Edition of Host Integration Suite

Admin Alert: The Seven Levels of OS/400 Authority Checking

As I See It: When the Flame Dies

But Wait, There's More

May 27, 2003

Rant: Offshoring in the Offing

Gartner Says New iSeries Database Sales Dropped by 24% in 2002

IBM Ready for the Next Database Race

Admin Alert: Using FTP to Copy DB2 Files Between iSeries Machines

Mad Dog 21/21: From Credo to Grief

But Wait, There's More

May 19, 2003

IBM Is Not Withdrawing SNA Software Support

IBM Acquires Think Dynamics for Policy-Based Utility Provisioning

SCO Suspends Linux Sales, Warns Linux Shops of Liabilities

Admin Alert: A Simple Program for Formatting Multiple Tapes

As I See It: Softwareism and Countersoftwareism

But Wait, There's More

May 12, 2003

pSeries Power4+, On Demand Features Preview Possible iSeries Future

ITAA Says Demand for IT Workers at Historic Lows

PeopleSoft's Linux Support Should Get Its Apps Back on the iSeries

SSA GT Announces Another Acquisition and New Integration for BPCS

COMMON Announces Details for September Conference in Orlando

But Wait, There's More

May 5, 2003

StorageTek Recommits to Supporting the iSeries

Palmisano Outlines On Demand for Shareholders, IBM Rolls Out Products

HP Tops Q1 Worldwide Server Shipments, Dell Tops in US

Admin Alert: Copying IFS Files from One iSeries to Another

As I See It: Only Mushers Lead from Behind

But Wait, There's More

April 28, 2003

The Future of Programming on the iSeries, Part 2

IBM Revives iSeries Rebates to Drive Sales

IBM Invests in ISVs; Modernized Apps the Key

Admin Alert: Staying Current with iSeries Access and Lotus Domino

Shaking IT Up: What a Wonderful IT World

But Wait, There's More

April 21, 2003

The Future of Programming on the iSeries, Part 1

IBM's 5 Percent iSeries Discount: Incentive, Insult, or Market Research?

Global Services Saves IBM's Financial Cookies Again

Admin Alert: Don't Forget the IFS When Virus Scanning

As I See It: Distractions

But Wait, There's More

April 14, 2003

How Does the iSeries Stack Up Against Windows Servers?

IBM's Plans for Windows Server 2003 on the iSeries

IBM Introduces Autonomic Blueprint and Cure for 'Spaghetti Code'

Admin Alert: The OS/400 FTP Subcommand Glossary

Mad Dog 21/21: Oh My Darwin: Inclement Times

But Wait, There's More

April 7, 2003

IBM, Resellers Talk Compensation for Recent iSeries Buyers

iSeries Perspective: Keeping Your Enemies Too Close

Gartner Sees J2EE Leading New Development Through 2006

Admin Alert: Password Configuration Tips for OS/400 Admins

As I See It: The Bracket Racket

But Wait, There's More

March 31, 2003

How Does the iSeries Stack Up Against Unix Servers?

Gartner Forecasts Thaw in IT Ice Age, Sunny Days for IBM

It's Still a Buyer's Market in Server Land

Admin Alert: More on Remote OUTQs and Printer Load Form Messages

Red Hat Rolls Out Enterprise Linux Line

But Wait, There's More

March 24, 2003

iSeries for Domino Servers: A Look Under the Hood

IBM Raises AS/400, Other Maintenance Prices

Tech Insight: UCCnet Touted as Cure to Product Data Woes

Admin Alert: Remote OUTQs and Auto-Answer Printer Messages

Mad Dog 21/21: Calculated Risks

But Wait, There's More. . .

March 17, 2003

iSeries Nation Town Hall: Keep Current or Face the Cold

IBM's Top Brass Plans for an Uptick for the iSeries

SCO Launches $1 Billion Unix, Linux Lawsuit Against IBM

Admin Alert: How to Auto-Answer Printer Load Form Messages

As I See It: Myth Conceptions

But Wait, There's More. . .

March 10, 2003

Layoffs, Experience Help Lift Average Salaries at OS/400 Shops

Disk and Tape Maker BCC Reformatted as eStorage

NEC Itanium-Windows AzuzA Server Tops Performance Charts

Admin Alert: A Virtual Optical Device PTF Install

Shaking IT Up: You Have the Right to Remain Trained

But Wait, There's More. . .

March 3, 2003

How Is the iSeries Linux Market Shaping Up?

J.D. Edwards Says OneWorld Claims Are Ancient History

IBM Promises Quadruple Performance with Power5 Servers

Admin Alert: Reader Feedback on Applying Cumulative PTFs

As I See It: Caring Leadership--The Leader As Servant

But Wait, There's More. . .

February 24, 2003

New iSeries Upgrade Guide, Part 3

FAST400 Undaunted by Revamped iSeries Line

Should IBM Create OS/400 Blade Servers? It Can Do It

Admin Alert: A Checklist for Applying Cumulative PTFs

Mad Dog 21/21: When the Saints Go Marching In

But Wait, There's More. . .

February 17, 2003

New iSeries Upgrade Guide, Part 2

EMC to Support iSeries with New Symmetrix DMX Disk Arrays

Messaging Technology for iSeries Customers, Business Partners Announced

Admin Alert: A Little Mid-Winter PTF Talk

As I See It: Process As Our Most Important Product

But Wait, There's More. . .

February 10, 2003

New iSeries Upgrade Guide, Part 1

IBM Says ISV Acceptance Is Key to Success of WebSphere Express

The Lowdown on New iSeries Storage Prices, Performance

Admin Alert: More Info on Default Password, Excel ODBC, Failed Saves

Shaking IT Up: The Application Development Death Cycle

But Wait, There's More. . .

February 3, 2003

IBM to Attack $300 Billion SMB Market with Partners

Server Shipments Up in 2002, But Pricing Pressure Intense

Domino and WebSphere Wedding Date Draws Nearer

Admin Alert: An Easy Way to Import OS/400 Data into Excel

As I See It: The View from the Ivy

But Wait, There's More. . .

January 27, 2003

The Deal on New iSeries Pricing

Overall, Resellers Happy with IBM's Refreshed iSeries Line

IBM Kills Optional Software Subscription, Requires Software Maintenance

Admin Alert: Getting More Information Out of OS/400 User Profiles

IBM Closes 2002, Glad It Ditched Some Units and Hopeful for 2003

But Wait, There's More. . .

January 20, 2003

A New Year, a New Attitude, a New Deal iSeries

Much-Improved Disk Storage Launched for iSeries

Revamped iSeries Lets GM Zollar Get Down to Growing Biz

Admin Alert: How to Change Your OS/400 Startup Program

As I See It: Insight and Outlook

But Wait, There's More. . .

January 13, 2003

Power5 Means Powerful iSeries Iron Is Possible

Zollar Named New GM of iSeries, Duncan Goes to Software Group

IBM Outsources xSeries Server Manufacturing

Admin Alert: Two OS/400 Performance-Adjustment Settings to Check

COMMON Goes Industrial with Special Track at Indy

But Wait, There's More. . .

January 6, 2003

iSeries Ranks Tops in Tech, Low in Market Momentum, Says Gartner

WorksRight, Generic Software Merge, Southern Style

HP Demos Itanium 2 Superdome Running Windows, Linux, Unix

Admin Alert: CL Programming Techniques for Solving Backup Problems

As I See It: You Say You Want a Resolution

But Wait, There's More. . .

December 16, 2002

Happy Holidays Wishes, Plus a Few Predictions for 2003

OS/400 Salary Survey Details From Nate Viall & Associates

Ship Date for WebSphere Express for iSeries Still Up in the Air

IBM Supports Gallatin Xeons in xSeries 440, Delivers 16-CPU Server

December 9, 2002

IBM Sells First iSeries Model 890 in Europe

CrossWorks Denies Rumors It Is Leaving OS/400 Rehosting Biz

JDE Finishes 2002 Decently, Takes Hit for 2003 Guidance

IBM's Linux Plan Questioned by Aberdeen Report

As I See It: The Ghost of IT Past

But Wait, There's More. . .

December 2, 2002

The iDeal iSeries, Part 5

IBM Kills Various iSeries Deals and Promotions

SuSE Unveils New Linux Enterprise Server

MAPICS Acquires Frontstep, Rival Manufacturing ERP Vendor

SEDONA Sells Its Customers to Fiserv

But Wait, There's More. . .

November 25, 2002

The iDeal iSeries, Part 4

OS/400 Salary Increases Shrink, but Still Outpace Inflation

Malcolm Haines Returns to IBM

Bank Saves with iSeries Server Consolidation

J.D. Edwards Announces Reorganization Plan

But Wait, There's More. . .

November 18, 2002

The iDeal iSeries, Part 3

Green Streak Deal Ushers in New Customer Care Era for IBM

Server Sales Rebound Slightly from Terrible Q3 Last Year

IBM Hopes Express Packaging Is the Fast Track to SMB Sales

As I See It: The Oregon Plan

But Wait, There's More. . .

November 11, 2002

The iDeal iSeries, Part 2

IBM's Insistence on Clustering Baffles Some HA Providers

Sanford to Head IBM On-Demand, Storage Merged into Server Group

Admin Alert: Making OS/400 User Profiles a Little More Secure

IBM Launches New Eight-Way Regatta with Power4+

Judge Approves Settlement of Microsoft Antitrust Suit

Shaking IT Up: Don't Confuse Activity with Achievement

But Wait, There's More. . .

November 4, 2002

The iDeal iSeries, Part 1

SMBs Benefit from IBM's Increased Attention

Palmisano Named IBM Chairman, Presents Autonomic Vision

Admin Alert: Basic Client Access Express Installation from IFS

Infinium Probably Not the Last Acquisition for SSA GT

Dataquest: Server Market Still Shaky Despite 3Q Gains

As I See It: The Mind Millennium

But Wait, There's More. . .

October 28, 2002

WebSphere Is Not the Only Game in Town, and That's Good

IBM's New PowerPC 970: Just What the iSeries Needs

VP of iSeries Biz in the Americas Explains His Plan

Admin Alert: Deciphering Group PTF CD Labeling

The iSeries Can Compete in an Intel Iron Age

Coglin Mill Connects RODIN to Other Databases, Shows iSeries Performance

Mad Dog 21/21: The GUI Lag Archipelago

But Wait, There's More. . .

October 21, 2002

IBM Says New iSeries Hardware, OS/400 Due in 2003

Driving Fast with Dr. Frank Soltis at the iSeries Nation Town Hall

A Conversation with IBM's New VP of iSeries Marketing

Admin Alert: Configuring PC5250 for Inactive Job Disconnection

Big Blue Rises Above the IT Market Downdraft

Jacada Studio Leverages RPG, COBOL Skills to Make New GUI Apps

As I See It: The Vision Thing

But Wait, There's More. . .

October 14, 2002

IBM Adds New IxS Cards, Expands IxAs, Adds Linux Adapter

A Smattering of Tweaks Come Out for OS/400 V5R2

IBM Slashes iSeries Feature Prices

Admin Alert: Configuring iSeries Partitions the Right Way

IBM to Sell Linux-Only Regatta Servers?

Sirius Acquisition Expands Coverage into Northwest

Shaking IT Up: WASTE, or Why Acronyms Stunt Thought Exchange

But Wait, There's More. . .

October 7, 2002

IBM Delivers Dynamic AIX Logical Partitioning, Readies More Regatta-M Servers

IBM Kills Many OS/400 Boxes, Making Way for Regattas

Microsoft Makes Share Gains with Windows on Servers

Setting the Record Straight on Remote Journaling

Admin Alert: Readers' Insights on Inactive Jobs and QSTRUPJD Job Logs

Security Specialist PentaSafe Acquired by NetIQ

As I See It: Evaluate This

But Wait, There's More. . .

September 30, 2002

IBM Focuses on TCO, Ease of Use with Domino 6

Green Streak Capacity Planning Guide

BladeCenters Can Be IBM's Fifth Kind of eServer

Admin Alert: Dealing with Inactive Jobs

Inovis Rises from Peregrine's Harbinger and Extricity Ashes

Short-Term Financial Outlook Tough for App Vendors

Mad Dog 21/21: Radio Decidendi

But Wait, There's More. . .

September 23, 2002

COMMON's Top Concerns Survey Points to Growing
e-Business Need

IBM Announces New Vice President of iSeries Marketing

J.D. Edwards Standardizes on IBM Middleware, Databases

Admin Alert: Where's My QSTRUP Start-Up Job Log?

Grega Says Cross-Platform Capability Is Key for Web Apps

Stampede's TurboGold EE Boosts Domino/Notes Performance

As I See It: Just Doing My Job

But Wait, There's More. . .

September 16, 2002

Shakeup Among Top iSeries Marketing and Sales Execs

TFH Readers Speak Out on Open Source OS/400

NEC Shows 32-Way Windows Server with iSeries-Class Oomph

Admin Alert: Readers Check in on PC5250 Color Changes

Massoglia's Views on COMMON, IBM and the iSeries

IBM Debuts New Ultrium Tapes with Lower TCO

Shaking IT Up: The Proper Perspective

But Wait, There's More. . .

September 9, 2002

IBM's Possible Future iSeries and OS/400 Announcements

iSeries Model 890 Tops Web Serving Benchmark

Who Is Top Gun for Servers? Depends Who You Ask

Admin Alert: Produce Pleasing PC5250 Pictures for Pupils and Printers

Reseller Successful with iSeries Despite Down Economy

IBM Sells OS/400 Billing App to CSG Systems

Access360 Acquisition to Bolster IBM's EIM Initiative

But Wait, There's More

September 3, 2002

IBM, Beta Users Give OS/400 V5R2 High Marks for Stability

Are Programmers the Coal Miners of the 21st Century?

iSeries Access Includes WebSphere Host Publisher

Admin Alert: Use Graphical Tools to Tighten OS/400 Security

But Wait, There's More...

As I See It: Death of a Thousand Cuts

Special Edition: August 29, 2002

A New 5250 Interface in V5R2 for Those on the Go

iASPs Provide Storage Options With V5R2

IPv6: Internet Protocol of the Future, Currently in V5R2

V5R2 Opens the Door Wider for Windows

Get Ready to Boost Your IFS Performance with V5R2

New Statistics Optimize V5R2 Database Performance

August 26, 2002

Open Source OS/400: A Crazy Idea for Crazy Times

IBM Offers Deferred Payments on Gear to Boost Sales

I Want, I Want, I Want: An AS/400 Wish List

Admin Alert: Dissecting an Option 21 Save

But Wait, There's More...

Mad Dog 21/21: Ootay eBay Orway Otnay Ootay eBay

Special Edition: August 22, 2002

Getting Started with WebSphere Development Studio Client

WebSphere Keeps on Rolling With OS/400 V5R2

OS/400 V5R2: More Features Added to RPG IV

Users, Administrators, and Developers Gain from V5R2 Security

APIs Added to OS/400 V5R2 Relieve Pain

V5R2 FTP Security Enhancements

August 19, 2002

The iSeries Gets Down to Business at LinuxWorld

Sun, IBM Announce New Linux Servers at LinuxWorld

Price Cuts Keep Server Shipments Humming

Admin Alert: Getting In and Out of iSeries Restricted State

But Wait, There's More . . .

As I See It: Hire the Average

Special Edition: August 15, 2002

OS/400 V5R2 Is Ready, But Are You?

Eclipse Consolidates Developer Tools

V5R2 Integrates OS/400 More Tightly with Domino

DB2 UDB Enhancements Will Impress iSeries Users

iSeries Apache Kicks It Up a Notch in V5R2

iSeries Navigator: It's More Than Just a Name

August 12, 2002

META Group Study Finds OS/400 Quite the Deal

Microsoft Loads Silver Bullets for IBM, Linux, and Java

SQL: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Admin Alert: Copying IFS Directories Between Two iSeries, Part 2

But Wait There's More . . .

Shaking IT Up: Curing Your Headache by Smashing Your Big Toe

August 5, 2002

IBM Clarifies One Green Streak Deal, Adds Another

IBM Buys PricewaterhouseCoopers IT Consulting Biz

Admin Alert: Copying IFS Directories Between Two iSeries, Part 1

Tech Insight: OS/400 Remote Journaling Issues

But Wait There's More . . .

As I See It: Loving Your Manager

July 29, 2002

IBM's Server Group Marketing Strategy for 2002

IBM Offers iSeries Discounts to Web Buyers and Domino Users

Resellers Say Green Streak Deal Will Definitely Move the Green

Wayne Evans Talks About OS/400 Security

Admin Alert: When Did I Last Use That Save Command?

Vendors Differ on the Importance of Remote Journaling

But Wait, There's More. . .

Mad Dog 21/21: Canute, Rock Me

July 22, 2002

Lots of Seasoned OS/400 Coders, Not Enough Newbies

That iSeries Green Streak Deal Revealed

IBM Server Sales Down 16 Percent

WebSphere's Advocate and the Tools of Her Trade

Admin Alert: Dealing with Default OS/400 Passwords

IBM Rents Linux Partitions Under Utility Sales Model

But Wait, There's More. . .

As I See It: Suffering from Irregularity

July 15, 2002

IBM to Sell Entry iSeries Servers at Half Price

Fast400 Debuts Performance Monitor for OS/400 Servers

Krueger Thinks Through the Application Renewal Dilemma

CAP Ventures, Create!form Show How e-Forms Deliver ROI

Admin Alert: Changing OS/400 IP Addresses, Part 2

iTera Boosted by New Partnership with MAPICS

But Wait, There's More...

Shaking IT Up: Peter or the Red Queen? Pick Your Principle

July 8, 2002

IBM Sells Its First iSeries Model 890 Regatta-H Server

IBM Leans on Business Partner Channel to Push Server Sales

The Edge of the Wedge: Where Does Linux on the iSeries Stand?

Entry Regatta Servers Debut in pSeries Line

Admin Alert: Changing OS/400 IP Addresses

But Wait, There's More. . .

June 24, 2002

IBM Ships 1,000 Regatta Servers, 10,000 Shark Arrays

Frank Soltis on the Future of Computing

Why We Need a Puppy iSeries Server

Computer Security Intelligence Services Are Gaining Acceptance

BCC Seeks Venture Capital to Expand into Unix, Windows Markets

IBM Rejiggers WebSphere Development Studio Toolkit Prices, Tweaks Deals

But Wait, There's More. . .

Mad Dog 21/21: Gibbet and Solomon

June 17, 2002

Salaries at OS/400 Shops Get Crunched by Economic Downturn

IBM Teaches Resellers the Economics of iSeries Server Consolidation

J.D. Edwards Elaborates on New ERP Offerings, Attacks SAP and Oracle

Regatta-L Entry pSeries Servers Due Soon, Foreshadow Future iSeries

Admin Alert: When the V5R1 Management Central GUI Won't Start

Gartner Says Companies Don't Cover Their IT Assets

But Wait, There's More. . .

As I See It: Rainbow's End

June 10, 2002

Big Blue Reveals Future Plans for iSeries Software

IBM Sells Disk Biz, Vows to Fight On in Storage

Linux Vendors to Create Single UnitedLinux Distribution

Itanium 2 Servers Will Rival iSeries Machines in OLTP Power

Admin Alert: Four Steps to Creating a Subsystem

Sage to Bring ERP Suite to Linux on iSeries and xSeries

But Wait, There's More. . .

Shaking IT Up: RPG's Been Where Java's Going

June 3, 2002

IBM Gives Pink Slips to 1,000 or More at Server Group

Eclipse-Enabled WebSphere Development Studio Due June 28

IBM Fights Fast400 Governor Buster with Licensing Contracts

Server Sales Down in First Quarter, Says Gartner

Admin Alert: Using BRMS for Online Domino Database Backup

J.D. Edwards Launches New Suite of Enterprise Apps

But Wait, There's More. . .

As I See It: Career Move

May 28, 2002

IBM To Declare War with Future Armada Power5 Servers

iSeries May Get All Kinds of Capacity on Demand Options

Special Report: The State of OS/400 User Groups, Part 5

Correction: WebSphere Partition Pricing Is Available, Not Rumored

IBM Taps ISVs as Partners in Project eLiza

Lawson Tells OS/400 Users It's Committed to the Platform

But Wait, There's More. . .

Mad Dog 21/21: Cotton Blather

May 20, 2002

IBM Improves Its Capacity on Demand for iSeries Servers

Special Report: The State of OS/400 User Groups, Part 4

DataMirror Debuts Clustering for iSeries-Symmetrix Combos

Web Application Server Vendors in a War of Attrition

IBM Previews WebSphere Application Server V5

IBM Repositions Client Access with iSeries Access Rebranding

As I See It: Surviving the Life

But Wait, There's More . . .

May 13, 2002

SSG Relaunches Fast400 Governor Buster for OS/400 Servers

HP Eats Compaq, Preserves OpenVMS, and We Mull an OS/400 Union

IBM Reveals Interesting iSeries Statistics

IBM Rejiggers iSeries Software Prices, Trade-In Offers, Rebates

IBM Offers $1 Million Rebates for iSeries High-Availability Servers

ProData Introduces ProTools Utility Suite

Microsoft to Pay $1.3 Billion for Navision, OS/400 Apps in Limbo

But Wait, There's More . . .

May 6, 2002

IBM's iSeries and OS/400 V5R2 Announcements, Part Deux

Special Report: The State of OS/400 User Groups, Part 3

IBM Looking to Change How It Responds to Security Vulnerabilities

Server Market Stabilized in Q1, Says Gartner Dataquest

Admin Alert: QNOTES Ownership Improves Domino Performance

IBM Talks Up Xcalibur Blade Server Strategy

But Wait, There's More . . .

As I See It: Atop the Monument to Obsolescence

April 29, 2002

The iSeries Regatta Model 890 Sets Sail a Little Early

IBM Cuts Prices on Memory, Disk and Selected iSeries Servers

Single Sign-On Capability to Debut with OS/400 V5R2

Special Report: The State of OS/400 User Groups, Part 2

Admin Alert: Bringing V5R1 DST Passwords Under Control

Zeitler and Duncan Speak Out on iSeries Strategy

Mad Dog 21/21: Hieronymus Bosh

But Wait, There's More . . .

April 22, 2002

IBM Talks Up OS/400 V5R2 at COMMON

Frustrated by Losses and Glitches, IBM to Exit Hard Drive Biz

IBM Slapped Hard in First Quarter by Economic Downturn

ASC and Tango/04 Help OS/400 Shops Cut Interactive Costs

SSA GT Has Its Work Cut Out for It

Admin Alert: Starting DST Without an IPL

Division at FORMation mg Spawns Two New Companies

But Wait, There's More . . .

April 15, 2002

Are iSeries Regatta and OS/400 V5R2 Announcements Imminent?

IBM Defies Financial Gravity No Longer, Server Sales Down

BCC Claims Foul Play from IBM in iSeries Disk Market

Special Report: The State of OS/400 User Groups

SSA GT Gets Big OS/400, Unix Bases with interBiz Buy

Symantec to Deliver Hardened Linux Firewall for iSeries

But Wait, There's More . . .

As I See It: A Brief History of Employee/Manager Relationships

April 8, 2002

IBM Debuts Baby pSeries Regattas, Could Move Up iSeries Regattas

Big Blue to Kick iSeries Partitioning Up a Notch with V5R2

iSeries Partners Gearing Up HP 3000 Migration Tools

Admin Alert: Resurrecting the QSECOFR Profile in OS/400

IBM Leaves iSeries Thin Client Biz, Third Parties Move In

Shaking IT Up: Stalking the Experts

But Wait, There's More . . .

April 1, 2002

IDION Takeover May Be Tough for DataMirror

IBM Offers Decent Rebates on Model 820s with Linux

Sun's McNealy Jabs at Microsoft While Opening Up Java a Bit More

IBM Wants to Play Doctor With Your OS/400 Server

Jack Henry Says CRM, Imaging, and ASP Are Hot Areas

Admin Alert: Creating a Bread Crumb Trail for OS/400 Installs

But Wait, There's More . . .

As I See It: The Ethical Face

March 25, 2002

DataMirror Launches Hostile Takeover of Rival Vision Solutions

Fast400 OS/400 Governor Buster May Re-Emerge This Week

IBM Gives Trade-Ins on Vintage AS/400e Generation Servers

IBM Shipping Seagate Drives As iSeries Disk Problems Persist

Admin Alert Correction: Our PC5250 Mistake, Your Gain with Two Tech Tips

Kronos Acquires HR/Payroll Product Line

Lakeview Working on MIMIX for Windows

Will OS/400 Shops Take LPAR-Based Server Consolidation to Heart?

March 18, 2002

Microsoft, IBM Slapped with Antitrust Lawsuits

IBM Puts Out, Then Withdraws Updated DASD Fixpack

OS/400 Shops Featured in iNation Server Consolidation Chat

IBM Readies Beta One of iSeries Access for Web Middleware

PentaSafe Allows "What If?" Testing for OS/400 Security

Admin Alert: Switching Between 80- and 132-Character Mode in Express PC5250

Lakeview Technology Adds Business Partners

As I See It: Manipulating Money

TFH Flashback: Decree Settlement Delayed but Possibly Broadened

TFH Flashback: After 40 Years, the Consent Decree Is Lifted

March 11, 2002

OS/400 Platform to Participate in Grid-Based Web Services

IBM Previews Revamped DB2 Tools, Offers OLAP Promotion

IBM Dreams Itself to the Top of the Web Services World

IBM Neutral on Passport vs. Liberty Security Efforts for Now

Microsoft Again Postpones Delivery of Windows .NET Servers

BCC Sells Refurbished IBM Disks, Offers 35 GB Units

Admin Alert: V5R1 Adds *AUTOSTART to STRTCPSVR

Shaking IT Up: ILE Is Not New Technology

March 4, 2002

OS/400 PTFs Aim to Plug TCP/IP-SNMP Security Holes

Native AIX Rumored for iSeries Logical Partitions

Midrange Security Software Vendors Attract Venture Capital

Sector7 Salivating to Migrate HP 3000 Users to iSeries

IBM Releases Fix for the Killer Domino PTF Fix

Population of iSeries Nation Reaches 45,000

ICOM Informatics Offers Web-to-Host Subscription Licensing

As I See It: Sam I Am

February 25, 2002

Duncan Rallies the iSeries Troops at PartnerWorld

IBM Promises Partners Change at PartnerWorld 2002

Frank Soltis Talks About Shared Technology

Admin Alert: Is OS/400 SNMP Vulnerable to Hack Attack?

IBM Offers More Granular 7XX-to-8XX Upgrades

IBM Extends Support for OS/400 V4R5

IBM Debuts Rejiggered and New iSeries Software Support

February 18, 2002

IBM Hints at Future Entry and Midrange iSeries Servers
Early 2002

iSeries Model 250s Tweaked to Attract SMB Customers

New Peripherals Options for iSeries Shops

IBM Offers Modest Rebates to Spur iSeries Business

Kronos Launches Two New Consulting Practices

Admin Alert: Don't Use CHKPRDOPT on Domino-LEI Combo

Lakeview to Host Webcast on Disaster Recovery

As I See It: Then and Now

February 11, 2002

Salaries at OS/400 Shops Outpace Inflation in
Early 2002

IBM Prepping Deals and Battle Plans to Push
iSeries Sales

JDA Flourishes in 2001, Sets Sights High for 2002

Price Guide for Used Midrange Servers to Debut
in March

Vision Previews "Orion" Cross-Platform Clustering

VARPG Service Pack 4 Communications Fix
Is Released

IBM to Release New Express Client Service Pack

COMMON Early-Bird Cutoff Drawing Near

Two More PTF Guides to Keep You in Synch

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February 4, 2002

The OS/400 World: Somewhat Set Apart, Thankfully

Gerstner Hands IBM's Reins to Palmisano, Keeps the Spurs for Now

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Flash Technology Applied to New CRM Suite

LXI to Resell Maximum Availability's Software

NetManage Enhances OnWeb Host Access Tool

Two PTF Guides and More Tiger Repellant For Fast400

As I See It: A Lot to Fear and Fear Itself

January 28, 2002

iSeries Server Sales Slip Again in 2001, Says SSB

IBM Creates Linux-Only iSeries, zSeries Servers

IBM Identifies Killer Domino V5R1 PTF

Is IBM Going To Offer A WebSphere Entry Edition?

iTera Launches Echo2 HA Software for OS/400

Infinium Enters Phase Two of Reconstruction

January 21, 2002

IBM Sales and Profits Knocked Down In Q4

Duncan Lays Out 2002 Strategy in iNation Conference Call

BCC Says IBM's 10K & 15K Disks Are Now OK

Domino Rnext Beta 4 Ships, But When Will The Real Rnext?

California Software and UniComp Announce Lawsuit Resolution

Magic Waves Its Web Services Wand With eDeveloper 9.2

Get the First OS/400 PTF Guides for 2002

As I See It: A Government Without Newspapers

January 14, 2002

iSeries Regattas, V5R2 Expected in July

Has IBM Solved Its iSeries Disk Problems?

IBM Cuts Financing Deals to Spur Business

IBM, EMC Veteran Takes the Helm at JDE

IBM Releases iSeries ODBC Driver for Linux

SoftLanding Adds PC Version Control to TurnOver

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Reader Feedback and Insights

January 7, 2002

PartnerWorld Preview: iSeries Solutions, Low-End

Kronos Buys SimplexGrinnell, Its Largest Competitor

Wegman Has a New Vision

IBM Changes Pricing Game for iSeries WebSphere
Commerce Suite


Stolen iSeries Is a Lost Cause

LANSA Upgrades Software Development Suite

IBM Offers WebSphere Bumblebee Rebates

As I See It: The Service Myth

December 21, 2002

Happy Holidays From Midrange Server

HPC Regattas Might Make Great iSeries Bumblebees

Reader Insights and Feedback

IBM Offers Trial iSeries Linux Partitions to Developers

Get The Latest OS/400 PTF Guides

December 17, 2001

Warning: IBM Tells VARPG Developers Not to Use SP4

MAPICS Ports OS/400 ERP Suite to Java

The Name Game: iSeries Regatta Model 52

IBM Updates PTFs for V4R4, V4R5, and V5R1

Resolutions, Accelio Partner for OneWorld Documents

As I See It: The Digital Inquisition

Lazy Software Debuts New Database for OS/400

Five Minutes with Sandy Carter on WebSphere and the iSeries

IBM Withdraws More AS/400 Iron from Marketing

WebSphere PTFs Foreshadow Version 3.5.x Withdrawal

We're Going to Spring Common; How About You?

December 10, 2001

IBM Still King of the Server Hill, Says Gartner

Infinium to Close ASP Operation

SEAGULL Enhances J Walk and WinJa with XML

DataMirror Adds EDI-to-XML Integration to DB/XML Transform

As I See It: Opportunism in a Time of Terror

JDE, with Good Q4, Says Better Times Are Ahead

Lawson Software Goes Public

Cut Costs by Integrating Tape Backup Systems

Quadrant Integrates SSA's BPCS with Fax and Email Software

Get Your Updated OS/400 PTF Guide

December 3, 2001

IBM Tries to Crush Fast400 with PTF Patches

HiT's DB2Motion Targets OS/400 Replication Market

WebSphere Bumblebee Pricing Is a Moving, Rising Target

Aldon, ASNA Partner on OS/400 Tools

Get Your Updated OS/400 PTF Guide

Red Hat Delivers on the iSeries

TIBCO Aims to Bring EAI into the Mainstream

DataMirror Holds Reasonably Steady in Tough Times

Free Disaster Recovery Seminar This Friday

November 26, 2001

Fast400 Governor-Buster Code Changes Hands

BCC Cuts Prices on iSeries Disk Drives

iWay Integrates Business Info with MQ Integrator

Midrange Server Announces Subscriber Sweepstakes Winners

The Bumblebee Buzz Continues with Intentia

Tango/04 Updates Visual Message Center with Windows Agent

BCD's Catapult 2.5 Adds New Capabilities

Get Your Updated OS/400 PTF Guide

November 19, 2001

JDE to Support WorldSoftware Indefinitely

HP Sunsets Its Proprietary e3000 Server Line

Vision Solutions Announces Enterprise Edition

New Tooling Available for WebSphere Bumblebee

Inventive Designers Tweaks EverGreen/400

IBM Announces WebSphere MQ Integrator 2.1

November 12, 2001

IBM Could Sell $6 Billion In PowerPC Servers In 2001

Two More Products Killed by WebSphere Application Server 4.0

Transoft Signs Integration Deal with LANSA

Information Builders Analyzes SAP Data on eServer Boxes

Host Access Vendors Begin Windows XP Migration

WebSphere Bumblebee Not Ready for Prime Time

Salaries Hold Steady at OS/400 Shops

IBM, SAP Deliver Global Language Support For

IBM Offers Disaster Recovery Discounts for iSeries Buyers

OS/400 PTF Updates: Lots of Stuff

November 5, 2001

IBS, IBM Launch Dedicated iSeries ASW Server

IBM to Expand WebSphere With CrossWorlds Acquisition

EMC Pursues iSeries and AS/400 Customers

LANSA Announces New Integrator Product

PentaSafe Breaks Ground with Linux Agent

DataMirror Adds New Features to High Availability Suite

IBM Issues a Statement on TigerTools' Fast400

There's a New Systems Management Vendor in Town

Akornn's Got the Goods for Domino Administration

Do Dev Studio Discounts Point to Future WebSphere Changes?

BCD Releases Betas for Email and WebSmart Administration

eLiza Packaged As an Infrastructure Monitoring Service

October 29, 2001

TigerTools Says It Can Remove OS/400 Governors

Rate Increases for Spring COMMON a Possibility

Tracking Client Access PTFs Gets More Complicated

BCD Offers Competitive Upgrades With 50 Percent Discount

DataMirror Introduces Transaction Server for XML

Password Reset Software Works with OS/400

IBM Releases More PTFs for OS/400

BOS Emulation Products Load on Windows XP

IBM Holds First iSeries Nation Town Hall Meeting

IBM Releases OS/400 Tomcat Application Server

What Applications Will IBM Compile For iSeries Linux?

Graphic Changes Come to OS/400 Forms Through ICS

iSeries WebSphere 4.0 Added to 33 Percent Price Promo

ROI to Sell Freestyle-400 in the U.S.

Alerts Added to AS/400 Auditing Tool

October 22, 2001

IBM Launches iSeries WebSphere Bumblebee Server

IBM To Jack Up Prices On 7XX-to-8XX Upgrades

Kisco Releases Updated Network Security Product

New Forms Software Easier to Use

Aviva's Trade-Ins Court Large Companies

iSeries Sales Up 10 Percent in Q3, Says IBM

iMessaging Releases First New Product At COMMON

Get WebSphere Host Publisher--Free

RJS Publishes OS/400 Reports To Microsoft Exchange

Labor Management Solution Goes To The Web

October 15, 2001

iSeries Regatta, Maybe V5R2, Due In Second Half Of 2002

This Is The Way Client Access for Windows 95/NT Ends

Press Release Blizzard Follows Siebel 7 Beta Launch

Revenues Up for ROI

Opryland Unplugged

New HIPERs For OS/400 V4R5 And V5R1

Going To COMMON? We'll See You There

Siebel Gets A Web Face With Siebel 7 CRM Suite

LXI Launches Updated Tape Tracker

IBM Says Get On The High Speed iSeries Bus

IBM Gives Rebates On WebSphere And Related Education

October 8, 2001

IBM's Regatta Server Finally Sets Sail

Terrorist Attacks Renew Interest In Disaster Planning

IBM Increases WebSphere Commerce Prices, Except For iSeries

OS/400 V4R5 And V5R1 Get New PTFs

IBM Loosens Up Financing To Boost Midrange Sales

DataMirror Offers Discounts To Bolster HA Sales

InstallShield V4.5 Adds Software Patching, HP-UX Support

October 1, 2001

Bugs In OfficeVision And Linux Are Found

BCD Adds Security, File Transfer Updates To WebSmart

SoftLanding Adds WebSphere, Project Support To TurnOver V5.3

Shield Announces UTL/400 V2R1 High Availability Tools

Hummingbird V7.1 Adds Security, Section 508 Compliance

GO Offers Stand-Alone Gift Card Solution

WebSphere Development Studio Being Split In Two

BlueNote Connects AS/400s To Cell Phones

LANSA Debuts SMARTweb V2.0 For BPCS Users

Linoma Software Starts Selling RPG Toolbox

Jacada Incorporates Propelis Software Into Product Line

September 24, 2001

Siebel To Launch New CRM Suite Next Week

IBM Uses Eclipse To Integrate Development Tools

IBM Debuts New Emulation And Web-to-Host Offerings

IBM Bases New WebSphere B2B Application On Lotus Apps

IBM Updates MQSeries JMS And AMI Support

Will ATG's WebSphere Support Bring Dynamo To iSeries?

iSeries Bumblebee For JDE Servers Are Shipping

JDA Acquires E3 Corporation

SilverStream Beta-Testing Legacy Web Service Delivery

IBM Tweaks OS/400 V5R1 And V4R5 With PTFs

September 17, 2001


Terrorist Attacks Do Not Deter Local User Groups

European Bank Consolidates Domino Servers Onto iSeries

Hummingbird e-Gateway V1.1 Adds SSL, Sun Support

Companies Reach Out With Helping Hands

Intentia Announces Movex 12.0 MRO Suite

looksoftware Issues newlook V5.0 Refresh

New PTF Guide, Sign Up For DLB's PTF Tracker

September 10, 2001

Hewlett Packard Acquires Compaq For $25 Billion

Install OfficeVision On V5R1 At Your Own Risk

The iSeries Bags Two IT Awards

DLB Associates To Launch Comprehensive PTF Tracker

How To Order Client Access V5R1 Refreshes

Q2 Server Sales Plummet 16 Percent, Says IDC

SoftLanding, IGNITe/400 Provide 5250 WebSphere Tools

BCD Adds AES Encryption To WebSmart

IBM Promo Lowers iSeries WebSphere Pricing

PentaSafe Offers Free WebLogic Security Auditing Tool

September 4, 2001

IBM Withdraws V5R1 Cumulative PTF Release

V5R1 DB2 Fix May Cause SQL Problems

Gauss-BEA Partner To Pursue iSeries Shops

Jacada Acquires Propelis Software

Halcyon iASP 2.0 Adds App Server Integration

IBM Has Recalled 10K RPM xSeries Disks

IBM Changes OS/400 Proxy Server Plans

JDE Results Dented By Restructuring, Slow Economy

eSP-Link Promoted As Wireless Connection Replacement

August 27, 2001

iSeries Announcement Roundup

Lakeview Offers Discounts On MIMIX Programs

IBM Puts Out Express Client V5R1 Service Pack

Get This Week's OS/400 PTF Guide

infoShark's XMLShark 3.2 Includes DB2/400 Support

iSeries Connects V1.1 To Ship On August 31

Bonuses At OS/400 Shops On The Rise

Gartner Says Companies Overpay For App Servers

More On Java 2 Connector For WebSphere V4.0

August 20, 2001

More On Those August 28 iSeries Announcements

JDE Buys CRM Vendor YOUcentric, Dumps Siebel

IBM Expected To Announce OS/400 Tomcat Soon

Siebel And IBM Make That Announcement--Sort Of

IBM Debuts WebSphere V4.0 For The iSeries

Two More OS/400 PTF Guides

A Small Percentage Of V5R1 CDs Can Have A Killer Bug

Salaries Continue To Rise At OS/400 Shops

JDE Revises Third Quarter Estimates Downward

August 13, 2001

iSeries Announcements Expected On August 28

Server Shipments Essentially Flat for Q2, Says Gartner

Correction: New OS/400 Apache Server Is An Alpha Release

A Birth Announcement, And Two New OS/400 PTF Guides

A Small Percentage Of V5R1 CDs Can Have A Killer Bug

Salaries Continue To Rise At OS/400 Shops

JDE Revises Third Quarter Estimates Downward

August 4, 2001

IBM Releases iSeries Access for Web Beta

Will Express Client Be Supported on Windows 98/ME in 2002?

RUMBA 7.0 Includes Big Enhancements

OS/400 Apache Upgrade Adds Features

IBM to Drop WebSphere V3.0.2 for AS/400

August 1, 2001

The Spirit of MMULives On in The Four Hundred

Duncan Makes a Statement About iSeries Disk Crashes

Jacada Consolidates Products into Single User Interface Server

New Cumulative PTF Release for OS/400 V4R5

IBM Jacks Up Lotus iNotes Client Prices for iSeries

Surprise, Surprise: Microsoft Guts Java from Windows

Robot/DOMINO Allows Domino Management from an iSeries

IBM Readies New DASD Availability Fixpack

Siebel's iSeries Announcement Bounces Around

IBM, WRQ Outline Client Plans for Windows XP

Correction: BEST/1 Is a Priced Add-on to Performance Tools

New LPAR Pricing Foils License Fee Dodgers

VMware Announces Partitioning for Windows

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